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  1. Kliff, you're gonna have to air it out against that front 7.
  2. We can't take out our QB tho (even though we brought in Andy Dalton for exactly this reason)
  3. He absolutely got concussed, you know how depraved teams are about keeping out the starting QB though
  4. The WFT didn't think to have a spy on Murray I guess. Not like Murray is known for being mobile and running or anything.
  5. Dude didn't even look right. He straight up just lost them the game.
  6. How do you forget to cover Nuk ****in Hopkins?
  7. Why would call that play, why didn't Driskel even look to the right, why wouldn't you expect a blitz, and why would you allow a free rusher? WHY BRO????
  8. Pat Shurmur should never be allowed to call plays for anything ever again.
  9. Just like the Saints and gut-wrenching playoff losses.
  10. Too much talent for 5-11. They'll be stuck in Jeff Fisher 7-9 hell.
  11. Just abysmal special teams for the Broncos all around.
  12. I just realized its Pat Shurmur, everything makes sense now.
  13. The Broncos also need to shoot their special teams coordinator into the sun.
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