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  1. Is he who shall not be named already on your ignore list?
  2. You're gonna reference that and you didn't even post the correct meme? You have failed
  3. I've never understood why coaches are so stubborn sometimes.
  4. There's no doubt he'll get significant screen time, but I have no idea if they will kill him or not. Also wonder what they'll do with Jedi and Ray going forward. Gahh I'm so excited!
  5. Partially own a billion dollar franchise? Sure I'll toss in a few bucks.
  6. I've never understood why Brady just owns you.
  7. Right? I'm soooooo excited for this, I love Star Wars, and I can't wait to see what they do with Luke
  8. Only a few months until it's out, can't wait!
  9. With the ammo you currently have, I'm surprised you haven't been in on any of the big names yet.
  10. Yeah, the first half was complete mess, and a Murphy's law of what could go wrong.
  11. Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana Currently living: Tucson Arizona High School: Cienega High School College: Pima Community College Occupation: Manual labor Major: Civil engineering Age: 19 Sports Interests: Saints, Cubs, LSU Hobbies: Reading, Video Games Favorite current Saint: Drew Brees Favorite all-time Saint: Drew Brees
  12. This is ridiculous, he's played well enough to earn a payday.
  13. Adrian Peterson repeats his 2012 season, and the Saints defense finally becomes good.
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