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  1. Same on the PI rule. That's the big issue for me. It's going to be a disaster and that's the biggest reason I'd go 8 or 9. But the seasonal comfort of having the television on all day and football games to geek over is just too good. Hell, I'm pretty certain I get more done at home during football season, because it gives an incentive to clean/cook/wash/work etc. in the living room
  2. Their situation at TE and WR is very tenuous. Julian Edelman, a rookie WR, and.......? I think putting them at #4 in spite of a question mark that size, is a ringing endorsement of the rest of the team personally.
  3. (Edit: beyond the fact that this amputation was more severe)The Griffin kid was born that way. He's spent his whole life developing physically around it. A pro sustaining an equivalent handicap as an adult wouldn't stand a chance. This sounds like a nightmare. Poor dude. Hope his recovery goes well enough to live a somewhat normal life.
  4. Which Ex-Player Talking Head is the Biggest Phony

    He's shockingly bad at in-game analysis for someone who was a great QB. But I don't think "phony" describes him at all. He's plenty humble about his playing career and he doesn't criticize much. I don't think there's anything wrong with an ex-player having strong opinions about better players than themselves, or things they could never accomplish themselves. Its just a problem when they use the platform to make excuses about their career, or control the narrative about their career in some way. The Rodgers criticism from Greg Jennings was like that. At some level, it was about him settling a score, rather than being actual analysis.
  5. Tremendous thread goldfishwars!
  6. International players?

    Not only is there substantially more basketball participation abroad.... look at WHICH NBA players are internationals. The pool of NBA players that skews highly cosmopolitan is.... the 7 footers. Seems like half the young bigs are from overseas. Towns, Embiid, Porzingis, Jokic etc. AKA the kids who, no matter what country they are in, will be funneled into basketball as teens. Meanwhile, the guards are almost all American-born. Basketball talent comes from all over the world because basketball talent self-sorts. It's universal that if you're tall as ****, you try basketball. American football (and most other sports) don't self-sort like that.
  7. I think that people subconsciously place a big emphasis skill players and pass rushers when they attempt to define talent. The 2018 Pats are supposed to be a talentless team that got dragged to winning the SB by smoke and mirrors. But they arguably had the best QB in football. They arguably had the best OL in football. And they arguably had the best secondary in football. Yet we still don't think of them as talented because of that subconscious devaluing of those aspects of the game. Obviously, Brady and Belichick are the top two reasons in the Pats having had the success they've had overall. But if a team goes to the SB 3 times in a row, and wins 2 of them, they must be pretty damn talented. The players might have talents that we don't measure effectively yet. But they demonstrably have great intrinsic ability to help win football games.
  8. The perception that they don't spend money comes because they distribute it differently. They have more players (18 right now) with cap numbers between $3M - $10M than any other team in the league. They just don't carry a lot of BIG cap numbers.
  9. Nah, it's unreasonable in the context of the OP's criteria.. There's no way of knowing that Dowling's career trajectory wasn't altered by his lower body injuries. Bigger, slower corner gets even slower and slips out of NFL. There's nothing implausible or far-fetched about that. If Dowling were considered to be a giant reach to begin with (like Richards was), you could at least surmise that he was untalented the whole time, and that he completely lucked into earning a starting role pre-injuries. But he was picked roughly where he was projected to go.
  10. Dowling had injury problems. He started his first 2 games in NE. Then got IRed. Then struggled when they tried to bring him back in his 2nd year, and got IRed again. Throw in the fact that he was a 2nd round pick, and he doesn't fit what the OP was looking for. Jordan Richards would be a better example of a Belichick Patriots draft bust in the 2nd round.
  11. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    For the Patriots.... J.C. Jackson Cagey corner who was one of the league leaders in passer rating allowed as a rookie last year. His big weakness so far in the pros has been penalties - if he improves his ability to toe the line between physical and grabby, he'll be a strong CB#2 out the gate. Phillip Dorsett Dorsett has consistently made the most of his opportunities with New England. 484 yards and 3 TD on 60 targets in the regular season, 120 yards and 2 TD on 11 targets in the playoffs. With Gronk and Hogan gone, he should be rewarded with more targets.
  12. AFC East is going to be the most exciting division, soon

    There's reasons to feel good about all 32 teams in the NFL. But I don't see enough of a critical mass to say the AFC East will get interesting anytime soon. Buffalo has a solid program. I'd say they're the safest bet of the bunch right now. Well-coached, some ascending guys on defense (Edmunds and Milano, Tre White, Oliver?), OL performs up to or over talent level on a year over basis. The combo of question marks at QB (I'm very bearish on Allen) and the skill positions just limits how good the imagination can see them being. 31st in offensive expected points contributed last season, 30th in points and 30th in yards. A strong defense won't be enough with offense like that. The Dolphins were right to pull the trigger on a teardown. But the fruit of the effort is really the guys they draft in the next 2 or 3 seasons. Hard to judge their rebuild without seeing more draft picks made. Right now they're in total asset collection mode. The best bet of the lot to make the playoffs to me is the definitely the Jets. They have the most mature, win-now roster of the group, with a clear potential identity on both sides of the ball (controlling LOS on defense with the 2 Williamses and a filled out front 7, moving the ball with Darnold). But Darnold really needs to take a step forward to make that happen. 29th in offensive expected points, 23rd in points, 29th in yards gained.
  13. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    The Pats project to regress, mostly due to age. Tom Brady is 42 now, not 41 Rob Gronkowski retired Trey Flowers left Patrick Chung is 31, not 30 Julian Edelman is 32, not 31 Devin McCourty is 31, not 30 Also of note: Trent Brown left, Jason McCourty (31), Marcus Cannon (31) For the Pats to offset this substantial aging to their core, they will need their 2nd year players (a bunch of whom were redshirted) and highly drafted rookies to step up.
  14. General Talk Thread

    Yeah, I think we just disagree on this one. Morris could defend well with his mind put to it, and is a great iso defender on the big scoring forwards, but he's inattentive and bad away from the ball. And offensively he was just another jump shooter on a team full of them. No activity as a cutter or moving off the ball, just hanging out at the 3pt line waiting. As for leadership, his leadership was largely like Kyrie's. Talk about how they need to be better but never do the dirty work on the court that would actually make them better. Everyone on that team expected someone else to do the dirty work, and it started from the top with Kyrie and Morris. Like I said, I think he's a good player. But he's more ego, jump shooting, and laziness away from the ball, on a team whose three problems are too much ego, too much jump shooting, and too much laziness away from the ball. IMO, the only scenario in which you would keep Morris is if you made a big AD trade. Because you have his bird rights and can pay tax to re-sign him, then maybe get his brother with the MLE. But I think both Kyrie and Morris need to go. EDIT: as a side note, its been something like half a decade since I was posting on this forum. I hope you've been well!
  15. General Talk Thread

    If I were Ainge, I'd let Marcus Morris walk and bring back Daniel Theis. Theis has performed well in green. Advanced stats smile upon him, he's active and can switch defensively. Morris is a solid NBA player, but he's all about getting his, and he doesn't fit a supporting role well. I'm not sure what external guys the Celtics could add if/when Kyrie walks. I like Satoransky from the Wizards but he's RFA.