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  1. Just Roll with Hurts this year. Trade back in the draft to pick up a number 1 next year. If Hurts sucks you got 3 1’s next year to get a QB. If he’s good then you have 3 1’s to build around him.
  2. Foles: Cons: obvious.. Pros: better than suds vet with experience great locker room guy Mentor for hurts satisfied with role as back up Foles is gonna be that next guy who replaces Ryan Fitzpatrick as the veteran Qb that people keep wanting around because he could throw for 500 yards and 4 TD’s for like 3 games a year and then go for 180 with 2 picks the other 13 games.
  3. Hackenberg is the guy you throw in when Jordan Muluatta (whatever) is in
  4. So I’m being very philosophical and very drunk and actually posting. But do you ever get the feeling that with the rule changes going on in the NFL that for some reason there is a new era? Like in a few years the Eagles will be known as the last Superb Owl champs of the “head era”. Of course a few years pass and then then all of a sudden a few years pass and the others aren’t legitimizing our Owl??!! Like when you try to tell your friends “Well actually the Eagles won the NFL Championship in 1960”. That type of stuff. You get that feeling??? (and just because I saw that everybody i
  5. I can see him in the backfield in goaline situations. We benefit from his obvious skill set and throw him a bone while he learns the game
  6. The one team who can do that and is desperate enough. From 6 to 3 took 3 #2’s. From 12 to 2 would take probably 3 #1’s and 2 day 2 picks at minimum. Bills can easily do that
  7. Hopefully the Bills don’t panic after the Jets trade and give the Giants 10,000 picks.
  8. Bradham resigned. Too stupid to post a link to Scheftys twitter.
  9. Bills are loaded with picks. Very intrigued to see what will happen.
  10. I love how people are comparing their starters with our backups. Especially when those starters are going to be replaced with somebody worse.
  11. I’ve heard that our assistant QB coach Press Taylor is highly regarded for a young coach. I think he would be in line to replace DeFlip if he moves to our OC. I think that Duce and DeFlip are gonna be OC’s next year. Not sure what team though
  12. Sounds like it’s Reich’s job to lose in Indy. Who all do you think he’ll take with him?
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