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  1. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    Completely agree. It was obvious right after the snap the RB was going to be covered. Yet, he keeps looking at him hoping something magically changes. This is what I'm talking about, he looks so lost post-snap, which is a massive massive problem
  2. Kaepernick

    I full support Kaep off the field and think he would be a QB upgrade for us on the field. With that said, considering the media circus this team has been over the years, I don't see any benefit of bringing him in the building
  3. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    This has been the most confusing part of the Mason Rudolph experience. He was really good in the pocket prior to the concussion. Since the injury, he's legitimately done a 180--he's been so bad in the pocket since and it's not like he looks hesitant (which would make some sense)--it's just he's lost a feel for the guys around him. It's really confusing
  4. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    I actually feel ok about the WR's going forward. Diontae Johnson has been our best WR this season and I think his talent is pretty obvious. The bigger question mark for me is Juju--I just don't know what he is going forward and that's going to make contract negotiations pretty difficult this summer. The QB play obviously makes it impossible to evaluate him properly; however, when a rookie WR is outproducing you, that is slightly concerning to me. I still don't have any idea if he's a number 1 guy (and I think its impossible to make that determination considering the state of the offense) but I'm a lot more hesitant than I was heading into the season
  5. Rather than focusing on the heinous brawl last night, I was curious as to what the general consensus is on Rudolph's play thus far. I'm sure it will be skewed negative after Rudolph's worst performance so maybe not the best timing. While he was horrendous last night, it seems like that performance was a few games in the making. He's been protected fairly well thus far and last night when he wasn't, he looked more lost than ever (to be fair, most QB's do). Even though nearly every one of our starting skill position guys ended up getting hurt, Rudolph still missed easy throws when our guys did get open. To my surprise, Greg Cosell, who many consider the best mainstream analyst our there, actually had really positive things to say about Rudolph. From my vantage point, I just don't see it. Pros: +Stands strong in the pocket +Doesn't turn the ball over much +Fairly accurate in intermediate throws Cons: -My biggest gripe with him is that he consistently looks lost post-snap. If his primary read isn't there, he's in trouble -Arm Strength isn't great. Accuracy is far more important than arm strength but there is clearly a lack of zip on his throws -Slow release -Too conservative? I don't know how much of this is due to coaching vs. his general mentality at QB. With the steelers defense playing like they are, I can see this being a product of coaching -Pocket Awareness--He stands tall in the pocket but there are so many times where he just can't step into a throw because he can't manipulate the pocket in an effective way. This might be the most confusing to me since this seemed to be a strength of his prior to his injury in the ravens game Going forward: Fortunately, steeler fans haven't had to evaluate/make judgments on a young QB for a long time. With Rudolph, I just don't know what is fixable here and what isn't. It feels like the physical tools and general toughness is there. However, the mental aspect and subtitles of the game are lost on him; I don't think this is unique for a young QB and this seems fixable. However, I get the overwhelming sense that this isn't going to change. You hope to see improvement as the number of games played increases but I can't help but feel like he's regressing Where is everybody else on him right now?
  6. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    Felt like both teams were trying to give away this game. I'm glad we came out on top here. I think I'm about to be officially out on Rudolph. It felt like his pocket presence was his best asset for the first few games, I'm not sure where that went. He continues to refuse to push it downfield as well. To some extent, these things are fixable but I just haven't seen the progress I was expecting
  7. Week #5 Steelers 1-3 vs. Ravens 2-2 Gamethread

    Devastating loss. Refs screwed over the ravens on those reviewed plays. Screwed us on that roughing the passer. Just bad all around. Feels like this season is officially pretty much over after this one. Nonetheless, I feel slightly more encouraged about our future. Rudolph was looking like a legit QB and I loved what I saw from Hodges. We may have a high pick but Minkah is a difference maker. We have a defense now. It's been a few years since we've been able to say that.
  8. Week #4 Steelers 0-3 vs. Bengals 0-3 Game Day Thread

    Agreed but Fichtner really impressed me today. I thought he was a pretty stubborn coordinator but he ditched everything we did before and created something new to exploit the defense--really nice job. They need to air it out but Rudolph clearly has issues reading the defense post snap. Several times tonight he just didn't look like he trusted himself to take chances. That should get better with more experience though--I'm just not sure that happens this season.
  9. Week #4 Steelers 0-3 vs. Bengals 0-3 Game Day Thread

    This offense won't cut it long term. However, this is a really promising performance so far. Bengals D is really slow to the outside. Fichtner is adjusting his gameplan to make reads easier for Rudolph and take advantage of the Bengals biggest weakness. I was pretty low on Fichtner going in but I have a lot more hope after tonight
  10. Reality of Colbert.

    You're right that he hasn't drafted all that well recently. However, it's hard to say that objectively without knowing more context. What's the success rate of teams drafting in the back half of the draft? How have other teams drafted who have been in similar positions? You have to keep in mind that from 2015-207 or so we may have had the best roster in the NFL but then underperformed. That tends to happen to everybody facing the patriots. We've lost shazier (injury), bell (offered him a better contract than he got), and brown (crazy) to circumstances somewhat beyond the control of the GM. Not many organizations can deal with losses like that. I'm pretty blah on Colbert right now. This season is the perfect example of what's wrong. They should've been aggressive with making moves in previous years when they were loaded with roster talent. The one year when the circumstances suggest this ISN'T the year to give up draft capital, you trade your first round pick despite knowing your HOF QB is out for the year. It is just kind of bizarre and I'd love to hear a frank conversation behind his thought process behind some of these trades (and I don't hate the trades, I just feel pretty blah about them).
  11. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    Nope, we still need to cut Moncrief to get that third--easy decision
  12. the order of disapproval

    Both our coordinators are god awful. Unfortunately, due to his relationship with Ben, there is almost no chance Fichtner gets canned. Butler, on the other hand, I think his days are numbered. In general, everything that could've have gone right hasn't. Everybody is playing worse, coaches are coaching terribly, we have no draft picks--very frustrating season considering my expectations heading in. Nonetheless, it seems like we have a good defensive core going forward and that is something to be excited about.
  13. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    It is somewhat amazing we paid Xavier Grimble 3 million this year to be a backup TE. I don't know what on earth made them think that was a good idea when Vance is injured so frequently. The safety and TE depth was so clearly an issue and they came to realize that too late. Makes you question the front-office quite a bit
  14. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    There's nothing more overrated than late-round picks in the draft. They rarely amount to anything, if this guy turns into a long term backup TE for us, it's a solid deal. With that being said, Safety and TE depth were obvious needs this off-season and they weren't addressed. As a result, we've now overpaid for two players to fill those needs (Tomlin said the Minkah trade was partially due to Sean Davis being out for an extended period of time). In a vacuum, these trades are fine. However, dealing all of these picks this year makes no sense
  15. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Steelers were never going to trade for Jalen Ramsey. He's out of his mind and we just shipped off AB for that reason. He's strictly a CB and we have a need at FS and slot--minkah fits that. And minkah is on a rookie contract while Jalen is about to ask for 100 million. Clearly the Steelers are really high on Rudolph and don't think it will be a top 8 pick. From the fan's perspective, that seems like being quite optimistic. I don't like the deal either but your rationale is ridiculous