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  1. As previous posters have said, Tomlin has flaws. However, I think the idea of firing him is absurd. Steelers have underachieved during his tenure, but they also peaked at a time when the patriots were putting together the greatest run of the modern era. I think Ben's hold over managerial decisions is a bigger issue than Tomlin is. Additionally, as great as the stability is in this organization, this also leads to some stagnant ideas about football and not always keeping up with the times. I think Tomlin should be given the opportunity to lead the rebuild and if we don't show progress, we
  2. I would love to see this happen, but I doubt it will. I'm skeptical Ben retires, and the only way we move on from Fichtner is if Ben goes. The only other point that I would push back against is the drafting of a QB. Although this is a deep draft class, I don't see Lance falling to pick 24 (although we are too early in the draft process to get a feel for this). And I am definitely not for drafting Mac Jones. He looks like he processes the field well, but if you're going to be a statue in the pocket, you also better have elite arm talent and he definitely doesn't have that. I just don't see much
  3. Depends. For me, the Jags loss was significantly worse because I thought we had a Super Bowl caliber team that year. The browns loss sucked but it was pretty clear to me that we weren't good enough to win a Super Bowl. That said, I think the browns loss is more embarrassing. Browns had everything working against them yet they came out and absolutely stomped us. Our defense talent was pretty poor when we played the Jaguars. It wasn't when we played the browns yet we still gave up 41 points to their offense.
  4. I think this is incorrect, at least according to Steelers Depot. They stated this would save them 8 million on their cap. In which case, I'd be happy to see him retire.
  5. Largely agree on all your points (outside of Colbert: Steelers have been one of the better drafting teams in the past decade). The Tomlin point is interesting, I'm not sure where I fall on him. Ultimately, he seems to be a great regular season coach, at least in terms of consistency, but he's been below average in the playoffs. And they tend to get blown out in those losses, which I think falls on Tomlin because this team has had Super Bowl caliber talent several times during his tenure. I think, arguably, the biggest problem with Ben is the amount of say he has in management decisions.
  6. Completely agree on all points. This was a really bad loss. With that said, I thought, at best, the ceiling of this team was the AFC championship. I thought the most likely scenario was losing next week. With so many things working against the Browns, I thought we should be able to handle this game. I do like Tomlin but his consistent underperforming in the playoffs should be acknowledged, it's been frustrating to watch. In reality, this was our last year to truly make a run. I don't think the team has the balls to cut Ben so I'm hoping he retires. Pouncey has been so overrated for so lon
  7. I think this list is pretty good, although I'd put AV a few spots higher. I think Bud, Hilton, and Juju have priced themselves out of coming back to the Steelers. They will all get significant money elsewhere. Feiler has been underwhelming this year but I agree, he was quite good at RT last year. Sutton is just a completely different player than Hilton. Our scheme, oddly, revolves heavily on Hilton's ability to stop the run and blitz. We can't run that with Sutton but I think Sutton is pretty damn good in coverage.
  8. I will be very disappointed if they don't bring one of Sutton or Hilton back. Sutton seems more likely. I'd take Conner back for a minimum deal but he'll get more somewhere else. He's pretty easily replaceable imo
  9. Jesus, that makes him look really bad. Unfortunately, Ben has so much pull on this team that as long as Ben is still playing, Fichtner will be the OC. They are two peas in a pod.
  10. I have absolutely no idea what to make of the steelers. Their first half is the worst version of this team. The second half was the best version of this team.
  11. Mixed feeling on Etienne. I'm assuming they'll have Ben back for at least one more season. To have any success, they need a running game. But like some previous members have stated, I think the lack of success largely falls on our offensive line. Until that is fixed, we won't have much success there. Our run blocking is as bad as I've ever seen it
  12. Well that's the point then. If you aren't running an offense where fullbacks have a role, you're essentially paying 3.2 million for a special teams player. That's a horrible investment, I'm sorry. When evaluating the investment, the fact that he is injured is ultimately irrelevant; even if he was health, he was never going to have a substantial role in the offense.
  13. Unfortunately, as long as Ben is on the team, Fichtner will be the OC. But I agree, the offensive line is the biggest problem in regards to the run game. Fichtner doesn't help the cause though. Their obsession with counter and power run plays in short yardage is baffling. You're just asking to get blown up
  14. Well they paid Watt a substantial amount of money to play...special teams? If you're a spread offense, you don't need a fullback. It's not necessarily a knock against Colbert as much as its a knock against the unity between the FO and coaching staff. Watt clearly doesn't fit the spread system the steelers run; so, for a team that has limited resources, why use your money there? Injuries haven't helped the cause but even if he wasn't injured, he doesn't have a role on this offense
  15. Speaking to this point, the Derek Watt signing looked terrible at the time and has only looked worse as we've gone on. Why on earth would you don't plan on installing any I-form formations? It signals a disconnect between the front office and coaching staff in my opinion. Colbert deserves accolades for drafting. But his use of our limited resources for free agency is consistently terrible
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