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  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Steelers were never going to trade for Jalen Ramsey. He's out of his mind and we just shipped off AB for that reason. He's strictly a CB and we have a need at FS and slot--minkah fits that. And minkah is on a rookie contract while Jalen is about to ask for 100 million. Clearly the Steelers are really high on Rudolph and don't think it will be a top 8 pick. From the fan's perspective, that seems like being quite optimistic. I don't like the deal either but your rationale is ridiculous
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    this is a deal they should've made 3 years ago, 2 years ago, even last year. This year, it makes no sense given the news about Ben. I'm pretty frustrated
  3. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    This seems completely insane
  4. I agree, I'd be ok with them cutting Ben but I have a hard time envisioning that. Time will tell. What's your take on Rudolph going forward? Only one half but he looked really promising.
  5. That would be a really tricky situation because it's not like Ben isn't still above average. Ben has too much pull in this organization to be benched. If he plays poorly for 2-3 games, Rudolph would come in--at least that's my guess. My worry would be the obnoxious fans who would probably be chasing Ben out of the stadium with pitchforks
  6. Pretty brutal. Anytime somebody clutches their elbow like that, it's rarely good news. With how this season is going thus far, I didn't have much faith this team was going anywhere with or without Ben. The coaching is too poor. Not the worst scenario to see what we have in Rudolph and move from there. I'm just hoping this isn't a career ender. I've never heard of a QB getting Tommy John
  7. 5down

    He's never been this bad. Nobody gets rostered playing this poorly, much less making 6 million a year
  8. 5down

    I think people are being a bit overreactive with Moncrief. A broken/dislocated finger takes at least 6 weeks to heal. Clearly, he's still feeling the effects of it. Put him on the bench till he's completely healed and then re-evaluate. In his current state, he's the worst WR I've ever seen on this team
  9. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    No update yet. I would be kind of surprised if this isn't a multi-week thing or season ender. Just basing that off of baseball where you see that type of thing frequently and it's rarely good news.
  10. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    Fair point. The amazing thing is two years ago, we had horrible communication on defense and horrible tackling. Going into last year, they are talking all off-season about fixing communication and tackling. Last year they were better in both area but 0 splash plays. This offseason they keep talking about the splash plays but now they are back to having horrible communication and HORRIBLE tackling. Truly maddening.
  11. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    He's awful. Losing Skipper to keep him is just.....why
  12. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    It's truly embarrassing. Under your first season teaching the scheme, it makes sense. Three years later though, it shows poor teaching or your scheme is too complex and you have to simplify things. On top of that, opposing offenses are always getting favorable matchups against our personnel. He is rarely putting our guys in a position to win and it makes it hard to evaluate some of these players (e.g., why was Edmunds covering locket so frequently? He didn't get killed by him but that should not be happening so often)
  13. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    The offense looked far better with Rudolph behind the helm. I'm not saying he's a better QB than Ben, but I do think the offense caters way too much to what Ben wants to do. With no AB, we can't keep lining up 5 WR sets when that isn't our strength. Rudolph looked extremely comfortable and poised today--the game didn't look too fast. Missed a couple throws but you really couldn't have asked for a better debut. It's only one game but it's hard to not get excited about him right now, especially when it feels like he may be the only potential bright spot for this season.
  14. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    These past two games have shown how poorly coached this team is. Seahawks shot themselves in the foot so many times this game and all we did was give it right back to them. Butler is just so so so bad. The constant "miscommunication" is inexcusable at this point. He needs to go ASAP. Fichtner makes this team far too pass heavy. We don't have AB anymore, let's not call plays like we do (although it looked like he simplified the playbook for Rudolph and that was promising). Instead we just have Moncrief handing the other team points on the regular. Tomlin, I've been so-so on. Really like him as a person and seems like a guy you want to play for but doesn't seem to have a great football mind. The dumb penalties this team has been taking falls directly on Tomlin. This team has the talent to go to the playoffs but the poor coaching and dumb mental mistakes are killing them. And the source of those problems, the coaches, aren't going anywhere this season. On the plus side, I can't say I care too much if Ben is out for a while. He's looked completely lost these two games and Rudolph looked pretty impressive. Wouldn't mind getting a longer look at him.
  15. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    My guess is that has a lot more to do with voiding the guarantees than something he was doing all along