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  1. This is the first draft I've really liked from them in years so I'm pretty hopeful
  2. It wouldn't be a steelers draft if we didn't draft one massive reach on the second day
  3. I agree drafting Bush lessens the dimebacker need. However, from what I understand, Barron isn't as great in coverage as you'd imagine. With that in mind, the combo of Bush and a legit dimebacker could greatly improve our defense on passing downs (or at least, that's the thinking)
  4. After seeing us take Thompson at the beginning of the third round, it really wasn't very hard for me. If we took Layne in the second, I would've been fine with it. We got him mid-late third. Bush, Layne, Thompson (I'm open to seeing what he is)....fine by me thus far. Get a dimebacker in the 4th
  5. Alex Kazora, of steelers depot, mentioned that Daryl Drake got cursed out (jokingly, I assume) by the Bucs for taking him. Drake said he knows for a fact he was going to be selected with the next pick
  6. I feel like theres nothing more underwhelming than hearing they fell in love with him because of a dinner rather than his tape
  7. PFF is really high on the Johnson guy but thats the only outlet I've seen that likes him. Steelers deserve benefit of the doubt on WR picks but kind of sucks to pass on some more established talents
  8. Trading 2 3rds for pick 47

    I'm completely fine waiting to see which corner falls to pick 66. After giving up draft capital in the first, I think its the right move to sit still and see what comes to us. Our major need positions (Safety, WR, CB) are all fairly deep this class so I suspect there will be some 2nd round value in the third.
  9. There's going to be a big run in the second but somebody good is going to fall. Considering all the corners they brought in, I'm pretty sure one of our third rounders will be a corner
  10. A corner still hasn't gone somehow. As I said before, a good one should fall to our first third round pick
  11. I get that but I'm guessing people would be fine if we gave up our first 3rd instead of our 2nd. Not a massive difference between those two picks. Personally, I think I just valued Bush a lot more than somebody like Greedy Williams (and he was our best option)
  12. I'm really surprised so many people hate the Bush pick.
  13. What do you guys view as the bigger need, corner or wideout?
  14. Love would be my top guy I agree. I just think there are going to be some half decent options