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  1. Bell contract 2018

    Legitimate question: Can somebody explain to me why there is still talk about the steelers placing the transition tag on bell? Do you guys think that's just smoke or is that something they may actually do? That move would make 0 sense to me. Conner has been as good, if not better, than bell & costs nothing. Time for both parties to move on. Why keep dragging this out?
  2. Bell contract 2018

    I don't get the narrative that the Steelers would be interested in re-signing him if the tag were 14.5 million. Conner has been one of the best RB's in the league. It wouldn't make sense to try and sign him even if he DIDN'T alienate his teammates and the organization in the process. Considering he did, its obviously time for both to move on
  3. Bell contract 2018

    If he shows up, I don't really know how you can give him more than 5 carries or so a game. Would Bell being on the bench actually hurt his value more than just sitting out all year? I'm honestly not sure. This holdout could not have played out worse for him
  4. GDT Week #5 Steelers vs. Falcons

    Regarding Ben, I think benching him causes more drama than its worth. He's been bad this year but I don't think he has been bad enough to warrant benching him and dealing with the drama that comes along with it. In regards to Berry, I'm pretty surprised he hasn't been replaced yet so your guess is as good as mine
  5. GDT Week #5 Steelers vs. Falcons

    I almost want to bench ben for a series for how bad of a decision that was. Worst decision I've ever seen from him
  6. Well, I think its plausible we end up in the 6-8 win range this year. So lets say we get pick 16 (or something around there). With the influx of young QB's, I could really see some of these guys dropping way past where they should be meaning I don't think we would need a top 5 pick to land an upper echelon QB prospect (barring trades of course)
  7. I was looking at the worst teams in the league this year, and outside of the giants (maybe Raiders), almost none of them need a QB going into the draft (e.g. Cardinals, Bills, Colts, Texans, Jets ). So, with that being said, would it be possible for the steelers to draft a first round QB? Also, regardless of its plausibility, what are your personal thoughts about it if it were to occur? The case for it: 1) There may not be a bigger advantage in sports than having a quality QB on a rookie contract 2) I think there is a legitimate case to be made (obviously a lot can happen between now and the end of the year) for Ben regressing to an average QB at this point. Do we want to give him an extension if thats the case? 3) At worst, it's a long-term need (2-3 years down the road) Case against: 1) We have WAY bigger immediate needs on the defensive side of the ball 2) We just drafted Mason Rudolph 3) It would piss off Ben Ultimately, I can't see it happening. However, considering the new crop of QB's in the league, I'm not sure we will get another opportunity to have top QB prospects fall to us like what could happen in the 2019 draft. Thoughts?
  8. Trades you want this year

    I agree. I think strictly saying its a talent issue is a copout. The non-stop "communication issues" that seem to occur falls solely on the defensive coaching staff. If we have poor players, then we better have a good scheme. Judging by the results, the scheming isn't working out too well. But according to players that is because they don't know what they should be doing more times than not. That's an absurd excuse to continually make for an NFL team. Butler needs to go, no question about it.
  9. 5UP 5DOWN week 4

    Up: 1) Boswell--Finally hit some easy ones. Something he wasn't doing before. 2) Sensabaugh--Much to my surprise, I thought he made some nice plays this game and wasn't a total liability 3) Vance Mcdonald--He's an asset on this team when health 4) Haden--The only reliable piece in our secondary 5) I really don't have another one Down: 1) COACHING--The defensive coaching on this team is just so bad. The constant "miscommunication" is astonishing as it has been going on for almost a year now. Offensively, I am really not a fan of the constant empty sets. At least pretend you're willing to run the ball sometimes 2) Terrell Edmunds--I'm not sure he could've played much worse honestly. He was bad...really bad. When you see a game like that, it becomes really hard to be optimistic about his future 3) Ben--He was pretty awful in the second half. When he's great, he's pretty great. When he isn't, he can be a liability. He was a liability in the second half 4) TJ Watt & Bud Dupree--I really like TJ Watt but he is a complimentary piece. He can't win 1 on 1 matchups consistently. Bud Dupree solely relies on athleticism and it is maddening 5) Heyward & Tuitt--Heyward is the one player on this defense that is upper echelon but he was nowhere to be found last night. Tuitt has been a disappearing act since his contract extension. Last night was no different.
  10. GDT Week #5 Steelers vs. Falcons

    Our secondary was having trouble containing the Ravens WR's...Needless to say, I'm semi horrified to see them try and handle the Falcons weapons. Fortunately, Falcons defense is pretty bad right now due to injuries so Ben & Co will have to be on point in order to win; I'm not overly hopeful
  11. Defensive Personnel via Colbert

    I think that is part of the problem. The team obviously had major holes that needed to be filled this upcoming season and they drafted for future needs. We needed a safety but one who could play the FS role and we drafted somebody who is a SS. It just didn't make a lot of sense to many of us. Going into the season we knew the steelers window was closing fast and Colbert and co. drafted for the future--it didn't line up imo
  12. Defensive Personnel via Colbert

    Generally, I agree with this. The steelers have had a great run so hard to be too critical. However, over the years, Steelers have taken some reaches (according to the general draft community; e.g. Burns & Edmunds). Artie is a bust and Edmunds, still WAY too early to tell, hasn't been very good. I don't know, I think Colbert has been tough to support as of late
  13. It is kind of stating the obvious here but it is somewhat amazing at how bad the personnel on defense is despite the vast number of resources Colbert has put into the defense thus far. If you want a successful defense, pass-rush is key. Bud Dupree is a backup player. When the defense can scheme him open to make a play via his athleticism, he can produce. One on one matchups, like the rest of front 7, warrants him useless. I really like TJ Watt but he just isn't a #1 pass rusher at this point. He wins with his motor but again, he doesn't win one on one matchups. He's a perfect compliment at this point in his career but he's not carrying the pass rush. Tuitt has been useless since signing his new deal; Heyward is usually a bright spot. It would've been nice to have somebody like Harold Landry who seems like a legitimate pass rusher thus far. Colbert passed on him in round 1. Since our pass rush is sub-par, the defense then has to rely on a strong secondary. As we all know, our secondary is REALLY bad and made so much worse because we can't get pressure rushing 4. On top of that, we get destroyed in the middle of the field because our middle linebackers can't cover. Can't blame the front office for the loss of Shazier but you can certainly blame them for not even adequately attempting to replace his athleticism. As we speak, Fred Warner and Darius Leonard have both been studs--two guys who were available during the draft to us. Edmunds, thus far, has been quite poor and didn't ever fill a massive need in the first place To top this all off, the constant "miscommunication" taking place on our defense falls on defensive coaching--Butler has been really bad as well. All in all, I'm saying all this because it is actually pretty amazing at just how bad this front office has been at bringing in talent on defense (granted, we've been picking late in the draft almost every year). Every aspect of the defense, that could potentially cover for the other weaknesses, is incapable of doing so (Shazier was the only one capable of that). There is really no aspect of the defense that is a plus. As a result, it is tough to see the Steelers getting to the playoffs this year because the talent just isn't there for a turnaround and I have no faith in Butler and co. to scheme its success up.
  14. 5 UP / 5 DOWN. Disaster in Ohio.

    Up 1. Conner--Outside of the fumble, which was a massive and game turning screw up, run game didn't miss a beat without bell 2. Watt--Monster performance, his high motor was on full display all game 3. Cameron Heyward--thought he was dominant all game--did a really nice job 4. ILB Blitzes--caused a lot of problems for the Browns 5. Sean Davis--Promising start for him. Made a few really nice plays Downs: 1. Ben--Weather or not, I thought he was about as bad as a QB could be this game. No excuses for that type of performance. Accuracy was pretty god awful but expect that to be corrected next week. Not too concerned 2. Boswell--Missing that game winner was killer 3. QB contain--Tyrod Taylor makes one read and then runs. He couldn't pass all game yet we were constantly giving him room to run with his legs 4. Officiating--I saw some Browns fans complaining about the refs and there were some calls on either side for sure but that turnover on the punt not being reversed ended up causing us the game in my opinion 5. Offensive Line Penalties--The amount of holding calls that game was just demoralizing. Those end up being drive killers and they can't happen with such frequency
  15. Bell contract 2018

    He's looked great and the coaches and players have been talking about him non stop. In terms of the running game, I'm not expecting a major drop off but we'll miss Bell in the pass game more than anything because his level of talent there is nearly unmatched by other backs. On a side note, if Bell is so worried about guaranteed money, is he really going to pass up on nearly 10 million guaranteed this year? Idk, it just seems like such a strange decision by him and his team