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  1. Trade Brown for what?

    Yeah, I don't necessarily blame the organization for one player but it has become such a trend over the years. Harrison, Ben, Bell, Brown. It feels never-ending. On one hand, I'm not sure what the coaching staff could have done because these are grown men. On the other hand, it is such a massive problem in our locker room and not others. Therefore, it seems difficult to absolve the higher-ups of blame
  2. I don't know if anybody else is feeling this way but I am just so annoyed at the whole organization for letting it reach this point. Every one of our star players (e.g. Ben, Bell, Brown) has been a nightmare teammate to deal with and our coach presumably didn't squash it when he had the chance so now we're on the verge of trading a truly generational WR. If he gets traded, which it sounds like he will be traded, is anybody else fully on board with a full rebuild? Once Ben's deal expires, I'm more than ready to get rid of him, get rid of tomlin, and start fresh. Maybe I'm just overreacting but following this team and their never-ending drama has been truly tiresome. They've become a hard team to root for.
  3. Trade Brown for what?

    Is anybody else so disgusted/frustrated by how this organization has managed personalities over the years that they actually want to blow this whole thing up? I think I am basically at this point now. How does it get to the point where you're actually ready to trade a generational talent like brown? The same year after losing arguably the best RB in Bell...seriously how?
  4. I've gone through the past decade-plus thinking Colbert is a good to very good GM. Lately, I've been more towards the average to good range due to how many defensive flops we've drafted and how we've underachieved. However, with the Steelers missing out on the playoffs and so much heat going Tomlin's way, it did highlight just how talented these Steeler teams have been. In totality, looking at the past 3-5 years, I think it is fair (but certainly arguable) to say we've had one of the 3 most talented teams in the league. Free agency has been a mess, drafting defensive backs even worse. I also hate his steadfast approach to never move up but when you look at the results, I feel like I haven't been giving him the due he may deserve. Does anybody else feel this way? Amongst Steeler fans, where are we with Colbert? This team definitely has some serious warts but we've consistently been drafting towards the end of the first and the team is damn talented.
  5. Agreed, they need to trade up for an elite defensive playmaker. Wish they did that last year to get Derwin
  6. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/11/26/18111171/nfl-draft-2019-order-updated-picks-strength-of-schedule Seems like that may not be taking into account the titans colts game. 19th somehow sounds so much more promising than 20
  7. Same. AFC is wide open and we've played well against quality teams. I really wanted to see what they could do.
  8. 1) what you said 2) Losing to terrible teams like the Broncos and Raiders 3) Blowing leads to the saints & Chargers 4) Having the refs hand opposing teams free touchdowns (e.g. saints, chargers) 5) Steelers bringing us back up when we were most down (pats win) 6) All to end on the ultimate roller coaster with baker looking like he would make the comeback just to see it turn into a dumpster fire. BRUTAL
  9. Danny Smith and Butler need to go for sure. Don't see much else happening though
  10. What a cruel year for steeler fans
  11. 10-3 Bengals. Team is just playing with no fire. Especially when you're keeping an eye on the Baltimore game, you see a stark difference regarding the cliche' "who wants it more"
  12. It's embarrassing they didn't come out of the gate and blow the doors open as is
  13. if they come up small and lose this game, Tomlin's job 100% deserves to be in serious question