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  1. Madden 20

    The one I'm in plays once every three days. If you are new to the game, it will definitely be rough because you're right, the users are really good (typically). That said, if you're into the football X's and O's, it's a great route to go. In our league, for example, you can't play outside of your zone, you have to pick playbook's according to your scheme, and each coach's schemes comes with particular drawbacks and perks.
  2. Madden 20

    Franchise is pretty terrible on its own. However, if you go through some madden forums and find a sim league (32 user league), it's really fun. Not sure how realistic that time commitment is for you but just something to consider.
  3. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    I'd be pretty ok about Eason with our third
  4. I understand that perspective but it seems like a bit of a luxury for a team that has such a small window for a championship. With that said, I don't think our team has any major holes right now so I'm ok with BPA. But if it's close, I'd prefer a RB (Conner is guaranteed to be hurt and probably leave next year and I'm not a benny snell guy) or offensive line, which will be a MAJOR need sooner rather than later.
  5. Yeah, I'm slightly confused about the idea that we need a WR. Juju is an established starter/potential upper echelon receiver, James Washington made big strides last year, and Diontae Johnson looks like he's going to be really good. Unless we plan on letting Juju go next year (and I doubt the front office has any strong opinion on this right now), I just don't see how a WR sees the field this year or anytime soon.
  6. Offseason Work to do

    Didn't Harrison say he was going to retire?
  7. Mariota

    Unless Mariota is willing to sign for 2 million, Steelers just don't have the cap to sign him
  8. Offseason Work to do

    The pressure our front 4 is getting on the QB has been the engine to make this defense go. They need to franchise or transition tag him and go from there. Giving him a long term contract worth 14 million a season just isn't warranted at this point. Give it another year and then reassess
  9. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    Mason has zero confidence in what he's seeing right now, it's really bad. You're currently the 6th seed in the AFC, you need to play the better QB right now and that's duck. I hate when teams show an inability to be flexible and adapt to what's currently happening. If they go back to Mason next week, they are trusting their pre-draft evaluation over what is happening on the field and that's unacceptable given where the team is in the standings.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    Dupree has been good this year but I can't help but feel like resigning him would be a massive mistake
  11. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    Completely agree. It was obvious right after the snap the RB was going to be covered. Yet, he keeps looking at him hoping something magically changes. This is what I'm talking about, he looks so lost post-snap, which is a massive massive problem
  12. Kaepernick

    I full support Kaep off the field and think he would be a QB upgrade for us on the field. With that said, considering the media circus this team has been over the years, I don't see any benefit of bringing him in the building
  13. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    This has been the most confusing part of the Mason Rudolph experience. He was really good in the pocket prior to the concussion. Since the injury, he's legitimately done a 180--he's been so bad in the pocket since and it's not like he looks hesitant (which would make some sense)--it's just he's lost a feel for the guys around him. It's really confusing
  14. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    I actually feel ok about the WR's going forward. Diontae Johnson has been our best WR this season and I think his talent is pretty obvious. The bigger question mark for me is Juju--I just don't know what he is going forward and that's going to make contract negotiations pretty difficult this summer. The QB play obviously makes it impossible to evaluate him properly; however, when a rookie WR is outproducing you, that is slightly concerning to me. I still don't have any idea if he's a number 1 guy (and I think its impossible to make that determination considering the state of the offense) but I'm a lot more hesitant than I was heading into the season
  15. Rather than focusing on the heinous brawl last night, I was curious as to what the general consensus is on Rudolph's play thus far. I'm sure it will be skewed negative after Rudolph's worst performance so maybe not the best timing. While he was horrendous last night, it seems like that performance was a few games in the making. He's been protected fairly well thus far and last night when he wasn't, he looked more lost than ever (to be fair, most QB's do). Even though nearly every one of our starting skill position guys ended up getting hurt, Rudolph still missed easy throws when our guys did get open. To my surprise, Greg Cosell, who many consider the best mainstream analyst our there, actually had really positive things to say about Rudolph. From my vantage point, I just don't see it. Pros: +Stands strong in the pocket +Doesn't turn the ball over much +Fairly accurate in intermediate throws Cons: -My biggest gripe with him is that he consistently looks lost post-snap. If his primary read isn't there, he's in trouble -Arm Strength isn't great. Accuracy is far more important than arm strength but there is clearly a lack of zip on his throws -Slow release -Too conservative? I don't know how much of this is due to coaching vs. his general mentality at QB. With the steelers defense playing like they are, I can see this being a product of coaching -Pocket Awareness--He stands tall in the pocket but there are so many times where he just can't step into a throw because he can't manipulate the pocket in an effective way. This might be the most confusing to me since this seemed to be a strength of his prior to his injury in the ravens game Going forward: Fortunately, steeler fans haven't had to evaluate/make judgments on a young QB for a long time. With Rudolph, I just don't know what is fixable here and what isn't. It feels like the physical tools and general toughness is there. However, the mental aspect and subtitles of the game are lost on him; I don't think this is unique for a young QB and this seems fixable. However, I get the overwhelming sense that this isn't going to change. You hope to see improvement as the number of games played increases but I can't help but feel like he's regressing Where is everybody else on him right now?