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  1. 2015-16, #2 Arizona @ #1 Carolina - #2 New England @ #1 Denver 2018-19, #2 LA Rams @#1 New Orleans - #2 New England @#1 Kansas City
  2. According to the rules this means that the real AFC divisional game was the wild card game between Indianapolis and Buffalo.
  3. They got rid of the guy who traded Hopkins away for a second rounder and somehow managed to go even deeper into the dirt
  4. If we pick a QB at 21 its going to be either Jones or Trask. The move is to either re-sign Rivers for another year or sign a FA QB in Stafford or Prescott or something, and take Castonzo's replacement at 21, kicking the QB can down the road
  5. imo there's no way they should have missed the playoffs. The terrible form down the stretch seemed to stem directly from him moreso than anything else.
  6. Seems like the consensus is that he held the Cardinals back this year. Definitely on the hot seat this season and if they miss the playoffs again that's gg's.
  7. The former. For as good as the Colts line is when healthy, they have absolutely no depth whatsoever. We were probably looking at a LT in the draft even without Castonzo retiring. I think this kind of seals that we'll look for a QB in free agency and a LT with our first pick. Anyway cheers to Castonzo. He and Vinatieri were the only two guys to play under all three regimes we have had in the past 20 years. Definitely a ring of honor guy for sure.
  8. Pederson just tanked himself out of a job
  9. #21 overall and the rights to Andrew Luck take it or leave it.
  10. Just another aspect that American sports have hung too tightly to tradition for tradition's sake. Every team having to have a white uniform is so outdated as a concept that the thing that outdated it (color television) itself is falling more and more out of use each year.
  11. Man the Texans really fumbled the bag on this one. What a difference a year makes.
  12. I find it amazing that people can actually watch that game and come to the conclusion that Philip Rivers is the reason the Colts lost.
  13. Imagine how the media would treat Russell Wilson if he hadn't gotten carried to a Super Bowl win his second year in the league.
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