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  1. Also I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that if Gurley had taken a knee at the 1, then they would have missed the field goal and everyone would be piling on about what a stupid decision that was as well. It is simply in Atlanta's destiny to lose games regardless of how wild and wacky the road there is.
  2. Who decided on 8 divisions of 4 instead of 4 divisions of 8? smh
  3. Is it just me or does Russell Wilson seem to throw a surprisingly high amount of goal line interceptions? What do the stats say about this because I could be very wrong.
  4. He was awful against Cleveland, but I think people are definitely overstating how bad he's been thus far. He's still a clear improvement over Brissett, and there isn't a QB on the market worth giving up any future assets for that would make the Colts any likelier to win the Super Bowl this year.
  5. After 5 weeks I think I'm comfortable saying it's not going to be Rivers, unless something huge changes
  6. I think it has to be. I don't really have much of an opinion on Garoppolo but he is definitely not this bad of a QB.
  7. Without Blackmon or Leonard the Colts don't have two of their three most dynamic players who have been responsible for how great their D has been. Rivers is going to need to show something we haven't seen from the first four games to keep up.
  8. Cant see because of Redzone's stupid bottom ticker
  9. His arms clearly never touch the ground, he's angled down so it's obvious that his knees aren't down anywhere... BRuh
  10. That was an obvious fumble though right?
  11. "DANIEL JONES and the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS get set to take on.... DAK PRESCOTT and the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!! or Coltsmeetthebrowns NEXT! on CBS.
  12. A lead over a Patrick Mahomes team is actually only half of what it would be against any other QB. Literally not a single other QB I would actually expect to win a game down by 16 points with 4 minutes left.
  13. America's game of the week is of course the combined 1-7 Giants and Cowboys, while the combined 6-2 Colts vs Browns games is relegated to pretty much only Indiana and Ohio
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