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  1. Unlike T.O.'s they were all off the field (which does not factor) and rather nebulous in nature.
  2. And of that list only Hutson, Rice, and Moss would still get in first ballot today.
  3. Doubtful, considering they did the same to Harrison
  4. I oughta kick your *** for putting Brady above Rivers 👿
  5. Imagine if the NBA always had the Kings and the Pelicans play on Christmas day regardless of how good they were every year just because of "tradition". Thanksgiving is the NFL's major holiday, the three networks should put their biggest games of the season on that day. So CBS gets an AFC matchup, Fox gets and NFC matchup, and NBC gets their choice of inter-conference games. This year it probably would have gone something like Chiefs-Ravens, Bucs-Saints, and Packers-Titans or something.
  6. Also just the way they've been inducting receivers. Moss is the only receiver recently to make it first ballot. Guys like Harrison and Owens both had to wait two years while they got through the logjam. It will be first come first serve.
  7. They should have taken a 9 second 40 yard sack on the last play btw
  8. Commentary slobbing Brady was a little bit ridiculous on that play. Like congratulations he pulled off the Curtis Painter - that wasn't a good play lol.
  9. Can you blame them? We're all watching the same last twenty years.
  10. I'm sorry that's just ridiculous officiating.
  11. On the other hand you can never go broke betting on Cleveland to be Cleveland.
  12. My gut tells me that Baltimore and Miami miss out
  13. The 2009 Saints didn't "take it easy" the last three weeks. They fell *** backwards into the 1 seed because the Vikings also kept losing.
  14. I'm generally not a conspiracy guy, but they were really calling the "there's holding on every play" specifically for the last two Colts drives in regulation but absolutely none for the Packers (including a couple in the endzone) there.
  15. Honestly have to wonder why on earth they signed Jameis in the first place if they believed in Taysom so much.
  16. Jefferson has looked better this year but I haven't seen anything to suggest that either one will definitely have a better career.
  17. I'd say the opposite. The Chargers won the trade as they got the better QB and a LB who made multiple all-pro teams.
  18. More accurately, all five time slots have exactly one 'good' game.
  19. It lines up perfectly so that there's one very good game in each time slot.
  20. At what point will Wilson's eight year slump end and he starts producing at the level that Mahomes does regularly?
  21. I honestly, for the life of me can't see how anyone could view Russell Wilson as anywhere near the level of Mahomes, let alone being better than him.
  22. Given the Titans' schedule and current trajectory it's more likely that they'll be 6-5 than 8-3 then.
  23. More likely he scores a go ahead touchdown with 40 seconds left and then watches from the sidelines while Jared Goff throws a walk off game winning touchdown.
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