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  1. Bridgewater's 2018 NFL Mock Draft Rounds 1 & 2

    I don't see the Browns taking Minkah at 4, Chubb is more likely unless they trade the pick. I don't see the Browns taking a C. What happened to pick 64 for the Browns?
  2. 3 Round Mock (FINAL)

    I know and IMO it's not worth giving up the picks just to get the 5th year.
  3. 3 Round Mock (FINAL)

    Browns trades make no sense. They have no need to move up.
  4. 3 Round Mock

    Browns take Guice at 33, not Kolton Miller
  5. 1 Round Unconventional Mock

    I don't think anyone has any idea what the Browns are going to do or if they are enamored by a QB. I seriously doubt that they'll not take a QB at 1.
  6. Flip Flop Mock with Trades - Draft Week

    Horrible trades for the Browns. The Browns would just have to be stupid not to take Chubb and ignore the trades
  7. Al's Final Mock Draft - 3 Trades

    Good picks for the Browns.
  8. 1st Round Mock Draft

    McGlinchey is going way too high. I mean WAY too high. Chubb would be the pick in this situation. You don't reach anywhere close to that far to fill a need.
  9. Final take. ONE trade. ;-)

    I do not, but if it's any of the top QB's theres no guarantee that that specific player would be available at 4 if they don't take them at 4
  10. Almost Draft Day

    I'm just not a fan of trading up for Kolton Miller for the Browns.
  11. First round mock draft

    Browns picks aren't awful but also aren't ones that I'd make.
  12. 7DnBrnc53’s Second 2018 Draft Projection (2 Rnd)

    This is terrible for the Browns
  13. Scar's Final Mock Draft 2018

    IMO Ward is being taken a little high by the Browns. Unfortunately Chubb isn't available so in this situation I'd probably take Barkley for them. Overall not bad for them however.
  14. Mock Draft W/Explanations And One Blockbuster Trade

    Bad picks for the Browns IMO. Darnold and Chubb make way more sense.
  15. D82's One Last Mock

    Not a fan of most of the Browns picks but at least they make sense. Nothing stupid in this other than the Allen pick.