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  1. 2017 Adopt-a-Buc -- SIGN UP!!

    Just need @BBando, @tml_gogo, and @bucstopshere and we've got everyone that signed up initially. And we're still taking anyone else that wants to sign up.
  2. FF Advice Thread

    I always use my sick days as extra vacation that can't be denied.
  3. Dotson Injury

    Hopefully it isn't serious. But if it is, we've got a couple options. Benenoch could start. He's good in the running game, but he struggles in pass pro. We could slide Pamphile over and have Evan Smith and Hawley duke it out at LG. Neither option is particularly appealing. But I'm hoping Benenoch can pull it off if we need him to. Pamphile is up for a new contract and guards make less than tackles; assuming we don't just let him walk with all the depth we have. Thoughts?
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    If I set a ball down on the ground, it doesn't roll away. I mean. I thought this was already settled.
  5. Madden 18

    Realistic stats have been my biggest gripe for a while now. They screw up goals, which screws up progression, which screws up how teams draft. Fix stats and a lot of other stuff gets better too.
  6. Preseason Week Two - Bucs @ Jags

    Game's on NFL Network right now.
  7. Constant Pop Up - Not an Ad

    I get that a lot. I've tried downloading it and it doesn't prevent that pop up from continuing to annoy me. I'm fairly certain I know why it's popping up. I just wish it would stop.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    That's because coffee is disgusting.
  9. Eagles Trade WR Jordan Matthews to Buffalo for CB Ronald Darby

    Yeah. He dropped an INT earlier in the game too. He looked great, I agree.
  10. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    He's facing up to seven years in prison. The NFL might not have to do anything.
  11. Preseason Week Two - Bucs @ Jags

    It's a good problem to have.
  12. How are those Rookies doing? Training Camp edition

    Moxey just killed any chance he had of making the roster after his performance last night. He's strictly a practice squad guy now. However, CB Maurice Fleming looked pretty good. He broke up the game-tying TD pass on third down at the end of the game. And he looked decent in coverage throughout the game. He's been behind Moxey in terms of making plays at practice. But he might have moved up after last night. Beckwith balled last night; two tackles for loss and another couple big hits. It was a much, much better game than a week ago. Justin Evans made a few special teams tackles. Bobo just got outplayed by Reedy. So he's fallen a bit behind. McNichols looked great running the ball last night. I thought he looked better than Quizz and Sims.
  13. Preseason Week Two - Bucs @ Jags

    It's the scheme being run, not just him. See this a lot in preseason... Koetter actually addressed this in his presser. Said our guys were giving up too much space.
  14. Preseason Week Two - Bucs @ Jags

    Barber has shown the ability to catch the ball at practice. His only real weaknesses are his lack of top end speed and pass blocking. But he's fast enough, as he showed last year against San Fran. He's just gotta get the pass blocking figured out.