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  1. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    He's the next man up right now. But the defense is rolling so there's no need for a change yet.
  2. PS4: Madden League

    So like your NSFL team.
  3. PS4: Madden League

    Rookie mistake.
  4. PS4: Madden League

    Unfortunately, no. I've got an XBone I don't play anymore since I had kids.
  5. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    I think playing a turnover-free game and finally winning on the road helps too. Or just winning a football game.
  6. PS4: Madden League

    Y'all better share rosters.
  7. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    Jameis seems more excited than usual.
  8. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    No more "We played fine. Oline was fine. Defense was fine. Babble, babble, babble." Put up or shut up.
  9. Redskins sign DE Noah Spence

    Not really. He got a ton of reps in OTAs and never did anything. BA and Bowles gave him entire preseason games and he still never did anything. Shaq Barrett, Carl Nassib, Demone Harris, and Anthony Nelson all showed more during that time. Hell, even Devante Bond made plays and with any other coaching staff last year, he'd have been long gone. Bowles found something in Bond that didn't seem to be there the last few years. Spence's rookie year was crazy good. He had five and a half sacks and played the whole season with a torn shoulder. But he hasn't been the same since. And he seems to only know how to try to run around OTs.
  10. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    It's not looking good for White.
  11. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    Gotta. And his track record merits it.