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  1. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Barkley would make our offense unstoppable. Then it wouldn't matter that we give up 30 points per game.
  2. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    One positive is that we've got two division games coming up. If we somehow win both, we're 4-4 and 2-0 in the division. All hope is not lost yet. But it's not gonna be easy.
  3. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    2018 draft, here we come.
  4. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Scheme left O'Leary wide open up the seam. That was the void in the zone. Scheme left Ward in the dust on that wheel route because there was nobody over the top. Scheme left someone wide open in the flats on a different third down. But it didn't give Tygod all day in the pocket. Scheme didn't let Tygod scramble for a million yards on third in the first half. That was Kwon. And scheme didn't pull McClain inside too far for the biggest play of the game, or force like seven missed tackles on the biggest third down of the game. We made plenty of mistakes. There's no doubt. We can't win games blowing so many coverages and missing so many tackles. But the scheme accounted for the other half of why they moved the ball at will just as well as we did.
  5. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    Damn you, Tre'Davious White. He basically literally stripped away our chances at the playoffs.
  6. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Absolutely. Nobody can cover for four or five seconds at a time. And that happened a lot today. But you also have to look at the scheme. More than once they called the perfect play to hit a big one against us. Our tendencies are either completely transparent with our alignments or they know how we're gonna line up against specific formations. Or they know what we're gonna do based on personnel. Once or twice is luck. Any more than that becomes a pattern.
  7. GDT: Week 7

    Two for 63 yards. Before today.
  8. Notable Stats and Observations

    Those are video game numbers. That's crazy.
  9. Joe Thomas streak has ended.

    This is a bummer. I wanted him to play every snap until he retired.
  10. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    He has to be. We can't continue to sit in this dumpster fire of a defense.
  11. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    We won't have ANY excuse to not take a CB with one of our first two picks if this is the case.
  12. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Conte shouldn't even be starting. It's embarrassing.
  13. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    I want it to look like Rob Ryan; the dirtier, the better.
  14. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    I'm all in on @BucsDraftGeek47's left sock. It can't do any worse.