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  1. I like the Ebron pick a lot. I really considered him for his upside and situation. And he's still really young. But I eventually opted for the immediate impact of Cook.
  2. I'm at 250. Some of these are amazing. I've snorted quite a few times. 😂
  3. The question now is... Is Tk gonna make his pick this time or is he gonna trade it again?
  4. I was debating him for my next pick.
  5. DJ Swearinger, S, Arizona @pwny
  6. Gerald McCoy officially released

    He's absolutely a starter. And he's still pretty good at getting after the QB. He doesn't need to be playing 85-90% of the snaps like he did here. But if he can get closer to 60-70%, I think he'll be a force.
  7. That's a lotta dudes.
  8. I think you'd like it, for sure. Shenanigans, plotting, the occasional murder hobo-ing. Seems right up your alley.
  9. It's hard to find folks with the imagination to do that instead of just hacking and slashing and launching spells. But the game is 10000000x more fun if/when stuff like that happens, in my opinion.
  10. I pick at 6.9. Nice.