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  1. Saturday Night Football - Chargers vs Chiefs

    That would have stood as a TD if that was the original call. Man it was close.
  2. Saturday Night Football - Chargers vs Chiefs

    That might be a catch.
  3. Gotta limit the explosive plays.
  4. Doesn't really hurt them that much. We're effed on defense.
  5. I like these a lot better than our white on whites.
  6. A Very Violent Mafia (SIGN UP!!)

    We're up to 17. I'll send out roles as soon as we get to 22. Hopefully we can get there today. I'll have N1 Monday.
  7. A Very Violent Mafia (SIGN UP!!)

    There's a link in the OP that explains how the game works. You can also ask me and/or everybody else playing. We'll all help you out the best we can.
  8. A Very Violent Mafia (SIGN UP!!)

    Mhm. Of course.
  9. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    That's what threw me off so much. You seemed so sure about everything. I didn't understand why you were pushing me over the others on your list.
  10. GB needs us to play spoiler and beat the Saints, Falcons, and Panthers the last three weeks. And I don't see that happening.