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  1. I was joking that he would have brought anything relevant to the game. Because let's be honest...
  2. It's gonna suck when we've gotta start paying some of these guys. Especially if they live up to their potential.
  3. This. No need to discuss his removal from the site. But in terms of being a player in this game, go ahead.
  4. Let's revel in the joy of at least a month off. But let's not talk about banned members.
  5. This is a warning for language like this AND circumventing the language filter. I'd suggest rereading the rules before you carry on.
  6. Other than Tyreek Hill abusing him for one game, he was top 10 last year. Easily.
  7. Just having one helps the defense tremendously. Give it time for the defense to work through injuries and I think we'll be ok.
  8. We wanted speed and athleticism in the secondary. Remember who we had before SMD and Dean? Davis was our only real CB who was decent. And he's not nearly as athletic as those two. It was a ****show beyond him. The idea was that we'd be able to coach them up. We've got mixed results so far. But they've each shown a lotta potential.
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