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  1. I also goofed with the first tiefling they met. It was a female. So I immediately opted for a high-end pitched voice. It ended up sounding like Mickey Mouse. So now tieflings and devils probably have to sound to similar to Mickey Mouse for the rest of the campaign. Neat. Luckily tieflings are rare.
  2. My party finally got through my railroad-y "find the scepter and staff for the king" part of the story. I gave them the option to seek out the leader of the underground, who was also seeking these artifacts via a dead body that failed. The body had a note. Now it's open world. And I couldn't be more excited. Our warlock wants to keep the scepter. Our druid doesn't care. Our ranger is on the fence. And our rogue is all about it seeking out G (the leader of the underground, whom he's heard of vaguely). They returned to the city that G seems to have recently taken over (per the note); it was the first one they met in. It's much nicer now, with obvious construction of new buildings and renovation of existing ones. The old inn (Elderberry Inn) is now named Elderberry Chateau. And it's obviously beautiful now. Our rogue saw the thieves' cant hidden about the place indicating they need to speak to the barkeep. The trip they took to recover these artifacts took almost two weeks. And that's where we left off. Took three hours to get there. But we finally did it. It took over a month of three-four sessions to get through the first big dungeon.
  3. Bucs Training Camp '19

    It's probably the most important battle of training camp. Armstrong is here to break the god damn curse.
  4. Madden 20

    Russ should be higher. Dalton should be lower.
  5. Bucs Training Camp '19

    I think VHIII could eventually be the odd man out. He lacks the size and length we want at CB. Unless we stick him in the slot and he proves to be a good blitzer. I wouldn't be shocked if SMB was our LCB, Davis was our RCB, and Dean started in the slot by week eight.
  6. Bucs Training Camp '19

    I wanna see what these young guys can do in our secondary. We've spent a lot of early picks on them. All of them fit our new press man scheme far better than whatever you wanna call Smitty's mess. According to BA, the rookies were the guys creating turnovers at OTAs.
  7. Favorite cover songs

  8. Bucs CB Ryan Smith suspended 4 games for PEDs

    Davis flashed a ton of potential though. Even in a terrible scheme. It's not like he's bad. He's a press man CB and we played in him an off zone defense. Dean and SMB are both freaks athletically. And they're tall and long. Davis has his work cut out for him if he wants to remain a starter.
  9. Bucs CB Ryan Smith suspended 4 games for PEDs

    Murphy-Bunting and Dean lead the team in INTs during OTAs. They're definitely fighting for starting spots and may take them.