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  1. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Oh, man. 😂😂😂
  2. Jameis named the starter again

    I agree. But Koetter has been an idiot about it this year. So I figure we'll get Fitz at least one more time.
  3. 2019 Prospects thread.

    He shows all the qualities you want in a QB. And like you said, he's clutch. He almost wills things to happen in his favor sometimes. He also needs a lot of work. His pocket awareness really lacks sometimes. And the pressure gets to him from time to time, even when it's not there. He also stares down receivers really obviously too often. It's all stuff that shouldn't be difficult to fix. And it never hurts to improve footwork and get another year of starting. But he goes through progressions and always knows where his checkdown is. Which I really like. It's extended a lot of drives and kept us alive a ton this year. He's got good anticipation and throws guys open. He doesn't usually force it but he's not afraid to try and thread the needle. Guys don't need to be wide open for him to throw it.
  4. Jameis named the starter again

    Over/under 2.5 games before Fitz starts again.
  5. Mock Drafts

    He's got Herbert and Haskins in here, so that's gonna change things. Early reports are that both guys might stay in school.
  6. Possibilities for new coaches

    The season of no reason.
  7. Possibilities for new coaches

    We would've scored 23 more TDs if not for those pesky INTs. And that would make up for all the missed kicks. 😀
  8. SNF: Purple People Eaters @ the Monsters of the Midway

    That kick looked like it was gonna bounce backwards anyway.
  9. Possibilities for new coaches

    Turnovers are the only reason we haven't scored more points and won more games. Our offense regularly moves the ball at will. We're fifth in yards per drive and three and outs. Over 75% of our drives get at least one first down. We're dead last with turnovers on almost 25% of our drives. 😂 Our defense is historically bad. But that's another story.
  10. Possibilities for new coaches

    I'd definitely opt for a more creative playcaller. But Monken's engineering the number one offense in the NFL with QBs who've thrown 23 INTs in 10 games. I wanna see this offense with a QB like Rodgers. 😂
  11. Possibilities for new coaches

    The speedster is just to draw the safeties back. But if he gets open that's a plus. Adams on a deep crosser or something like that 15-25 yards down the field under MVS would be easy money. Graham running the drag that fades up the field into a deep corner route would be money too. And that's the stuff Monken runs. Y'all wouldn't have to worry about running slants until you wanna change the channel. That's not what we do. 😂 Just be weary of the max protection where a WR on one side runs a go and the WR on the other side runs a deep post. I hate it. Those are the only two options. But like I said, I think Rodgers would thrive in it. Fitz looked like an all star before he stopped caring. Rodgers has the arm and accuracy to break Peyton's yardage record in an offense like this with the right weapons.
  12. 🏈 Week 11 3-6 TB vs 2-7 NYG

    It's crazy how good he looks when he can get to the LOS before contact. Almost like the oline has been the issue this year.