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  1. I haven't seen a new movie in the longest time. Maybe Deadpool 2. 😬 This is a must see for me. Absolutely loved the first one.
  2. Like honestly. Nobody with any reasonable know-how or common sense gives a single **** about Kyle Trask right now. Give him what he needs to improve. But beyond that, he could be Ryan Griffin. Who cares? The idea is to win the next two Super Bowls with Tom Brady.
  3. I mean. Tom Brady isn't here to babysit. He's here to win games and Super Bowls. The idea of "Oh. We've got Tom Brady to teach the rookie everything he knows." is insane. That's never been the case with any incumbent. Trask gets to watch what Brady does and hope to copy/improve it. That's it.
  4. We run two practice fields. He'll get reps outside of games. I'd guess we don't want him to play during the season.
  5. I would guess the idea is to keep Trask off the field this year.
  6. Got my second shot a little over 24 hours ago. Aside from a sore arm, I'm fine.
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