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  1. Offseason Rumors

    Ed Oliver it is.
  2. Offseason Rumors

    We've gotta free up a lotta money. I can't imagine there isn't a market for McCoy.
  3. Offseason Rumors

    It's hard to make plays when we're calling plays we haven't practiced. Or when everyone is lined up eight yards off the LOS. Or when we're running cover four on third and short. I thought one of the biggest arguments made was that we have decent players but our coaching and schemes are abysmal. We've fixed that tenfold. Now we should get a chance to actually evaluate who we have on this roster. I expect some bumps early on. Maybe even most of the season. We're gonna be running like the opposite of what we've seen the last few years. We've got guys on this defense who haven't played aggressive defense since college.
  4. Offseason Rumors

    Adams had one great game and pretty much disappeared.
  5. Bucs sign QB Blaine Gabbert

    A late round flier on a QB is just about as good as letting the time expire on your pick.
  6. Bucs sign QB Blaine Gabbert

    Arians doesn't want Jameis looking over his shoulder. No sane person is gonna be calling for Gabbert to start. BA got what he wants in a backup; a veteran who knows his system and knows he's not gonna start.
  7. Bucs sign QB Blaine Gabbert

    I think I read his $450k was guaranteed. So at least he got one last nice payday.
  8. Offseason Rumors

  9. Can't imagine it's for much more than $1M. I think we only have like $2.7M in space.
  10. Offseason Rumors

    I don't know. That's something teams will have to figure out in interviews.
  11. Delete Post?

    Mods of each subforum can delete posts.