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  1. Our offensive line

    Benenoch is 6'5". It is possible, yes.
  2. Training camp discussion

    He's got some catching up to do.
  3. Our offensive line

    He's 6'7". I think he's too big to play inside. 😂
  4. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    That's quite an assumption.
  5. Worst Groups in Football

    Behind a 35 year old Brent Grimes we have a disappointing Vernon Hargreaves, fourth round pick from a couple years ago Ryan Smith, and some rookies/second year guys. At safety we have Chris Conte and last years second round pick Justin Evans projected to start with veteran Keith Tandy and rookie Jordan Whitehead behind them. Our secondary overall is pretty bad/inexperienced sans Bounce.
  6. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Our offense has also been completely predictable. Sims is in the game? We're throwing the ball. Doesn't matter if it's third and inches. Dougie's in the game? He's either running the ball or pass blocking. You don't have to cover him if the oline steps in pass pro. Defenses were calling out our plays before we ran them last year. And our redzone offense was Brate in the seem, a Mike Evans jump ball, or a failed rushing attempt. There was zero creativity.
  7. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I think our run game will be fine. As long as we can average four yards per carry and convert more third/fourth and shorts we'll win more games. I think the addition of Jensen and subtraction of Dougie already helps us with that.
  8. I'm only at -51 because I've lost nine games.
  9. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Manning threw 28 INTs his rookie year. And had 10 seasons of 14+ INTs. He finished his career ~2.5:1 TD:INT ratio. And he's still one of the best QBs to ever play the game. Brady won his first three Super Bowls because of Vinatieri and his defense. He was pretty much a 2:1 guy before his amazing 2007 season. His 2007 season was his eighth season. It takes time. Derek Carr was an MVP candidate two years ago before crashing and burning last year. Cam's MVP season was ridiculous but he'll never come close to replicating that. It took him five seasons to do it, and he's never come remotely close to doing it in any other season. Brees throws a ton of INTs to go with all his yards and TDs. Matt Ryan is barely over a 2:1 TD:INT ratio for his career, and has never strung together two consecutive seasons remotely close to his 2016 season. I'll leave out Rodgers because he's the exception. Dude's #good at football. I think people see what Brady and Rodgers are doing right now and expect that to be the standard. But those two are so far ahead of everyone else. And it took Brady eight years to get to this point. Hell, Rodgers sat for three years before he got his shot.
  10. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    The agents he parted ways with were baseball guys, I believe. He's eyeing a new contract. Makes sense that he'd opt for guys more versed in NFL contracts.
  11. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Auman said those agents rep guys already on the team. So it should be quick and easy.