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  1. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    The agents he parted ways with were baseball guys, I believe. He's eyeing a new contract. Makes sense that he'd opt for guys more versed in NFL contracts.
  2. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Auman said those agents rep guys already on the team. So it should be quick and easy.
  3. Football's Future Top 100 -- #8

    Gronk, Martin, Julio
  4. CB Darrelle Revis announces retirement

    Scrabble did the same the year after he left Oakland. We'll see how Sherman does this year after coming back from the achilles injury and changing schemes.
  5. Our offensive line

    I agree. Playcalling will help with that too.
  6. Our offensive line

    With the news of Sweezy's departure, that opens a starting spot AND a reserve spot. What do you think the line looks like to start the season? My guess: LT - Donovan Smith LG - Ali Marpet C - Ryan Jensen RG - Caleb Benenoch RT - Demar Dotson I think that's probably set. But the backups are a decent sized group. Leonard Wester is probably leading the race to be our swing tackle. But Cole Gardner has earned nothing but praise from Koetter and teammates. And he looked great playing LT while D Smith was out. Evan Smith and Alex Cappa are probably the two guys in the middle. E Smith can play all three spots right now, and early reports (from Koetter specifically) indicate Cappa is gonna be groomed to take over that spot.
  7. Who do you think surprises the most in training camp? We've got quite a few spots that are up for grabs; RB depth, WR depth, safety depth, LB depth, KR/PR, RG, CB depth, special teams gunners. Even NT is open with Beau Allen and Vea fighting for starting reps. Who do you think stands out enough to earn a roster spot? Are there any surprise starters?
  8. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    Are those teams winning because they're running or are they running because they're winning? Most advanced metrics point to passing the ball being more conducive to scoring points. Some even show running the ball as losing points.
  9. Our offensive line

    It's crazy. Greg Auman said they played games with like 20 people in the stands. Good thing we got Cappa when we did.
  10. Our offensive line

    Yeah. D Smith seems like a good dude. Makes me feel bad about all the mean things I've said about him. 😂 Hopefully he has a great year and earns the extension he's gonna get.
  11. First Rookie Running Back to 1,200 yards rushing?

    I doubt Rojo gets 1,000 all purpose yards, let alone 1,200 yards rushing. Koetter prefers his vets when it comes to RBs. He seems to prefer a good pass blocker over a good runner.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I watched enough to realize I don't know any PGA golfers anymore.
  13. I don't plan on having more than one around at a time. But some like Rictavio and Esmeralda are pretty big characters.
  14. I think we're gonna start tinkering with character creation for Curse of Strahd this Wed. I'm really excited to start playing. I still haven't decided where I want the Tarokka cards to take us yet but I'll figure that out. I think I'm familiar enough with most of the map/characters to go pretty much anywhere. I even spent the last few weeks watching Dice, Camera, Action! to get a better feel for everything. My biggest concern is all the tagalong NPCs that we're gonna encounter. I don't wanna DM and play multiple characters. I'm gonna have to find ways to sprinkle them in and have them leave. I'm not sure I'll be able to find a fill in to play for a session or a few while the NPCs are around. I'm toying with the idea of having players that die just take them over. But we'll see.
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Zero. There was nothing on tv so I flipped to golf.
  16. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I fell asleep watching golf yesterday. I'm officially a 60 year old man.
  17. Best Case Scenario We start the season 2-1. The additions of Jensen at center and Rojo in the backfield takes the pressure off Fitzmagic and we can actually run the ball. This helps keep our new and improved defensive line fresh and all the additions take us from one of the worst defenses in the league to one of the better ones. Jameis comes back week four and picks up where he left off last year. He's accurate and quick with his decision making. We finally see what all these weapons can do as we score 30+ per game. The running game that looked like a strength the first few weeks gives the offense a balance we've never seen before. We win 11 games. Worst Case Scenario We start the season 0-3. Fitzmagic shows his age and looks awful. Jensen's one year of dominance in the run game was just that. None of our RBs look spectacular, aside from Rojo breaking a long run every once in a while. But most of his runs are stuffed at the line as he tries to dance everything outside. Jameis comes back and looks like the up and down QB we've all come to frustratingly know. He throws dimes and moves us all over the field. He ends drives by forcing throws into coverage and holding the ball too long and fumbling in the pocket. Our defense continues its usual sieve-like being. Our new and improved dline doesn't do enough to hide our underwhelming secondary. We win four games.
  18. Madden Ratings

    Top Five Lavonte David 95 Gerald McCoy 90 Mike Evans 89 Demar Dotson 88 Brent Grimes 86 https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/player-ratings?i=1&t=6&s=ovr_rating:DESC&=undefined
  19. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    Gronk, Z Martin, Keuchly
  20. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    Gotta lose to win.
  21. I can't argue with math.
  22. 3/6 in the preseason and 3/6 to start the season.
  23. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    That's right now, and probably in regards to the Uber thing. A 2-14 season is another situation entirely.
  24. Matt Bryant started the season 6/12. I don't wanna hear it.