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  1. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    JPP is a tough dude. He's been banged up the last few weeks but he still chugs along and makes plays. Can't imagine he doesn't play Monday.
  2. Tracking the progress of our new look defensive line

    If Vea plays Monday, I imagine it'll only be about 10 snaps. But that'll hopefully be 10 more snaps McCoy gets a chance to catch his breath. Hopefully we'll reach a point during this season where McCoy isn't playing 80-90% of the snaps.
  3. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    He's gonna put up 200 yards against us. We should all pencil that in. Our secondary is not good. And we leave the middle of the field WIDE OPEN on almost every play. I'm sure that'll help appease him.
  4. Tracking the progress of our new look defensive line

    We beat the **** out of Foles last week. Haven't seen anything like it in a while.
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Cut up an apple for breakfast for the kid. She didn't want it. After going through different fruits and cereals, she decided she wanted a hot dog. Which left me to eat the apple. Life isn't fair.
  6. The Texans now have the longest losing streak in the NFL. Congrats, Cleveland.
  7. We'll try to help Monday night.
  8. Do we give Jameis the reigns after his suspension, no matter how Fitzmagic is playing? Do we hold off a week (since week three is Monday night) and give Jameis a week plus to get ready? Do we keep Jameis on the sideline and ride out Fitzmagic until the wheels fall off? What say you? I don't want all our other threads to turn into Jameis debates. So let's keep all that discussion here.
  9. Football's Future Power Rankings || Week 3 go-go!

    We've got Jameis waiting for the Fitzmagic to fizzle out.
  10. More Fitzmagic stats. Lulz.
  11. What an idiot. Cleveland finna be the drunkest city on the planet.
  12. I wonder how many people are gonna call into work tomorrow in Cleveland. Everyone?
  13. Football's Future Power Rankings || Week 3 go-go!

    How the **** are we behind the Saints and Eagles when we just beat them? 😂
  14. Some of us believed all along.
  15. Cleveland looks pretty good with Mayfield at QB.