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  1. Bucs Release DT Chris Baker

    He'll probably go somewhere and be alright. For whatever reason, we only used him on first and second down and tried to make him a NT. We're now at $72.2M in cap space.
  2. Jags Extending Blake Bortles

    Makes sense to lock up one of the best duel threat QBs of all time.
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It's weird to me to think that Australia has universities. I didn't know y'all really lived that long without leaving the country.
  4. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Offseason)

    @TheKillerNacho, you da real MVP. Love you for putting this together.
  5. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Offseason)

    @RuskieTitan, <3.
  6. Free Agents

    I signed him in my mock offseason. He'd add to the versatility of our 3/4 looks. A one year 'prove it' type deal seems reasonable.
  7. Would you rather?...

    I don't know. And we shouldn't have to bid on him since I'm sure we'll lock him up well before he becomes a free agent. But the market has been set. And with the cap going up every year, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect him to make close to that.
  8. Would you rather?...

    Sign a guard like Andrew Norwell for ~$12M per year or Josh Sitton for ~$8M per year -OR- draft Quenton Nelson at seven and pay him ~$3.8M? All three are plug and play guys. The $5M-$10M difference could be the deciding factor in whether or not we can resign our own guys in a couple years. And Marpet is gonna get a similar (or higher) contract when it's time. What do you think?
  9. Would you rather?...

    The highest paid LT in the NFL (Okung) makes $13M. I understand that the best players don't always make the most money. But I don't think D Smith is gonna cost much more than $10M. Either way, we're still looking at ~$80M invested in five offensive guys if we spend big on a guard in free agency.
  10. Would you rather?...

    That's pretty much the question I'm asking. Norwell at $12M, Marpet at $11M, and D Smith at $10M puts us at $33M a year on just those three. Add in Evans' $18M and Jameis' $28M and we're looking at ~$79M in just those five guys. That's a lot of cheddar invested in just a few guys on offense. We could save ~$10M by drafting a guard.

    Makes sense. That's what we like to do late-ish in the draft. We'll probably use that and our second sixth to move up and grab someone a little earlier in the sixth round.

    I don't even know if it has any real value in terms of trades. 😂 I mean. I guess it probably does. But not enough to matter.
  13. All the hostility makes this less enjoyable to follow.
  14. Free Agents

    To absolutely nobody's surprise.
  15. Free Agents

    If we sign an outside guy at CB and Grimes comes back, we won't need to sign a slot guy. We can just slide VHIII inside.
  16. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I've had a crush on Elizabeth Hurley forever. <3 She's amazingly beautiful and that accent tho. Hnnnnnnggggggg.
  17. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Mock Draft Simulator https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/ I hate to do this. This was supposed to be the year we didn't look at mock drafts in October. But we're 2-5 with a tough Saints team up next. So it's probably time to talk about the draft.
  18. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Offseason)

    @steelcurtain29, Sarkisian was just drafted. You should ctrl+f the first page and check the picks just before yours to make sure guys are available.
  19. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Hopefully he plays better than Pamphile did. But you might be right. Koetter raved about our oline all the time. Maybe we don't do anything and just promote who we have.
  20. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Offseason)

    @TheKillerNacho, can you swap my DTs please?
  21. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Offseason)

    Jesus. Can you guys hurry up?
  22. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    All these mock drafts with four or more QBs going in the top six are kind of ridiculous. That would be completely unprecedented. I'm still leaning toward signing a guy like Sitton. But we're about to have A LOT of money in our oline in a couple years if we do. D Smith, Sitton, and Marpet would all be on big contracts. And that doesn't seem like good cap distribution to me. Especially when Evans makes $18M per and Jameis is close to $30M.