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  1. Free Agent Frenzy

    Yeah that's a little much, but it seems like we just aren't huge fans of Royce. I like taking pressure off of Lindsay, and Gordon is also an excellent pass catcher which I think is something being lost here. This says to me we are looking to target our RBs a little more in the pass game this year.
  2. Free Agent Frenzy

    Looks like Gordon is on his way to denver
  3. Free Agent Frenzy

    Looks like less than 2/25
  4. Free Agent Frenzy

    Getting Casey is nice. With the amount of picks we have I wouldn't be surprised if we try to make some more moves via trade as well.
  5. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    The idiots on the fan this morning (Cecil and Prichard I believe) were praising this move as the Broncos "finally getting their splash QB" and are saying this fixes their problem so we can go all in and make more splash free agency signings. How delusional can you be? Unless the Ravens eat a big portion of his contract and Flacco's cap hit is super small, or Case can be offloaded so we don't have to eat his dead money, I absolutely hate this. Nobody in their right mind can actually believe Flacco is a significant upgrade who immediately makes us contenders and a destination for major free agents.
  6. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    I don't see this as badly as many of you seem to. This might not be the most exciting hire ever but it is absolutely a positive move. Every Chicago or San Francisco person you talk to will rave about Fangio, by all accounts hes a no nonsense coach with a proven track record and it's about time he got a chance. He'll have to prove he can handle the head job but honestly look at all the other options out there and this is one of the best we could have realistically hoped for. As far as Kubiak coming back, I also don't see that as a bad thing. The dynamic is a little tricky, but everyone involved is a grown up and I'm not nearly as worried as some of you seem to be. Kubiak is a solid offensive coach and I believe we will see better production from that side of the ball next year under his coaching. With the right personnel I believe this coaching staff can make us competitive. That being said I won't even begin to get excited about the team until we add some more talent to this roster. Coaching only goes so far and I still don't think this team is anything better than an 8-8, 9-7 team unless we upgrade multiple position groups. QB is still a black hole with Keenum, we have a crop of promising but super young and raw wide receivers that don't exactly inspire confidence going into a new season. A secondary in shambles, and a linebacker core that hasn't been able to cover anything down the field in I don't know how long. Elway really is running out of wiggle room, the way I see it it's all on him, and this offseason is going to be big, let's hope he steps up.
  7. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    The thing is, I do believe Keenum is "good enough" but only so long as we have a coaching staff that has the ability to elevate the talent and make the correct in game decisions. That's where the mistake was made, believing that everything else around keenum was right where it needed to be to make a run. Right now we have nothing that can put us over the top. When we had Manning it was always said that he was a player that lifted all boats, we don't have that right now, we have no "it" factor that raises us above other competitive teams.
  8. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    I agree, and I think at this point we'll labor our way to a 7-9/8-8ish record. Keenum is just the QB he's always been, and that's an unspectacular bottom half of the league starter. He's the type of player who if put in the right position with good support and good coaching can be serviceable and win you games. I legit heard people say they thought Keenum was going to be the next Drew Brees after his year last year, and many bought into the unfounded optimism that he was going to continue an upward trajectory to become a star. Let me be clear: I think Keenum is fine, I like Keenum, Keenum is not a player you put the weight of the team on and tell him to go win you games. We're in a tough spot here as a franchise. We're in a spot where it's pretty clear that our coaching/qb arent quite ready to compete, but we are clearly trying to win now and have a few players that fit that championship mold. I honestly don't see the coaching situation miraculously changing whether we keep Joseph or hire someone new, the only way I see a drastic turn around is if we nail it on a QB selection this off season. As far as I can tell Peyton aint coming back to save us and we might be headed down a bit of a long road to get back to championship competition.
  9. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    I've defended Vance since he got here, I've always felt like he was dealt a bad hand and that we needed to be more patient with him. After tonight my mood has changed, this is 100% a game you can't lose being up 10 in the 4th. It's just going to make me angry writing up all the boneheaded mistakes we made at the end of this game, but this one was here for the taking and the coaching staff mismanaged the hell out of it. This was a classic case of playing scared at the end of the game, and getting beat because of it. Going into this season I thought the roster didn't look great and we would be lucky to win 8 games, but after watching the first quarter of the season I honestly think with competent coaching this group could contend for a wild card spot. If we don't turn this thing around in a hurry, Vance will lose the locker room, the effort and record will spiral, Elway will come under fire, and we could be in for a wild ride. Not to sound too over dramatic, but I think these next four games are going to play a large role in the direction this team heads in the near future.
  10. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    Getting Keenum is obviously not ideal, we clearly aren't a championship contender now that we've made this move. However, I don't think there was really any move we could have made this off season (other than making a huge trade or signing Brees) that would have put us back in contention this year. Getting Keenum basically signals what we all should have already known, that we are not a hot destination at this point and that this is going to be a process. I would have preferred Cousins like many, but its become pretty obvious that there was never any chance he was going to sign here and honestly that fully guaranteed 3 year contract he got doesn't seem like a smart move to me. While I believe that Keenum is just average and it's unlikely that his addition will do much to elevate our offense, I do think there is some slight room for optimism. After his breakout year last year (I realize that situation he was in, and that it's unlikely) it is possible that something has clicked and he is just beginning to reach his prime/potential. I think all of us would gladly welcome a repeat of his stat line from last year if he can replicate his production, he very well may not, but I don't think the situation is as dire as some seem to believe. The key here is we still have to draft a QB and that QB better be franchise material or else we are screwed.
  11. GDT: Broncos vs Patriots

    Just got back from the game, that was pitiful. Beyond the obvious (special teams was a disaster, defense cant get any pressure, no one on offense is worth anything besides Sanders) this team is in real trouble. We are approaching a serious crossroads, it's been quite a while since we've faced adversity like this, and I'm not just talking about this season, I think we all pretty much expect that this season is done from a playoffs/contending standpoint, but rather contending in the near future. Right now we are a team that has plenty of talent in the prime of their careers, some of which are getting pretty big paydays over the next couple of years. The big question is, after this season what do we do? Do we try to make a splash trade/signing for a QB and hope to ride out the rest of our fading talent window? Or do we blow it up? I Cant imagine players like Chris Harris and Derek Wolfe will be happy having taken home town discounts to play on a competitive team if the plan is to rebuild for the next few seasons. I think any way you slice it we are in a sticky situation going forward. You have a team flush with talent that is not playing up to standards, that would seem to be a coaching issue, but you cant really fire anyone after one year. We have no real QB and seemingly no great options around the corner (trade for luck anyone?) This team just seems to have very little life or direction at the moment, and quite frankly I'm finding it hard to think of a realistic scenario where we are not rebuilding for the foreseeable future. Someone please tell me I'm wrong, but Elway really blew it with the QB draft selections. There are other flaws with this team (brock and the offense even looked ok tonight) but the transition away from manning has not be good to say the least, and like it or not that falls at Elways feet. I hope the team responds the rest of this season, shows us they haven't given up, and there's still hope for this team, but currently that optimism and direction is hard to find.