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  1. Jets select TE Trevon Wesco in round 4

    If Baldy is a fan, I'm a fan.
  2. 2019 prospects and outlook

    1a. Bosa 1b. Quinnen 3. Allen Not just taking an EDGE because we haven't had one in years. Draft has to be BPA. I would be more upset if we passed on Quinnen for Allen. We can harp on the ineptitude of Macc until the cows come home, however you can't be mad if he takes Q, you can be mad that he didn't address EDGE in FA at all which is where you address your needs.
  3. #JetsNewUnis

    For those interested, the black limited (stitched) Sam Darnold jersey is available on nike.com.
  4. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    This would be the easiest trade down scenario for the Jets. Phone would be ringing off of the hook for teams wanting to trade in front of the Raiders for Murray.
  5. Best Case Scenario..

    Not sure it deserves it's own thread but worth thinking about. While I do believe Kyler Murray is in play for the #1 pick, I do not think it's a forgone conclusion. The Cards have both Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa in for visits today and both are squarely in the conversation. This leads me to our best case scenario: Cardinals take Quinnen Williams. This then puts the jets in a perfect spot to either take Bosa, assuming the 49ers trade out to a team wanting Murray (Giants?) or if the 49ers take Bosa, Jets are in line for a HAUL for teams to trade up in front of the Raiders to select Murray. The compensation would be much greater than if Murray would already be off of the board. Just some food for thought.
  6. First-pick mock drafts

    Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 7 (JAX): Taylor, Jawaan, OT, Florida (A) Round 1 Pick 17 (NYG): Burns, Brian, DE, Florida State (A) Round 2 Pick 20 (PITT): Harmon, Kelvin, WR, North Carolina State (A-) Round 3 Pick 2 (PITT): McCoy, Erik, OG/C, Texas AM (A) Round 3 Pick 4: Layne, Justin, CB, Michigan State (A) Round 3 Pick 29: Miller, Christian, OLB, Alabama (A+) Round 4 Pick 4 (OAK): Hill, Justice, RB, Oklahoma State (A+) Round 5 Pick 9 (BUF): Warring, Kahale, TE, San Diego State (A-) Round 6 Pick 18 (BALT): Powers, Ben, OG, Oklahoma (A+) Round 7 Pick 3: Hill, Trysten, DT, Central Florida (A+)
  7. 2019 Mock Offseason

    If I were GM... HC--Matt Rhule OC--Todd Monken (or Kliff) QB Coach--Josh McCown DC--Gregg Williams Notable Re signings: Henry Anderson Andre Roberts Neville Hewitt Brandon Copeland Rontez Miles Jason Myers Free Agency: Le'Veon Bell: 4 yrs, 64M with an out after year 3. Matt Paradis: 4 yrs, 32M Trey Flowers: 5 yrs, 72M Shaq Barrett: 3 yrs, 14M Darqueze Dennard: 3 yrs, 18M Bryce Callahan: 4 yrs, 24M Draft: 1. AZ-Bosa 2. SF-Allen TRADE: Jets are in prime position to trade out for a team desperately trying to get Haskins. Jax comes calling: NYJ Receives: 2019 1st rounder, 2nd rounder, 3rd rounder and 2020 1st JAX Receives: 2019 1st rounder 3. Jax-Haskins 4. Oak-Q. Williams 5. TB-Greedy Williams 6. NYG-Devin White. 7. NYJ-Jonah Williams, OT. Will proect Darnold's blindside for the next 10 years. 37. (From Jax)- Kelvin Harmon, WR. Don't know if he lasts until rd2 but I am fine with any playmaking WR (AJ Brown, NKeal Harry, DK Metcalf, Hakeem Butler). 68. Chris Lindstrom, OG. Double dipping on the O-Line. Much needed and will replace one of Long/Winters. 69. (From Jax)-Lavert Hill, CB. Claiborne was a let down this year and Tru has been a bust FA signing so far. Hopefully we can develop this guy. 95. (From NO)-Irv Smith, Jr., TE. I know we drafted Herndon last year and he is going to be a good player for us, but after him, our TE situation is suspect. 98. Deebo Samuel, WR. Another Weapon for the franchise.
  8. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    I, for one, am not even going to factor in the SEA 2nd rounder either. We were ready to let Sheldon walk and get nothing for him. The fact that we got that 2nd and Kearse, to this day, is the best deal Macc has made. It enabled us to get our guy.
  9. I highly doubt Fowler's option will get picked up by Jax. He has had some legal trouble plus their 2nd rounder from the same draft, I believe Ngakoue has out-performed him. This could be the guy we throw a boat load at.
  10. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    Jamarco Jones please.
  11. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    While I agree, Pass rusher is a need. I am starting to get concerned about the OLine. I think our line is serviciable this season, we need to be a year ahead on this. Beachum is probably gone after this season, as is Carp and potentially Winters. Long is an injury away and Shell is still unproven. I think we need a developmental T/G. Would not be upset if we went Tyrell Crosby at the top of the 4th. Side Note: Still two solid TEs out there as well in Ian Thomas and Chris Herndon.
  12. 3(72). Nathan Shepherd, DE, Fort Hays State

    DLine was 100% a need area. I like the pick. Macc taking BPA.
  13. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    No trading up. If anything, trade down. I think our next pick or two needs to be OL/DL/OLB. I think we can find a RB day 3.
  14. Jets trade up to 3

    Understanding this is a virtual lock to NOT happen but hear me out: 1. Allen 2. Barkley 3. I think we all can agree that we would be happy with Darnold, Mayfield or Rosen. Why not call Denver at 5 to see if they want to move up to grab Darnold/Mayfield (rumored to love both). We probably can get a 2 this year and a 3 next year. We would still be guaranteed 1 of these 3. Just an interesting thought and scenario that would likely never happen.
  15. With the 3rd pick the N.Y. Jets select....

    Side note: What is really pissing me off with these mocks when they project a trade (specifically Buffalo), let's say to #2, they aren't giving the Giants nearly enough in return. Buffalo will have to sell the farm if they want to move up to #2. I predict that they will if the Browns take Allen/Mayfield. Using the trade chart as a baseline (I know it's a bit out dated) as well as our trade with Indy, here's what I predict BUF gives up to go to #2: BUF Rec: #2 NYG Rec: #12, #22, #53, #56, 2019 1st Round pick Based on the trade value chart, the Bills are receiving 79% of what they are giving up. The Jets received 78% from the Colts. Although I wouldn't be happy with the Bills getting Darnold, that is a lot to give up, especially because many view Darnold as comparable to all the other guys, except Allen of course.