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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Bears regressing back to where they should be, but they do have a cake schedule coming up. As stated before the year started, their record will be all about the division games. I like our chances there. Lions seem to be playing good ball even. Vikings are back to contenders and Packers already took one.
  2. Around the league v.1.0

    Didn't Patterson lose a fumble on a kickoff too? Come on now, we can't regret every departure once they make one or two plays...
  3. New problem: Lynch to miss about a month with groin injury

    I believe we have seen the last of Lynch and likely pursue Bell or Tevin Coleman next year. This plays into our tank efforts so no big deal at this point. Just sad that it is how Lynch likely goes out.
  4. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    Smoke = fire, with this team. I am a Cooper fan, but not enough to pay him top WR $ when he hasn't consistently been top WR on his own team. We are so far from winning now, I want us to commit to garnering draft picks and avoiding colossal contracts to guys who questionably deserve it. Cooper personifies this. It better not be anything less than a 3rd since a comp pick for him would be that. A 1st is unrealistic, a 2nd would be nice, a 3rd would be acceptable. Getting ready for a 3rd for Cooper and a 5th.
  5. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    But the first one you named as $16M per year in Watkins and soon upwards of that in Hill. Going to pay Cooper another $15M? I mean, I would love it if KC put that much cap into WR but it's never going to happen.
  6. State of our team

    But we are yelling at our TVs!! Embrace the suck. There is no stopping it now... Once Mack got traded we should have understood that not only was this season a loss but that the Mack treatment could apply to anyone. All signs pointed to Cooper but we did not fully acknowledge it. Contract year next year, may be another Mack holdout situation, without the level of consistent talent that Mack offered at a higher premium position. Rather than overpay we will gauge trade value, likely pounce on best offer, and start from ground zero. By no means do I expect a 1st. Not that he couldn't fetch one, but we can't negotiate well enough to get that compensation. Pats did with Cooks, Cooper is essentially Cooks as far as value. But we will get a 3rd.
  7. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    I get the frustration but to say this trade looks dumber every day...we scored 3 points yesterday. If anything it proved how far off we are. Mack and the Bears gave up 31 off a bye to Osweiler... If anything this today/yesterday was the most promising sign that we have had that moving Mack was a reasonable move. Every other aspect about Gruden's vet philosophy and offensive incompetence is 100% valid.
  8. State of our team

    I think the Fitz prediction makes sense and maybe the Raiders draft the QB on day 2. We drafted Tui under Gruden in the 2nd. Bucs drafted Simms in the 3rd. Trace McSorley seems like a Gruden guy to me. Could see Gruden drafting him for the future and sitting behind Fitz/McCown-type veteran...
  9. I did and it sure seems like we know how this one will play out. But better to learn that now and move on. That way the option to draft a QB is open in 2019 instead of waiting an extra year. To me it is sad. Carr is a great person and had such promise. But he cannot be considered a franchise QB if this path continues.
  10. State of our team

    Thanks. Kirkpatrick was the only CB I even remembered they drafted highly and he was before Guenther, but you are definitely right about the other 2.
  11. Not only is this true, but the attempt to land on that fumble was cringe-worthy bad. He looked so dopey. I just have to think that he wanted Miller to take his lumps 1v1 against a talented DE. Carr was the casualty there, but again--Gruden may be trying to toughen Carr up. God knows he needs it. That will either work beautifully or shell-shock Carr permanently. From the team standpoint, may be worth the risk in year 2 of an albatross contract to figure that out in a throwaway season.
  12. State of our team

    Pleading ignorance on my part here--is that real? What rookie CBs did Guenther sit who otherwise would have started?
  13. State of our team

    I'd be more mad about trading Hurst. He seems more and more like a franchise DT to me. Major chip on his shoulder from the draft, versus a guy who missed all year with a mysterious shin injury. But Conley is top 5 player who we should not trade. I can't fathom what we gain from benching him for Hall, DRC, really any CB. Especially on the heels of Gruden all but blatantly saying we are assessing young players.
  14. State of our team

    Missing tackles gets you a locked-in starting spot. Just ask Reggie Nelson.
  15. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Not you necessarily, ,just general consensus. Really have not heard many defend the Raiders stance outside of the team and its fan base (and even limited there), but again my opinion is that is because it is easy to take the short-sided, immediate dividend-paying stance. But to be fair, nobody knew the reality of this team better than us. We are not the 12 win team from 2016. We are much, much closer to the 2017 version and worse via new schemes and lesser talent. Agreed that we need good compensation for Cooper. Joseph/Conley appear to be in the Gruden doghouse; we will not get fair value there, better or worse. Good conversation. Thanks/congratulations to your Fins for beating the Bears and good luck the rest of the season.