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  1. Raiders sign Tyrell Williams

    Wait what? That makes me do a 180 on this signing. That's a 1-year prove it deal with options then. Sickkk. Go Mayock go
  2. Raiders acquire WR Antonio Brown for a 3rd and 5th pick

    Mayock doing the negotiating, but Gruden as well for backing up his "players dying to play here" statement. He needed an elite player and we sure as hell got one. Won't gloss over it--Mayock seems built for this role. Al Davis was onto something with him years ago. Cannot wait for the draft.
  3. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    For being "slow as heck" and "terrible" he had more catches, better catch rate, and higher YPC than Roberts. Golden Tate had same YPC with 8 points lower in catch rate and just got paid $9M per.
  4. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    Roberts was solely 3rd on the team in penalties lol, that's real. Behind Parker and K Miller. Only 2 WR had more
  5. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    I did. Pro-football-reference had Jordy at a higher catch rate. Soooo what's your 3? Dont bother.
  6. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    No ones crying there buddy. If anything you're playing white knight for the guy. The very first thing you said to defend Seth is that he's good on special teams and he played a grand total of zero snaps on special teams...that kind of eliminates the rest of your analysis' validity. You dropped the credibility faster than a 3rd and 5 to stone hands Seth.
  7. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    I wish I still had prior year games on my DVR because I can promise you those drop numbers are wrong. 2018 I dont know, but 2017 100%. I can tell you the dude is vastly overpaid and also overrated as a blocker. Hell he probably is a league leader in non-PI penalties for WR. Dude is a bonehead.
  8. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    Jordy has been better than Roberts literally every year. Even the year he tore his ACL lol. Roberts played 0 ST snaps...like what? Catch rate lower than Jordy, despite the best of his trash career. Mutual departure for Jordy? I can buy that. Bad football move otherwise.
  9. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    I don't care that he was slow, he was productive. Moved the chains, reliable player. I'm not obsessed with speed and measurables. He could get open and catch, period.
  10. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    You gotta be kidding me dude. More savings out of Roberts, Jordy is definitely the better player. How is there any argument there? Even as a #4 WR he's worth keeping. He was our best WR last year...terrible is over the top but whatever. Not happy about this one.
  11. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    Wtf why. Wasn't he already paid? I don't like this move at all.
  12. Tyrell Williams signs with the Oakland Raiders

    For as much as I dislike the value, Ty Will at 11 per is way better than Funchess at 13. Great point
  13. Tyrell Williams signs with the Oakland Raiders

    And only took 3 words to do it versus my text walls lol. Are there any offensive line coaches available in free agency or the draft???
  14. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Those of us who were on the positive, long-term outlook of the trade welcome you all. Gruden and I are happy to have you.
  15. Tyrell Williams signs with the Oakland Raiders

    Shiny new LT should feel nice, that's a critical position to our success (and way more important than guard). Look I like PFF also as a gauge, so you referencing that is fine. But then also use the context. Someone posted a good video of PFF analysis of the signing and in the video they admitted that he ascended towards the end of the year. Why? He was getting acclimated with the left side vs his career on the right (excelled there too; moved left due to injury to 1st rounder Wynn). So the upwards trend is very important here. Average but trending up with all the raw materials (size, agility, growing experience) can turn him to above average / good next year. We didn't just sign him because he played average, we signed him due to how dominant he was in the Super Bowl run, his strong performances against AFC West rushers (semi-related: look up Von Miller's comments on Brown while he was in SF) and how it will continue into better protection in his future as he checks all the boxes. Context is crucial, don't base the signing on PFF grades alone. Weight, motivation, and coaching are the only concerns at this time. This being a 2-year deal helps mitigate a lot of the risk associated with the first two factors. The versatility on our line, which is not measured in PFF to my knowledge, is also going to help take the unit to the next level IF (big if) we can figure it out between Gruden and OL coach. Brown on either side, Gabe on either side, finding where Kolton is comfortable...all key elements.