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  1. Who is the better player to make it simple let's call it the Peak of the Prime.
  2. Team #1. QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: Adrian Peterson WR #1. Calvin Johnson WR #2. Michael Irvin Slot: Tory Holt Team #2. QB: Tom Brady RB: Marshall Faulk WR #1. Terrell Owens WR #2. Andre Johnson Slot. Cris Carter Team #3. QB: Peyton Manning RB: L. Tomlinson WR #1. Marvin Harrison WR #2. Larry Fitzgerald Slot: Reggie Wayne Team #4. QB: Drew Brees RB: LeVeon Bell WR #1. Randy Moss WR #2. Andre Johnson Slot: Antonio Brown
  3. Which team do you think would win this SB and what would your score come out too?
  4. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    I had a feeling that after is SB, it was going to be in heavy favor of Brady. Not that he played great, but that he has another SB on this ring on top of all the other performances in which he was great.
  5. Let's focus more so on these two now that this SB is over..
  6. Who do you think had the best 1 year peak?
  7. Name Your Goat Offensive QB/RB/4 WR's/TE

    Haha touche
  8. Name Your Goat Offensive QB/RB/4 WR's/TE

    To be honest, I sort of disagree with this list.
  9. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Not sure how the GOAT NFL is even debatable anymore. 9 SB appearances since 2001? 9!
  10. Who's The Greatest Player of All Time?

    I don't even think this can be a debate anymore imo, Brady hands down now.
  11. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Lmfao! Life goals.
  12. If you had to put the most efficient offense together of all time, let's say since 1980, how would it look? Mine would go... QB: Tom Brady RB: L. Tomlinson WR #1. Randy Moss WR #2. Calvin Johnson Slot WR #1 Jerry Rice Slot WR #2 Or TE: Terrell Owens (If not T.O then Gronk) There is a reason I didn't go Barry Sanders here although I think he was consistently a more dangerous running back, in the open field. Tomlinson would the perfect back in regards to having no weaknesses. He could burn you on a 90 yard run on a sweep he was in a similar tier as Marshall Faulk on catching out of the back field and screens, he could block AND why I would take him over Sanders in this regard is because he could run down hill, and was better more suited to pick up a 3rd and/or 4th and inches.. Although, I might change this if I take Gronk instead of T.O as my 2nd Slot, since there will be extra blocking for those short yard situations. Walter Payton is my other option, who was more of a down hill runner but he wasn't as big of a threat to take a pitch to the house. I'm very comfortable with LT as my back, in all situations. Follow that by the 2 best 9 route route runners of all time on the sides, and the greatest route runner of all time in Rice as my Slot.
  13. I agree, with this although I think you can maybe state a case for Fitzgerald over CJ, based on longevity, if you are going based on Peak/Prime though no question. I don't feel like Rice, T.O and Moss can really be disputed.