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  1. This is going to come down to Longevity VS better Peak/Prime.
  2. Derek Carr vs Jimmy Garappalo

    Kind of weird I also felt like Amari Cooper also regressed. I expected him to take a major leap from his 16/17 campaign but instead it seemed like he regressed. He's got the talent and the blazing speed but for whatever reason he didn't take the leap I had forseen.
  3. 2010/2011 Green Bay Packers V 2017/2018 Philly

    Yes, behind 2014 Seattle
  4. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    Honestly it's hard for me to believe anybody prior to the 70's accept Warfield and Berry and MAYBE Huston deserves a serious consideration inside of the top 10.
  5. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    Just curios how your top 10 WR's would look pre Jerry Rice SB ERA?
  6. This is a very close Poll in the goat team since 2010. So who you got?
  7. Best RB at the peak of their prime and why?
  8. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    No of all time, but part of me kind of felt it's pointless because most of the people on here didn't see... I almost did best WR since the 1980's...but I didn't want to do research it took to decide who those WR's were, and how do determine if a player played partially in the 70's and 80's seemed like to much work and brain energy lol
  9. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    I also felt like Marvin Harrison and Tory Holt were pretty close as well...
  10. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    This isn't as far fetched as some Moss fans will make it seem... Randy Moss wouldn't really go over the middle because he was afraid of getting hit. Although Moss was much more explosive on the 9 route, probably the most dangerous stretcher of the field of all time by a considerable amount, T.O wasn't a slouch in that aspect either and he gave you YAC in a similar manner as Rice did as his athletic ability and field vision where GOAT material. Moss was also known to take plays off and T.O always made it clear he would give you "181%" on every play.
  11. COUNTDOWN: Greatest WR of All Time

    Makes you wonder based on the poll, Moss would have to be a top 10 player of all time at least in the eyes of many...
  12. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    For me this is comfortably T.O
  13. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    #1. Jerry Rice #2. Randy Moss #3. ???
  14. COUNTDOWN: Greatest WR of All Time

    How would you rank those 3 and why?
  15. First Rookie Running Back to 1,200 yards rushing?

    I actually thought Cadillac Williams got 1,200 his rookie season...? EDIT: Nvm he got 1,178.