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  1. Packers with Brady or Bucs with Rodgers who wins? This is an interesting debate to me because Rodgers had been an MVP candidate all season long. And regular season wise every bit better than Brady. However, Brady had him in the playoffs, this comes down to IMO how much the Brady affect versus how much the Defense of the Bucs was dominate.
  2. #1. Brady #2. Montana #3. Unitas #4. Favre #5. Peyton #6. Marino #7. Young #8. Elway #9. A - Rod #10. Staubach
  3. I agree with this list. And how would you power rank these least to greatest and why?
  4. Let's say 99 only goes the most historical seasons...Brady 07, A-Rod 11, Peyton 2004 (I think) And that 45 is the worst QB of all time. This way they are based on like a school grading system.
  5. I notice a lot of guys are bringing up other guys. I would have certainly included Trindon Holliday I remember him as on the Texans, Mike Wallace, Jacoby Ford, Reggie Bush I'm surprised people didn't mention Mike Vick and Randy Moss... In fact I thought Mike Wallace and DeSean Jackson in their primes would have tied on a 100 yard dash. It would have been fun to see all these guys race, best two out of 3.
  6. I was laughing my *** off. Because you're like they would be close in a race. And that other guy was like, Steve Smith is way bette at route running, better hands, creating separation..hhahahahahahhahahha
  7. Wow what's up the Colts first Luck retired on them and now Rivers. They are starting again from needing a QB.
  8. I was hoping that someone would catch my sarcasm. I was actually referring to getting sacked in his own end zone with time expiring.
  9. I expect this game to be like 13-10 going into the second half with a slow game for both offenses, and then offenses will turn on the gas come the 3rd and 4th quarter and end up in a shoot out. A-Rod has been the better QB this year and more consistent. As a Bears fan it's painful to say this, but I think Pack come away with it 33 to 32. Winning on a game winning safety with the clock expiring down to zero.
  10. We might have 1/2 seeds on both sides, am curios when the last time this happened?
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