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  1. Wow what's up the Colts first Luck retired on them and now Rivers. They are starting again from needing a QB.
  2. I was hoping that someone would catch my sarcasm. I was actually referring to getting sacked in his own end zone with time expiring.
  3. I expect this game to be like 13-10 going into the second half with a slow game for both offenses, and then offenses will turn on the gas come the 3rd and 4th quarter and end up in a shoot out. A-Rod has been the better QB this year and more consistent. As a Bears fan it's painful to say this, but I think Pack come away with it 33 to 32. Winning on a game winning safety with the clock expiring down to zero.
  4. We might have 1/2 seeds on both sides, am curios when the last time this happened?
  5. This should be a fun match up, something we haven't seen this year. I thought Bills would have a tough time against the Colts and I assumed it would be under 7. This one is a bit tougher, because it's hard to say which Lamar Jackson shows up. I'm going to say Bills beat Ravens 27 to Ravens 17
  6. Everyone claims A Rod is going to get MVP over Mahomes because he has a better supporting cast. So which is it?
  7. Which team would beat the other team? Bucs or Baltimore Ravens
  8. Very close poll too. I wish this was interleague so we could see the winner of these two teams go on to face the Chiefs in the SB!
  9. These seem to be 2 of the top 3 in everyones mind so who ya got?
  10. I have Bills > Colts 24 to 17 Seahawks > Rams 21 to 13 Saints > Bears 24 to 16 Bucs > Washington 31 to 21 Steelers > Browns 27 to 20 Ravens > Titans 27 to 23 So my pick and the closest matchup is Ravens/Titans with a 4 point differential
  11. Bucs defense just doesn't feel dominate and got beat up pretty badly against a good Saints offense. I don't trust their defense and feel like Brady is going to have to put them on his back come playoffs as they face good offenses. Brees I think will be Ok as long as Kamara is in, if he's not that should be more of a worry because their offense is too 1 dimensional without Kamara.
  12. Interesting you're higher on GB then the Bills thoughts here? Also you're particularly low on the Saints whom I think with a Healthy Brees and team is maybe a top 2 team in the league. Also you're quite high on the Bucs curios there too?
  13. I like you're teams and I'm glad Indianapolis got in over Miami much better team. I'm bumbed we are seeing divisional games. I don't want to see the same 2 teams go at it 3 times. Anyways I like your rankings. I'd say Colts V Buffalo might actually be #1. And Ravens are coming back with last year in mind so that will be fun game either way probably the most even match up.
  14. 1985 Chicago Bears 100/100 #1. Chiefs 95/100 #2. Bills 94/100 #3. Packers 94/100 #4. Saints 93/100 #5. Ravens 92/100 #6. Seahawks 91/100 #7. Steelers 91/100 #8. Bucs 91/100 #9. Titans 90/100 #10. Browns 90/100 H/M Colts 89/100
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