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  1. Koby is horrific. I still can’t believe he game Lauri that much money.
  2. Is Rodgers comes here this turns into an Aaron Rodgers system. Unless KS isn’t as smart as we think he is. Rodgers isn’t baker. He doesn’t need stars around him to make him look good. He makes everyone look good. We have really good WRs. Rodgers would have them looking like all pros.
  3. Don’t you disrespect the king of play action
  4. GS shouldn’t be ahead of them but I agree with the rest. If Brooklyn has KD and harden it’s over for everyone. KD almost beat them on his own. Add harden who’s capable of carrying an entire franchise full of roll players into the WCF every single year they will just roll though the playoffs.
  5. What are you rambling about? We were talking about cam Newton.
  6. 1 game ago? Cam? Hasn’t played this year..
  7. No he can’t. That’s the biggest issue he’s had. His arm is dead. And on the rare occasion it isn’t it’s way off target.
  8. I’m loving every second of Ben killing his “trying to be cool” imagine that he’s so desperate to put out there.
  9. Interesting would be one way to put it I guess.
  10. I don’t think the blame should be on less practice as much as it should be on the training staff. They barely practiced last year and didn’t have this many injuries. The staff isn’t recovering them and monitoring them properly.
  11. One drop doesn’t change that he was open a lot and still produced.
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