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  1. I wonder what he’s looking for and what the browns offered
  2. I’ve always disliked these award arguments. Just because he was the best defender those years doesn’t mean he’s better than others in a historical sense. He wasn’t a good switcher. He wasn’t asked to do much expect stay under the basket block shots and rebounds. Which he was very good at. But he never had to take the best player on other team and shadow them all game like others have.
  3. I use to firmly be on team Sexton. Starting to slide to team garland now. He’s become a much better real PG. plenty of good SGs in this draft so Sexton will have to be on his way out unless he’s ok with going to the bench. Which I doubt.
  4. Until he rushes for 286 yards in a game he’s not better than Jerome Harrison
  5. Furniture shopping in general sucks. Everything feels so much more comfortable at the store than it is when you get it home.
  6. We still have the draft coming. So I’m assuming we draft one there. Plus we signed Malik Jackson and Andrew Billings who missed last year will be back.
  7. Disappointed but I’m not surprised. Jackson is a similar player who’s much much cheaper. Obviously Richardson is better but not 10M more better. Jackson Billings Elliot and a rookie should be enough. I expect clowney to play inside a lot with Garrett getting a few snaps there too.
  8. No big man should ever be considered the best defender of all time. Switchable wings>>>>
  9. I hope Mack Wilson is gone. He’s useless.
  10. Man wolf pit got soft. Back in my day you’d get your chain snatched and your shoes scuffed for getting all sensitive.
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