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  1. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    I don’t see anyone offering him anything significant. Not much of a demand for old school centers with weak defense.
  2. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Give it up. No one is trading for Ryan Anderson. The 29th pick in the draft isn’t worth it.
  3. Free Agency Thread

    Wes is expiring.
  4. Free Agency Thread

    I really hope for Dallas’s sake they don’t max out cousins. They just made a great move trading for doncic don’t mess it up by killing your looker room and cap space for center coming off a torn Achilles. Hell I wouldn’t max him out before the injury. He’s going to ruin them.
  5. Most Underrated Player In The NBA?

    Thad young is very underrated.
  6. These sound like ER problems.
  7. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    Howard Wilson being out gives him a good chance unless we take one of those supplemental guys.
  8. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    That would be a rough one. But it would be smart for Orlando to let someone else max him since it would be less money. I just don’t know which team would do that.
  9. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    I can see a bad team maxing Parker. Id like to give Rodney Hood another shot but I’m not sure we match up over 10M. I think he plays on his QO this year.
  10. Where is Lebron going?

    We'll tank regardless if we trade anyone or not. This team can’t opperate without Lebron. It’ll be an unintentional tank.
  11. Where is Lebron going?

    Neither am I. I can’t see anyone taking him on even for nothing.
  12. Where is Lebron going?

    Dumping jr for picks? Yeah that’s not happening. No one wants him.
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Someone please draft gello. I’ve got a lot of money coming my way if he gets drafted
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Why tho. Don’t they want young players?
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Spurs did it again