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  1. It’s really too bad the rockers was already taken by our old WNBA team. That would have been a better name.
  2. Gonna for aew signing a 42 year Cm punk. That’s a really young signing compared to the 50 year olds they usually sign.
  3. That best thing about that roster is that we’d be a high lottery team for years to come.
  4. Lame. This organization is such a joke. Tito deserves a raise for everything he’s done despite this ownership.
  5. Bosh absolutely could switch. That was why Miami was able to play with just him as the only big for 4 years. He was probably the best big in the league at switching.
  6. He’s nothing like Capella. Probably bosh with a less polished defensive game coming out.
  7. He’s not a PF if you want a modernized offense. They could play together a little but it would greatly reduce the dynamic of the offense.
  8. Would they want Wiggins? What value does he have at this point?
  9. They are dumb as rocks. This is the same franchise that stated Drummond McGee and nance at the same time last year.
  10. We can’t become a playoff team with 2 undersized no defense playing guards.
  11. Colin has to go one way or another. I’m fine with using him to move up. Can’t play Cade garland and Colin and I doubt Sexton would be cool with coming off the bench. Make that pick too 10 protected and I’d be good with it.
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