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  1. Not surprising. OC is a stressful job. He’s not healthy enough to do it. He’ll probably join a team and a consultant again. I really wanted the browns to hire him last years as OC or some time of offensive assistant. Maybe he’ll go that route.
  2. Not a bad hire. This is what his 2nd time coming out of retirement now?
  3. Not even the best coordinator on the colts.
  4. Goodson was pretty good. I’d keep him. He just can’t be our best LB.
  5. I’m proud to have been on the Sexton train from the beginning. They said this dude would be nothing more than a 6th man Jamal Crawford type. GTFO he’s going to be in the elite tier soon.
  6. They should have to void the lindor trade
  7. That was also 2 years ago corners age quickly.
  8. I disagree. He’s not quick enough to play in the slot. His best games with us have been when he was the number 2 corner on the outside opposite ward.
  9. Yep. Really sucks. He’ll probably be a star elsewhere.
  10. I’m good on letting Mitchell walk. He wasn’t special. Unless he came back real cheap. That secondary needs a full rehaul. We should never start mj Stewart or Robert jackson in a playoff game. You need 4-5 quality starters in the secondary now. Barry failed there. Gotta get quality.
  11. He will get more than this team should pay him. We need depth. He’s gonna cost like 6-8M per at least.
  12. I agree you have to prepare for them to be out but I wouldn't go after Harris who is going to want long term big money. That would be a lot of money for an insurance policy player.
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