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  1. If he’s not going to shoot 3s and he’s gonna play next to a non shooter like Allen then that’s gonna be a terribly clogged offense. You just don’t play 2 bigs together anymore. Mobley has every ability to play C so let him play that and have a dynamic offense will a skilled big. Allen can come off the bench. He’s a pnr big. You don’t build a team around those guys.
  2. Sure if want to run a 1990s offense. Otherwise if you want to get with the good teams this decade you need a skillful center who can space the floor so your guards don’t have to fight for their life to get inside. Mobley is barely a 30% 3 point shooter. You don’t pair that kind of shooter with another non shooter who’s at C. Mobley has special offensive talent. Don’t waste him away with another big inside who will take up space.
  3. I’d hate to see Billings go. He’s our only run stuffer after a season where we couldn’t stop the run.
  4. He could be a surprised cut and end up on the PS. I wouldn’t be crazy about it but someone’s gotta go and he’s still PS eligible.
  5. I just hope for tebows sake that urban doesn’t allow the media circus into camp. If there is a camp. Tebow could have had a decent career as a backup if it wasn’t for that.
  6. The cap is going to be a lot more than expected now with Amazon getting their rights a year early. We might not have to let hooper go. He’s pricy but he’s reliable. Baker just didn’t go his way that often last year. He was very underused. Odell is gone if he doesn’t have a pro bowl level season. WR is just too replaceable of a position. DE and DT still need to be addressed for the long term. They did a good job of patching it for a year but there’s still no one special at DT. Clowney might come back but who knows with him. I really really hope we don’t cheap out o
  7. I don’t get what Rodgers is doing here by telling free agents he won’t be there long. He’s complaining about not having talent but then scaring them off. What kind of lebron BS is this
  8. You have some nerve you know. You added a pool and haven’t invited us all over for a pool party?
  9. I’d assume no higher than 3. They had to know the had no shot at surtain or horn.
  10. I’m 34 and still expect a call every draft
  11. JOK is nothing like what people thought peppers was. He’s much much better in coverage than peppers ever was. Peppers was known to be terrible in coverage coming out of college. JOK is pretty much Myles jack 2.0
  12. You think weaver beats out porter gustin?
  13. Lmao drafted in 2017 never played a snap. Still considered a rookie I believe. Spent some time in jail for getting into it with the police.
  14. He’s gone. Nice Twitter cheerleader but god awful LB. at least MJ has an excuse. He’s a 200 pound DB. No excuse for Mack.
  15. Some players just can’t gain weight. Like mingo. Which is what worries me about JOK. As long as he’s protected by a large front 4 it’s fine. But if he has to shed blocks and go one on one with tackles that could be an issue.
  16. So a thought I was having. JOK is a very scheme specific player. You can’t just throw him into any defense (Or if you do he just won’t be as special as he would in a 4-2 scheme) let’s say joe woods blows and has to be fired. And Mike zimmer is available and stefanski hires him. Could JOK play in that scheme excel? Or is he that scheme specific that he wouldn’t be more than a gadget type defensive player. I could see zimmer trying to play him in the Barr spot. But Barr is 250-260. So JOK would have to add a lot of size. Which isn’t as easy as it seems.
  17. The cap was suppose to go up to around 250M in 2 years. So does this now accelerate that and jump it up next year?
  18. this is big news for us. It means the cap will go up a good amount next year. We may not have to let any key guys go.
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