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  1. Stefanski’s staff

    I hope they do. Not a fan of woods from his Denver days. Rather have wade.
  2. Around the league discussion

    Random thought. Would you guys rather have Shanny or mcvay as your HC? Crazy how different yet similar in the way they’re changing the game. The last 3 years everyone wanted to be like mcvay with his spread offense. Now everyone wants to run wide zone.
  3. The Search for a GM

    get it done today. Gotta start scouting
  4. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Give me a full back
  5. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    We’re not contending anytime soon. We don’t need a player to replace someone who is leaving. This team is still rebuilding. We need talent. Get the most talent perimeter player. You can always just sign a big in free agency.
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I don’t like the idea of drafting a big man at all. Wings and guards run the nba. Unless the big has all word talent then I’ll pass.
  7. OBJ undergoes core muscle surgery

    Good no excuse next year. Hopefully he shows up to camp.
  8. The Search for a GM

    I thought he was just another big arm system qb...
  9. 2019/2020 - The 53: Roster Talk & Next Off-Season Priorities

    His injury concern is the only reason he’s hitting the market. Gotta take that risk.
  10. 2019/2020 - The 53: Roster Talk & Next Off-Season Priorities

    He and Jarvis are really good blockers too. Our run game is gonna be crazy.
  11. Stefanski’s staff

    It seems like we have an all star staff just about every year.. then ya know, the season starts.
  12. Titans DC Dean Pees Retiring

    He’ll be back
  13. Stefanski’s staff

  14. Stefanski’s staff

    Callahan?!!! What a hire. Best in the biz.
  15. Stefanski’s staff

    I like it. Not broken dont fix it.
  16. The Search for a GM

    Dustin is a hack. He’s still so salty his canton boy didn’t get the job. That was his only way to get a source on the inside.
  17. The Search for a GM

    Mary has been on it this offseason. She’s been scooping everyone. related note lane hasn’t done scooped anything. His leads must have gone dry.
  18. The Search for a GM

    Inb4 @LETSGOBROWNIES nerd rages.
  19. The Search for a GM

    Love it. I’m sure berry is a smart guy but those browns drafts weren’t exactly hireable worthy.
  20. Texans promote DL Coach Anthony Weaver to DC

    BoB should just call defensive plays too.
  21. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Stefanski said he’d be willing to let the right guy call plays. So if he offers them playcalling shanny said he’d let them go. Browns want McDaniel. Plus they’re taking woods to be their DC.
  22. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Browns gonna pillage the 49ers assistants very soon.
  23. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    49ers haven’t thrown in 3 possessions lmao
  24. Around the league discussion

    Nah one more year. Probably get extended in the offseason.