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  1. Like a few others have said, I’d rather keep Noteboom if we’re only getting a 5th for him. Not saying I think we could get more for him but I think he’s more valuable to us than a 5th rounder would be. If nothing else he’s a solid swing tackle and with Whit being as old as he is and having his injury last year, I’d definitely want a good backup behind him.
  2. Yeah I’m never the guy to say “we should go after ______” for any big name player that is a FA or got cut. But if we legitimately were interested in trading for Ertz, then it says we’re not satisfied with our TE’s and if that’s the case then Rudolph makes sense. He’s obviously not what he used to be but he’s still a big reliable target especially in the red zone. I can’t see him costing a ton of money and I could see him interested in coming here. That’s one of the few guys I could see is really go after.
  3. I love seeing people say they’re glad we didn’t sign him as if we ever stood a chance haha (not so much here but elsewhere) We have a mess of a cap situation with some important players of our own we need to worry about. I won’t go sour grapes and say he’s washed up. But he’s most certainly not what he used to be and also a massive injury concern. He was never a guy I was hoping for—even cap issues aside. With all of that said, I can’t believe he chose Arizona. Just came way out of left field. Never saw it coming and it just doesn’t make sense. Call me a homer but they’re the bottom o
  4. True true. I suppose I meant more along the lines of a redshirt year because Whit is still going to be the starter
  5. Especially considering we’d be an ideal spot for him. With him coming off injury, he’d be basically red shirting a year (barring injuries to any starter) and essentially taking over the starting LT spot the next year. He’s a guy with first round talent that will likely be had in the third round. With that said, I think if we DONT pick him if he was available in round 3 (or even 4), then it would be pretty telling since our new OL coach obviously has an inside track on Little’s injury status and talent level
  6. With the cap situation were in, and our team to likely have a few-several cap casualties, one name that I haven’t seen mentioned nearly as much as some others is A’Shawn Robinson. I don’t understand why. Would his contract end up costing us more money or create dead cap? Because if not then he’d be the first on my list of guys to cut bait with. He showed me nothing last year to impress me and he plays a spot where we’re pretty deep at. Brockers is the name always brought up but he’s got history with the team and is the better player as well.
  7. I think the talent is still there (to an extent—definitely not the same guy when he came into the league of course) but the biggest thing is he just can’t stay healthy. I think it’d be a waste of cap
  8. No thanks to Ertz. The guy is not what he used to be and I don’t see him helping out this team enough to warrant the draft capital we’d need to give up and the amount of cap space he’d eat. Pass
  9. I want nothing to do with Clowney. Dude has been overrated since he debuted in the pros. Put a different name on this guys production and they’re just a role player for most teams.
  10. You’re absolutely right in saying how had we actually been the team to make those picks that there’s a good chance it would have ended up being another player. My point behind the whole thing is that high draft picks and potential doesn’t always mean the player turns out good. It just goes to show that it’s a crapshoot. I guess my point is that a proven commodity is more valuable than the unknowns.
  11. I keep hearing people saying how we’ve upgraded but “at what cost?” Two first rounders sounds extreme on the surface and again, it was certainly more than it should have been. But while everyone loves to mention that we haven’t selected in the first sound since 2016, no one ever likes to say who our original picks ended up being... 2017: Corey Davis 2018: Isaiah Wynn 2019: Kaleb McGary (this year we traded down rather than just trading away the pick for a player) 2020: K’Lavon Chaisson Corey Davis is easily the best from this group and it took him playing
  12. I can’t believe how many people here are having a “the sky is falling” mentality over getting a significant upgrade at the games most important position. Of course we overpaid. He’s a Quarterback—you will ALWAYS overpay for a quarterback in one way or another. The guy is a very good QB and is also younger than most people realize—he’s only 32. He’s not gonna be on this team for just two years. This guy is gonna be a Ram and he wanted to be here too. That doesn’t get you excited? I wanted Jared Goff to be the guy—I REALLY wanted him to. But after five years, I’ve seen enough. He just doesn’t ha
  13. I don’t see anyway that Samuel or Eichenburg is available in the third. I’d like the draft I just don’t think it’s realistic
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