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  1. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Yeah I don't think anyone besides the NFL Network is happy about TNF. They're always garbage games and usually matchups between trash teams.
  2. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    As for our game tonight... First off, everything about the uniforms that we'll be sporting tonight should lead me to hate them, but for some odd reason or another, I actually really like them. This is a game that we SHOULD win, as opposed to last week where it was a winnable game. Talent-wise, I think we've got the superior team to San Fran and we should win this game--by a decent margin, too. While I'll always take the win, barely winning our matchup with them may raise a red flag to me. Losing would cause a true "oh no" moment and would give me (and likely most of us) Vietnam flashbacks of the SOSAR. Things I'm specifically looking for: I'd like to see Goff have a bounce-back game. He didn't play terrible last week, but he certainly ended on a bad note. Does he let that bog down his confidence or does learn from it and rise to the occasion tonight? Improved run defense. Yes, Washington's O-Line is likely better than San Fran's, but I think Carlos Hyde is a more talented runner than what the Redskins have. Let's try to get Sammy Watkins going. Even if it's just one big play--hell, even an attempt at a deep ball with him. I understand that he's not fully in sync with the offense yet so he's not going to immediately be the focal point of the offense, but he is a dangerous weapon, nonetheless. Utilizing him as such will open up the rest of the offense so much more. I fully trust McVay here that he knows what he's doing though. A win. (see above). 2-1 feels real good, while 1-2 can put a sour taste in your mouth pretty quickly.
  3. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    I've seen you say this a couple times now (sorry if it wasn't you all those times, but I've seen this point made, regardless). I don't agree with it. As a head coach, I don't see how you take anything away from your nearest matchup to focus on a game afterwards just because it's a short week in between--especially for a team of the 49ers caliber this year. I think that Washington just flat out beat us. We'd all like a simple excuse as to why, but they beat us with the run and didn't turn the ball over twice like we did. Those things add up. It's still early in the year and we shouldn't let it discourage us because we still look much improved. But I think to blame the loss on preparing for San Francisco is inaccurate.
  4. Do we have a real shot to contend for the NFC West?

    While for the most part I like what I'm seeing from us, I'm still not ready to crown us king. My biggest reason is that I think it's way too early to count Seattle out. It seems like they always start slow and figure it out halfway through the season and finish strong. I think it would be foolish to just assume we have the upper hand on them. We should have some real clarity by week six or so, though.
  5. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Very disappointed in the final outcome of the game. This was a winnable game and it would have put us on the track to legitimacy. These are the kinds of games we need to win before we get taken seriously. Had a few things gone differently, we may have come away with a win: Woods avoiding two killer penalties in the same driver, Gurley not losing that fumble, etc. The Goff INT was also bad but I don't think that was the reason we lost as much as it was the nail in the coffin. This game showed that we are still a young team with a coach that's still learning the nuances of being a head coach. Biggest thing today was that we couldn't stop them on defense, especially in the run game. Fortunately, I'm confident that Wade will change that sooner rather than later. I think if this game was played six to eight weeks from now, we come away with a win. But we're still learning the new system on both offense and defense, as well as all gelling together. On the bright side: Gurley showed us the running back that we all fell in love with two years ago again. Everett made some huge plays. While they were scarce, he's made much more of an impression than I'd expect from a rookie TE. Good to have Donald back and he's only going to progress throughout the year as he continues to learn the new system. There was some real fight in this team today and that has to leave you at least a little inspired despite the final score. This one stung today but there is light at the end of this tunnel. That I am sure about.
  6. Do we have a real shot to contend for the NFC West?

    I'm as excited about our week 1 performance as ANYONE, but we need to keep in mind that it was just that... one week. It's a brand new head coach, who while he may seem like the truth, has a long way to go to really prove himself--as does this team as a whole. I have gotten my hopes up so so so many times over this past decade, just to be disappointed time and time again. I get it's a new coaching staff and a new team, but I need to see more than a blowout against a lackluster Indianapolis team to believe that we're the real deal. This week against Washington is going to be our next test and next level of evaluation. If we win that, great! If not, then we're right back at square one. If we do win this game (assuming we also beat San Fran), our game against Dallas is going to be the true test of how well we can stack up against the big boys. Im exerting cautious optimism right now. I hope to God that this is the year we really do something, or at the very least show signs of life for the duration of the season. Let's go, boys!
  7. Trumaine Johnson

    Tavon should be the first to go to clear space for retaining ANY of those players. Mark Barron would be next in that category but I would be more tentative to do that with him.
  8. Trumaine Johnson

    IMO, the order the players should be prioritized to be re-signed is: Aaron Donald (should be done this season) Trumaine Johnson Sammy Watkins Lamarcus Joyner Alec Ogeltree i like Tree but I think he's the most expendable of that group. Also I feel like he's a prime candidate to get paid more than what he's worth. If there's anyone we could replace through the draft, it's likely him. While it's obvious Donald needs to be resigned, he needed to be put there anyway. I think Tru is too valuable to this team, especially considering how thin we are at CB. I think Watkins is a true number 1 WR, something we haven't had in a long time. Letting him walk, especially after trading a second rounder for him would be very foolish. I like Joyner and it seems he's found himself quite the role at FS, but I don't think it would be the end of the world if he wasn't retained. With that said, they should still make an effort to do so.
  9. Do we have a real shot to contend for the NFC West?

    It's been a very exciting week 1. But I, too, would like to see how we fair off against a better opponent. Or rather, I'd like to see how consistent we stay. We played great. That much we controlled. As far as the other teams, Arizona just caught a bad break with Johnson's injury. Yes, Seattle looked bad on offense but it was against a good Green Bay team in Lambeau. That can't be understated. Additionally, I feel like the last few years, the Shehawks have started off slow just to really turn on the burners mid way through the season and finish off strong. Way too early to count them out. It would be foolish to.
  10. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    I liked a lot of what I saw today. The team as a whole, especially the defense, did a lot of things well. Goff looked effective and efficient. There were a few plays that should have been completions if not for drops as well. Pass protection looked great. The ball was distributed well. I know people are stressing their concern over the run game. The run blocking was obviously brought up and that is certainly an issue. But I think a big thing to consider here is the fact that we were up by a considerable margin pretty early in the game. As an offense, you're obviously going to try to run the ball more to eat the clock and avoid potential turnovers. Defenses know this as well. Also, Gurley had a few nice runs and moved the ball well in space. I think we need to wipe last year out of our mind in regards to Gurley and give him a few more games in this offense with this group before we form a true opinion, one way or the other. One thing I will say is: it looked like they were forcing the ball to Tavon early on and it was ineffective. It reminded me so much of the last couple years. I'm honestly done with this guy. For every big play he makes, he'll have ten bad plays--plays where he makes a bonehead mistake, or loses the ball or gains no yardage or even loses yardage. It looked like as the game progressed, they weren't forcing it to him as much, which was good for two reasons. It means that they were allowing the ball to go to the other targets and it showed that our coaches were adapting after it wasn't working. Overall, at the end of the day, the score says it all and you've got to be happy with how the team played today as a whole.
  11. Rams Forum Welcome & Introduce Yourself

    Who is your favorite Rams player? Past or Present?: Past: Kurt Warner/Chris Long Present: Robert Quinn/Aaron DonaldWhat do you do?: I'm a Traffic Manager (trucking and logistics) for a lumber distribution companyWhat other teams are you a fan of?: Baseball: New York Yankees Hockey: San Jose SharksDo you play sports? If you've hung up the cleats, inform us of your glory days when you used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.: I used to play baseball and was a good ball player. Now that I'm an adult I just stick with softball, as men's baseball leagues are few and far between. It's not the same but I still enjoy it. I'll also play football or basketball or even street hockey, recreationally.Who is your dream girl? (those that are married, go ahead and say your wife! That way she doesn't beat you senseless when she browses through you history): I would do dirty things to Sofia Vergara. I'm a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt as well.What do you like to eat?: Italian and Mexican are my two favorite types. Anything with cheese is a plus. I also love salmon.What other hobbies do you have?: I'm a big craft beer enthusiast. I actually brew my own on occasion. I used to play in a hardcore band and while I don't play anymore, I still enjoy the music scene as a whole.Why did you choose your username?: I was an uncreative 14 year old who wanted to sound cool. If anyone knows if you can change your username with the new forum, that'd be great.Name one really cool event in your life.: Getting to play shows on stage for an audience was something that never got old. That and a few sports moments. Landing my first "big boy" job. Not married yet and no kids, so those are what I'll have to go with.
  12. Aaron Donald's holdout

    I can't even believe that there's this much talk of trades for him. If you ask me, it shouldn't even be considered.
  13. Roster Cuts Around the League

    I'd still rather him than Andrew Donnal, who was taken either just before Clemmings or very soon after in the same draft. I hated the Donnal pick when it happened and still think he offers nothing as a lineman.
  14. Expectations for Jared Goff

    Much like what the coaches were looking for, I wanted to see some consistency out of Goff. I was ready to crown him king after last week and I'm not going to label him bust after this week. But the lack of back to back inspiring games is cause for concern. The fumble didn't bother me as much, though I know he'll eat the blame for it. The interception was worrisome. It was a bad throw and by a wide margin. Sure it may have slipped out of his hand coming out, but that shouldn't be happening as a professional QB. Again, I'm not in panic mode but I'm not at the point where I can say: yes, I'm comfortable or happy with Jared God being our starter. I would have liked them to have given him another series though, especially after the last possession consisting of pretty much only running plays. I would have liked to have given him the opportunity to end on a higher note, especially considering that this game is widely known as the "dress rehearsal."
  15. New Rams Forum Help & Transition Thread

    Quick question: I've set up my settings to where I can see everyone's sig but for some reason I can only see them when I'm on a desktop as opposed to a phone/mobile device. Is that how it's supposed to be or is there something I'm missing?