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  1. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    I was fine with trading out of the first but I felt like we missed out on some potential impact players at key positions of need. It just feels like we didn’t get a whole lot in return for moving down basically an entire round from our original first pick. As far as the players themselves: Taylor Rapp: Adderly was my favorite safety in this class, but how could you not like Rapp as a player? His 40 time doesn’t concern me. Dude is a great football player and should make an immediate impact in the secondary and be Weddle’s successor. Darrell Henderson: I really didn’t like this pick and I hated the trade up for it even more. But this dude is electric in and open field and a home run threat anytime he has he ball. David Long: I LOVE this pick. He was a guy I really wanted us to select and I’m so glad they did. I think he fits our defense perfectly. He’ll provide great depth and should likely take over for Talib after this next season. Bobby Evans: I admittedly don’t know much about him, but I like his length. He’ll be good depth but I don’t look at him as a future starter. Would have preferred and interior lineman here.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    Totally agree. I thought the same exact thing.
  3. Consensus Mock Draft - Post Combine - Pick 31 - LA Rams

    Bradbury is far and away my first choice here. Lindstrom or McCoy would be a decent consolation and Rock Ya-Sin would be my last resort, though I'd prefer a trade down at that point. Bradbury is a great fit and value, not to mention a need. I understand that we're supposedly set with Brian Allen at Center, but I wouldn't be all that confident in him being our starter (especially with no competition) and we could certainly use some improvement over him.
  4. 2019 NFL Mock Draft w/ explanations

    Almost there, brother! Keep the feedback coming, folks. Always appreciated and I never take the criticism personally.
  5. 2019 NFL Mock Draft w/ explanations

    2019 NFL Mock Draft The NFL Draft is right around the corner—one of my favorite times of the year. Here is my mock draft for 2019. This is my prediction of what will happen, rather than what I would do if I were GM of each team. Obviously, there’s likely to be several trades—however I will not be mocking any as there are too many variables and they are too difficult to predict. 1) Arizona Cardinals—Kyler Murray—QB—Oklahoma This has been the buzz we’ve been hearing for months now. Kingsbury, the team’s new head coach, has a man crush on Murray and also has no attachment to Rosen, who was selected in the first round only one year ago. Despite using a first rounder on a QB last year, the Cardinals take Kyler Murray in hopes of him becoming the next Russell Wilson. Personally I think Murray ends up busting. I think he has a poor attitude and think he really is just too small. But he does offer a unique skill-set that has the potential to be a true difference maker. Arizona takes a huge gamble here—but one that they feel they have to take. 2) San Francisco 49ers—Nick Bosa—Edge—Ohio State All season long, Bosa was thought of as the unanimous number one pick. Between that and the fact that the Niners need an edge rusher on the opposite side of newly acquired Dee Ford, San Fran will likely trip over themselves on the way to the podium out of excitement. Bosa has everything you could ask for in an edge rusher: size, speed, power, technique, and production. The fact that his older brother, Joey has already had great success in the pros only helps his case. Nick has long been thought of as the more talented of the two. Barring injuries (which is the only legitimate concern), Nick Bosa should have a long, successful career. 3) New York Jets—Josh Allen—Edge—Kentucky I’m sure that the Jets would prefer to take an elite offensive player to surround Darnold with as best a cast as they can. However, there are simply no offensive prospects worth this spot. As a result, they are a prime candidate to trade down. If they do stay put, they’ve realistically only got two options to choose from—Josh Allen or Quinnen Williams. I think the need for an edge rusher (especially after Anthony Barr bailed out on them) ultimately makes Allen the pick. Allen has the misfortune of coming out the same year as Bosa, as he’d be the top edge rusher in most other draft classes. 4) Oakland Raiders—Quinnen Williams—DT—Alabama I’d assume Oakland would have really liked to see Josh Allen available for this pick to try and replace Khalil Mack. Even still, Quinnen Williams is about as good a consolation prize as you’re going to get. Williams is arguably the best prospect in this draft class (between him and Bosa). Yes, Gruden would have loved to get an elite player to create pressure from the edge, but getting an elite player to generate pressure up the middle shouldn’t bum anyone out. Williams is a monster and is only just starting to tap into his immense potential. This guy could be the next Ndamukong Suh (in his prime). Don’t be too surprised if they reach for a guy like Montez Sweat as a dark horse option though. 5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Devin White—LB—LSU Defense, defense, defense. Tampa Bay does not have trouble scoring points. They do, however, have trouble stopping the other team from doing so. With the top three defensive prospects off the board already, it’s time to select the next man up: LSU’s Devin White. White is an athletic freak (see his combine results as proof), with the football IQ to go with it. White plays a nearly flawless game and should help Buc fans forget about Kwon Alexander pretty quickly. 6) New York Giants—Dwayne Haskins—QB—Ohio State OK, I’ll admit—I have no idea what the Giants will do here. The moves they’ve made so far in this offense leave little reason to be inspired by their front office. So this pick is more so what I think makes the most sense and Haskins is exactly that. Eli Manning has brought this franchise two Super Bowl victories, but this team needs to move on from him. I believe that Haskins is the best QB in this draft class and he also seems like a perfect fit for the G-Men. He throws with great anticipation and timing. He’s also got the arm strength to make some really big time throws. Plus, he grew up a Giants fan. This just makes too much sense. Even if the Giants want him to sit a year behind Eli, this should be the pick. Even Gettleman can’t mess this one up…I think. 7) Jacksonville Jaguars—Jawaan Taylor—OT—Florida The Jags could go a few different routes here, but all of them stem from the same goal: support their new big investment in Nick Foles. They could use a receiver, but I don’t think that there’s any WR this year quite worth this spot. TJ Hockenson is a TE prospect that has really soared throughout the draft process, but ultimately, I think Jacksonville goes with a big man to keep Big **** Nick upright. Taylor has actually been projected as a RT, but he’s got loads of potential due to his athleticism and power. Personally, I think he can protect the blind side. Either way, he should step in and help this offense all the way around. 8) Detroit Lions—Greedy Williams—CB—LSU The Lions are a prime candidate for a trade down. I say this because they’ve openly stated how they’re interested in doing so. If they do stay put, I think this pick comes down to either corner or defensive end. They just paid Trey Flowers big money to replace Ziggy Ansah and lock down one of those DE spots. I think they go with CB here at the end of the day for two reasons. Williams is the best corner in this class, whereas the top two edge rushers are off the board. Also, this is a deep class for edge rushers. Detroit will be able to select a very good edge rusher with their next pick. Williams is a big corner with athleticism to match. He’ll lock down the other side opposite of Darius Slay. 9) Buffalo Bills—Montez Sweat—Edge—Mississippi State The Bills are another team that is looking to move down. Again, for the sake of the mock, they’re not going anywhere. I expect the Bills to try and bolster that defensive line. This should come down to either Ed Oliver or whoever the Bills deem the best edge rusher available. Montez Sweat opened up a lot of eyes with his unreal performance at the combine. That speed combined with his length makes him a dangerous threat to any offense he lines up against. Unlike many other players in a similar mold as Sweat, he has the production to back up his potential. He does have a heart condition that may raise some red flags to teams, but he has the potential to be a superstar in this league. 10) Denver Broncos—Drew Lock—QB—Mizzou There are two major factors that would suggest this pick will not happen: The Broncos just traded for Joe Flacco, and John Elway has struck out on selecting signal callers. I’ve heard rumors that the Broncos do not plan on selecting a quarterback with their first pick, but I’m not buying it. I think they’re saying that in hopes that no one trades up ahead of them to take their guy. Flacco is a serviceable starting quarterback, but he is not the long term solution. Lock has a huge arm and actually has a pretty similar skill-set that Flacco did coming out of college. Lock can come in and sit behind Flacco for a year, which I believe will really benefit both him and the team. 11) Cincinnati Bengals—Jonah Williams—OT—Alabama The Bengals are a mess. They took a major step back this past year. They could use help at a lot of different spots, but I think the thing that would benefit them the most is solidifying their offensive line, which has not been good since the departure of Andrew Whitworth. Many scouts and analysts suggest that Jonah Williams is not a left tackle and may even be best suited inside at guard. Be it LT, RT or guard (I happen to think he’d be a fine LT if needed), Williams is the most technically sound offensive lineman in this draft and will immediately help any line that he joins. His upside is limited, but he’s got a high floor. He makes a lot of sense for this team. 12) Green Bay Packers—Ed Oliver—DL—Houston Despite a down year, the Packers don’t have many glaring needs. As a result, they may have the luxury of simply selecting the best pick available. They should be ecstatic to see Ed Oliver fall to them. Oliver has the misfortune of coming out in a draft class that is loaded with defensive talent. Make no mistake: he is a top 10 talent—arguably top 5. Many compare Oliver to Aaron Donald due to his rare quickness and athleticism. While I don’t think he’s quite on Donald’s level, there are many similarities. Oliver would line up with Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels to make a lethal three-man front. 13) Miami Dolphins—Rashaan Gary—DE—Michigan The Dolphins look like a disaster right now. They’ve got more holes than they’re able to fill. Many would suggest that they go with the next best signal caller in Daniel Jones. But I believe that they’re going to go in full tank mode this coming season. And unless they truly believe that Daniel Jones is the guy to take them where they need to be, they’ll likely just take the best talent on the board. Enter Rashaan Gary. He would step in after both Robert Quinn and Cam Wake are off of the team. Gary has immense potential, but up to this point in his career, he hasn’t had the production to back it up. Some of that can be blamed on him playing out of position in college, but some needs to be put on him. Regardless, he’s one of the bigger boom-or-bust prospects in this class. Dolphins swing for the fences here. 14) Atlanta Falcons—Clelin Ferrell—DE—Clemson After a disappointing season, the Falcons are fortunate enough to not have a ton of glaring needs. The one spot they may look to upgrade, however, is their edge rusher, as Vic Beasley has grossly disappointed with the exception of his sophomore season. Ferrell is a complete player at the defensive end position. He’s been productive throughout his career and while he may not have elite athleticism, he’s certainly not lacking in that department. Ferrell would come would likely spend his first year rotating with Beasley and Tak McKinley and ultimately take over Beasley’s starting job the following year. 15) Washington Redskins—DK Metcalf—WR—Ole Miss The Redskins are in a bit of a tricky spot. Alex Smith’s career is greatly clouded with uncertainty, but he’s still on the books—as is Colt McCoy and newly acquired Case Keenum. That’s a lot of money invested into the Quarterback position, making it even harder to justify selecting one here (unless Murray or Haskins were to unexpectedly drop). I expect them to play out the year with Keenum and see what Smith’s recovery status looks like. Another huge need for them is wide receiver. Josh Doctson has not panned out and there are virtually no other receiving options on the team besides Jordan Reed (when healthy). Metcalf blew up the combine, putting up some incredible numbers—at 6’ 3” and 230 pounds. He has some legitimate concerns though. He needs to refine his route running. The injuries are a big red flag and he honestly just hasn’t been all that productive so far. He’s the biggest boom-or-bust prospect in this class. He could turn out to be Julio Jones or Stephen Hill. 16) Carolina Panthers—Brian Burns—Edge—Florida State Julius Peppers finally retired after a long, hall-of-fame-worthy career. As a result, the Panthers will likely look to seek his heir. Burns is a phenomenal athlete with exceptional burst and bend. He’s going to need to bulk up a bit, especially playing as a DE in the 4-3. Burns is another boom/bust kind of guy, but if he adds more muscle and good weight without sacrificing speed/quickness, he can have a lot of success in this league. The Panthers could certainly look at receivers here since Funchess recently left via free agency and Newton has never exactly had the most talented guys to catch the ball. A tight end to take over for oft-injured Greg Olsen is another option in play here. 17) New York Giants*—AJ Brown—WR—Ole Miss After selecting Haskins earlier in the round, the Giants should look support him as best they can. After missing out on Jawaan Taylor and Jonah Williams, New York should focus their attention on wide receivers to try to fill the void by the recently shipped Beckham. Brown doesn’t receive nearly the amount of hype that Metcalf does, but make no mistake—Brown is the better receiver right now. He doesn’t have elite size or athleticism, but he has good enough of each. Additionally, he runs crisp routes and has great hands. The G-Men won’t have a superstar receiver on the team, but between Brown, Tate and Shepard, they should have a formidable receiving corp. 18) Minnesota Vikings—Andre Dillard—OT—Washington State It seems like the Vikings offense line has needed improvement for years now. I would have thought they’d take a lineman in the first round of last year’s draft, but they opted for (yet another) cornerback instead. I think this year they finally pull the trigger on improving their line. Dillard would be a great addition and immediately take over as the team’s starting left tackle. He’s a great pass protector and would help keep the expensive Cousins upright. At this point in time, he lacks the power to get real push in the run game, but protecting the blind side needs to be the priority here. Dillard does just that. 19) Tennessee Titans—TJ Hockenson—TE—Iowa The Titans are a tough team to project, as they could go in a number of different directions. I think the smarter route to take would be providing Mariota with weapons—something has hasn’t had on this team yet, with the exception of Corey Davis. So assuming they go with either a WR or TE, Hockenson is the highest rated player available at those positions. Delanie Walker is getting up there in age and hasn’t exactly been the epitome of health the past few years. Hockenson is an in-line tight that didn’t get as much recognition as his teammate in fellow tight end, Noah Fant. But scouts believe that he is the total package, where Fant is strictly a receiving Tight End. It all comes down to Tennessee’s preference, but for now, I assume they go with Hockenson. 20) Pittsburgh Steelers—Devin Bush—ILB—Michigan The Steelers have been searching for Shazier’s replacement ever since his tragic injury. While Shazier still insists that he intends on coming back and playing, it still wouldn’t be anytime soon and would be foolish to count on it happening. Devin Bush fits a very similar mold that Shazier does—an extremely athletic linebacker with sideline-to-sideline range, as well as the ability to read and react. This pick would give Pittsburgh their man in the middle for years to come. After the Antonio Brown debacle, WR is still certainly in play here, but Bush is a much better value/talent than any wide receiver available at this point. 21) Seattle Seahawks—Jeffrey Simmons—DT—Mississippi State For a team that made the playoffs, Seattle actually has a lot of holes on their roster to fill and could go in a number of directions. They could use help all along the defensive line—especially if the team decides to trade franchised-player Frank Clark. Simmons is far and away the most talented player on the board and is a monster in the middle of the D-Line. He drops this far due to two main issues: character concerns (was previously arrested for assault) and a torn ACL during the pre-draft process. Because of this, Simmons will not be available to start the season and there’s a good chance they won’t get to see him on the field at all until his second season. However, he’s too talented of a player to drop out of the first round. Someone is going to take a shot on him and the Seahawks make a lot of sense. 22) Baltimore Ravens—N’Keal Harry—WR—Arizona State It feels like Baltimore is always in search of a #1 receiver. Numerous failed attempts have left the Ravens depleted of receiving options for years. That is not reason enough to not try again, especially now that they have a young signal caller that they need to build around. Baltimore’s offensive line is a good one, but they need to get Lamar Jackson some real weapons ASAP. Harry is one of my favorite receivers in this class. He’s a big, strong receiver who catches the ball seemingly every time it’s thrown his way. He doesn’t have blazing speed, which is why you’re not hearing as much buzz about him. But he is every bit as talented as any receiver in this class. He’ll be a great go-to target for Jackson to throw to. 23) Houston Texans—Cody Ford—OL—Oklahoma Throughout this whole pre-draft process, it is seemingly unanimous that the Texans will be selecting an offensive lineman. Obviously it will all depend on who is available to determine exactly which lineman that will be. At this point in the draft, Cody Ford is the best option available, and he is a good value at this spot as well. He played left tackle in college but he’s projected more as a right tackle or even (more appropriately) guard. Either way, Ford is a powerful mover with athleticism to boot. He should improve any line that he joins and the Texans could surely use that to keep Watson from running for his life for another season. 24) Oakland Raiders*—Josh Jacobs—RB—Alabama I am confident that the Raiders take Jacobs with one of their first round picks (assuming he falls to them), whether it’s their pick here or at the 27th spot. Gruden is an old school head coach who wants to deploy an old school football team. To do that, you need to have a good ground game to base your offense around. Marshawn Lynch proved to be ineffective last year, as did anyone else toting the rock for them. Jacobs is more so a power style running back than one who’s fleet of foot, but he has an all around skill-set that should translate nicely to the pros. I see him as a “jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” type player. He also has very low miles on him as he was not used a ton in college. Gruden gets his running back. 25) Philadelphia Eagles—Byron Murphy—CB—Washington Philly’s secondary got decimated by injuries this past year—especially the cornerbacks. Ronald Darby appears that he simply cannot stay healthy. Sidney Jones has also had major injury concerns and he also still needs to prove himself as a player regardless. The Eagles would fill a need and get a great value in Byron Murphy, who some have argued to be the best cornerback in this class. While I don’t believe he holds that title, he is a very talented player at the position and should improve the dirty birds’ secondary right off the bat. While they did just trade for Jordan Howard, running back may be in play if Josh Jacobs were to drop to this spot. 26) Indianapolis Colts—Christian Wilkins—DT—Clemson The Colts did a tremendous job last year adding quality talent to their roster through the draft. Between that and Andrew Luck seemingly returning to pre-injury form, the Colts are back under the spotlight as a playoff-caliber team. I’d like to see Indy give Luck another quality wide receiver, but I don’t believe there’s anyone available that’s worth the spot here. So the attention should turn to the defensive line—where this class has an abundance of talent. Christian Wilkins has kind of fallen by the way side through this whole pre-draft process for one reason or another. He doesn’t have the brute strength that his college teammate Dexter Lawrence has, but he does everything right and has plus strength and quickness. He’s an incredibly smart man and should be a great player for years. 27) Oakland Raiders—Noah Fant—TE—Iowa The Raiders have the fortune of having three first round picks, which is a good thing because this roster has a ton of holes. After already nabbing their pass rusher and running back, now they should turn their attention to getting Derek Carr some weapons to throw to. They’ve already brought in Antonio Brown (basically for pennies) to replace Amari Cooper at WR. So they should look to replace free agent departure Jared Cook—who was actually their most productive receiver this past year. Noah Fant would be a great replacement for Cook. He’s a hyper-athletic tight end and should be a matchup nightmare for any defense that he lines up against. At the moment, Fant is not a complete TE prospect, as he really needs to improve upon his blocking, but his speed and receiving ability should make him a difference maker on offense. 28) Los Angeles Chargers—Dexter Lawrence—DT—Clemson The Chargers have had a difficult time stopping the run over the past couple seasons. They need are in need of a difference maker on the inside of that defensive line. Enter Dexter Lawrence—the best run stopper this draft class has to offer. This guy is a mammoth and has unreal strength. This is a guy who’s going to eat up two blockers at a time every play. And while he hasn’t quite shown it yet, he has potential to rush the passer as well. He drops this far in the draft because he hasn’t shown the ability to produce that pass rush as his potential would suggest yet and the fact that he was suspended for the end of his last college season due to use of PED’s. 29) Kansas City Chiefs—Deandre Baker—CB—Georgia If one thing is certain for the Chiefs, it’s that their defense needs drastic improvement. Unfortunately for them, they depleted themselves of the few good pieces they had on defense, shipping away Dee Ford and not bringing back Justin Houston as the team transitions to a 4-3. Bottom line—this pick needs to be defense, particularly either DE or CB. With what’s left on the board, Deandre Baker presents a better value than the available DE’s. Baker is a great cover corner, whose stock has apparently taken a hit over the last month or so due to supposed poor interviews. If they aren’t willing to overlook that, then a guy like Rock Ya-Sin (Temple) or even Lonnie Johnson (Kentucky) could be the pick. 30) Green Bay Packers*—Dalton Risner—OL—Kansas State I’m sure the Packers would have liked to see one of the Iowa TE’s fall to this spot, but unfortunately for them, that is not the case. There have been rumors of Green Bay supposedly being interested in looking at QB’s, but I’m not buying it. However, with Daniel Jones still on the board, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use that smokescreen as trade bait. For the sake of them staying here, I have them going with Dalton Risner—a guy out of Kansas State who could line up at right tackle or either guard spot. With TJ Lang just retiring and Bryan Bulaga getting up there in age and having a difficult time staying healthy, I think Risner would be a good fit. He could start at guard his first year and then take over for Bulaga when the time comes for him (or the team) to move on. 31) Los Angeles Rams—Garrett Bradbury—C—North Carolina State For being a team that just made it to the Super Bowl, the Rams could go in a number of directions here. If Dexter Lawrence was available, I could certainly see him be the pick, as the team needs a replacement for Suh at NT. But with both Rodger Saffold and John Sullivan no longer on the team, that leaves Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen as their replacements, respectively. While the team seems to have confidence in both of them, they should look for an improvement upon them—especially at center. Garrett Bradbury not only fits that bill, but he’s also a great value at this point in the first round. He’s an athletic lineman, with the ability to play either guard spot or center. He would fit in perfectly with Sean McVay’s zone blocking scheme. 32) New England Patriots—Daniel Jones—QB—Duke Yes, Tom Brady is the GOAT (as much as I hate to admit it). But his days are numbered. He hasn’t put a timetable on how much longer he’s going to play and we know he’s here at least for this upcoming season. They’ve talked about taking a potential heir for a few years now and I think this is the year they finally do it. There’s not too many other times you’ll be able to get a first round caliber QB prospect at the 32nd pick in the draft. Jones is a very mechanically-sound QB, who has surprisingly good athleticism. While he may be on the polished side already, there isn’t one person who wouldn’t benefit from sitting and learning for a year (or two) behind Brady and under Belichick. Even if the Patriots decide not to pull the trigger on their QB of the future, I’d be willing to bet that a team trades up to this pick to take him for the sake of getting the 5th year option. Thanks for reading.
  6. Jrry32 Likely Penultimate Mock Draft

    I really like David Long. And while I’m hoping for Bradbury to be the pick, it would be hard to be upset at Risner.
  7. Blake Bortles signs w/ Rams

    Just read a report from Field Yates that we’re paying Bortles only $1M for the year. If true, that’s an absolute steal. Nothing to not like about this
  8. Rams & Clay Matthews agree to 2 year deal

    Good question. Honestly wasn’t even thinking of him plying inside until I read that. I bet they move him around, along with Ebukam, who’ll probably see a dip in his snap count.
  9. Blake Bortles signs w/ Rams

    Curious to see the numbers. Hoping that it’s no more than $4-5M. Assuming it’s not, this is a good signing and we’ll finally have ourselves a capable backup
  10. RamsFan24 Pre Combine Mock 2

    I really like the Savage and Saunders picks. Savage has good tools that would benefit from a year behind Weddle.
  11. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Absolutely. I know he’s the butt end of a lot of jokes but I’d be more than comfortable having him as our backup. He’s obviously prone to mistakes but he’s also a guy who can make plays happen. I’d be curious to see the numbers, but I’d be happy with this signing.
  12. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I’m actually hoping that we don’t do any restructuring, especially for the deals that were only done this past season/offseason. I don’t want to put us in cap hell in the coming years (where money is going to be tight to begin with due to Goff likely getting his money) just to free up some space this year
  13. Free Agency News & Rumors

    As much as I’d love that (Chris Long was always a favorite of mine), it would hardly be considered home for him. He wasn’t with the team during the move to LA and he’s got virtually zero attachment to anyone in the organization with the exception of Brockers and Donald. As far as Matthews is concerned, I wouldn’t be upset with the signing assuming it was a reasonable rate. I just think that money could be better spent elsewhere, like filling our void at NT or competition at Center
  14. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I expect them to either stick with Kiser or draft their guy rather than signing an ILB, unless it’s strictly a depth move
  15. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Totally agree. I’m fine with Noteboom starting but I think we to bring in competition for Allen at the absolute minimum. He may be a capabalr starter, but just like you said, I’m sure we’d all want an upgrade over him if given the chance. We’ve finally got ourselves a good offensive line in the last two seasons. Let’s not revert back to old ways.