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  1. Three Round Mock (post-Smith trade)

    Trade - Dallas trades pick #19 to LA Rams for pick #23, 4th round pick, 2018 second-round pick Maybe if that was the trade, I'd re-consider. But I don't want to part ways with next years second rounder. That'd be two years in a row for us without a second round pick.
  2. Three Round Mock (post-Smith trade)

    I'd be really happy with Roquan Smith to the Rams, but I'd be very upset at that trade. I'd much rather sit at 23 and take what falls to us. Several different positions we could look at in round one and I'd rather just stay put and take the best talent available.
  3. OC Matt Lafleur hired by Titans in same position

    I like Kromer being in charge of the run game, but I don't know how I feel about Shane Waldron being the passing game coordinator. Like @Fragafootball said, I think Jedd Fisch has a bit to do with it as well. Or at least I'm hoping that's the case. I think he should do well with Goff. I trust McVay either way.
  4. Rams 2018 offseason

    If you ask me, all of those FA's are pure 4-3 DE's. If anything, they'd be an edge rusher for us--they most certainly wouldn't play on the line in a three man front. Regardless, I think it's all a moot point because I'd put it at about a 3% chance that we'd go after them (if they even hit the open market) and that's me being generous. Landry or Key would certainly be enticing options if they were to fall to us in the draft. I expect them to be selected higher, but you really never know what could happen in the draft. Going off of another post of yours in this thread, I agree that we need an improvement alongside Ogletree at ILB. I also agree that Todd Davis doesn't exactly qualify as an improvement, despite him having experience in Wade's system. I disagree, however, on the idea of bringing Cushing in. I think he's worn out his welcome in the league at this point, between his injuries and his inability to refrain from roiding up. You can't count on him to play. The worst part about the Ogletree/Barron duo is that we know we need a replacement. We know that Barron is the odd man out between the two if we do get someone else. But I honestly think Barron played better this year. I think that they're just about as even as it gets in terms of athleticism. I think Tree is a fiery leader and that can't be quantified, but Barron is the more reliable, sound tackler. If we were to keep one of the two, I'd actually prefer it to be Barron. I just know that that won't be the case. Regarldless, we can't move forward with two undersized guys at the ILB position in this defense.
  5. OC Matt Lafleur hired by Titans in same position

    Yes I agree. Obviously, we're not worried about the play calling, but I think LaFleur had a big part in Goff's development. I really hope that this doesn't stunt his growth or even worse, lead to a regression. I didn't even know that teams could hire a coordinator from another team for the same position. I thought it had to be a promotion if hiring from another team.
  6. I'm biased being a Rams fan, but I don't think anyone's career comes close to Warner's in terms of a weird career. Guy goes undrafted, to playing for a team called the Barnstormers, to stocking groceries, to a backup QB that ends up taking over the team's starting QB and taking the league by storm (winning league MVP and the super bowl). Takes his team to another Super Bowl two years later. One year after that, he loses the team's favor to Marc Bulger due to poor play and injuries. He goes to the Giants to eventually give the job to Eli. Goes to the Cardinals to "groom" Leinart and ends up keeping the starting job, playing as well as he ever has and taking yet another team to the superbowl. I know you all know the story but just putting into words makes you realize how ridiculous it really is. Movies have plots less bizarre than that. IMO, Warner is the easy answer for this and it really isn't close. If you ask me, Warner has seen higher high's and lower low's than Foles has.
  7. 2018 Free Agency: Possible Cap Casualties

    For the Rams: Tavon Austin is almost assuredly gone. Mark Barron would probably be next in line. I know most posters on the forum want him to be cut, but I get the feeling that the coaching staff wants to keep him. I'd say 40% chance he's gone. There's even a chance that Robert Quinn gets cut as well. I think its a very slim chance though as he played really well down the stretch.
  8. Jrry32 Second Mock Off-Season

    Where did the two extra 6th rounders come from? Also, didn't we trade our 7th for Carrier? Asking out of curiosity
  9. Rams 2018 offseason

    Again, I tend to agree with much of what you're saying here and while it would definitely benefit us more to have a true NT, I just think it could be done if need be or if we were pressed for options.
  10. Rams 2018 offseason

    Wasn't sure where to put this (and I didn't think it was worthwhile to have its own thread) but, Dominique Easley... I know I've been writing him off as far as us retaining him, and I'd assume most others here have as well (understandably so). If we were to keep him, we would ideally put him at LDE and have Brockers back at NT. I know Brockers looks a better fit at End in this defense rather than Tackle, but Easley looked pretty good with us the season he actually played and this would eliminate our need for a NT this offseason. Is Easley just not a fit in this defense? Are we that concerned about his durability at this point? Do we just think we could improve over him? I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on us re-signing him. I'm not saying I down right think we should do it; just exploring options, really.
  11. Cheaper Options

    We are in agreement on not being sold on Watkins--I don't think it's unfair to suggest that's the majority of everyone's opinion on here. But I would like to see him back at least for one more year to see what kind of improvement he could make. That being said, I don't want him bad enough if it means not bringing one of our other key players back. Either way, yes we either need him back or a suitable replacement. Who that could be seems to be where our opinions differ.
  12. Cheaper Options

    Also, IIRC, the comment Snead made about Tru was prior to the season starting. I think we all saw that he was a great fit in Wade Phillips' defense. While he didn't put up the INT's he has in the past, IMO he was a better fit in this defense than in years prior. Unless he's asking for outrageous money, he should be one of the main three priorities heading into this offseason (the other two being re-signing Joyner and extending Donald). He knows this defense. He's familiar with the team. He's also a great locker room presence--he was a team captain this past season. Corner is a big need of ours already as it is--we're in agreement for that. Losing Trumaine Johnson would make us pretty desperate at the position pretty quickly.
  13. Cheaper Options

    McVay going to get Carrier was to get a TE with some proven blocking skills--just about the opposite of what Graham brings to the table. I strongly disagree with the idea of signing Graham, not to mention I think it's completely unrealistic. Our top two TE's have each been drafted in the past two years. I want to see what they’re capable of with a full year or two under their belts--and I'm sure the coaching staff/FO does too. Again, Graham would command way too much money that we need to use on our own priority FA's. Not to mention, I really don't think he adds THAT much more to our offense. I really liked the flashes I saw from Everett. This isn't a good draft for WR. With that said, I don't think it's a position we're looking at drafting at all--something that hasn't been said for this team for seemingly a decade. I'm not sold on Watkins either and I don't want to throw the kitchen sink at him to bring him back, but signing Graham only hinders the development of our own young, talented TE's...it doesn't help the WR corp.
  14. Cheaper Options

    Just to clarify my stance on Graham: He's obviously a great talent at the TE position, but with us having two young talented TE's already, we need to spend our money elsewhere. Graham is going to command a lot of money--wherever it is he lands. Simply put, we've got too many of our own that are a priority to re-sign to be throwing a ton of cash at what would be an overpriced luxury. I'm not concerned with our TE corp at all.
  15. Cheaper Options

    For CB: I like Fuller, but if I'm not mistaken, he plays a lot more off-man coverage, which is not what our corners do under Phillips' system. I also think he resigns with Chicago. Talib is talented and an obvious fit, but his best years are behind him and I think he's a cancer. This is a young team that finally seems like it has the right mindset and attitude. A guy like him can tear that apart in an instant. I think Butler is the best option among them, but I worry about how well he fares on a team other than New England. I'm really just hoping that we sign Tru. I want nothing to do with Graham. I've seen his name brought up on this forum a few times now and I'm not understanding why. We just spent our highest pick in the draft on Everett, who we knew was going to take a minute to get going. He was inconsistent in his first year, but he had several big time plays. Rookie TE's never come in and produce at a high level right away. Higbee played solid in his second year and I see him continuing to do so going forward. I like what we have at TE. For WR: I would cross Amendola off that list right away. I don't think he leaves NE and I don't know where he'd play on our team, with Kupp having that slot receiver spot locked down. Add in the fact that Amendola is getting older and could never stay healthy to begin with, I'll say pass. D-Jax didn't produce this year, but that entire Bucs offense was guilty of the same. I don't expect them to part ways yet. Besides, he's another one that I'm unsure of how much left he's got in the tank. Moncrief is just eh for me. I like Paul Richardson though and do think he'd be a good option if it came down to that. He's another one who's name I've seen thrown around a few times and I'm not against the idea. I think his best football is still ahead of him.