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  1. Blake Bortles signs w/ Rams

    Just read a report from Field Yates that we’re paying Bortles only $1M for the year. If true, that’s an absolute steal. Nothing to not like about this
  2. Rams & Clay Matthews agree to 2 year deal

    Good question. Honestly wasn’t even thinking of him plying inside until I read that. I bet they move him around, along with Ebukam, who’ll probably see a dip in his snap count.
  3. Blake Bortles signs w/ Rams

    Curious to see the numbers. Hoping that it’s no more than $4-5M. Assuming it’s not, this is a good signing and we’ll finally have ourselves a capable backup
  4. RamsFan24 Pre Combine Mock 2

    I really like the Savage and Saunders picks. Savage has good tools that would benefit from a year behind Weddle.
  5. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Absolutely. I know he’s the butt end of a lot of jokes but I’d be more than comfortable having him as our backup. He’s obviously prone to mistakes but he’s also a guy who can make plays happen. I’d be curious to see the numbers, but I’d be happy with this signing.
  6. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I’m actually hoping that we don’t do any restructuring, especially for the deals that were only done this past season/offseason. I don’t want to put us in cap hell in the coming years (where money is going to be tight to begin with due to Goff likely getting his money) just to free up some space this year
  7. Free Agency News & Rumors

    As much as I’d love that (Chris Long was always a favorite of mine), it would hardly be considered home for him. He wasn’t with the team during the move to LA and he’s got virtually zero attachment to anyone in the organization with the exception of Brockers and Donald. As far as Matthews is concerned, I wouldn’t be upset with the signing assuming it was a reasonable rate. I just think that money could be better spent elsewhere, like filling our void at NT or competition at Center
  8. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I expect them to either stick with Kiser or draft their guy rather than signing an ILB, unless it’s strictly a depth move
  9. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Totally agree. I’m fine with Noteboom starting but I think we to bring in competition for Allen at the absolute minimum. He may be a capabalr starter, but just like you said, I’m sure we’d all want an upgrade over him if given the chance. We’ve finally got ourselves a good offensive line in the last two seasons. Let’s not revert back to old ways.
  10. Rams agree to terms w/ Danté Fowler

    This is a great move. We keep him for a one year prove it deal. This is absolutely ideal for us IMO. Since we didn’t franchise him, it’s safe to assume it’s less expensive than the franchise would have been. I was worried that we’d get into another Sammy Watkins situation: attempt to resign a talented yet not overly productive player with great “potential” and he ends up getting overpaid or overcommitted. I was worried they’d get into a bidding war. This turned out perfectly though if you ask me
  11. Eric Weddle plans to sign w/ Rams

    Well this signing allows us to not have to rely on anyone in it. Prior to signing Weddle, I really liked Nasir Adderly. But if a guy like Juan Thornhill falls to our third round pick, I think he’d really benefit from sitting behind Weddle for a year or two.
  12. Eric Weddle plans to sign w/ Rams

    Hard to be upset about this signing. Yes he’s probably lost a significant step but that amount of talent and veteran leadership can’t be undervalued. I still expect the Rams to draft a safety by round 4 of the draft. This class is deep enough and we could get someone who would benefit from a year of developing and no one better to learn behind than Weddle. All of this for a bargain price compared to Joyner’s salary last year which he did not live up to.
  13. Rams release Mark Barron

    We all saw this coming. Not sure who found it surprising but oh well. I saw a report that they liked Kiser a lot and wouldn’t be surprised to see him seize the starting job. Just like Brian Allen though, we really didn’t hear too much about him throughout the season. And it’s not like there weren’t opportunities, since Barron was injured for a decent amount of time. I liked Kiser a lot coming out of school and would like to see him get that opportunity. I’m just not sure if I believe it’ll happen
  14. Rams decline option on Sullivan, become FA

    Can’t complain about this. Sullivan is only getting older and his play really fell off towards the end of the year. I’ve heard that they’re saying they’re looking to put Brian Allen into the starting spot. I never heard any sort of buzz around him throughout any point in the season. Idk how comfortable I’d be with him becoming the starter. What’s your guys thoughts?
  15. Impending free agents/cuts

    @StLunatic88 Totally agree on Sullivan. I forgot to mention him as well but I think he’s definitely a spot that could use an upgrade. I think the decision to keep or cut him will greatly depend on what happens with Whitworth and Saffold. If Whit retires and Saffold signs elsewhere, then I could see them kept Sully so that there’s not so many holes to fill on the line. Honestly, if even one of them don’t come back I can see them keeping him. But if they’re both back, then we should likely move on from him. He’s a great veteran leader and one of the smartest guys on the field, but I think we’ve used up the quality years he had left.