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  1. I don’t think he’s the best coach in the league. I just think he has our number.
  2. We’re going to lose this game. It was clear within the first quarter. We’re going to lose to a Niners team missing so many significant players TWICE in one year. It’s inexcusable. And I’m officially getting tired of Jared Goff. I’m done making excuses for him. He looks great one week and completely inept the next. So sick of this **** losing to teams we have no business losing to
  3. That’s actually my hope. I’ve wanted to see more of him there. Though I’m sure they’ll need him at edge at times too with Lewis out
  4. Missed opportunity for ESPN to bring that up during the game especially after the second pick.
  5. Also, a lot of people were very critical of McVay for not running the ball more. I’ve been one to get angry at him doing that in the past but the run simply wasn’t working last night so I really can’t argue with it. And while his playcalling in the second half can be very frustrating at times, it’s hard to argue with the results. The guys record speaks for itself when he goes into halftime with a lead. It’s not always pretty but as long as it gets us the W, that’s all that matters.
  6. Great win that had a huge impact on our standings Loved seeing us beat up on Tom Brady and loved us taking advantage of those lame duck deep balls of his. Our defense was once again lights out in the second half and we played very well in the first half too. As many had mentioned, the score could be chalked up to some bogus DPI calls. Huge day for the rookies. Van and Cam each got their first TD and Fuller got two picks (even if they were gimmes). Kupp/Woods were unreal. It felt like everything was going Kupp’s way. I’m almost surprised at how similar their stat lines are because of it. That catch and run by Woods to set up the last second FG in the first half was incredible. Joe Noteboom held his own and more last night. Like everyone else said, didn’t hear his name called at all, which is always a good thing for an O-Lineman. He didn’t get much push in the run game but then again, the same could be said for our entire OL. Most importantly he held up very well in pass protection while mostly going up against JPP (who’s having a very good year). If Noteboom can keep this up, that future LT spot is his for the taking once Whitworth is done. Let’s give Goff credit where it’s due. He looked really sharp throwing the ball. Everyone has been critical of him for his pre snap adjustments and his play against the blitz and last night he excelled in both. I saw numerous plays where he changed the call at the LOS and it was not McVay telling him to do so. This is the biggest sign of growth that we needed to see from him. Yes there were a few turnovers with his name on it but IMO he shouldn’t get blamed for two of them. All in all, great team win and we should feel really good about this team at this point in time.
  7. You can say it as many times as you want, but dropping to a 72.7 FG% after going 87.1, 95 and 86.4 the three years prior IS really regressing. I’m not sitting here saying he was the worst or that he sucked. But he regressed and wasn’t staying healthy. And while our cap is at that point now, it didn’t look like it would at the time. Again, had we taken the right kicker at the spot that we did aka Blankenship, we’d have had a young, much cheaper franchise kicker for the long term. We took the wrong guy—it happens. And it happens to be biting us in the *** but the decision to move on from Greg shouldn’t be viewed at as a dumb one.
  8. Everyone looks like a genius in hindsight... While I’m not sure that he just didn’t want to be here, he had really regressed last year and had been getting injured quite a bit the last few years, which really isn’t something you can afford to deal with from your kicker. Between that and the fact that we were so strapped for cash, it was the right move to move on from him. Now the kicker we went with afterwards turned out to be a mistake and now we’ve got a kicking carousel going on but even looking back, I still think moving on from GZ was the right move.
  9. I’m praying DirecTV loses the rights. They’re the worst and it should be on something that everyone has access to getting.
  10. Yeah I live in NY so I feel your pain, boys. Really woulda thought our game was the National one but I got stuck with PIT/CIN instead
  11. Didn’t get to watch the game in its entirety today so I had to watch what I could from the red zone, but I liked what I saw—especially defensively. What a huge day for our defense. Ramsey reminded everyone why he got that contract and why we gave up what we did to get him. Anyone who doesn’t see his worth at this point just doesn’t want to. The guy shut down the dude who’s been blowing up the NFL. Also Darious Williams—just wow. Someone else said it and they hit the nail right on the head—all the guy does is come up with clutch interceptions and that second one in particular was an incredible play. Also that pass breakup of his hasn’t been talked about enough—what a great play. Terrell Lewis got both his first and second sack of the day. While the second one may have been a gimme, hopefully this builds up his confidence and also opens McVays eyes to continue to get him more meaningful snaps because his talent is undeniable. Leonard Floyd with a HUGE game today. He was a signing that was hard to get excited about (at least for me, he was) but the guy has provided the same pass rush that Fowler did and he’s also a more well rounded defender. He’s already matched his career high for sacks. Hard to be disappointed with him this year so far. Offense did what it needed to. We continue to run the ball well and all three backs seem to be contributing towards that. Whitworth going down is a huge loss to this team. He’s both our best lineman and also the most important spot. Now it’s time for Noteboom to show if he’s capable of taking the reigns. I have my doubts about him but I hope I’m wrong. He never impressed me at LG but one could argue that he’s a more natural fit at tackle. We will see. Wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Bobby Evans get a look there either—especially if Noteboom doesn’t impress. Either way, let’s hope Whit’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked.
  12. This game and first half in particular were beyond frustrating. Goff was atrocious today—I cannot stress that enough. Four turnovers are inexcusable and ultimately cost us the game. But McVay... man this abandoning the run game WHEN ITS WORKING time and time again is maddening. Like what needs to happen for that to go through McVay’s head? Run was working. Pass was not. But we kept on trying it anyway and it just put us in deeper and deeper of a hole. We have a brutal schedule coming up after the bye and this was one game we could not afford to lose and we did everything in our power to do it anyway. Very reminiscent of last year where we had too many must-win games where we came out flat. Someone else said it and they’re right—“just not our day/just a bad game” is a lame excuse that is getting very tired. A team is granted one (maybe two) of those a year and it just seems like it happens way too often with us. This team—especially offense—is so hot and cold and it’s so annoying to deal with it. End rant. For now
  13. This is ******* pathetic. Goff hasn’t looked this bad since his rookie year—he’s been abysmal today and is costing us this game. I don’t care who it is behind him—he needs to be benched right now. He’s shook and is going to continue to do more harm than good today.
  14. While agree that he’d be a great improvement, I’m not sure what we’d have to offer for him.
  15. That’s fair. I would do it for a fourth. I’d think about it for a fifth. Definitely nothing less
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