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  1. Yeah as much as we all love SJD, we’ll be okay there. Jones is the one I’m more concerned about
  2. Are they both officially ruled out? I didn’t see either on the injury report yesterday—which to me is more of a bad thing than good thing
  3. As counterintuitive as it may sound, I think this is a game where we need the pass to set up the run—not vice versa. Seems like in the past, they’d always shut our running game down early on and force us to be one dimensional, where they’d feast on us. Week 18 we came out hot passing the ball and it kept SF on their toes. Start hot, stay aggressive, keep the foot on the gas, finish strong.
  4. Idk… I also think Rapp is trash and yes, Scott played great yesterday. But we’ve seen Scott be a liability for much of his opportunities throughout the season. I’m not necessarily convinced that this game was anything but a fluke for him
  5. What a rollercoaster game. Here’s my thoughts/observations from it: -Stafford had his defining moment as our QB. That GW drive was nothing short of spectacular and in that moment, you realized THATS why we traded for him. -His stat line didn’t look great and his two fumbles nearly cost us the game, but you can just see how this offense looks different with Akers in it. Makes us a lot more balance and keeps the D on their toes the whole time. -Defense played lights out the whole game with the exception of the one blemish being Evan’s long TD. -Didn’t like how conservative
  6. We can survive without Whit if need be because of Noteboom, but getting Jones back would be big.
  7. Anyone else impressed with Burgess’ performance last night? I understand it’s a one game sample where the whole defense dominated but he, in particular, also looked very good. WHY hasn’t he gotten any playing time? I feel like the coaching staff owes us fans an explanation of some sort.
  8. This was the most dominating, well rounded game we played all year long. Was awesome to watch and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s keep that momentum going into next week against a hobbled Bucs team that we match up favorably against. Side note: I know the defense played well as a whole in general but I was happy with what I saw from Burgess. Makes me wonder even more why he hasn’t been able to get on the field. I’ll take him over Nick Scott
  9. If we signed him for anything more than depth, we should be really concerned. I’m excited we should finally be seeing Burgess play—though I wish the first time wasn’t in a playoff game
  10. This. But I feel like Ramsey has no confidence in Rapp to do what he’s supposed to. I remember the season we traded for Ramsey, the game against SF where Rapp blew the coverage and Ramsey spoke on it afterwards.
  11. This forum is dead… pretty sad. This was a great team win with the exception of Stafford. He had a really bad game and we can’t afford to have him play like this when we’re in the playoffs—or even the games leading up to them for that matter. Feels like every time we’re backed up to our own 20 or more, he throws a pick or a throw that should be a pick. Very concerning. On the other hand, feels like once he gets it passed the 50 he’s golden. Defense played a great game for the 4th game in a row. Morris has deservedly gotten a lot of flack throughout the year, but this D seems to be
  12. Damn can’t believe the lack of activity here for what was a huge game. Anyways, here’s my takeaways from the game: Offense looked like they got their groove back. I’ve been insisting that Henderson is the better back, but Michel gets those hard fought yards OBJ looks more and more comfortable each passing week with last night being his best game yet. Pass pro held up well—especially considering we were missing two starters. I was really happy with how the defense played overall, considering we were without Ramsey. Gave up WAY too many big plays, especially when it was 2nd or
  13. It’s beyond just the one that he shanked. His punts have no power anymore. He gets no distance and no hang time. He used to routinely boot them 60+ yards and now it feels like we’re hardly getting 40 yards out of him. You’re right—we have much bigger problems than our punter right now but it’s just the cherry on top I suppose.
  14. On top of everything, Hekker looks totally washed up. Should have kept Bojo. And that’s not just saying it in hindsight. He was the better punter in preseason. Hekker has no pop in his punts anymore
  15. This offense is broken. This defense is soft and terribly utilizes our players. This is ******* embarrassing. Glad we gave up our future for this ****. Pack it in. This season is over. Don’t bother showing up next year at this rate either. Since clearly McVay is unwilling to change anything.
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