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  1. Week 9 - Rams at Giants

    I was supposed to be going to this game but a buddy bailed out on me, so I'll just be watching from the TV as usual. Living in NY, I've gotten to see my fair share of Giants games this year (as well as every year) and they honestly look terrible. While their defense is still legit, what was a lackluster offense to begin with--with the exception of OBJ--is currently depleted. Their O Line looks worse than ours last year, which is really saying something. Both teams coming off a bye week and we've gotta play across the country, but this should still be a win unless we really come out rusty or flat from the bye week. I feel like McVay isn't going to allow that to happen though. As someone said earlier, our schedule only gets tougher here, so if we really want to make the playoffs, then we need to win the winnable games and this is certainly a winnable game. On a side note, this is nothing more than a gut feeling but I'm really expecting Sammy Watkins to have a big game. He's due and hopefully the bye week helped afford them extra time to get him implemented. He's just too talented not to.
  2. What are our top needs in next years draft?

    It's been pleasantly strange at the lack of draft talk so far. Amazing how that happens when the team starts playing good football. I think our biggest needs going into the offseason are: Shutdown corner: I think we want Tru to stay. I think Tru wants to stay as well. But the fact that he's been franchised two years in a row leaves doubt that they're able to work out a long term deal. If he leaves this becomes even more important, but even with him staying, I think we could use another top end CB. ILB: I actually have a feeling that the staff likes what we have at ILB. The fact that they signed Tree long term makes that seem evident. Maybe Barron becomes a cap casualty. I think Barron has actually played better than Tree so who knows. Regardless, I think this defense would benefit from a true run stopping ILB. Heir apparent LT: I think we can all agree that Whitworth has played phenomenal. I think we can also all agree that we know he's not a long term solution. I'm confident that he can give us another season of high level play, so that makes it so this isn't a dire immediate need. But if we can draft a high potential project LT in like third round or so and take allow him to groom behind Whitworth, that would be the best case scenario. This way we'd be able to take advantage of having Whitworth the best we can. Center: Sullivan has played well, but he's another one who's up there in age and I question his durability. Feels like we've been looking for a center for a long time and it would be nice to have a reliable long term solution at the position. Edge Rusher: It hurts me to say this since I've been such a huge Quinn fan for so long, but he just hasn't been as productive as we need him to be and it's pretty apparent that he's not a true fit for this defense. Combine that with Barwin only being a one year deal and I don't think it would be a bad idea to try to add some talent here. I think we're all excited about Ebukam, but he's still raw and we'd still need someone opposite of him anyway. DE/NT: This depends on where they feel Brockers is best fit, as he's played both this year. I'm not confident in them retaining Easley, and we also don't know how well he's going to fit in this defense. And if Brockers moves to DE full time, then I'd like to have someone else to be able to rotate (or start) at NT.
  3. Week 6 - Rams at Jaguars

    Grinded through with a win on the road. This was a big win for us after our narrow loss to Seattle last week. Offense didn't look great for the second week in a row, but they didn't look terrible. Other than the Woods fumble, we avoided offensive turnovers against a great pass defense. Goff didn't light up the stat sheet and missed on a few throws but kept the game in our hands and didn't make too many mistakes. Jacksonville has a great secondary matched with a scary pass rush, so with all things considered, we can't be too upset with the offense. The defense is still showing flashes of what it can be, but is also very frustrating to watch. Seems like they get gashed early on and then settle down as the game progresses. While it's nice to see them when they get it together, we can't afford to keep having these sloppy starts. As improved as the offense has been this year, they are not going to be able to carry us week in and week out. Right now, I think our defense would greatly benefit from three things: 1) the return of Joyner. Only a matter of time. 2) a stouter presence at ILB. With us just extending Tree, it's hard to imagine them retaining Barron after this season. 3) better pressure from out edge rushers. Quinn just has not been getting it done. Shout out to the special teams for this game--with the exception of yet another two muffed punts. If Cooper hadn't had that great kick return, he'd be in the dog house big time. I'm at the point now where I don't even want someone capable of returning; just someone who can fair catch the ball so that I don't have to hold my breath for every return.
  4. Rams Cut SS Maurice Alexander

    Well if nothing else, its encouraging to hear/see that John Johnson is doing well and looks to step forward into the starting role. Admittedly, I wasn't crazy about us drafting him at the time: I thought we had a starting duo at safety and a need at corner. But I was quickly enthused because it seemed like Johnson genuinely was ecstatic to be a Ram. Idk, sounds corny I'm sure, but I just got a good feeling about him pretty quickly.
  5. Tavon Austin

    I think it's safe to say that we are all in agreement now (some of us--myself included--have said for a few weeks now) that Tavon needs to be taken away from PR duties. There's no defending him now in that regard. I also agree, though, that while he's still certainly overpaid, he's worth more to us being on the team that whatever we'd receive for him in a trade (can't imagine it'd be much). It really is disappointing...Pay the guy as a top WR, and use him as a return specialist and 3rd down/change of pace back. And now he's not even a return specialist. I'll be happy in the offseason when he is cut. As far as who takes over his return duties, I definitely think Kupp is the guy who's more reliable to hold onto the ball, but I'd rather see Pharoh Cooper back there. Kupp is a bigger part of the offense and I'd hate to see him get hurt on a return. Cooper doesn't get too many offensive opportunities and IMO is a more dangerous return man.
  6. Rams Cut SS Maurice Alexander

    This is the first I'm seeing this and I'm shocked. I'm on Bleacher Report all the time and not once did I see a mention of this. Like a few others have stated, I guess I didn't notice that his play had declined to this extent, because I certainly didn't see this coming. I liked Alexander and actually thought he'd be a much better fit at SS than FS (even though those positions are becoming more and more interchangeable with the way today's game is played). Obviously Johnson got the INT on Sunday and I didn't notice him have any mishaps, but did he really play that well? (that's an actual question--not me doubting that he did). In other words, without the big interception and return, would we have noticed his play?
  7. Week 4 - Rams at Cowboys

    Can't even lie... watching that gets me so pumped up. The players are totally buying into what he's selling right now and it's paying off big time. I, as a fan, am also buying into it. I'm all in on McVay. This team has been so much fun to watch the first four weeks of this season
  8. Robert Quinn - OLB?

    I think we're all excited for Ebukam to progressively get more playing time. Dude is an athletic phenom. I think by year's end, he becomes starter quality to at least take over for Barwin leaving after the one year deal
  9. Robert Quinn - OLB?

    Yeah he always seems to light the Seahawks up. I've always loved Quinn but he's definitely not producing what he's being paid for. I think the biggest thing with him is how much time he misses with injuries. As NVRamsFan said above, the whole LB corp isn't looking too sharp right now. On the other hand, for only being a three man front, those guys are playing pretty well--not even just AD. Back to Quinn, I think he'd have to have a really poor season for them to part ways with him in the offseason. He's a talented guy and I expect him to pick things up as long as he can stay healthy (fingers crossed).
  10. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    WOW! What. A. Game! I believe Chris Colinsworth was the one who said it--how towards the end of that game it felt like the Super Bowl. My heart almost exploded. So glad we came away with that win. They certainly made it interesting. Call me biased, but that had to have been the most exciting TNF game of all time--definitely top three. Anyways, as for my personal analysis of the game: I was already confident in Sean McVay, but this game led me to believe that he is the real deal. He's got this team buying into what he's selling and they look awesome out there. So much fun to watch. I am all in on him. I said prior to the game being played that if we had barely won, that it would raise some red flags for me. That was not under the assumption that we'd score as much as we did. So I take back the fact that any red flag would be raised. However, Defense flat out needs to improve. Yes, they're learning a new scheme. Yes, they're coming off a short week. Yes, they were on the field a lot and I'm sure they were gassed. Yes, we had our fair share of injuries on that side of the ball. But this is a 49ers team that entered this game without scoring a TD. While I didn't expect us to shut them out or even hold them out of a TD, there's no reason that team should have marched down the field time after time against us. Points-wise, I get that they were put into scoring position on two occasions when they shouldn't have been (muffed punt and kickoff return fumble recovery). I understand that the score likely wouldn't have been as close had it not been for that. But their offense still put up over 400 yards and that is unacceptable. Now I am confident in Phillips turning this around and getting it fixed. But there are some more serious issues here than one may anticipate--particularly in Ogletree stopping the run. He's a very talented player and has a knack for making big plays, but he also has a tendency to give up big plays as well--which is not something I'm looking for in my MLB. Lot of injuries in this game, which is scary. By the end of the game, it felt like we lost half of our defense, as well as a few key guys from offense. It was great to see Watkins so heavily involved and that bomb to him was an amazing play--both the throw and the catch. Gurley truly is looking back to his rookie form and possibly even a step further. He's got his confidence back and its showing. Goff had the bounce-back game we were all looking for. It might have even been his best game yet. Only 6 incompletions and at least two of them were smart plays in throwing the ball away and the other was a great pass that Higbee should have hauled in. Again, with Goff, the key is going to be consistent. We see that he's capable of this. Next step is him doing it on a regular basis. But it was great seeing him come back strong after ending last week's game on a bad note. I have been fed up with Tavon for a while now and this game certainly did not help his case in my mind. Muffing two punts in three games is inexcusable--especially when he's basically used as a return specialist at this point (one that doesn't return kicks--which still amazes me) and a decoy--a very expensive one at that. Fortunately, it seems like they are not making the mistake of forcing him plays on the offense. They already made the mistake of paying him what they did. At least they're not making the mistake of playing him because of what he's getting paid. As frustrating and overpaid as he is, unless we could move him for decent compensation, it makes the most sense to keep him on this team for the season. He is an effective decoy and a dangerous returner (if he ever decides to hold onto the ball). He does more bad than good though, and I'm certain that he will not be a part of this team come the offseason. I think that just about covers it...
  11. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Yeah I don't think anyone besides the NFL Network is happy about TNF. They're always garbage games and usually matchups between trash teams.
  12. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    As for our game tonight... First off, everything about the uniforms that we'll be sporting tonight should lead me to hate them, but for some odd reason or another, I actually really like them. This is a game that we SHOULD win, as opposed to last week where it was a winnable game. Talent-wise, I think we've got the superior team to San Fran and we should win this game--by a decent margin, too. While I'll always take the win, barely winning our matchup with them may raise a red flag to me. Losing would cause a true "oh no" moment and would give me (and likely most of us) Vietnam flashbacks of the SOSAR. Things I'm specifically looking for: I'd like to see Goff have a bounce-back game. He didn't play terrible last week, but he certainly ended on a bad note. Does he let that bog down his confidence or does learn from it and rise to the occasion tonight? Improved run defense. Yes, Washington's O-Line is likely better than San Fran's, but I think Carlos Hyde is a more talented runner than what the Redskins have. Let's try to get Sammy Watkins going. Even if it's just one big play--hell, even an attempt at a deep ball with him. I understand that he's not fully in sync with the offense yet so he's not going to immediately be the focal point of the offense, but he is a dangerous weapon, nonetheless. Utilizing him as such will open up the rest of the offense so much more. I fully trust McVay here that he knows what he's doing though. A win. (see above). 2-1 feels real good, while 1-2 can put a sour taste in your mouth pretty quickly.
  13. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    I've seen you say this a couple times now (sorry if it wasn't you all those times, but I've seen this point made, regardless). I don't agree with it. As a head coach, I don't see how you take anything away from your nearest matchup to focus on a game afterwards just because it's a short week in between--especially for a team of the 49ers caliber this year. I think that Washington just flat out beat us. We'd all like a simple excuse as to why, but they beat us with the run and didn't turn the ball over twice like we did. Those things add up. It's still early in the year and we shouldn't let it discourage us because we still look much improved. But I think to blame the loss on preparing for San Francisco is inaccurate.
  14. Do we have a real shot to contend for the NFC West?

    While for the most part I like what I'm seeing from us, I'm still not ready to crown us king. My biggest reason is that I think it's way too early to count Seattle out. It seems like they always start slow and figure it out halfway through the season and finish strong. I think it would be foolish to just assume we have the upper hand on them. We should have some real clarity by week six or so, though.
  15. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Very disappointed in the final outcome of the game. This was a winnable game and it would have put us on the track to legitimacy. These are the kinds of games we need to win before we get taken seriously. Had a few things gone differently, we may have come away with a win: Woods avoiding two killer penalties in the same driver, Gurley not losing that fumble, etc. The Goff INT was also bad but I don't think that was the reason we lost as much as it was the nail in the coffin. This game showed that we are still a young team with a coach that's still learning the nuances of being a head coach. Biggest thing today was that we couldn't stop them on defense, especially in the run game. Fortunately, I'm confident that Wade will change that sooner rather than later. I think if this game was played six to eight weeks from now, we come away with a win. But we're still learning the new system on both offense and defense, as well as all gelling together. On the bright side: Gurley showed us the running back that we all fell in love with two years ago again. Everett made some huge plays. While they were scarce, he's made much more of an impression than I'd expect from a rookie TE. Good to have Donald back and he's only going to progress throughout the year as he continues to learn the new system. There was some real fight in this team today and that has to leave you at least a little inspired despite the final score. This one stung today but there is light at the end of this tunnel. That I am sure about.