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  1. New jerseys leaked?

    I’ll definitely agree that the uniforms continue to grow on me as well—and I liked them to begin with. The bone in particular has really grown on me. A few people have mentioned it already but seeing our actual players in them make them look that much better
  2. New jerseys leaked?

    Thoughts: Not crazy about the bone... was hoping more for egg shell (sorry, I had to). But in all seriousness, I think the white would have made more sense. Gray was never part of our colors and wasn’t part of the new logo/color reveal either. Doesn’t look terrible just doesn’t feel like us. I actually like the helmet. I wish the horn was solid all the way around but we kind of all expected them to go in that direction. Helmet as a whole looks really sharp. Hate the number font. Easily the worst part. I don’t mind the gradient but the font is whack. All in all, they look pretty sharp and they keep growing on me. I really hate those numbers though.
  3. General Season Talk

    Who’s everyone’s early favorite to win the competition at kicker? My rankings for likelihood to make the team (without knowing much about any of them, admittedly) would be: 1) Hajrullahu 2) MacGinnis 3) Sloman
  4. 2020 Draft Thread

    Overall I came away from this draft liking it—definitely not loving it. I think they hit some of the positions we all expected them to and disregarded some of the others. I’m not so worried about the O-Line but I am concerned about ILB. The Burgess pick tells me we’ll be running a lot more nickel looks but even still-Kiser is our most talented guy at the moment and he’s totally unproven and not someone I would rely on. Cam Akers—Liked it, didn’t love it. A very talented player and should fit our scheme really well. I like that he produced despite playing behind Swiss cheese. Taking him with Dobbins still available didn’t feel right though. Even though he might not have been anyone’s top RB here, no one should be upset with his talent level. I look forward to seeing what he does on our offense and I expect him to be the better RB between him and Henderson. Van Jefferson—I liked taking a WR even this early and I like Jefferson but this did feel a little early for him—I thought he was a guy who could have been had in the third round. I don’t ever think he’ll be a star in the league but if he becomes a good, reliable player then who cares where we took him? I think he fits right in the same mold as Kupp or Woods—dependable guys who run great routes and have great hands. Hard to be that upset at the pick. Terrell Lewis—This was the first pick that really got me stoked. We all know the injury concerns but you’re not going to find a talent like him at this point in the draft very often. Long limbed edge rusher with potential through the roof. Really excited to see what he becomes for us. He could be an absolute monster. Terrell Burgess—I was a little confused by this pick at first and admittedly didn’t know a whole lot about him, even though he was a name I saw linked to us on more than one occasion. After reading up on him I really like the pick and it gives me a sense of what vision the coaching staff has for this defense—a lot of nickel packages and 3-Safety looks. Love his versatility, athleticism and toughness. He should fit right in. Brycen Hopkins—This was the first pick that I really didn’t like. I didn’t think he was a need or BPA. I think that he’s an athletic playmaker at the position but that’s really about it. To me he’s an oversized WR. He’s obviously in line to replace Everett and I’m confident he’ll fill that void just as capably. But I really thought this pick could have been better utilized with it realistically being our last chance to get an impact player.
  5. 2020 Draft Thread

    One pick after Antoine Brooks—damn that hurts
  6. 2020 Draft Thread

    Have to agree with us moving Everett. Can only hope it’s for a fifth
  7. 2020 Draft Thread

    I’m all for BPA at a position of need. Not a position that we have two starters at. I would also argue that a guy like Anae or Alton Robinson was a better value anyway
  8. 2020 Draft Thread

    I hate that pick. Hopkins is a good enough TE but that’s not the position we need.
  9. 2020 Draft Thread

    Yup—wasn’t even thinking of him. I’d still put the other four ahead of him on my wish list but I would definitely add him to the list
  10. 2020 Draft Thread

    Guys I’m hoping for at 126: Alton Robinson Bradlee Anae Nick Harris Tyler Biadasz i don’t think there’s a ILB worth taking here and if we take another edge guy we can move Floyd to ILB (I actually saw a site last night post a depth chart after the Lewis selection that had Floyd listed there—definitely wasn’t official but still found it interesting)
  11. POLL: Which RB?

    I honestly think Moss will be there when we pick in the third
  12. YOUR 3 guys

    Josh Uche Alton Robinson Zach Moss
  13. 2020 Draft Thread

    I have a bad feeling that we take a CB in the second or third round. I really hope we don’t—I think we have far bigger needs. But my gut tells me that’s what happens
  14. POLL: Which RB?

    I voted Moss but that’s not to say I think he’s the best of the bunch. But it means we’d be taking him in the third as opposed to some of the better guys like Taylor or Dobbins in the second. I think Moss in the third is the best value and would benefit us the most
  15. 2020 Draft Thread

    Here are the guys I’d want that could realistically be there in each round: Round 2: Josh Uche Matt Hennessey Jordyn Brooks Tee Higgins Michael Pittman Jr Jonathan Taylor JK Dobbins Round 3: Logan Wilson Zach Moss Akeem Davis-Gaither Tyler Biadasz Bradlee Anae Donovan Peoples-Jones Round 4: Alton Robinson Davion Taylor Gabriel Davis Van Jefferson Nick Harris