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  1. Not so much the media and not so much wishing for him to get hurt, but I’ve seen plenty of other fans throughout different social media platforms who want to see him fail and I just think it’s really unfortunate.
  2. On the topic of Goff, I agree with what @MDY10 and @LeotheLion are saying. I think it’s really sad how so many Rams fans wish ill on the guy. Yes I’m happy we moved on from him but I’ll still wish him the best anytime he isn’t playing us. I’ll be really disappointed in our fan base if he gets booed when he runs out on the field on Sunday—though I have a bad feeling that’s what’s going to happen. I really hope I’m wrong.
  3. Thoughts on yesterday’s game: -Defense had me so frustrated on the first drive giving up a long 3rd down and letting them drive down the field, but after that they were about as dominant as you could ask for. Most of the G-Men’s skill players on O were hurt but you can only play what’s in front of you. -I, like everyone else, have been very critical of Rapp all season but he had a great game today. INTs aside, he was around the ball seemingly every play. -Whole team, especially offense, seemed dormant that first quarter and certainly made up for it afterwards. -McVay and
  4. Don’t understand all the hate on Stafford. The guy’s finger was clearly hurt and that will always affect how well you’re able to throw the ball. Did he miss some plays? Sure. Was the INT terrible? Of course. But all in all, he played well when it mattered and got us the W in a very difficult environment to do so. Im more concerned with McVay. Felt like we were playing scared all game. Had a lot of weak play calls in big spots and that run call on 3rd and 10 early in the game was downright atrocious. Defense played a LOT better this time. Taylor Rapp sucks though. I’ll echo what ev
  5. SJD is a starter on most teams. And the rest are all backups. So no, they’re not starting quality but I think they’re talented depth. Between Bobby Brown, Greg Gaines, Jonah Williams, Eric Banks, Earnest Brown, and Michael Hoecht, there are several talented backups. We’re likely going to end up cutting two of those guys too who are all good players in their own right IMO so I’m really not concerned about our depth there.
  6. I would argue that, outside of WR, DL is our deepest spot
  7. I don’t love the move but I do like it. I think it was a little steep of a price. But I think he can be a 3rd down back for us and the obvious next man up if/when Hendo gets hurt. With how much we’ve invested to go all in this season, we couldn’t afford to leave our running game in the hands of Jones/Funk if Henderson were to go down
  8. I thinking the same thing. We’ve put in claims for a few centers this past week and didn’t get them meanwhile Reiter is still available and better than anyone else out there. I figure he’s an upgrade over Allen (unless he drastically improved from the last time we saw him play) and at worst case scenario provides valuable depth. In a year where we’re clearly going all in, wouldn’t you want as much depth for the line to protect the guy you just invested in? Even if Allen is much improved, he is coming back from a pretty severe injury
  9. While I don’t disagree with everything you’re saying, I think had the new ones and the Bone been flip flopped for release times, fans would have been WAY less receptive to the Bone—which was pretty mixed in terms of reviews anyway. With the bone being an off white, it just makes it so similar to the new white ones anyway. And while these news ones are undoubtedly better (they’re just awesome overall), I think it makes it OK with it being similar since they are the better ones. Had it been vice versa, I think there’d have been a lot of outrage over the bone and it would have never stood a chanc
  10. For starters, I actually like the Bone. A lot of others do as well. And they’re also not killing it—it’s still their default away jersey
  11. I love it. Absolutely love them. And the hype video was so dope
  12. Was thinking the same thing. Just so similar to the Bone that it feels like a let down after such anticipation if those really are. Just feels like a waste of a jersey since we already have an off-white
  13. The retirement should not be shocking to anyone. But the uniform comment (to me) doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’ll be all yellow. He could be referring to the yellow sleeves where the yellow color is still pronounced but obviously not whole thing. Either way, excited to see what they come out with.
  14. I don’t think either takes over as TE1 this year. But if one of the two can fill the Gerald Everett hole of being a guy who could create some big plays every once in a while then that’s a win. And a guy like Harris absolutely has the potential to become the starter and a pretty dangerous one at that
  15. Is it bad to say that I already expect him to be better than Hopkins?
  16. I expect Jones to have a positive impact on that unit
  17. I love Akers as 3 instead of 23. 23 was weird to me and 3 just fits so well
  18. For sure hahaha definitely few and far between
  19. I live in the Hudson Valley in NY. I might be going to the Giants game this year. My one buddy throws a big tail gate for every Giants home game and he’s been telling me to come for years. Might finally go this time
  20. I loved it when Woods and Kupp were 17-18. Once Kupp went to 10 it all changed it anyway so I’m cool with Woods as 2. And I agree with you in saying I’d rather Woods be 2 than Ramsey
  21. Woods will be cool in 2. Don’t like D Williams as 11. I’d imagine he was vying for 1 but Desean out ranked him with seniority, which is a shame because D Jax will definitely only be with the team this year. But even if Williams lost out on 1, he should have just stuck with 31. Fuller is one of the few I’ve seen where I like it equally as much between his old and new number. I know Wolford already switched from 9 to 3 for Stafford, but Akers rocking 3 would have been awesome. So much better than 23
  22. I disagree. While I think you’re right about Marshall, I think that’s exactly what Brown does. He’s a true deep threat and I also just think a more well rounded receiver in general
  23. I’m not so much upset with taking a WR that early, I’m more upset with which one they took and how much of a reach it seemed. Guys like Terrace Marshall and Dyami Brown were still on the board. I’d have loved to see us draft Brown. I just don’t see Atwell having a lot of success in the NFL aside from a few gimmick plays here and there. I hope I’m wrong—I really do.
  24. The more I look at our draft, the more I realize that if we could have gotten a better player at 57, it would have changed my outlook on the entire draft. If you swap out Tutu for Creed Humphrey or even Dyami Brown if it was absolutely going to be a WR either way, this looks like a great draft class. But instead they really reached on a player I have a hard time seeing make a significant impact. It’s been almost a week and I still just can’t wrap my head around picking him. I’ve been wrong before and I’d gladly be wrong here but i haven’t hated a pick this much in years
  25. Reiter would be a much welcome addition right now. I’d feel a lot more comfortable with him on our starting OL
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