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  1. I am also among the few who want Watkins back. I want to see what he can do with a full offseason with us and see what kind of chemistry he can build with Goff. The problem is at what cost? I think a one year deal would be ideal for us. But I don't think he'd be so inclined to sign that, so the franchise tag may need to be the option if we want him just for the one year. But I think we can all agree that he wouldn't warrant the price of the tag. So it's really a bit of a predicament. I don't think it's in our best interest to sign him long term right now. And I'm sure he would want more than w
  2. I can't speak for anyone else but I know it threw me off. I thought the ST were referring to special teams
  3. I, along with a lot of us, have been pretty critical of Quinn earlier in the season but he's been on fire as of late. Maybe he's finally getting acclimated to the system switch. Maybe he's finally at full health. Whatever it is, I hope he keeps it up. Forgot what it's like to see him so dominant.
  4. Congrats, brother. Well deserved. Good to see it go to someone who's been so active among the forum. Keep it up!
  5. Who says blowouts aren't entertaining? I loved every minute of this game and I couldn't have been happier that it was against the Seahawks (besides maybe New England). This was a huge game for us and is much more than another win for our record. This was the needed ego boost after a tough loss to a top contender. It also got the monkey off our back against Seattle. I understand that their team is beat up and depleted, but to go into their stadium--one of the toughest places to play--and punch them in the mouth in every facet of the game was just amazing and showed what our team is really
  6. Rams came out and won a game that they were supposed to. It's crazy how there's actually games this year that we've gone into and I've been CONFIDENT that we were going to win and we did. Years prior, there were plenty of games that we SHOULD have won but didn't. You can just sense the difference this year. It's been amazing. I think Goff looked really sharp for the game--much sharper than his stats may indicate. He was putting the ball right where it needed to be on a lot of those incompletions and we were just missing. I feel like as good as we played, we could have scored even more wit
  7. I was supposed to be going to this game but a buddy bailed out on me, so I'll just be watching from the TV as usual. Living in NY, I've gotten to see my fair share of Giants games this year (as well as every year) and they honestly look terrible. While their defense is still legit, what was a lackluster offense to begin with--with the exception of OBJ--is currently depleted. Their O Line looks worse than ours last year, which is really saying something. Both teams coming off a bye week and we've gotta play across the country, but this should still be a win unless we really come out rusty
  8. It's been pleasantly strange at the lack of draft talk so far. Amazing how that happens when the team starts playing good football. I think our biggest needs going into the offseason are: Shutdown corner: I think we want Tru to stay. I think Tru wants to stay as well. But the fact that he's been franchised two years in a row leaves doubt that they're able to work out a long term deal. If he leaves this becomes even more important, but even with him staying, I think we could use another top end CB. ILB: I actually have a feeling that the staff likes what we have at ILB. The fact
  9. Grinded through with a win on the road. This was a big win for us after our narrow loss to Seattle last week. Offense didn't look great for the second week in a row, but they didn't look terrible. Other than the Woods fumble, we avoided offensive turnovers against a great pass defense. Goff didn't light up the stat sheet and missed on a few throws but kept the game in our hands and didn't make too many mistakes. Jacksonville has a great secondary matched with a scary pass rush, so with all things considered, we can't be too upset with the offense. The defense is still showing flashes
  10. Well if nothing else, its encouraging to hear/see that John Johnson is doing well and looks to step forward into the starting role. Admittedly, I wasn't crazy about us drafting him at the time: I thought we had a starting duo at safety and a need at corner. But I was quickly enthused because it seemed like Johnson genuinely was ecstatic to be a Ram. Idk, sounds corny I'm sure, but I just got a good feeling about him pretty quickly.
  11. I think it's safe to say that we are all in agreement now (some of us--myself included--have said for a few weeks now) that Tavon needs to be taken away from PR duties. There's no defending him now in that regard. I also agree, though, that while he's still certainly overpaid, he's worth more to us being on the team that whatever we'd receive for him in a trade (can't imagine it'd be much). It really is disappointing...Pay the guy as a top WR, and use him as a return specialist and 3rd down/change of pace back. And now he's not even a return specialist. I'll be happy in the offseason
  12. This is the first I'm seeing this and I'm shocked. I'm on Bleacher Report all the time and not once did I see a mention of this. Like a few others have stated, I guess I didn't notice that his play had declined to this extent, because I certainly didn't see this coming. I liked Alexander and actually thought he'd be a much better fit at SS than FS (even though those positions are becoming more and more interchangeable with the way today's game is played). Obviously Johnson got the INT on Sunday and I didn't notice him have any mishaps, but did he really play that well? (that's an act
  13. Can't even lie... watching that gets me so pumped up. The players are totally buying into what he's selling right now and it's paying off big time. I, as a fan, am also buying into it. I'm all in on McVay. This team has been so much fun to watch the first four weeks of this season
  14. I think we're all excited for Ebukam to progressively get more playing time. Dude is an athletic phenom. I think by year's end, he becomes starter quality to at least take over for Barwin leaving after the one year deal
  15. Yeah he always seems to light the Seahawks up. I've always loved Quinn but he's definitely not producing what he's being paid for. I think the biggest thing with him is how much time he misses with injuries. As NVRamsFan said above, the whole LB corp isn't looking too sharp right now. On the other hand, for only being a three man front, those guys are playing pretty well--not even just AD. Back to Quinn, I think he'd have to have a really poor season for them to part ways with him in the offseason. He's a talented guy and I expect him to pick things up as long as he can stay healthy
  16. WOW! What. A. Game! I believe Chris Colinsworth was the one who said it--how towards the end of that game it felt like the Super Bowl. My heart almost exploded. So glad we came away with that win. They certainly made it interesting. Call me biased, but that had to have been the most exciting TNF game of all time--definitely top three. Anyways, as for my personal analysis of the game: I was already confident in Sean McVay, but this game led me to believe that he is the real deal. He's got this team buying into what he's selling and they look awesome out there. So much fun to watc
  17. Yeah I don't think anyone besides the NFL Network is happy about TNF. They're always garbage games and usually matchups between trash teams.
  18. As for our game tonight... First off, everything about the uniforms that we'll be sporting tonight should lead me to hate them, but for some odd reason or another, I actually really like them. This is a game that we SHOULD win, as opposed to last week where it was a winnable game. Talent-wise, I think we've got the superior team to San Fran and we should win this game--by a decent margin, too. While I'll always take the win, barely winning our matchup with them may raise a red flag to me. Losing would cause a true "oh no" moment and would give me (and likely most of us) Vietnam flash
  19. I've seen you say this a couple times now (sorry if it wasn't you all those times, but I've seen this point made, regardless). I don't agree with it. As a head coach, I don't see how you take anything away from your nearest matchup to focus on a game afterwards just because it's a short week in between--especially for a team of the 49ers caliber this year. I think that Washington just flat out beat us. We'd all like a simple excuse as to why, but they beat us with the run and didn't turn the ball over twice like we did. Those things add up. It's still early in the year and we shouldn't let it
  20. While for the most part I like what I'm seeing from us, I'm still not ready to crown us king. My biggest reason is that I think it's way too early to count Seattle out. It seems like they always start slow and figure it out halfway through the season and finish strong. I think it would be foolish to just assume we have the upper hand on them. We should have some real clarity by week six or so, though.
  21. Very disappointed in the final outcome of the game. This was a winnable game and it would have put us on the track to legitimacy. These are the kinds of games we need to win before we get taken seriously. Had a few things gone differently, we may have come away with a win: Woods avoiding two killer penalties in the same driver, Gurley not losing that fumble, etc. The Goff INT was also bad but I don't think that was the reason we lost as much as it was the nail in the coffin. This game showed that we are still a young team with a coach that's still learning the nuances of being a head coa
  22. I'm as excited about our week 1 performance as ANYONE, but we need to keep in mind that it was just that... one week. It's a brand new head coach, who while he may seem like the truth, has a long way to go to really prove himself--as does this team as a whole. I have gotten my hopes up so so so many times over this past decade, just to be disappointed time and time again. I get it's a new coaching staff and a new team, but I need to see more than a blowout against a lackluster Indianapolis team to believe that we're the real deal. This week against Washington is going to be our next test and n
  23. Tavon should be the first to go to clear space for retaining ANY of those players. Mark Barron would be next in that category but I would be more tentative to do that with him.
  24. IMO, the order the players should be prioritized to be re-signed is: Aaron Donald (should be done this season) Trumaine Johnson Sammy Watkins Lamarcus Joyner Alec Ogeltree i like Tree but I think he's the most expendable of that group. Also I feel like he's a prime candidate to get paid more than what he's worth. If there's anyone we could replace through the draft, it's likely him. While it's obvious Donald needs to be resigned, he needed to be put there anyway. I think Tru is too valuable to this team, especially considering how thin we are at CB. I think
  25. It's been a very exciting week 1. But I, too, would like to see how we fair off against a better opponent. Or rather, I'd like to see how consistent we stay. We played great. That much we controlled. As far as the other teams, Arizona just caught a bad break with Johnson's injury. Yes, Seattle looked bad on offense but it was against a good Green Bay team in Lambeau. That can't be understated. Additionally, I feel like the last few years, the Shehawks have started off slow just to really turn on the burners mid way through the season and finish off strong. Way too early to count them out. It w
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