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  1. We are in agreement on not being sold on Watkins--I don't think it's unfair to suggest that's the majority of everyone's opinion on here. But I would like to see him back at least for one more year to see what kind of improvement he could make. That being said, I don't want him bad enough if it means not bringing one of our other key players back. Either way, yes we either need him back or a suitable replacement. Who that could be seems to be where our opinions differ.
  2. Also, IIRC, the comment Snead made about Tru was prior to the season starting. I think we all saw that he was a great fit in Wade Phillips' defense. While he didn't put up the INT's he has in the past, IMO he was a better fit in this defense than in years prior. Unless he's asking for outrageous money, he should be one of the main three priorities heading into this offseason (the other two being re-signing Joyner and extending Donald). He knows this defense. He's familiar with the team. He's also a great locker room presence--he was a team captain this past season. Corner is a big need of ours
  3. McVay going to get Carrier was to get a TE with some proven blocking skills--just about the opposite of what Graham brings to the table. I strongly disagree with the idea of signing Graham, not to mention I think it's completely unrealistic. Our top two TE's have each been drafted in the past two years. I want to see what they’re capable of with a full year or two under their belts--and I'm sure the coaching staff/FO does too. Again, Graham would command way too much money that we need to use on our own priority FA's. Not to mention, I really don't think he adds THAT much more to our offense.
  4. Just to clarify my stance on Graham: He's obviously a great talent at the TE position, but with us having two young talented TE's already, we need to spend our money elsewhere. Graham is going to command a lot of money--wherever it is he lands. Simply put, we've got too many of our own that are a priority to re-sign to be throwing a ton of cash at what would be an overpriced luxury. I'm not concerned with our TE corp at all.
  5. For CB: I like Fuller, but if I'm not mistaken, he plays a lot more off-man coverage, which is not what our corners do under Phillips' system. I also think he resigns with Chicago. Talib is talented and an obvious fit, but his best years are behind him and I think he's a cancer. This is a young team that finally seems like it has the right mindset and attitude. A guy like him can tear that apart in an instant. I think Butler is the best option among them, but I worry about how well he fares on a team other than New England. I'm really just hoping that we sign Tru. I want nothing to do wit
  6. I also like Reynolds and would love to see what has got to offer as a starter but I'd be afraid to go into the season just assuming he can be good.
  7. Playing devil's advocate: If Sammy were to walk or we decided not to bring him back, what are some good value FA's that you'd be interested in bringing in to fill Watkins' spot? Guys that aren't necessarily superstars, but are solid starters that could come in and be productive without breaking the bank (think the Robert Woods signing last year). Two guys I'd be looking at are the two from the Jags--Robinson or Lee. I think Robinson is the more talented of the two, but he may come cheaper due to the knee injury he suffered. I think either him or Lee would be a great fit in this offen
  8. I am among the group that does NOT want to cut or trade Quinn. I think he finally came on towards the end of the year and that the slow beginning was more so him adjusting to the new scheme. Ansah is a great talent but he is not a fit on our DL. As Jrry said, moving Quinn just makes another hole for us. I like Samson but I think he's another year away from being a full time starter. We should draft a run stopping NT with one of our first two picks. I think that'll benefit our D tremendously. The other pick should be used on a CB. IMO those are our biggest two needs. I'm also in agreement that
  9. I'd be very happy if the Rams got Josh Jackson. No complaints here.
  10. Yes, I have to agree with you. I should have emphasized that I'm hoping for it, but I wouldn't necessarily expect him to go for it. It would be ideal for us--not for him.
  11. I am also among the few who want Watkins back. I want to see what he can do with a full offseason with us and see what kind of chemistry he can build with Goff. The problem is at what cost? I think a one year deal would be ideal for us. But I don't think he'd be so inclined to sign that, so the franchise tag may need to be the option if we want him just for the one year. But I think we can all agree that he wouldn't warrant the price of the tag. So it's really a bit of a predicament. I don't think it's in our best interest to sign him long term right now. And I'm sure he would want more than w
  12. I can't speak for anyone else but I know it threw me off. I thought the ST were referring to special teams
  13. I, along with a lot of us, have been pretty critical of Quinn earlier in the season but he's been on fire as of late. Maybe he's finally getting acclimated to the system switch. Maybe he's finally at full health. Whatever it is, I hope he keeps it up. Forgot what it's like to see him so dominant.
  14. Congrats, brother. Well deserved. Good to see it go to someone who's been so active among the forum. Keep it up!
  15. Who says blowouts aren't entertaining? I loved every minute of this game and I couldn't have been happier that it was against the Seahawks (besides maybe New England). This was a huge game for us and is much more than another win for our record. This was the needed ego boost after a tough loss to a top contender. It also got the monkey off our back against Seattle. I understand that their team is beat up and depleted, but to go into their stadium--one of the toughest places to play--and punch them in the mouth in every facet of the game was just amazing and showed what our team is really
  16. Rams came out and won a game that they were supposed to. It's crazy how there's actually games this year that we've gone into and I've been CONFIDENT that we were going to win and we did. Years prior, there were plenty of games that we SHOULD have won but didn't. You can just sense the difference this year. It's been amazing. I think Goff looked really sharp for the game--much sharper than his stats may indicate. He was putting the ball right where it needed to be on a lot of those incompletions and we were just missing. I feel like as good as we played, we could have scored even more wit
  17. I was supposed to be going to this game but a buddy bailed out on me, so I'll just be watching from the TV as usual. Living in NY, I've gotten to see my fair share of Giants games this year (as well as every year) and they honestly look terrible. While their defense is still legit, what was a lackluster offense to begin with--with the exception of OBJ--is currently depleted. Their O Line looks worse than ours last year, which is really saying something. Both teams coming off a bye week and we've gotta play across the country, but this should still be a win unless we really come out rusty
  18. It's been pleasantly strange at the lack of draft talk so far. Amazing how that happens when the team starts playing good football. I think our biggest needs going into the offseason are: Shutdown corner: I think we want Tru to stay. I think Tru wants to stay as well. But the fact that he's been franchised two years in a row leaves doubt that they're able to work out a long term deal. If he leaves this becomes even more important, but even with him staying, I think we could use another top end CB. ILB: I actually have a feeling that the staff likes what we have at ILB. The fact
  19. Grinded through with a win on the road. This was a big win for us after our narrow loss to Seattle last week. Offense didn't look great for the second week in a row, but they didn't look terrible. Other than the Woods fumble, we avoided offensive turnovers against a great pass defense. Goff didn't light up the stat sheet and missed on a few throws but kept the game in our hands and didn't make too many mistakes. Jacksonville has a great secondary matched with a scary pass rush, so with all things considered, we can't be too upset with the offense. The defense is still showing flashes
  20. Well if nothing else, its encouraging to hear/see that John Johnson is doing well and looks to step forward into the starting role. Admittedly, I wasn't crazy about us drafting him at the time: I thought we had a starting duo at safety and a need at corner. But I was quickly enthused because it seemed like Johnson genuinely was ecstatic to be a Ram. Idk, sounds corny I'm sure, but I just got a good feeling about him pretty quickly.
  21. I think it's safe to say that we are all in agreement now (some of us--myself included--have said for a few weeks now) that Tavon needs to be taken away from PR duties. There's no defending him now in that regard. I also agree, though, that while he's still certainly overpaid, he's worth more to us being on the team that whatever we'd receive for him in a trade (can't imagine it'd be much). It really is disappointing...Pay the guy as a top WR, and use him as a return specialist and 3rd down/change of pace back. And now he's not even a return specialist. I'll be happy in the offseason
  22. This is the first I'm seeing this and I'm shocked. I'm on Bleacher Report all the time and not once did I see a mention of this. Like a few others have stated, I guess I didn't notice that his play had declined to this extent, because I certainly didn't see this coming. I liked Alexander and actually thought he'd be a much better fit at SS than FS (even though those positions are becoming more and more interchangeable with the way today's game is played). Obviously Johnson got the INT on Sunday and I didn't notice him have any mishaps, but did he really play that well? (that's an act
  23. Can't even lie... watching that gets me so pumped up. The players are totally buying into what he's selling right now and it's paying off big time. I, as a fan, am also buying into it. I'm all in on McVay. This team has been so much fun to watch the first four weeks of this season
  24. I think we're all excited for Ebukam to progressively get more playing time. Dude is an athletic phenom. I think by year's end, he becomes starter quality to at least take over for Barwin leaving after the one year deal
  25. Yeah he always seems to light the Seahawks up. I've always loved Quinn but he's definitely not producing what he's being paid for. I think the biggest thing with him is how much time he misses with injuries. As NVRamsFan said above, the whole LB corp isn't looking too sharp right now. On the other hand, for only being a three man front, those guys are playing pretty well--not even just AD. Back to Quinn, I think he'd have to have a really poor season for them to part ways with him in the offseason. He's a talented guy and I expect him to pick things up as long as he can stay healthy
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