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  1. With the cap situation were in, and our team to likely have a few-several cap casualties, one name that I haven’t seen mentioned nearly as much as some others is A’Shawn Robinson. I don’t understand why. Would his contract end up costing us more money or create dead cap? Because if not then he’d be the first on my list of guys to cut bait with. He showed me nothing last year to impress me and he plays a spot where we’re pretty deep at. Brockers is the name always brought up but he’s got history with the team and is the better player as well.
  2. I think the talent is still there (to an extent—definitely not the same guy when he came into the league of course) but the biggest thing is he just can’t stay healthy. I think it’d be a waste of cap
  3. No thanks to Ertz. The guy is not what he used to be and I don’t see him helping out this team enough to warrant the draft capital we’d need to give up and the amount of cap space he’d eat. Pass
  4. You’re absolutely right in saying how had we actually been the team to make those picks that there’s a good chance it would have ended up being another player. My point behind the whole thing is that high draft picks and potential doesn’t always mean the player turns out good. It just goes to show that it’s a crapshoot. I guess my point is that a proven commodity is more valuable than the unknowns.
  5. I keep hearing people saying how we’ve upgraded but “at what cost?” Two first rounders sounds extreme on the surface and again, it was certainly more than it should have been. But while everyone loves to mention that we haven’t selected in the first sound since 2016, no one ever likes to say who our original picks ended up being... 2017: Corey Davis 2018: Isaiah Wynn 2019: Kaleb McGary (this year we traded down rather than just trading away the pick for a player) 2020: K’Lavon Chaisson Corey Davis is easily the best from this group and it took him playing
  6. I can’t believe how many people here are having a “the sky is falling” mentality over getting a significant upgrade at the games most important position. Of course we overpaid. He’s a Quarterback—you will ALWAYS overpay for a quarterback in one way or another. The guy is a very good QB and is also younger than most people realize—he’s only 32. He’s not gonna be on this team for just two years. This guy is gonna be a Ram and he wanted to be here too. That doesn’t get you excited? I wanted Jared Goff to be the guy—I REALLY wanted him to. But after five years, I’ve seen enough. He just doesn’t ha
  7. I don’t see anyway that Samuel or Eichenburg is available in the third. I’d like the draft I just don’t think it’s realistic
  8. I think there’s a chance he doesn’t get a head coaching gig this off-season. Though I’m not sure if I’m being more hopeful than realistic. He’s been great and I’d love to have him around next season but that comes at the expense of him not being a secret too. But hey, who knows? Lotta people thought Saleh would have gotten a HC job as far as two off seasons ago.
  9. What an enjoyable game to watch. Could tell right from the beginning that this was our game for the taking. Felt even better that it was against the Pats. Cam Akers looked incredible tonight. I mean the numbers obviously don’t lie but seriously he was great. That starting gig has to be his going forward—I don’t think he gave McVay any other choice. It wasn’t just one huge run that skewed his numbers either tonight—he was constantly ripping off long runs. Someone else said the name Leveon Bell and I was thinking the same thing. His patience and vision reminded me very much of a vintage Be
  10. While on paper we should win this game, it definitely has me nervous—much like several other posters here. McVay is a great coach who thrives against most opponents, but it seems as if the coaches who have stonewalled him/us in the past, do so on a consistent basis. Niners being a prime example and then of course Belichick’s defense with the Super Bowl and then against the Dolphins this year with Flores being from Bill’s coaching tree. With that said, this is NOT the same Patriots team that we played against in the Super Bowl. For that matter, it’s not even the same defense. I really think if
  11. I don’t think he’s the best coach in the league. I just think he has our number.
  12. We’re going to lose this game. It was clear within the first quarter. We’re going to lose to a Niners team missing so many significant players TWICE in one year. It’s inexcusable. And I’m officially getting tired of Jared Goff. I’m done making excuses for him. He looks great one week and completely inept the next. So sick of this **** losing to teams we have no business losing to
  13. That’s actually my hope. I’ve wanted to see more of him there. Though I’m sure they’ll need him at edge at times too with Lewis out
  14. Missed opportunity for ESPN to bring that up during the game especially after the second pick.
  15. Also, a lot of people were very critical of McVay for not running the ball more. I’ve been one to get angry at him doing that in the past but the run simply wasn’t working last night so I really can’t argue with it. And while his playcalling in the second half can be very frustrating at times, it’s hard to argue with the results. The guys record speaks for itself when he goes into halftime with a lead. It’s not always pretty but as long as it gets us the W, that’s all that matters.
  16. Great win that had a huge impact on our standings Loved seeing us beat up on Tom Brady and loved us taking advantage of those lame duck deep balls of his. Our defense was once again lights out in the second half and we played very well in the first half too. As many had mentioned, the score could be chalked up to some bogus DPI calls. Huge day for the rookies. Van and Cam each got their first TD and Fuller got two picks (even if they were gimmes). Kupp/Woods were unreal. It felt like everything was going Kupp’s way. I’m almost surprised at how similar their stat lines are bec
  17. I’m praying DirecTV loses the rights. They’re the worst and it should be on something that everyone has access to getting.
  18. Yeah I live in NY so I feel your pain, boys. Really woulda thought our game was the National one but I got stuck with PIT/CIN instead
  19. Didn’t get to watch the game in its entirety today so I had to watch what I could from the red zone, but I liked what I saw—especially defensively. What a huge day for our defense. Ramsey reminded everyone why he got that contract and why we gave up what we did to get him. Anyone who doesn’t see his worth at this point just doesn’t want to. The guy shut down the dude who’s been blowing up the NFL. Also Darious Williams—just wow. Someone else said it and they hit the nail right on the head—all the guy does is come up with clutch interceptions and that second one in particular was an i
  20. This game and first half in particular were beyond frustrating. Goff was atrocious today—I cannot stress that enough. Four turnovers are inexcusable and ultimately cost us the game. But McVay... man this abandoning the run game WHEN ITS WORKING time and time again is maddening. Like what needs to happen for that to go through McVay’s head? Run was working. Pass was not. But we kept on trying it anyway and it just put us in deeper and deeper of a hole. We have a brutal schedule coming up after the bye and this was one game we could not afford to lose and we did everything in our power
  21. This is ******* pathetic. Goff hasn’t looked this bad since his rookie year—he’s been abysmal today and is costing us this game. I don’t care who it is behind him—he needs to be benched right now. He’s shook and is going to continue to do more harm than good today.
  22. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I really believe that the line plays better without Noteboom in that starting lineup. David Edwards has been very good
  23. I hate the Seahawks more than any team besides the Patriots and the Niners are right behind Seattle on that list. But believe it or not, I wanted Seattle to win that one. It kinda feels like it’s their division this year (I know it’s early) so right now we’ve gotta focus on having that 2 spot over Zona. Take it one place at a time.
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