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  1. I think there’s a very good chance Dobbins is there at 52. With our limited capital, I’m certainly not trading up for him. I wouldn’t be trading up for anyone besides a premier LB, Edge or Center if they dropped a little bit. We have too many needs and too few quality picks to be trading up.
  2. Rams trade Cooks and a 2022 fourth round pick for the 57th overall pick this year
  3. That’s who I’m hoping for
  4. Apparently Brockers’ deal with the Ravens has fell through and he will now be re-signing with us
  5. It does look better all together. But the logo on its own looks like a soccer logo
  6. I’m with everyone else—do NOT like this logo. The Rams head is undoubtedly better. With that all said, the LA logo does look significantly better next to the word “Rams” which is how it’ll appear in the end zones. On the bright side, despite the word “secondary logo,” I’m sure we’ll that one will appear on apparel a lot more than one would think. Most importantly—the colors are exactly what they should be. A big gripe of mine is that Demoff specifically said “don’t worry it’s not the one you saw on that leaked hat a couple weeks ago” when it was announced that it would be unveiled today.
  7. Gotta say, I like the two signings that were bringing in. Robinson and Floyd are both downgrades on the surface from Brockers and Fowler, respectively. But each is cheaper and both have upside and could potentially be even better than the ones they’re replacing. Someone else said it but if they perform well then great and we can retain them. If not, they’ll be a serviceable stop gap
  8. Three years...WOW. Wouldn’t have thought any more than two—if that. But he remains our best lineman at its most important position. Nice to not have to worry about a left tackle for at least another year or two. Not sure how effective he’d be in the third year of this contract though.
  9. 10 Mil seems a little steep for an underperforming player. But I actually do like the signing. He’s obviously a talented player being a top 10 draft pick and he’s got familiarity with Staley. Gotta like the potential here.
  10. Loved Quinn in his time with the Rams and he had a great season last year with Dallas. But he was obviously not a great fit in the 3-4 which is why the Rams moved on from him. Doesn’t seem like a natural fit in Chicago’s defense
  11. They must want to pair him with the other injury prone TE they just signed to go along with the already injury prone TE they had in Dissly
  12. @StLunatic88 Going from 87.1 to 72.7 in FG percentage from 2018 to 2019 certainly seems like a step back to me. I understand the importance of a kicker and am not arguing the logic behind it. I also stated that it’s getting harder and harder to find a good one these days. We all know GZ has a boot. But just wasn’t himself this year and whether he played all 16 games or not this past season, these little nagging injuries may have built up and had some sort of affect. You said it yourself—his presence was missed when he was hurt and even though he played every game this season, there were still
  13. I may get crucified for saying this but I’m actually not opposed to moving on from GZ. We’ve obviously got very limited cap space and we can likely better use the money elsewhere. I understand kickers are crucial and there’s seemingly less good ones each year. But Zuerlein has had the injury bug the last few seasons, and injuries aside, it seemed like he took a step back last year. I’d be open to using a later pick on Rodrigo Blankenship out of Georgia
  14. After expecting a third rounder basically all season long and then coming to terms with the fact that it was likely going to be a fourth instead after the projections, this is a great surprise. Should make a big difference. On a side note, why did we get nothing for Suh?
  15. Really like a lot of the players you drafted here and I’d be thrilled if it happened. I’m just not so sure how realistic it is
  16. Financial details aside, I think it just makes sense to keep him. He’s going to be more valuable to us than any kind of return we might get. He’s talented enough to be able to bounce back big time. Yes, I understand the odds of that are decreasing the further along we go, but if he were to go off next year (which there IS still a CHANCE of) for another team, we’re not going to care about the late round draft pick that we’d get for him—because that’s all we’d be getting in return for him at this point in time—if we’d even be able to get that much
  17. Big fan of this offseason. I love the Harris and Uche picks, though I actually feel like we'd need to take Harris with our second rounder. The only pick i'm really not crazy about is our first one. I don't think Woodward is a great value in the second. I also think that we won't be prioritizing ILB as much going into the offseason, even if Littleton walks.
  18. We need to win out and have Minnesota lose out for us to make it, but if that were to happen, we DO make the playoffs
  19. As a life long Rams fan who’s always lived in New York, the move from St Louis to LA really didn’t affect me. If anything, going to LA gave them more attention so I could finally start seeing more about them. STL proved year after year that it did not prioritize football over baseball or even hockey for that matter. Now with that said, LA fans don’t exactly seem to be showing up much more either, but it’s at least still the bigger market. Kroeneke stays quiet, keeps out of the football operation and is always willing to shell out the money. I get it—if the Rams were in NY where I lived and the
  20. I agree with the notion that Noteboom is better suited at tackle than guard. But is that hunch enough to go into next season with him entrenched as the starter? I think we’d all be happy to see him turn out to be a viable starting LT but it’s a big gamble to assume he’ll be that guy. In the other hand, you’d hate to use a high draft pick on another LT for competition and then see Noteboom turn out good. With us likely having a bunch of needs in the off-season with so many expected departures/cap-casualties, this high picks needs to be properly utilized. Idk I think the coaching staff is really
  21. Likely so, and I understand that not each question is necessarily going to have an answer—especially considering how small of a sample size we’ve got with most of these guys. But I was just curious to see what everyone thought. I hadn’t seen too many mentions of people’s thoughts on the future of the o line
  22. Yes that all holds true for the year, but this is more in reference to the guys who have been starting the last few games. So while yes, the line has surrendered that many sacks, the line has improved play in the last 4 games
  23. With the much improved play of the offense as a whole—and more specifically the offensive line over the span of the last four weeks (minus the disaster against Baltimore), I think it brings up some real questions about the O line. -are they actually just playing that much better or has McVay made some adjustments to mask the lesser talent of the backups? -who remains the weak link on the line? -who, if anyone, has earned keeping the starting spot once the original starters return healthy? -does their recent play remove the potential offseason need for OL help? -does t
  24. Definitely not viewing this game as a gimme. I expect us to win, yes. But I see a lot of people looking at this game as a lock. I just hope the team doesn’t look at it the same way. We’ve played great the last two weeks, but we’ve certainly put up a few duds of our own this season. Being in Dallas only makes it tougher. One week at a time, let’s go!
  25. I was fine with trading out of the first but I felt like we missed out on some potential impact players at key positions of need. It just feels like we didn’t get a whole lot in return for moving down basically an entire round from our original first pick. As far as the players themselves: Taylor Rapp: Adderly was my favorite safety in this class, but how could you not like Rapp as a player? His 40 time doesn’t concern me. Dude is a great football player and should make an immediate impact in the secondary and be Weddle’s successor. Darrell Henderson: I really didn’t like thi
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