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  1. Can’t complain about this. Sullivan is only getting older and his play really fell off towards the end of the year. I’ve heard that they’re saying they’re looking to put Brian Allen into the starting spot. I never heard any sort of buzz around him throughout any point in the season. Idk how comfortable I’d be with him becoming the starter. What’s your guys thoughts?
  2. @StLunatic88 Totally agree on Sullivan. I forgot to mention him as well but I think he’s definitely a spot that could use an upgrade. I think the decision to keep or cut him will greatly depend on what happens with Whitworth and Saffold. If Whit retires and Saffold signs elsewhere, then I could see them kept Sully so that there’s not so many holes to fill on the line. Honestly, if even one of them don’t come back I can see them keeping him. But if they’re both back, then we should likely move on from him. He’s a great veteran leader and one of the smartest guys on the field, but I think we’ve
  3. This one hurt. I expected a win. I would have accepted a loss. But for our offense to not even show up was heart-breaking. After about four or five drives, I had zero hope that we could move the ball. They couldn’t do a damn thing right. Oline got shredded play after play (especially the right side) and the receivers couldn’t get separation. That combination is a recipe for disaster for any QB, and Goff simply looked overwhelmed. But the most frustrating part is the lack of Gurley out there. He’s out best player on offense—bar none. And he had only 11 touches. McVay is a genius and we owe ever
  4. I agree with whoever said that Saffold and Littleton must be brought back. Saffold is a true Ram and the best lineman we’ve got after Whiteorth. Littleton proved the coaching staff right for making him a starter. I was extremely impressed with him this year. Need him back. I think Suh is gone. This was the year he wanted to win the big one. We didn’t do it. He’ll go for one last big contract to another team. I think the two biggest question marks are Joyner and Fowler. Joyner took a big step back this year and certainly did not live up to his price tag. Fowler has some really big m
  5. I’ve been waiting for this rematch for 17 years. I was in 5th grade when we lost that SB. Leading up to that game, I remember a teacher of mine saying something along the lines of “I’m rooting for the Patriots because they never win”. Obviously the Patriots went on the become the dynasty that they currently are, while the Rams suffered through years and years of dog$hit teams. Between that and spygate, yes—I’m still bitter. I want this win more than anything. Hard to call it a revenge game when we likely have zero significance to the Patriots, but whatever title you wanna put on it, please jus
  6. Didn't know where else to put this so: With Pharoh Cooper looking like he could miss a significant amount of time and Mike Thomas also (inconveniently) getting hurt, we need a interim return man. Cooper Kupp will likely handle punt return duties, but we'll need one for returning kicks. Personally, I'd like to avoid using Kupp because of how integral he is to the offense and I wouldn't want to risk the injury. Who do you think are some likely candidates? Personally, I'd like to throw John Kelly back there and see what he could do. I think he'd be good for that.
  7. Yes, but that's his M.O. Every year he has one or two games where he absolutely kills it. Then he disappears for 5-6 games at a time. Very talented player--even more frustrating. Don't count on him continuing to impress.
  8. Kelly not suiting up (or even moving up on the depth chart) leads me to believe that the coaches aren't yet satisfied with his pass blocking, because he clearly showed more in the preseason than Brown or Davis.
  9. Thoughts on the game: For starters, too late of a start time for a fan living in NY. I'm dragging at work today. Some obvious rust, especially for Goff and the Defense. Fortunately, the D picked it up in the second half. I expect Goff to be a lot smoother next week. Gurley, however, picked up right where he left off. Cory Littleton had himself a nice game. He was seemingly all over the place and racked up a lot of tackles. I know the INT he had was about as big a gimme as you'll find, but still an impressive outing for him. Definitely inspires hope for him. I would have lik
  10. Very happy with the Kiser pick there. I would like to think that we package one of our 100 sixth round picks to get back into the fifth if there's a player they like
  11. My issue with our last two picks is that we're reaching for guys that aren't even position of need. If you're gonna reach for players, do it at a spot that you need. And if you're gonna pick someone who's not a need, it had better be BPA. We've done neither.
  12. I liked Allen but not this early. Thought this was a considerable reach
  13. This is exactly how I was. At first I had no idea who the hell he was. But after doing some research and hearing some things about him, he's one of the few guys who has potential to become a starting caliber LT. And in the meantime, he provides excellent depth as a swing tackle.
  14. I'd really like to see Tim Settle be our first pick today. I wasn't a fan of drafting him in the second or third round as many here mocked us doing (when we still had a first rounder). But him falling to the fourth would be a great value. He obviously wouldn't start this year but with Suh realistically only being with us this year, he'd be a great guy to step up the following year as our NT. After that, in the fourth round I'd like to see any of the following players in horns: Tegray Scales Josey Jewell Micah Kiser Josh Sweat Dorace Armstrong Genard Avery
  15. Really think Scales would fall that far?
  16. @The LBC yes I'm in agreement with that. I wouldn't spend a pick prior to round six on him.
  17. I actually like Cruikshank a lot (as a late round flier). Lot of athleticism and a willing and capable hard hitter. I think his flaws are coachable and worst case scenario, if they're not, it'll only be a 6th round pick (if I had to predict where he landed). He's a guy I've been constantly putting in my personal mock drafts. Would like to see him in horns as safety depth. Worst case, I think he's a stud special teamer.
  18. Rams cannot afford to not extend him like what happened Sammy Watkins. Im still not happy about giving up our first rounder, but I think Cooks will fit in really well. He'll take over Watkins' role and he's actually a proven player rather than a guy living off glimpses/flashes/potential. What I'm happiest about is that this removes us from the OBJ sweepstakes. Whiles Cooks isn't necessarily as talented, he's not the headcase that Beckham is. And he'll come in at a cheaper number if (when) they look to extend him. I also don't think that this offense needs an elite prototype #1 receiver.
  19. Where did this come from? Cooks is a really talented player and a guy who can obviously take the top off of a defense. How much has he played at wideout, though, compared to the slot? I don't like giving up a first rounder. We won't be picking until round 3 now.
  20. I think you're getting a bit ahead of yourself and underestimating how difficult it is to win a Superbowl. Yes, this is the most talented this team has looked in about 15 years and I have an immense amount of confidence in McVay, but let's be real here...Last season was our first winning season in forever. While we may look like the best bet to make the SB on paper (which, we certainly are up there), its still an incredibly difficult task to achieve. We're talking about a very young HC who's only going to be in his second year. As great as we were this past season during the regular season, we
  21. I'm holding out hope for Landry still as well (which I think there's a legitimate chance of happening), but I also really like Leighton Vander Esch at ILB. I think he'd be a great fit and he's loaded with potential. If we lose out on Landry, I'd hope we take LVE over Evans (who I also like in his own right)
  22. Certainly a really exciting move. I was a big opposer of the move when it was brought up a couple weeks ago but I eventually really warmed up to it, and now I'm actually excited for it. What a dominant D Line that's going to be. The part I like most, however, is that it's only a one year deal and won't affect our ability to extend Donald long term. If it wasn't already blatantly obvious, this team is going for it all this year. I can't f-ing wait.
  23. Won't call you crazy for a second. You're absolutely right. Peters and Talib may be knuckleheads, but you can't deny that they're trying to get their team to win at all times. They're not concerned about what their personal situation is. Beckham coming in would DESTROY the whole "We not me" notion. He wants the ball his way every time. I'm convinced that his sideline tantrums are results of selfishness rather than the teams performance. That is not what we need for a young, still developing QB in Goff.
  24. Not that anyone doesn't know about OBJ's antics anyway, but me being someone who lives in NY, I see the crap he pulls week in and week out up close. He's the biggest diva in the league, a cry baby, attention seeking drama queen who thinks he's untouchable. He's a tremendous talent--no doubting that. But this guy is beyond a headache. Just watch the recent interview with John Mara. The guy already sounds fed up with dealing with him. He's a distraction on the field and off of it too. Combine all of that with the fact that there's no way we'd be able to afford him long term in addition to all of
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