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  1. I like it. I'm still not crazy about picking a WR in rounds 1-3. But overall I'm a fan of the mock.
  2. I like the Rankin pick a lot. He's a guy I've worked into my own mock pretty often. My question, however, is why draft Settle (especially with our first pick) if we DID end up signing Suh?
  3. It'll likely come down between us or the Saints. I've been one of the few people who aren't crazy about the idea of bringing Suh aboard. But I've reall warmed up to the idea. I won't be upset if it happens and I'm not pounding my fist to make it happen. But that would be a pretty unstoppable D Line if he was. Once I found out that he was more interested in playing for a contender than cashing in, it gave me a whole different outlook. Kind of exciting now, actually.
  4. Not me. I'm not crazy about this receiver class and I don't want our hand forced in the draft.
  5. A bit unrelated given recent rumors, but what ever happened to our interest in Terelle Pryor? I read we were interested and then that was the end of it. No visits or anything. I'd be a fan of signing him, assuming he'd come at a reasonable rate (no reason he shouldn't considering his last season). I like Reynolds a lot but I'm not 100% comfortable with him being the uncontested starter going into the season. I'd at least want some competition for the spot and some respectable depth. Jordan Matthews is another guy I'm interested in.
  6. Let Suh sign somewhere else. I wouldn't even entertain the thought of signing him for the amount of money he'll ask for. If there's even the slightest chance that signing him jeopardizes extending Donald, then it's a big mistake.
  7. Really would love to see us going after Hankins. Would be a perfect fit and he's a talented, still young player. Would eliminate a need going into the draft and allow us to focus on BPA.
  8. Very happy to see this. Would have been a big hit to the offense if we needed to replace him. Great re-sign.
  9. Any update on anything for us? We've been particularly quiet these last few days. I'm surprised to have not heard anything. Also curious to see what happens to John Sullivan. I'm worried about losing him
  10. Agreed. I've been saying it all offseason. I've seen a surprising amount of people projecting us to draft or sign a big name TE (this was before FA started obviously), saying it's a need of ours. I just don't get it.
  11. I, like most of us here, have been a big advocate of us getting rid of him. But for the amount he'll be getting this year, I don't have a problem with it. I still don't anticipate him being much more effective as a true receiver, but he'll still be an effective gadget player and decoy. He was definitely a valuable decoy last year and it certainly helped a lot of Gurley's runs. With all of that said, he is what is is as a receiver--below average. But he'll still have a place and use on this offense, be it sparingly or not.
  12. I'd rather see what we've got in Everett than go with Ebron. Eifert would be exciting but he can't stay healthy. Again, I'm much more interested in seeing what the combination of Higbee and Everett can do with a year in the system under their belt.
  13. Yeah I think I'd be most comfortable with Ebukam just for the fact that he started a few games for us and got some extended playing time towards the end of the year. I like Josh Reynolds a lot but he's a bit uncertainty at the moment still. I think Littleton has done great things with each opportunity he's gotten. He's been a ST ace and he came up with a big pick in the game he started against the Titans. I don't think it'd be the end of the world for any of them to be deemed starters, realistically. But I'd be afraid that the offense takes a step back going from Watkins to Reynolds.
  14. Didn't know where to put this, so I figured this thread was as good a spot as any. I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say. Who of these three would you feel most comfortable and least comfortable with going into the season as a starter? Samson Ebukam at OLB Josh Reynolds at WR Cory Littleton at ILB
  15. Looks like the Rams are more interested in drafting a NT more so than signing one. I see they're planning on meeting with Settle and I know Vea was another name that they're looking to meet with
  16. Well put. That sheds a lot more light on your and jrry's reasoning. I also didn't consider the comp pick part of the equation. Like I said in an earlier post, though... I wouldn't be mad at it happening. It's just not something I'm rooting for to happen.
  17. I don't want Brockers back at NT. But the reverse argument could be made as well. If you don't want Brockers at NT because you want him to be able to rush the passer, then why would you want Suh at NT?
  18. @jrry32 I think we've just got a difference of opinions on the matter. For the amount of money he'd make, I don't think he's able to make THAT much more of a difference than a guy like Poe, who'd be much less expensive, or even a Bennie Logan, who'd be a good value signing. I just think we could better use our resources. If we were to get him, I'd surely be happy because he's a tremendous talent. But I'm certainly not rooting for it to happen. You're not going to sway my opinion on it and I won't sway yours. I'll leave it with that.
  19. Suh spent the majority of his career as a penetrating UT in Detroit's 4-3 defense. I understand that Wade's system isn't your typical 3-4. Again, I'm not arguing the talent of the likelihood that he'd succeed here. I just don't think he'd make enough difference to merit what he's going to make money wise. Right now we need a guy who can eat blockers and stop the run at that NT position. Getting Suh would be overpaying for his pass rush skills that wouldn't be utilized as much.
  20. Btw I'm officially going sour grapes mode on Sammy Watkins. I wanted him back but I'm really happy (relieved) that we didn't pay him that much money. Four years into his career and he's still being highly regarded solely off of name, draft position and potential. While I can't blame him for going towards that much money, I think this shows that he's a selfish player. He kept quiet throughout the year despite not getting a lot of targets, but now I'm starting to think that it was because he was in a contract year. He said he wanted to continue to be a part of this team which has potential to do
  21. I really don't understand why. He's going to command a ton of money. Not to mention us putting him as a 3-4 NT is far from his natural fit. Sure he's plenty talented enough to do it, but you'd be putting him in a position that doesn't utilize his best quality--rushing the passer. I don't want to pay him all that money to be wasting his talents. No thanks. Let someone else throw a boat load of money at him.
  22. Great re-signing. Once we knew Watkins was gone, NRC was our most important player to retain. John Sullivan should be next unless they want to go after someone like Weston Richburg. Back to the topic, it's great to have NRC lock down the nickel spot for the next three years.
  23. Goodbye, Sammy. Watkins signs with the Chiefs. Hopefully we get Paul Richardson now.
  24. What's everyone's thoughts on Tamba Hali? I'm normally not the one to throw out the suggestion of signing a big name late into their career but I don't think it'd be a bad idea to sign him to a one year deal and help platoon Ebukam. I like Ebukam but I'm nervous about the thought of throwing him in as a full time starter. Hali could ease that transition and maybe even mentor him a little bit. The guy has a ton of experience in the 3-4 and I think he'd be a good fit--as long as the price is right, of course.
  25. Really not crazy about the idea of Suh. He's gonna cost way too much money and putting him as a 3-4 NT is taking away his most dominant quality--getting after the passer. I'd rather a guy like Bennie Logan or Justin Ellis (if he didn't just re-sign). I guess I'd be fine with Poe as well but he's another one who's going to command quite a bit of money
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