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  1. Prospects at Positions of Need

    I see no way this goes awry, good solid plan. Just to be 100% on this, you don't work in the Bears' front office right?
  2. 2019 Draft: Targets

    So I'm fine with this, lets get a James Conner in the 3rd. I also suggest we get a Tom Brady type in rd 6 just in case.
  3. 3rd Round Pick

    Having Cohen on the field tips a defense almost as much as having Howard on the field did. He's catching or running outside.
  4. Bears Receiver Depth Should Be A Concern

    Josh Bellamy leaving does mean they're going to need someone, likely a WR to fill that role. (What a weird thing to find yourself saying!)
  5. Jack Del Rio on Khalil Mack trade:

    Impulsive is the right word. The old-school vs. analytics debate is boring, but you have to agree that talent and value evaluation has gotten a lot more refined, and if you're a shoot-from-the-hip type you are rolling the dice more often than not It's an interesting team to pay attention to, lotta risk but if everything lands their way they'll be talented and volatile
  6. Jack Del Rio on Khalil Mack trade:

    I agree with all here, the Raiders didn't feel like paying him would be effective on a team that wasn't ready to contend, so got pretty good draft capital. Bears got a transformative player and have outperformed expectations. The Raiders have a pretty decent quiver of draft pics, and IF Gruden is good they could be really good in 2020 or so. I too don't think Gruden is going to get it right, his philosophy is both outdated and a little wild, and I think he's going to trip and fall.
  7. Bears re-sign offensive tackle Rashaad Coward

    This dude's going to win the Tanner Gentry award for imaginary excellence 2019
  8. Ayy Young Hoe!!

    Between this and the Rodgers-freude article we're doing pretty good on what's normally a boring Bears news week
  9. Bears resign OLB Aaron Lynch

    That seems like a very good value to me
  10. Bears resign OLB Aaron Lynch

    @kfishbain FollowingFollowing @kfishbain More Aaron Lynch got a $250,000 signing bonus. His 2019 cap number is $1,453,125. Can earn up to $250,000 with per game roster bonuses. 6:41 AM - 5 Apr 2019
  11. Aaron Rodgers is a nutjob

    I'm a little disturbed by how much I enjoyed that... I will say that A A Ron is amazing to watch and I'll be a little sad when he hangs it up. Mahomes is probably next in line for that type of transcendent creative QB
  12. Rank the Draft Needs

    And I'm not saying draft a kicker first, just saying they HAVE to come away with a college kicker at some point this offseason
  13. Rank the Draft Needs

    Pace-like I would rank them by "clouds" of positional need Most important: RB, CB, K Important: OLB TE OL Would be nice: S, WR, I would not be surprised at all to see Pace trade up for his RB. I think Nagy's probably been in his ear about what he wants, and Pace will probably see an opportunity and move a 2020 pick to move up a bit and get that guy. Oh, I dunno, say, Miles Sanders.
  14. Let’s talk about Jay cutler

    This is by kinda thread!
  15. If we pay more than a sixth for Johnson, people are going to lose their minds