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  1. I really think Mooney is special with his moves and smarts, you can be fast and turn quickly but he picks his spots and seems to do a good job selling it too. Pretty sure some of the other guys would win a track meet but Mooney is crafty. Kinda like Robinson seemed to be, no idea what's going on with him lately as this should be his golden hour. Seasons not even a third done, hopefully he and Fields* can develop more of a connection. *Almost wrote "Mitch" and then didn't have to and man it felt so good.
  2. This is like watching your neighbor pull up with a new car bought with a loan at 15%, and then a boat the next weekend, then an RV etc...
  3. I think they're using them, they are just not compplemented well by having an OL that can run block but not give a lot of time for them to get downfield. Mooney's kind of a freak in that he's fast, quick and seems to have a knack for getting in Fields vision. Over and over again I keep wondering what this season would look like with better tackles. Imagine our defense which is al ot better than anyone thought it would be, with Montgomery, Fields, and even a middle tier OL and maybe this year isn't just about watching Fields develop.
  4. Firing Shanahan would be really shocking. Think back to the carnival that 49ers coaching has been in between him and Jim Harbaugh, can't imagine there is much appetite for trying again. Plus if you want to make an excuse they've had injury luck that's about as bad as it gets. I don't know much about SF ownership, but if it's anything close to the McCaskeys they're probably still thrilled about that Super Bowl and just relieved it's not a Mike Tomsula situation.
  5. So last week: Just like she does with most electronics, my wife destroyed the Managerless Team, or DLL did, whatever I beat my neighbor, who stopped texting me midway through the game day and hasn't since The Matt Nagy fantasizer beat Shanes brother, you can collect your $10 from Shane at your leisure I can't believe Epyon stepped on that poor, poor Kmet the Frog And continuing the Shane family fortunes, Shane beat Big Bear That is all
  6. Yeah he started out ahead, then was even, and now he's behind. That's why the sequence goes: ball is caught, runner turns upfield at the 30, gains 8 yards, tackled by Deon Bush or someone, ball is placed on the new line of scrimmage, guy finally gets to the front the beer line, THEN #4 comes crashing through at the 30, diving gently for the sidelines. Eventually he's going to start going backwards in time where he'll revolutionize football in the 50s, but for now we're gonna be kinda pissed at him all the time.
  7. I'm pretty ticked that Snowden isn't active this weekend as it totally wrecks my fantasy team name of Snowden Falling on Rodgers which is of course based on the 1992 novel Snow Falling on Cedars, and movie of the same name. And so sorry you're uninformed, an F Tight End (abbreviated in TEF) is a regular U tight end, but you coat the ****er in teflon so they're harder to tackle.
  8. ^^^^ Those two said it best, but combine those posts and you've got what the Bears can do against poor to average defenses. I actually like the protection the Bears have been running, but wish they would be a little less predictable about playcalling on down and distances. Love when they look like run and instead send a guy deep plus an easy checkdown, that's great for Fields right now. GB defense isn't anything special, but I'd be stunned if this wasn't a higher scoring game than the last two and the Bears need to keep up. As to Nagy, he may be able to be a good HC if he lets thi
  9. Last week was kooky! Thu Oct 14 8:20 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Philadelphia Eagles Sun Oct 17 9:30 AM Miami Dolphins Jacksonville Jaguars ¹ 1:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Detroit Lions 1:00 PM Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears 1:00 PM Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM Kansas City Chiefs Wash
  10. I do love a good non-football analogy. I also kinda think their current plan with the run (although not auto-run on the frist two downs) is going to open things up for JF1. Aaron Rodgers is not only a great QB but uniquely suited to matching up to the Bears as they've historically been. We've had some really good defenses that only an elite QB can pick apart (see A.A, Ron) and on ce that happens we're counting on a team that sometimes has great rushing, usually has subaverage passing to keep up? Nah. This is the kind of game where we both can't get behind early, and then also can't let
  11. Here's a theory on Eddie Jackson. He's not from our universe, but rather he's originally from the universe next door, where time is a second ahead of ours. That's why early in his career he was always right where he needed to be, taking the ball, making the tackle and always in the perfect spot. However, as the multiverse expands, the time overlay is slipping. and he's gone from being in sync with our time, to now being a second behind. If this seems crazy explain to me why that guy is always screaming right through the space where the ball carrier used to be? That was a fun gam
  12. Man, remember what Nagy kept doing to Bradley Sowell? That guy must have gotten whiplash from getting jerked around so much. "you're an OL, you're a TE, you're cut! Get back here!"
  13. The possibility that the Bears will lurch into some success, or Fields will be exciting enough to keep Nagy around next year has hovered in the back of my mind and it didn't seem that bad, but I cam across a quote from Fields that is just damning. He's referring here to Bill Lazor. His voice is always calm,” Fields said. “That’s the one thing I like. With Coach (Nagy), it’s hard for him to be calm if he has focus on the defense and focus on special teams. Bill’s voice is calm. He’s up there in the box seeing the field well. And he did a great job calling plays today.”
  14. You made me watch a press conference, ack, and honestly I can't see much making me think it was him or from above. You might be better at reading between the lines, but I'm not seeing signs of outside influence. The painful part for me is him talking about Lazor calling plays and saying how good it felt. Yeah Matt, I too have always enjoyed giving up my favorite part of my job and watching someone do it better.
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