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  1. People think superpowers are cool, but when it's something like "ability to predict lame sports occurrences" you'll see it's more a curse
  2. You're forgetting Mike Singletary who actually wants to be here
  3. I give you my vow, and promise to be unflinching, undaunted, and unrelevant: I will never spell this guys name right until he wins a superbowl.
  4. We now have a situation so prime for meat-balling that it's going to break the universe. Be ready to die a little inside every time you see some joke about hiring Matt and Ryan so you could save the nametags, so Virginia wouldn't have to learn new names, so Geroge wouldn't get scared. It's going to be insufferable.
  5. If other teams are watching, I hope they see what a crime it is to waste a year in the NFL. If the Bears had cut loose staff that were obviously not working last year, the odds are good that a new GM still would have moved up for Fields, and we may not have bothered to have two very very average (*but in different flavors of meh) QBs on the roster. We'd be ahead on the rebuild, and probably sitting on less dumb money going out. So I'm inclined to agree about George, I think to define it more narrowly he's petrifed of the Bears being embarassed. But to play my own devils advocate; WHY w
  6. With you on all points, except the interview concern. It's not like there's an obvious home run candidate here, so I can't imagine going with someone who doesn't impress you in person. I also disagree that Napoleon stuttered, supposedly the psych conclusion is that he was dyslexic and probably on some sort of spectrum. This big fat coaching search is less interesting to me than I thought it would be. After so many failures of coaching and players I'm just hoping they get lucky and the Bears are watchable next year.
  7. So... does Hackett going to Denver make Rodgers want to go there more or less? I would bet you that even if they have a bad season or two, Gutenkunst is breathing a sigh of relief when Rodgers leaves. That's got to be like getting out of the marriage where she wakes you up every morning with new crazy **** and your car on fire.
  8. Yeah, who knows if he'll be any good, but for now I'm just enjoying sneaking ahead of the Vikings for everything. Would be up for a road trip if George wants to steal Amazon packages off the U.S. Bank Stadium front porch.
  9. Once had 2 pairs of safety glasses AND a pair of sunglasses on my head at the same time. Gotta protect the scalp from debris.
  10. Who keeps changing the thread titles? It's confusing me and making me feel old, like spending an hour looking for the keys that were in my hand the whole time.
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