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  1. Mike Davis, he gone!

    I think you move up nall instead, he gives you something different than Cohen and Montgomery
  2. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    If we're drafting a QB, bring on the boring competent types. I could care less about finding an athletic big arm who can't tell the defense from a line dance
  3. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    I do think the Bears offensive scheme was figured out, solved and that's what you saw in the GB game. That was such a curb stomp that it's busted Mitch's head.
  4. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Let us not just double down on bringing lots of actual QBs, but lets also get the QB-Coach depth going and keep Daniel, add Smith, McCown and where's Hoyer these days
  5. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    He's boring, also 49 years old (citation needed) and dead (really only in one leg)
  6. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    I think they're just trying to establish certain looks on tape, so that when an opposing DC preps for the Bears, he'll be saying to himself "Lets see, if Robinson's open, and Wims is open, and Burton's open, then they shall throw HERE" (jabs at paper indicating a triple covered Bilal Nichols, eligble WR)
  7. Around the NFL Thread

    It's a Canadian train, so I bet it's affordably priced and runs on time and is warm and stocked with nice booze and food, however it probably take you to a vacant mine in Quebec. I'm not ready! I'm picking Davis as my hill to die on, or at least fall down on, roll off into a valley of watching some other fall sport for a couple years. Cheese rolling?
  8. Around the NFL Thread

    If they keep Davis you can sign me up on the fire Pace train. Nagy has a trait that I worry about, which is falling in love with an idea of his, and not being able to move on when it doesn't work out. I hope Pace doesn't have that, but given the relatively cold way he's handling personnel (think about what a success story Merideth was going to be: Pace pick, local boy... but Pace cut bait on a injury calculation and turned out to be right.) I don't think that will be an issue. Kinda ****ty to keep him around all week though, if I was going to get fired I'd love to not have to practice first!
  9. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    I believe his biggest deficiency is not accuracy, but in pre and post snap reading of the defense. Many of the busted plays last week looked bad before the snap-either the OL was going to be overmatched, or the extra blockers were on the wrong side-and Mitch wasn't fixing it. Plus any hint of misdirection and he's going back to what I assume is his first read, and he either isn't noticing or isn't confident enough to throw to open receivers that he isn't expecting. There's a very good chance he's just not smart, which sucks becuase he seems like a good try-hard guy.
  10. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    Cue someone complaining about incredible wait times, inefficient interface, and hair falling out... and you won't know which topic they're actually talking about
  11. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    You can't run fast enough.. Not just because it's the Bears, and we seem cursed, but how likely do you think it is that Brady loses another step real soon? I'd hate to be the laughingstock again when Brady goes down in week 4 and we trot out Mitch again
  12. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    If you ever doubt that world class athletes are wired differently, take a peek into what's known about river's personal life... Isn't he commuting from SD to LA?
  13. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Meanswhile... (also pretty sure they resigned, or is it cut??.., Bradley Sowell again)
  14. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    I wasn't considering Foles as even being available. Dalton has one year left on his contract, can Cincinnati cut him?
  15. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    I think Foles is making 16million in 2020, however he's under contract for a couple years in JAX, so it's not just his contract it's the capital to obtain him. Would you be comfortable with Pace making another "all-in" move next year? To get Foles and take advantage of a 1 year window? That's an actual question here, I honestly don't know. What if we give up picks that could be used on a future QB, or to fix the OL, or the TE, or reinforce the defensive losses that are coming?