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  1. Watson and Kamara

    Please don't forget: Loggains was pulling/told to pull Cohen at times, because he was being double teamed. The above sentence refers to a thing that really happened
  2. Prop bets: What do you think?

    Guys, I'd like to explain my thought process a little here, so you can follow my reasoning. We probably shouldn't have opened that last bottle of wine at dinner.
  3. Prop bets: What do you think?

    JoHo under 1000 yds Over 7.5 wins Allen Under More INT for MT10 Kevin Goddamn White Floyd Over
  4. Who had best draft?

    Meanwhile, my Jay Cutler Miami Dolphins jersey is authentic NFL. I can only wear this over to my brother in laws house, workplace etc as he is the one who inflicted it upon me. Someday my grandkids are going to be cleaning out boxes and have a serious WTF moment
  5. The Bears Offensive Depth Chart Discussion

    Barring injury, what do you all see the team needs for next year? OLB, OT, CB, DL, QB for me, with all but the top two bring lower priorities.
  6. Who had best draft?

    Actually kind of impressed they went DB twice in a row, I feel like that's something you"just don't do, everyone will look us" Didn't seem like a bad draft to me. Frankly I'm chalking up the double DB to fear of Mitch!
  7. Watson and Kamara

    The Cutler days trained me to accept that a player I wanted to succeed could/would be a total bag as a person. With Mitch it is so refreshing to not have that feeling. Whenever he opens his mouth (blessedly rare!) it's decent, and the way other people talk about him always makes me like him. In my own professional and sporting life I really really enjoy working with people who keep the talk quiet and the labor loud.
  8. Watson and Kamara

    I always wanted Watson (and Kizer, lol so far) but have really wondered if Watson was off of Pace's board for medical reasons. If you think about, he fits the usual Pace mold quite well. Trubisky didn't look as good as Watson out side of preseason, but that's a statement covered is asterisks as we all know round here. Both showed enough to expect them not to be bad, probably minimum they're both average starting QB's. I think so far we can't predict the eventual quality of each, aside from being able to dismiss them as busts. The other question is: if their current performance were to be their eventual ability, would you rather have average Trubisky or excellent but injured Watson? My own gut feeling is that Trubisky is going to be above average and good enough to win it all, but Watson will have a flashier career that ends early.
  9. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    I for one, have a plan in place for hand-wringing, pointing out how thin the Bears are at pass rush, and loud things about Ryan Pace. RIght next to that plan's envelope is the one full of "THATS MY GUY" first time Roquan cleans up Aaron Rodgers or returns a fumble.
  10. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Anyone else been waiting for this? Just like when KW probably gets cut next year, I'll be checking in furiously to see the Windy reaction. Windy, I hope this brings some small measure of peace
  11. Who had best draft?

    C'mon guy, aren't you the least bit excited that there is an NFL quarterback who is a joke/meme and it's NOT a Bears quarterback? Live, man, live!
  12. Who had best draft?

    Dude they've got Blake freakin Bortles, he can carry the offense while they improve the D and become a real contender.
  13. Everyone else gets to mock draft...

    So I want it on record, that aside from all the draft picks, my second mock draft which believe it or not was done as a joke was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ACCURATE* *Aside from all the draft picks
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

  15. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!