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  1. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Wow, I can remember really thinking Landry would be a good catch back in the day...
  2. Training Camp 2018

    I think this agent is out to change the game for contracts and isn't going to budge. I don't think we're seeing Roquan in the preseason, but that they'll sign before he starts losing regular game checks. If he is anything less than oustanding when he finally takes the field, or get's hurt, I think fans, media and other players are going to crucify him. Rookie contracts suck, and I think they should fight for every dime, but man oh man do I wish the "hill to die on" was up in Wisconsin!
  3. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    I propose our forum buys Windy a Bellamy jersey. Seconded? Seconded. Consider it done.
  4. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    Do you guys remember when Bennie Fowler was on the Bears? Man, good times.
  5. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Do players have agents before or after the draft? If I was a front office I would certainly take this agency into account on future players.
  6. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    Lurch. Ha.
  7. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    I want to play
  8. TABT

    Please keep it Bears related... unless.... is an actual bear going to eat that woman if I watch the gif long enough? Standby, I'm going to watch it to see but not for more than 5 hours OK?
  9. Watson and Kamara

    Friend, that was beautiful. I remember the hype even though I was 5 years old. The McDonalds Bears cards were the best. I recall being excited about getting Kevin Butler.
  10. Watson and Kamara

    Please don't forget: Loggains was pulling/told to pull Cohen at times, because he was being double teamed. The above sentence refers to a thing that really happened
  11. Prop bets: What do you think?

    Guys, I'd like to explain my thought process a little here, so you can follow my reasoning. We probably shouldn't have opened that last bottle of wine at dinner.
  12. Prop bets: What do you think?

    JoHo under 1000 yds Over 7.5 wins Allen Under More INT for MT10 Kevin Goddamn White Floyd Over
  13. Who had best draft?

    Meanwhile, my Jay Cutler Miami Dolphins jersey is authentic NFL. I can only wear this over to my brother in laws house, workplace etc as he is the one who inflicted it upon me. Someday my grandkids are going to be cleaning out boxes and have a serious WTF moment
  14. The Bears Offensive Depth Chart Discussion

    Barring injury, what do you all see the team needs for next year? OLB, OT, CB, DL, QB for me, with all but the top two bring lower priorities.
  15. Who had best draft?

    Actually kind of impressed they went DB twice in a row, I feel like that's something you"just don't do, everyone will look us" Didn't seem like a bad draft to me. Frankly I'm chalking up the double DB to fear of Mitch!