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  1. Bears will sign Cody Parkey, K

    Weird, he usually just kicks a ball into it
  2. Adopt a Bear - 2018

    I just want to update you on our lovely adopted fella Akiem. He brings joy and energy to our home, and is always willing to help out in a pinch. The other day we were hanging drywall, and he wanted to get in there and help so he just yelled at it and it installed itself. It really makes up for all the food he eats and the time he threw our truck when he was mad at me. Enjoy this
  3. Callahan broke his foot

    Good news is that the rest of the unit is playing so tight, and so skilled, that they're elevating each others play. It's absolutely wonderful to see, but specific to this issue it really allows people to play above their usual level. I actually dig McManis and think he'll get a chance to shine. And it stinks for him, but I think we can find a way to afford Callahan now. Or, who knows, maybe he was the glue that holds the D together and everybody starts stepping on rakes out there.
  4. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    So, a little update since I know you guys were waiting for Jahns to break the news... Did my video work today, and was OK, but I still sound like John Fox a bit Best part was, the video was filmed at my location, and for a company from Wisconsin. I went around this morning and stashed my Bears hats in the background of every shot. They didn't notice, and on their way out the door I let them know about it and gave them a jolly ol' "**** the Packers" They're wonderful people and great to deal with but I've spent years getting packages addressed to "The Jay Cutler fanclub" and **** like that.
  5. Callahan broke his foot

    Really like this guy, but also feel that of all the players back there this might be the easiest to cover for. McManis is not going to be as good but at least knows the role. Hoepfully this is doesn't hurt coverage much. Watching the QB mutter "oh ****" as he feels the Bear's pass rush coming and realizes the coverage is solid is awesome this season. It's like there's a big lead blanket just sitting on the field.
  6. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    I would rate "Brady vs Rodgers" as just above "Ford vs Chevy" and far below "Politics 2016-present" in terms of conversations that make me want to tear off my jaw so I can chew my own ears off
  7. NFC Playoff Contenders

    Which was the biggest bullet dodged; McDaniels or Defilippo? I was scared to death of McDaniels but thought Defilippo was a decent roll of the dice. Thought Nagy seemed like the coolest choice and so far so kickass.
  8. Trubisky and the end of the season

    This season is yielding bonkers QB stats period, I would trust eye test more than any other test right now. And man did I say it before, but you can pick a Trubisky game to prove any point you want!
  9. Packer Week

    I think this will be a Bears win, and while there will be more than a few scares from the boogeyman from up north, it doesn't end up being close. The quick stuff isn't going to work as well since a) Smith and Trevathan are both playing better b) the coverage+pressure are both just so good. I expect that once that's established that Rodgers has to turn to heroics and that leads to some interceptions. Trubisky is going to play better, and the run game is going to exist. Bears 31 Packers 21
  10. Trubisky and the end of the season

    I know I've said this a lot, but we're coming up to the end of my self imposed moratorium on freaking out about Trubisky. My deadline was the next Packers game, and after that I'm going to sit back and look at last year and this year and put my thoughts in order. I know I'm really going to like Lions and Bucs Trubisky. I am really worried about early 18 and a Rams Trubisky. Not going to enjoy seeing that again. He really has showed enough to convince both the haters and the annointers that they're right.
  11. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    My favorite noise was when the Rams fans would chant"touchdown" when the Rams had third and long, but the Bears fans "jumped the route" and we're sneaking in "defense" right before the Rams guys said "touchdown"
  12. NFC Playoff Contenders

    For whatever reason this past week was almost entirely aberrant results and wild play. Was every game an upset? Sure felt like it. In the year of rampant scoring, did we just see 2 prime time defensive grind games? Yep. Well one defensive game and one inept offensive game... Love it when the definitive statements get torn up all in a day!
  13. Trubisky and the end of the season

    10+0 averages to 5... To fine tune my thoughts, Trubisky needs to play consistently average for them to keep going Sunday is a great chance to show up and prove it Either way, never been a better time to be a Bears fan! Got to wear a scarf my father got me in 85 to a killer game Sunday night, feels real good
  14. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    Bradley Sowell is going to throw a pass this season