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  1. Yeah we took 20. Don't take 20. Black hills of south Dakota was fantastic though, at least outside of the tourist stuff. Have some good recommendations for cool stuff to do if you're ever there, including the one decent restaurant we found (it was a shed)
  2. If we had no Fields waiting in the wings I guarantee you all many of us would have taked ourselves into Dalton. My own position on him is that he's maybe a tiny upgrade over Mitch. I had a lot of time to think driving in from west South Dakota today (hint: don't do this as Nebraska is intolerable) but maybe Dalton and Mitch may both be pretty medicore, but I feel like the ways in which Dalron is mediocre may suit Nagy's offense as he wants to scheme guys open, let a play develop, and then have someone pick the obvious open guy and get the ball nearby. Mitch couldn't do that, but maybe Dalto
  3. The only way it gets better from a Bears fan's perspective is if the Packers hire Lori as a special consultant to sort this out. Literally can't see a way to mismanage it more thoroughly than they have, but she would find a way. Watching this NFL offseason really is a reminder that you never know the future, should always be prepared for the unexpected, and if you find yourself an NFL GM never mess up having an HOF QB.
  4. I really like Brett's videos, but am also absolutely terrified when he says a prospect is going to be great as they almost immediately have an injury or suck. Also warmly remember his glowing video about Mitch's preseason performance (which was great!)
  5. If Dalton is an upgrade it's a very incremental one. By the stats from last year it's kind of a wash between Dalton and Mitch. I guess you could make the argument that Dalton with an offseason is better than Foles without one, but I wouldn't argue that very hard. Wouldn't surprise me to see Dalton look decent-good early on and then teams figure out and plan for how Nagy deploys him. Sure we can all agree that it's great not having Dalton be our best and only option for the season. Would be interesting to see Dalton's jersey sales as I can't imagine there are many starting QBs (QB1!) sellin
  6. The commentray is all in how the cameriaman framed that. Love the close up of the ball as it flops around on the turf. Seems to say "and even the ball knew this guy is full of suck, even the ball" Works if you hear it in Morgan Freeman's voice.
  7. Depends on whether we get flexed to prime time of course! Off topic: what would you guys want in a outdoor dining/hanging area? Going to have some neat architectural features and a smoke/grill station off the corner, but want to add some cool stuff like fans, win chiller etc.
  8. Agreed on Nagy, it's kinda funny that we still don't know what his offense looks like after so many years. Hopefully this year is more make than break for him as it'll be far better for Fields to stay with one offense and coach. As to the Bears, I am a world class sucker for this team and will watch every year secretly assuming they're going to be great. Plus I have a new smoker and I'm making a big covered dining area outside with a projector and sound so I'm pretty much locked in on the Bears as I have no idea what else you have people over to watch.
  9. Tebow was the fullest expression of "backup QB pops onto field, wins a game" ever. He had skills, but most of them weren't the ones needed for QB. To the casual fan it's easy to miss how much preparation an NFL defense does for what tehy're expecting the opposing offense to do, so it's funny sometimes how "different but not better" can have a lot of success midgame or mid season. Recall 2018 when the Bears had actual success on offense before everyone figured out the QB couldn't count. Fun to play "what might have been" games with players but I would guess that "tight end" is still Tebow's c
  10. To dance around the political aspect of it, I think the NFL is going to be just fine long term, but it's hard to argue that this doesn't feel like a high-water mark for it's popularity and thus the value of the franchise. The McCaskeys are never going to be panhandling, but if they want to cash out now it's probably the time, or at least right after a stadium deal gets done and the golden goose gets even bigger. I don't think they'll sell though as they all seem to value the team for what it is rather than it's value. Wouldn't make sense to spend all the cash on the new LF facilities just to
  11. Eh. It's just like not bringing in any even remotely viable QB options for years. Every GM has to pick areas to focus on, and Pace thought he had QB nailed and so focused on defensive positions and neglected QB and OT and it yielded poor and shallow offensive play and a team that would need statistically amazing defensive play to compete. Didn't really work but somehow he gets a second chance and seems to have completely changed his approach to a more modern team building; drafting high and low for OT seems better to me and he's doing it. As much as we rightfully dump on Pace for the cont
  12. Nope, but I would bet they're brought in with a share greater than their cash contribution for the juice they'll bring to developing a sportsbook and probably hotel. I have exactly zero personal trust in any commercial real estate personalities I know, but that type is top of my list if I ever wanted to accomplish a large scale plan that involves lots of financing and general dealmaking. Honestly I think it would be a perfect match for what the McCaskeys and other minor stakeholders bring in terms of the nearly-solely-owned huge brand asset. Even being charitable I don't think you can think
  13. Barring some huge wrench this seems like an obvious conclusion. The Bears are probably about as valuable as they're ever going to be, except of course if they move a develop their new base in Arlington Heights. Bluhm can bring in both casino operations and hedge fund money. Arlington Heights would be over the moon to make sure the Bears come there and not some residential development that has limited tax income. The mayor is a lame duck and will get zero people to help her if she wants to fight this; better to just demand the full penalty for breaking the lease and get to work on something
  14. Hmm. So he's an overperformer for his value but not great? He's like Leno 2 with a different origin story! Kidding, kinda. The way Pace approached the OL is out of character for him; he usually signs a solid vet at a position of need, then drafts it as well. This year he only brought in Wilkinson who's more like depth, drafted high, and then created the position of need. Curious to see how it works out as it's riskier than his normal belt-and-suspenders approach.
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