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  1. I feel more like the rear-facing car seat.... What a year to need a QB. Have the worst feeling we combine all our terrible options: "Nick is our started, and with a full offseason program we anticipate better things", plus we move up the draft at great expense, but do so for like, Mac Jones.
  2. George McCaskey, January 2022 "We're excited to see what Ryan and Matt can do with the number 1 overall pick, Ted in particular is looking to collaborate to make sure we get our quarterback of the fut... whats that Ted? Ryan says what? Sorry, I meant to say our #2 CORNERback of the future! Also, ticket prices will be increasing by 14%"
  3. Ye gods.. I leave for a while and we're talking ourselves into Minshew? Feels like stumbling into a wet basement full of refugees trying to figure out which piss is best to drink. Either go up and get your qb this year, or build return can't miss building blocks like OT, DL and start foles so we get a good pick next year. And next year's qb class is puzzling at best
  4. I'm just going to hope they get really lucky drafting a quarterback. Our highest probability shot is to beat the odds.
  5. Barring some bat**** trade/hire for Dak or Watson, Pace HAS to draft a QB high. For performance reasons and job security reasons, he cannot go into the season with Foles as his QB. Pace has ??? years on his contract, but another dreary *** season this year with no upside, that means he's gone. He needs to have some bright side sitting on the roster to justify his existence to ownership that is clearly willing to wait around and see what happens. Also, we know very well what Foles is, and we need a swing at a better QB. Look at the FA options, make a list, then remove the ones tha
  6. Ha. "The real championship is the time we spent together as a team!"
  7. Could George be asking Pace and Nagy to present a plan on how they'll improve in 2021? Good lord can you imagine...
  8. This is bonkers... If you're going to fire somebody or not don't let them twist in the wind like this. If George really likes these guys he's not doing them any kind of service by making them wait and do meetings. If you've ever fired someone, even someone who absolutely deserves it, you know it sucks and you've gotta be direct, clear and I can't imagine having someone in for meetingS while you dither. And if the reports are true that Phillips is with him on this.. ugh.
  9. Heh, what's worse: sticking with these guys, or firing them late and being the last team to the hunt for better personnel? Obviously staff is much a dice roll as drafting players is, but lots of teams have interviewed multiple candidates already.
  10. This seems like Pace and Nagy are staying, and they're just trying to sort out how to present this to the public. Not what I would do. I think the Bears ownership's reputation for cheapness needs to go; instead they should be known as scared and inept
  11. Remember waiting for Trubisky to start in 2017? I think it's going to be a lot like that. If I recall I was betting on 6 games in, he got what, 4?
  12. Jackson for sure benefitted from a solid thumper cleaning up underneath. I LIKED Amos a ton, but understood letting him walk. Our issues over the past two years seem like a combindation of uncreative gameplanning, opposing OCs getting the ball out quick, and as always a ****load of holding.
  13. Eh, Amos was more reliable, better tackler, but I totally agree that letting him walk was the right move in light of other money commitments. Would have loved to keep him, but not for what GB is paying.
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