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  1. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I don't think we're in new-QB territory yet, and even if we are there our options are absolutely terrible. Benching Mitch has a lot more likely negative outcomes than positives. Is there the chance that being humiliated somehow jolts him into being good? Sure I guess, but I'd be shocked, and more likely you're just going to finish off whatever confidence he has left. We are stuck with Mitch, I hope he gets better. Lets say you want to trade up next year and get to pick #10 to grab a QB. If you assume we'll be drafting around 20th or so, and you take EVERY pick we have next year, you're about halfway there on trade value. And that in my mind is the BEST option we have. Otherwise what do we do, Alex Smith? Cripes, I'm going to start watching golf. Something is obviously wrong with him. All the areas of concern from last year have returned with a vengeance, and it's unexpected. But man oh man are our options thin.
  2. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    Yes, Chicago will truly escape it's reputation as a strong team with a mediocre quarterback when they acquire... nope can't even write it without laughing
  3. Around the NFL Thread

    I think if we could get a decent U tight end I would trade a pick for it. Windy you had the TE position pegged this offseason. It was a question mark, and they didn't address it, and now it's a problem.
  4. Around the NFL Thread

    That's true, I'd been thinking it would be Amukamara's replacement, but maybe it's a spot that MF could take.
  5. Around the NFL Thread

    I'm not dodging falling sky, but would you be comfortable giving up draft capital right now? If all goes to hell with Mitch, we are already short on ways to get a QB in time to take advantage of the defenses window.
  6. Around the NFL Thread

    Uh no you don't, you always say that. I already told you why you're wrong, why don't you stop with your straw man arguments and cherry-picking of facts about eggs?
  7. Around the NFL Thread

    I think we need a more civil discourse around here, so let's find some common ground and simplify the discussion. Should we do politics, Ford/Chevy, religion or beer?
  8. WK1 Breakdown: The Bully Edition

    Wish that was more gif worthy, as it's a capsule summary of this game
  9. NFCN Rivals - Vikings thread

    On day 7 I'm going to start a thread on "Mitch Trubisky reading the field assessment: Should we choose to be alive"
  10. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I think this is good and logicial. My only question is how much are you willing to give up if they love a guy in round 1 next year? Let's say Nagy likes a guy, and it's round 1, pick 10, and they think he's going to go next. All you've got is seconds. If it's something crazy like your 2 seconds, and 3 first round picks, do you do it? It's like losing your savings at blackjack, but then coming back with the deed to your folks house and trying again.
  11. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    I'm with you there. Pace has earned a lot of trust from me, but he declared that they'd acquire a QB every year, which made a TON of sense to me, but they haven't done jack in that area. In a perfect world you get your Kink COusins or something, but at the least you get better at evaluating QB talent in your building. Competent backup is a broad term, not sure there are 32 competent QBs period right now. BUT you're right, and they should keep bringing people in and hope to get lucky with a backup, or really lucky with a future starter.
  12. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    We went through this last year, I remember talking myself down off the ledge by saying I'd wait until Packers 2 to make up my mind on him. It was good advice. Going to wait until at least the bye before taking up golf or apple picking or some damn thing.
  13. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    It sounds like lots of you have competed at different sports and at different levels. You have to have had one of those perfect storm games/races/matches where everything you normally do well goes wrong, your opponent somehow seems inferior but manages to play in a way that exactly complements your weaknesses, and skills/moves/strengths all fall flat. I'm hoping this game was that, and not the reality of the Bears' offense.
  14. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    I guess the way to know is what happens if they ****-trip again next Sunday, and see what happens with the locker room or with leaks. Now you've got me picturing Brandon Marshall on this team, yikes! New nightmare scenario for you all: On Sunday afternoon Chase Daniel comes out of the tunnel onto the field at gametime. You're welcome!
  15. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Agree wholeheartedly with your first statement; nothing erases a problem like winning No idea on your second though, it would be bizarre to me that a team-first group like this would be leaking things after a single game. This isn't Trestman Time.