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  1. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I had the same feeling when a few simple questions a-rosen!
  2. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    Pace's MO calls for a double dip a TE. The team was hamstrung when he didn't do more before the 2019 season and he's probably smarting from trusting Burton and Shaheen to change. He always likes to have a team on paper before the draft, so I'd be stunned if he didn't get a FA TE. Once the draft rolls around I think there will be a couple 2nd rd TE options that are attractive value so I expect him to grab one. I think OL, TE, CB and EDGE are all on the table with the pair of 2nds, and maybe even QB, but if I had to bet right now I'd say TE is most likely.
  3. The 2020 Draft Thread

    For FA I'm on board with signing some Keenum level producer, and think that using the Bears 4th-5th round picks on some flyer project QB makes sense, but outside of some unlikely fall of Tua, are there any other QBs that could be available in round 2 for the Bears that you'd like to see? I am not a huge fan, but feel like Fromm might get Nagy's attention as someone who can execute the offense and count to 1-2. Hurts freaks me out but I can see why people think he's a winner. Eason is interesting but could totally see the Smoking Jacob meme's writing themselves.
  4. All in On Nagy Mock

    Scrolling through a lot of screens right now, and read the above as "Dammit man, I thought we all agreed not to encourage him!" Followed by "your mom probably does too"
  5. Bears hire Clancy Barone as TE coach

    "Barone, fetch the case for.. our friend here"
  6. Bears hire Clancy Barone as TE coach

    I enjoy his attitude, and he ALWAYS owns up to it when he's wrong so I don't mind the pedestal he keeps himself on when he's right.
  7. Free Agent QB Discussion

    A QB not signing with a team because it might offend someones AGENT would be in the Hall of Fame of stupid **** that heppens to the Bears. "Marcus, I'm sorry, but we need to think of (laughs) Mitch Trubisky's career here, so I need you to sit out 2020"
  8. Bears fire a bunch of coaches (Mostly offense)

    Sorry, Burrow seems very likely to do well in the NFL. As for Mitch... well, I still might grow taller at 39 too. It could happen.
  9. Bears fire a bunch of coaches (Mostly offense)

    Yeah but the stats don't like: Burrow is going to bust as well
  10. Around the NFL Thread

    The Texans as a whole reflect his decisions and philosophy. I kind of like them to be honest, but it would be almost as frustrating as being a Bears fan as they keep making whacko decisions.
  11. All in On Nagy Mock

    Oh ****... I meant to post this on Windy's mock not yours.
  12. Free Agent QB Discussion

    I like Rosen here, both because a) he had potential enough to get drafted high and landed in not one but two garbage situations so there is a chance b) he sets people off like no one besides Kaepernick c) he would likely trade cheap If it's a 5th round pick, do you feel better about Kellen Montez or Josh Rosen?
  13. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    Sounds like Childress is departing. I kind of picture his exit interview as that scene from Office Space... "What would you say, it is, that you do here?"
  14. All in On Nagy Mock

    This seems on-form considering Pace's past moves. Have you considered becoming scout-team Ryan Pace for some team modelling draft scenarios?
  15. Bears fire a bunch of coaches (Mostly offense)

    Likely not, but why not package some picks and move up? What could go wrong?