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  1. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    I'm more of a scifi guy, and for me there's only 3 names that matter: Iain, M, Banks
  2. Early Returns on the Rookie Class

    His record with middle round guys and value FAs is really good. Whether he is succesful or not now hinges on Mitch and how he manages the cap in the next couple years. If Mitch is good what Pace does next offseason is going to be really interesting, I won't be surprised if he starts trading away good but expensive players and amassing draft capital to try and restock the roster on the cheap. If Mitch doesn't progress this year, then Pace next moves are going to be interesting as well, in the way a warehouse fire is "interesting"
  3. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    It is really good, and it's got some of the most imaginative world-building I've read, however there is a LOT of social commentary in her work that you might not enjoy.
  4. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    I've said it before, but finding out how much I enjoy Packer-freude really makes me question my quality as a person. Hope he throws a tablet next!
  5. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    Have you read the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms?
  6. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    Trade for #2 pick. They could have had that tall guy much cheaper!
  7. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    I do now, man Pace really blew it with that trade.
  8. Bears Worst Offseason in NFL?

    Fascinating times to live in, where so many people are getting information and opinions from non-tradtional sources. This forum and the Adam's podcast are my favorite ways to stay informed. Works great for sports! Other things perhaps not so much. What I really wish is that there were journo's who would give the detailed info the Bears refuse to let them share from practice and camp.
  9. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    Aside from all that, do you think he'll do it for less than 20?
  10. Former Lions QB Josh McCown Announces Retirement From NFL

    Fans of like 15 teams just went, "Oh yeah, really liked that guy!"
  11. Early Returns on the Rookie Class

    Can you imagine having the "problem" of deciding to keep Robinson or replace him with a rookie? The Adam's are generally pretty cautious on evaluating rookies without pads, but they sounded like they'd seen something good on the field from all three. I'm skeptical about Shelley just based on size-imagine a team just sending some beefcake tight end after him-but if he can play once the hitting starts that would be amazing. I really trust Pace's evaluations at this point. Really looking forward to everyone forgetting about his trade-ups soon; Tru, Miller, Montgomery.
  12. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    How else is he supposed to answer the question? It was this or some bland, "no comment" He's a fun guy to root for, I like his attitude, I hope he's good, I think he will be
  13. Augghhhhh! Just picture Charlie Brown screaming
  14. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    What if he plays at more or less 2018 level, where's he's inconsistent enough to seem like he could either way?
  15. By the way, every time I see this thread's title, I can't help but think Jesus Done Left Chicago