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  1. Prop bets: What do you think?

  2. What Would Robbie Gould Cost Us?

    Cody Parkey is wrecking me. It's always been easy to keep sports in perspective, and I try really hard to not let it go past the final whistle no matter how bad the Bears were. I've never yelled at my family after a bad game etc etc etc. But Cody Parkey instantly makes my blood boil, and all these Valentines day memes are not helping. Pace needs to get the kicker position right for my mental health.
  3. What Would Robbie Gould Cost Us?

    I came here only for the "everything" thanos gif... a little disappointed frankly. So long as Parkey is gone I don't care, teach Hicks to kick whatever it takes.
  4. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Trade up would not surprise me a bit with Pace It's kind of like the deficit, someday it's going to come due and I think that unless we have a SB to show for it, 2021 is going to be a rough year again
  5. Kevin White Seen As High Value Free Agent

    Well aside from that, he's RED HOT!
  6. Kevin White Seen As High Value Free Agent

    In addition to the injuries, when he's been out there the best thing he has done is go-up balls and blocking. I have never watched a game specifically for him, but my gut feeling is he runs routes like a train
  7. Free Agent Rumors

    Thank you, my limited brain space available for football fades out after the Superbowl!
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    Do teams normally wait until the deadline before tagging players? Would stink to miss out of other options to wait for Gould and then he gets tagged, assuming Bears want him back
  9. SB LIII: Pats vs Rams, who ya got?

    Well, it's offseason time. Who wants to volunteer to be the guy on Twitter who criticizes mock drafts for leaving out the Bears in everyones first round mocks? Must include "everybody still sleepin on DA Bears?!"
  10. SB LIII: Pats vs Rams, who ya got?

    How hilarious will it be if for the rest of Goff's career he's viewed as "good" and "bust" on alternating years While he certainly didn't play well yesterday, the people call him a bust are silly. That was a perfectly fitted game plan executed well on the Pat's D.
  11. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    Heh, we had a joke that every time braunecker or Gentry got a snap we'd say something like"bellichick is going to love this guy"
  12. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    No way Chase Daniels makes the Pro Bowl. Did you even watch the Giants game?
  13. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    I think you're going to see a lot of very half hearted execution from the OL, especially the tackles. Dudes coming in fast and barely having to swerve around Leno and taking Howard down for a loss. It's confusing too, since the consistency in players and vaunted bona fides of Harry Hiestand indicate this should be a strength.
  14. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    Guys I don't think you understand; the Pro Bowl is composed of only the best players, so represents the pinnacle of football performance!
  15. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    Watching the dog**** that happened in the ProBowl, I couldn't help but watch our boy MT and wonder again if he's any good. So much hinges on his development, but it's not the whole picture. I truly believe if the Bears had gotten a few breaks they could be playing next weekend. It got me thinking about next season, and specifically what could be really good, and what could sink the team. Why the Bears should be contending next year: -The offense has a chance to gel, and all the young players get more experience and training. Imagine Trubisky refining instead of learning? Imagine Miller getting crisper on his routes. Imagine Shaheen reaching toddler levels of balance. The offense wasn't great, but showed flashes. With a little more experience, could they be really good? -The defense still has an absolute quiver of great players. Even if they were to lose both Amos and Callahan, they still have studs at corner, ILB, safety, OLB and DL. And some of those players are still developing like Smith, Jackson, Nichols. No big injuries to recover from in the offseason. They are LOADED. -Nagy has showed he has the mindset to adapt and self correct. He had a few blunders this year that cost the Bears, but he seems like the kind of guy that's got to take his mistake, pick it apart until he gets it, and then find the solution and tuck it away for next time. I really like this guy. Naturally, since this was inspired by the the Squirrel-a-pult QB play of the Pro Bowl, the mind can definitely find some cracks in the armor next time around. -It starts with Mr Biscuit. He seems like an awesome guy if a little bland, and you always want the kind hearted hard workers to win, but he showed enough good and bad this year to convince both poles of opinion that they were right about it. Even if you like him, you can't say you're certain about him. It was _weird_ how inaccurate he was this year, especially as his draft pedigree was based on accuract, and he was supposedly in a QB friendly system (Note: I think a lot of people, myself included conflated "innovative offense" and "QB friendly" offense. In actuality I think this is actually a very difficult offense for a rookish QB) It was concerning to say the least; if you need a reminder go back to the GB1 game thread... yeesh! Aside from Mitch likely never getting to the ridiculous Mahomes level people expect of him, I think his mistakes are correctable and showed improvement, but you do have to wonder if he's just taking a lot and a bit slow to grow, or if he just might not be very good. -Pagano. I heard his press conference today playing bumper cars in the snow on the Hoge/Jahns (excellent!) podcast. He does not have the track record of Fangio, and is starting off adapting to someone elses system. And he sounds... I don't know how to call it, but a combination of gratitude to be a coach again and desperate not to **** it up. He was very forthright and earnest, but I couldn't help be reminded of someone getting sober and telling you all about it, and then two weeks later you see them lit. Is he up to this? -Luck (not Andrew) The Bears played great and were electric, but a lot of things went their way (just not kicks, ha! ha. <sob>) They had great injury luck, they played a schedule that kept working out favorably. I feel like they had well above average lucky breaks, and the odds of getting two years in a row are unlikely. Not trying to be wishy-washy here, but really have a lot of thoughts about next year. Mitchly is the most important factor next year. If he plays even slightly above 2018 level I think the Bears can be very good again. It would be great to get those motions settled down and get more comfortable when seeing something new. If that happens I think the Bears can be a playoff team again. If he doesn't make that step, it's not going to be so good. I will be happy if the D is a top 5 unit next year, but don't take it for granted. Without some insane heroics from the D, the 2018 Bears would have been incredibly lucky to make 9 wins. I personally have the feeling that he's going to pay off and improve over the next couple years, which should keep the Bears in contention. If I had to guess right now I think the Bears will be 9-7 and make the playoffs.