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  1. I am too, but I feel like down the tubes is still drafting 15th considering the roster on D
  2. Fondly but I think there was a lot of sober skepticism here about whether he was or not. I think we all agreed he could operate Nagy's offense, but now we're seeing that it is not much of one, and may never be. This wasn't something I expected to be thinking, but if the offense can't contribute like this for more than a couple games, they're going to lose the team, and then it would for sure be time to ditch our FO and coaching staff.
  3. He's a _likable_ coach with a good record. I still like Nagy and want him to succeed but last night was the closest I've come to going full Windy. I thought they were going to lose that game but didn't think it was going to look like that. If we don't at least try to add some help on the OL, and the results follow, I will be on team Firepace
  4. Everything sucks though. Including Mitch when they start him week 11 or so.
  5. I wonder how many front offices considering Lance will use Mitch as a cautionary tale when discussing his experience level
  6. You guys make a lot of good points that the decision on how to draft a QB is absolutely FRAIGHT for Pace, but the one guy that I think acts as a multiplier for that would be Lance. Both in terms of fan/media/ownership scrutiny and probably in terms of internal second-guessing, all due to his similarities to Trubisky.
  7. To be fair right before every Packers game I go to the border and throw a ****load of rocks over. That farmer really hates my guts.
  8. Agreed, he's likely going to get it together, act more mature and decent. And NEXT year he's going to slaughter a puppy on the 40yd line.
  9. That's disgusting. You should be ashamed. (And you should also start using commentator voice to say **** like "Oh, and loose stools Massie lets the defender leak inside!")
  10. I've got no hate for Rams fans... Went to that game in 2018, we were in a former Bears players' seat at the 50, but were for some reason surrounded by Rams fans, most of whom were from Missouri and had carried along after the city switch. Genuinely enjoyed chatting with them, we all gave a little **** but that small sample size has colored my take on them even though it seems like every year the Bears and Rams play and it ****s up someones season (the "stop the Rams" gameplan in 18, the final nail in Trubisky's coffin in 19) The Rams are a lot like the Bears, in that you can find pretty vocal groups of people saying they're hugely overrated or actually pretty good. It's odd not to have a handle on teams 6 games in but here we are. I imagine that whoever wins this game starts getting a little cred. Golly I hope we win just to watch people contorting themselves to explain how the Bears are actually still terrible
  11. I'm not exactly a scholar of the game but even I know PFF grades are ridiculous, but lets check them anyway here on this play, source PFF: Charles Leno graded out at 64.3 at run blocking on this play, look how free Montgomery gets right by Leno! Rashad Coward grade is 74, but it's as a pass rusher and Derrick Brown really opened the hole for Coward to follow him through Gabe Carimi gets a 69 (nice!) Ifedi gets a 7 Bobbie Massie gets... Apple? Well, they're the professional graders
  12. Gah. I can't stop watching that. Aaron Donald is going to kill Nick Foles.
  13. Windy is right that those numbers are skewed by the first couple games, and they're not even that great at high teens in every category. They were trending down before Daniels got hurt, and man do they look like **** on tape. If you want to groan, watch Foles' interception below five times. Ho-lee cow. I think Leno actually gives his guy a push TOWARDS Foles. That is for sure a blue-ribbon ****up highlight across all five OL spots, but at least one of these guys is doing that on every play. These guys ******* suck.
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