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  1. Also I think we'll know soon how long Pace and Nagy are under contract for. The only way their contracts are expiring is if they don't make any big moves involving future capital. If we take like Felipe Franks in the 3rd and that's our only QB move it seems reasonably to think that Pace and Nagy are handcuffed and for some reason accepted that in return to show they can win in 2021 with the hand they're dealt, which would be weird from all perspectives but hey, Bears.
  2. The premise of this thread is really challenging. The issue is that I don't think there is anyone here who is particularly enthusiastic about ANY specific track or player to fix the Bears. You guys argue (ok, debate) but nobody seems at all invested in their point of view. I think the reason is our damned offseason: no matter what option you prefer at QB, you agree it's probably not going to work. If we load up on best talents for needs, and QB doesn't align with position or value, then, we're screwed because Dalton is a hard ceiling for this team unless the rest of the offense someho
  3. My vote is "both" Mitch never developed and had some awful deficiencies, his best play was on simple half field reads or broken plays. Very often he wouldn't read a defense correctly or make the right change or call. No play caller is going to be succesful for long with that QB, although I do think Nagy could have made changes to both the run game and QB plays to be better. Nagy has some great concepts and some bafflingly bad concepts. HIs calling under pressure sometimes makes no sense. I think the "too cute" knock is overblown but real. He's also had the following QBs executing
  4. "Well he should at least be able to execute Nagy's offense, so we'll see if it's any good" 2021 edition. The 2020 edition sucked.
  5. Who knows what Pace will do, but also who knows how his board goes. If he's got a tackle he ranked as the 50th best player and a cb he thinks is tenth...
  6. I think this is a real possibility though, and can absolutely see a scenario in which it's Pace's best move, and can also absolutely see the hate on Facebook and twitter. I would be disappointed that we're not fixing the giant offensive personnel issues, but can picture a scenario in which he can't trade up, no one wants to help him trade back, there's no QB, OT, WR talent, but say Patrick Sertain falls to 20? He'd kind of have to take a blue chip prospect there. It would be upsetting but not sure it wouldn't be the right move if that occurred. If you really want to imagine s
  7. I for sure know a lot of people who are Patriot fans despite no obvious connection. What I always find neat is people from other countries that somehow are into-or at least know enough to reference-the 85 Bears. I speak to a lot of people from NZ, UK AUS etc and it's hilarious from out of nowhere they'll throw in something about "Da Bears", the Superbowl Shuffle or ask if I'm 300lbs with a mustache. Though in the last couple years people have asked more about the Cubs after the WS win, which is annoying. Once gave the Sunday football experience to a vendor from Australia. He t
  8. I should mention they're racing sailboats, not like cigarette boats or anything. It's a weird niche. I'll message you.
  9. That's so painfully Bears right there... Tough as nails defense, something something run game: I'm hooked! Also, they lost.
  10. If by kill you mean setup your racing boat, he's right?
  11. THat's this years "final straw" with Ryan Pace. How letting one of the most important players on the team walk for no return WHILE adding Dalton and keeping Hicks (and I love Hicks) and Graham (and his presence implies blackmail) is OK is beyond me. And that's while all the warm fuzzies we have for JJ are tempered with "uh, is his shoulder OK?" I understand Pagano was not getting all he could out of that side of the ball, but we have zero way to know whether Desai will be better, and I think the D is going to slide a little further down this year. Ways around that would be if Quinn gets well
  12. What if you bet your career on Trubisky and then the house just never collected?
  13. Also I live in Albany Park (which is in Chicago) Basically became a Bears fan because I remember the insanity around the 85 Bears and just thought it was normal. Eventually I ended up in a job which left me essentially free in fall and winter, and I liked having an excuse to grill and drink early in the day.
  14. I have a pet theory that any time you get into a rural area the chance of significant Cowboy fandom goes way up. It's bizarre. I know Cowboy fans in: Maine, Vermont, Nevada, California, Wisconsin (WTF??), Florida, and even a bunch in Illinois. Also I once had a guy working at a ski rental place in Taos NM absolutely try and fight me over a Bears hat... His boss was super apologetic but also explained that the guy was a big Cowboys fan like that explained everything.
  15. At the rate they're paying QBs they would bring Mitch back for 18m.
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