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  1. Actually, we all suck, as the current leader of our highly competitive, totally human league is.... "MANAGERLESS TEAM" which was autodrafted and rostered. When the AI uprising occurs, they're not going to exterminate us on piles of skulls, they're just going to do everything better and we'll be stuck trying to come up with clever team names. First (human) overall is DLL, or possibly my wife, can't quite tell. Kmet the Frog is next, and I still hate you since I didn't come up with that name. My neighbor is in third but might forget about this league by about the Lions game. Then Bi
  2. How bad does Fields have to be to not keep the job when Dalton's healthy?
  3. OR we just let Pace draft rounds 3+ and the other guy can catch a nap for the rest of the draft
  4. In interest of full disclosure: my ******* recast didn't record the game, and we were on the road, and then my neighbors ******* hulu thing didn't record HIS game so I couldn't even invite myself over to watch it, so had to make do with highlights and the youtube thing that showed every Fields play. But if you were to draw up a realistic play by play of how Fields first game wouldn't it look a lot like that? Thought he had some great throws, some timely runs, but also absolutely did the things that were knocks on him in draft. On that early play where he took off, he was locked on the l
  5. I think traditional Bears football plays a role. By intent or not, the team seems to end up with a decent defense and run game, which probably won't win you many modern playoff games but also won't win top draft position. Always wanted to research that idea and see if there was a statistical basis, but am also really lazy.
  6. I'll with you here. Fields having to be the offense with his legs might win games against other middling teams, but I don't want to take years off his career with it. Lots of analysts called him a pocket passer first QB that just happens to be really fast. I'd hate to have a talent like that and use him like Lamar Jackson.
  7. Because the second you put on your cleats a piano would fall on you or something.
  8. Maybe we should take a break from debating whether starting or sitting is better for a rookie QB, and argue about changing schemes after a rookie year? Lots of people think having 2 schemes did Trubisky no favors, and obviously it's best to have a good offense that the QB can stay in for years, but how much does it hurt to switch it up? If Fields is good I don't think it's going to matter much, just might take more time into year 2. Could definitely see a worst case scenario in which Nagy is fired after 2022 and then we finally get a new offense working right as we have to give Fields an ex
  9. If Nagy were to be fired mid season, who takes over as interim head coach? Pretty much has to be Lazor right? Can't be Desai. Would be hilarious if Defillippo ended up taking over and being good, but I wouldn't bet on it. Remember when we were all debating him and Nagy? Starting to look like we were all wrong. What do you all think of Castillo? I could see him and maybe Furrey sticking around. I know the OL isn't great but the results he got out of a suspect group last year mid season were kinda impressive.
  10. Date Time Away Home Thu Sep 16 8:20 PM New York Giants Washington Football Team Sun Sep 19 1:00 PM Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Chicago Bears 1:00 PM Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM Houston Texans Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM Las Vegas Ra
  11. What kind of routes do you call for a receiver when you're mad at him? I'll tell you Sunday!
  12. I refuse to pas judgement on Nagy's scheme until he has all the perfect pieces in place and 5 or 6 years to work on it. Joking obviously, but I'm glad we finally get to see Nagy out of the (somewhat justifiable at times) excuse that he's been held back by QB play. Well, now he's had 2 chances at his FA and had a great looking draftee fall into his lap. We should know pretty soon if we don't already.
  13. Wow Pool and I got into a real snail race to see who would underperform worse (hint it's Pool) Had some close games defined by some hilarious point totals and individual performances. Really drives home how 90% of the of the fun of this is in the draft. My "Bears in primetime" matchup was probably what I believe to be Sugashane vs DLL in which Sug gets 33points out of Mahomes, and 21 points out of Chubb at running back and still logged 106 points, while getting defeated by DLL who got 9 and .2 points out of his RBs. Quite surprised I didn't hear my neighbor going to his back
  14. Checking the fantasy football league to see how many fucbmns we have by 3pm
  15. Maybe they'll just increase Fields snaps each game until he's the starter and then they'll "sprinkle" Dalton in for plays where they need 3 yds.
  16. There were times I'd wondered if the Rams D and Bears O had collaborated on that game plan together, as they seemed perfectly happy to let the Bears keep it short. What's going to happen when Dalton faces a defense that's not going to be content with letting that be? I really think the Rams coverage and the Bears game plan made both Dalton and the OL look better last night. I found a half full beer in the fridge this morning. Took me a second to realize that I didn't want to finish either the drink or the game and went to bed early. Can't recall that happening before on opening weeke
  17. Yeah seemed like the plan was to keep it short all day and make sure they had an off ramp on every play. It actually did make Dalton look better than he is, but still not very good. I'm guessing Nagy had some master plan that would eventually open like a beautiful flower but it probably required 8 consecutive boring plays to be successful to set the stage. This team is like dealing with a schizophrenic; all our WR moves are set for speedy downfield guys, but we bring in the dink and dunkiest dink QB and put him behind an OL that is going to require passes that are practically lateral.
  18. It's pretty amazing how Pace has set the team up for neither the short nor the long term. Short term they're in serious trouble at not just two positions but two entire units in CB and OL. Long term they may have the rookie QB but what are they going to do with him? If they bite the bullet and rebuild they're not getting much for their aging veterans on big contracts, and they certainly don't have much to draft with. Best case scenario is that Fields plays eventually and turns Nagy's offense into something, as I believe that both Nagy and Pace are here for a while, and the alternative is ble
  19. Remember when we thought the bears night trade for wentz
  20. Sounds that team needs a Foles trade! I'm like Oprah here trying to will this into existence: "YOU get a Nick Foles, and Washington YOU get a Foles! And have you heard about this guys unit because YOU get a Nick Foles!" Seriously I'd take Leno for Foles in a heartbeat! Leno's kinda ****ty but compared to ? and ? he looks pretty good.
  21. Hey, who knows, maybe Nagy's going to start Fields and all this was just window dressing and he'll actually surprise a defense. (I did predict the Parkey doink the morning of)
  22. Woah. When this place takes a turn for the weird it turns on a dime. If you really want to mess with me, my kryptonite was when she would draft Mitch Trubisky in the first round. Obviously you can't draft him, but shockingly he is still available on waivers. That would really get under my skin if someone did that and then played him.
  23. If you wanted to identify Pace's biggest trait it's aggressiveness. Sometimes it works out but it also leads to him overpaying and trading away the future if he thinks a player is worth it. He seems to get better results and also a better process when he's patient and lets a player come his way like all his late round gems, or even really with the Fields trade. It had to be hard or was too expensive to get higher than 11 but while we have to see if Fields works out you can't fault him for that move. I really wish he had his wife in the room with him nagging him about his moves up esp
  24. Wow a whole lot of people started the first week out strong with TNF, seeing lots of big overperforms (Kmet The Frog got 25 points out of Rob Gronkowski who I genuinely thought was retired again) , and then there's the poor guy I am matched up with who has stormed into the season with negative .6 points on the backward back of R Jones 2. I totally predict he'll whomp me when his SF DEF gets 49points off of Jared Goff but he sure made my morning when I checked in on the game.
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