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  1. For a team coming off a playoff appearance* this Bears team has to be the least exciting, least plausible team I can remember. There are so many ways for them to approach QB and team building, and almost all of them will end badly. Dunno if you recall, there was one of those Avengers movies where the wavy-hand-Sherlock guy announces that there are ten trillion ways he can see the future and like, one, is good. That's how the Bears go for me this year. Gah. Likely they're screwed this year, but there's also a chance they screw themselves in future years. Maybe they get lucky and someone fall
  2. In lockstep with you here; very few of Pace's moves have been flat BAD. There have been moves that made sense given the available data, that flopped. His record with first found picks is hilariously poor, but-aside from the trade up for MT and scheme fits for Floyd-seemed fine at the time. Add to that that he traded away two first round picks, it makes for a good joke to say Pace can't draft. My big issue is that you have that career trajectory, then no matter how much you like the guy and can excuse his actions, you don't keep him aroudn this year. You stick him in a very difficult s
  3. I don't think there is anyone here that thinks the Bears have a clear path to being successful in 2021, that the most likely scenario is some 7-9 or 9-7 team that gets Nagy and Pace fired and handcuffs the next organization by having a lousy draft slot and possibly trading away furure capital in their floundering. But. Imagine if they pull it off? The net Watson, Carr and they play out of their minds behind a subtly improved offense and D stays strong? Or they trade up for Wilson and he works out? That would be an incredible achievement and I think we'd all be happy to have them around
  4. Anyone remember the Mono memes? Those were great https://ilovecitr.us/darnold/1613752390.mp4
  5. Are they really that close though? If I pretend I'm Ryan Pace but with ****ty hair, I sit down and look at this team and I see that it needs: an average+ QB, two tackles, IOL depth, another TE, WR2 or WR3, possibly WR1 if Robinson leaves, Edge help since Quinn sucks, possibly DT replacing Hicks, ILB help, safety, and maybe even my kickas CB from last year needs a shoulderectomy every season? I love them, but I think for them to be close is going to take a bunch of players over achieving, somehow nailing QB OT and WR all in an offseason, and then getting some FA steals or huge wins late in t
  6. Dang that seems like a... fair price actually.
  7. The sublime beauty of posting a mock draft for a team you barely know about is that you'll get more engagement with a bad pick than a good one. As for Lance, man if that guy could go somewhere with a vet QB still getting it done but only for a year or two, that would be perfect. I think he'll be good, but put him a situation like the last couple Jets' seasons, or you know, the Bears, and he's going to get nowhere. I didn't truly appreciate the corner that keeping the staff backs the Bears into. What they should do for team and what they have to do for jobs are totally at odds. If
  8. 2nd best in 2013. I do remember that being an exciting off-season. Then I remember watching a couple games into 2014 at a friend's house, and his roommate-who hates the bears-said something to the effect of "so I thought this team was supposed to be an offensive juggernaut or something?" My friend and I just kind of gave each other sheepish looks. Actually felt a lot like the first Packers game in 2019. That sense of dread, combined with realizing you were very very wrong. That night was about the drunkest I've been in my adult life, but it was still crystal clear that
  9. JFC well spotted. You solving the case is, so far, the highlight of my Bears fandom so far in 2021.
  10. I know, I know, but it's more fun to imagine, like, Jay Cutler, but a Jay Cutler that didn't want to move in the first place. Like picture that whole "Jay in the Wildcat" meme, but for every snap and he's under center.
  11. Bwahahaha, so make that an oft-injured, inexplicably declining, unlikable QB who ALSO DOESN'T WANT TO BE HERE I think some switch in my brain flipped and now I'm just following this team to watch the car crash turn into a pileup
  12. What you give up for the used Car?
  13. YUP Anyway, I think I understand your point a lot better, and agree, that if we're going to trade any future capital I would like it to be on a drafted QB. Any of the Bears options save Watson is a roll of the dice, but if you're playing for a rookie QB in the first round your chances of success aren't that different than the rookies we could trade for, plus you've got a younger player with less miles, on a cheaper contract for 5 years. Anything to get the Bears out of this "You could probably make the playoffs if a couple things go right" quagmire
  14. To your points about Glennon and Foles kinda making sense at the time, they're both also notable as gigantic overpays in terms of Glennon getting 18m a year and giving up draft capital for Foles when all the other FA QBs ended up released right after that. The only thing I really fault in your post though is that the change of Pace getting the QB right now is "decent" I really think if it's Wentz, we're assuming he can be good again which is a big if. If we stay at 20, we're assuming the Jones or whoever is going to be good, and there's a good reason that QBs we could get are still on
  15. The big failure being Mitch, I think that was just luck of the draw on QBs, if I'm remembering correctly he was the conensus top QB, with Watson as 2. That was just how things work in the draft sometimes, easy to find the faults after the fact. That said, heere's a partial list of QBs that have been here while Pace has: Cutler, Clausen, Hoyer, Glennon, Trubsiky, Foles, Fales, Bray, Daniel, Barkley. That list sucks, and not partially. The best QB on that list is still bad. I think Pace is setup to fail again this year, and I don't get why he's still here. Either we cripple future dr
  16. First off, good point about pickign up year 5, hadn't thought about that. I would actually like Watt here, but was more commenting on how funny it would be if it went down like that; all of us thinking QB, Bears sign a DE
  17. If presented with the two of them as a binary choice, would you rather: -Pay Trubisky like a fringe starter -Give up a 3rd round pick next year to see if there's anything there? Again, our options suck and I don't even like Darnold, but it's a deep deep hole the Bears are in, and they have to try _soemthing_ I still wouldn't be shocked if Trubisky did better on a different team some day
  18. PROBLEM: NEED YOUNG GOOD QB OLD? Check. Injured? Check. Not a QB, not even on that side of the Ball? Check.
  19. If I'm the Colts or Bears I pull some old fashioned collusion and come up with maxes and hope the other team sticks to it. I also think the fact there is no deal, that the Eagles seemed to be leaking all last week that there was a deal and they were waiting until after the SB to announce it (picture endless laughter at the idea of the Bears trading for a QB overshadowing that ****ty Superbowl) all indiciate that the Eagles have overplayed it, and both teams have some discipline to sit still. Wentz has so much risk to him that it would be crazy to give up a first round pick for him, and l
  20. Been a while since I chimed in like this, but generally speaking: we're DOOMED. DOOMED!
  21. Not sure if it's just a conceit of Philly fans being sentimental but I think a large detail of a possible trade between Bears and eagles would be sending foles back to that mush-mouthed hell hole
  22. Exactly, these guys are all risky, so are drafted QBs, but we're in a spot where we have to buy more than one of those lottery tickets, and unforunately we're the bum digging change out of the gutter to try and buy em. I honestly thought some of the ardor for firing Pace and NAgy was hyperbolic, but we are seeing the handcuffs that keeping them has put on this franchise in real time. Either we get REALLY lucky or this is a lost year before it starts.
  23. Obviously we have no idea what the compensation looks like or how close this is to happening, but I feel a lot of dread at what the idiot Bears will be willing to give up to get a better QB, both in terms of the trade and what the contract will do to their finances going forward. Once again, the Bears are going to have to rely on unlikely things happening in order to be good, and that's a crap way to run a team. Assuming we get Wentz, we then have to hope he's healthy, motivated, and good again, all three of which are loaded with problems, then we have to assume that the remaining draft
  24. 2 minutes ago, WindyCity said: Between 2017-19 he had 81 TDs and 21 INTs.
  25. So, golf is out for me, is F1 any fun to follow?
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