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  1. Corey Linsley will also be 30 when next season starts, I am just use to teams trying to get younger not older. I have no problems letting Engram go for drafts picks, I have always believed Kaden Smith did well when Engram was injured two years ago. A serviceable RT is fine, again we are rooting for Peart to be the RT we want to go with youth, we just need a backup plan in case he does not develop or need more time to develop.
  2. I could be wrong but I see LG as a competition between Hernedez and Lemieux. What ever issues the coaching staff had with Hernedez he has all off season to work it out. He is still on his rookie deal so he is too cheap salary wise for us to get rid of him. Same thing with Lemieux, he has all of offseason to get strong and improve on his blocking technique and given the round he was selected in he should be even cheaper than Hernedez. So while there is a question as to who it will be, I believe the LG situation will work itself out. If we can get a free agent player better than Zietler t
  3. The defense is not championship level already, Patrick Graham was doing near a miracle with smoke and mirrors. When the defense went against the, Cardinal, Browns and Ravens it was brought back down to reality. We only have one impact linebacker, we only have one impact cornerback and to me, Leonard Williams is a 1a when it comes to being a pass rusher not a true #1. What did he do against the Cardinals, Browns and Ravens. On offense I think all we need is a #1 Wideout and a RT to compete with Peart. If Engram remains a problems then Kaden needs to play a bigger role in the offense.
  4. I agree Zeitler should not be a must move. We have to many questions at the other guard position. The coaching staff is clearly not happy with Hernedez giving the lack of playing time and Lemieux was horrible in pass protection. Why the interest in Matt Feiler, Nick Gates was easily the MVP of the offensive line, he improved as time went on and is going to be a very good center that we have on a cheap deal. How is the biggest question not Right Tackle? Flemings is not the answer and Peart struggled some towards the end.
  5. I believe I have always been on the Allen Robinson bandwagon. If we do get a free agent wideout to be out #1 that frees us to get a pass rusher in the draft with our first pick. I do not believe we are going to be picking as low as #11 in draft again under Judge, this might be our last chance to draft a blue chip pass rusher.
  6. I disagree, Logan Ryan was not in the picture and Safety was a bigger need than Wideout when we drafted. Plus look at Dallas they needed secondary help, they decided to go with sexy the pick, Ceedee Lamb and their secondary suffered because of this. Last, there was the belief that Slayton could develop and be our #1.
  7. Your example does not apply in any way to the Giants. Tom Brady fully participated with the deflating of the balls, if another team does it to him he does not have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about it. If you wanted to say Tom Coughlin was coaching the Giants when that play happened he can't ever complain about the integrity of the game. I would still disagree with you but I could at least follow the logic. Coughlin was the coach he has to own that situation. Joe Judge was not part of the Giants organization then, none of the players on this team were part of t
  8. According to these guys McKinney had a very strong game against Dallas and they are willing to show anyone how.
  9. We all ready have that veteran to compete with Engram, Kaden Smith. How is OL still a need? If Peart in the off-season has not develop we still have Solder as a backup plan. The only wideout free agent wideout I want is Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay is hurt too often to give him a big contract. If DL and WR a reach with the 11th pick, what position would not be. We could also use a #2 CB and another Linebacker would either of those positions not be a reach?
  10. Talking to the Jets would kill anyone desire to be a head coach for a year. 😀
  11. Over the last four games how many times have you heard Ryan Logan named mentioned, how many interception or forced turnover does he have. He is a good player, I am not going to say he is not. I just believed we over payed for him and that money could have gone some where else. We have him and Safety is now a strength on this team. We draft a CB#2 and have Love and Bael compete for the CB#3 spot our entire secondary will be a strength. We get an impact linebacker in this draft put him with Martinez and Lorenzo Carter, Linebacker will be a strength. We get a true pass rusher for the DL our
  12. I thought the only way he might get fired is if the Cowboys embarrassed us which would be to blowout losses in a row. That did not happen, hopefully he will as good an off season this year as he had last year, just do better with out first round pick. Right now it is looking like Andrew Thomas might be 4th best tackle out of the first four taken. He is not a bust, but he is not the best.
  13. There is nothing funny about it. I would much rather the Giants be in the playoffs, but I am okay with the better draft picks. Of course there was no moral outcry about Tomlin playing backups. His team won enough that they got a home play off game. They earned the right to do what they want. Yes you are correct if it was a 1pm game little would be said, it was not a 1pm game the NFL/Networks put this game on prime time and your still did what it did. Your coached showed what the Eagles were all about in front of everyone. You think the Giants and the their fans did not want #2 pick
  14. Who said the Eagles owe the Cowboys or Giants anything. It was the NFL the Eagles let down. Your coach showed what the Eagles are all about. I am fine with it, Giants are going to have a much better draft position to use to dominate the NFC East.
  15. Just to be sure, you are saying because a decade ago the Giants used a tactic to help them counter the no huddle offense. The current coaching staff and players can't complain about any thing at all? If so, you have no grip on reality.
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