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  1. No he is not lighting the world on fire, he has trouble staying healthy and your GM believes in him so much he drafted a QB in the 2nd round. In the last three years my QB has been in three different offensive systems and did not have a real off-season this year to adapt to newest one he had to learn, what is Wentz's excuse? As for the future, for the first time sense the Coughlin regime I am seeing a coaching staff that knows what it is doing. In the past we had system coaches and coordinators, who probably had a great systems but for those system to work they needed great players which we did not have so we sucked. This coaching staff is flexible and is masking so many of the holes on this team that we are at least able to keep games close at halftime and as much as we suck we almost beat the Eagles. We are not going to have a Gettleman off-season next year to hold this team back. I look forward to what Judge can do when he gets more of his players on this team. Next year we will probably just make the jump to be 8-8, the season after that we shall be in the playoffs, I am looking forward to the future with this team, all the losing we are doing now is just going to get us better players in the draft for that future.
  2. What is with these fair catches no one was in 10 yards of Peppers.
  3. To me it looked like Jones got a bit tired before tripping.
  4. Thomas letting yet another sack, DJ did not stand a chance.
  5. There is always hope but right now the little we saw of our 3rd round Tackle, Peart, to me looks better than what we are seeing form Thomas.
  6. Out of the top 4 tackles in the draft he is probably the worst one.
  7. Well Wentz just did a classic DJ play so perhaps the curse has been pass on to him?
  8. Love Tate beating the Eagles goal post, Eagles did that to us at Giants stadium a long time ago, I don't remember a Giants player returning the favor till now.
  9. While the final score is close I disagree with just about everything else. The Eagles were getting whipped for three quarters, then what happens to just about all football teams when you build a big lead, you let up some, the Ravens did that in the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter Wentz was throwing up prayer after prayer and for the most part they were being answered. I never got the feeling that if the Eagles could have taken it to OT they would have won. We don't need the perfect game from DJ or the defense. We just need DJ to stop with the turnovers and we need the defense to bend but don't break. So far we have been in just about every game for the first half, I believe this shall remain the case so it should not get ugly quick. It will probably get ugly after halftime. My X-factor this game is Peart. DJ makes his costly mistakes when under pressure. If we put Peart in at RT that could allow DJ to have the time in the pocket most other QB's get to enjoy. If gets that extra time he can put the ball in the hands of our playmakers, Slayton and Engram and we can pull out a hard win. If they don't put Peart in at RT... Eagles 17 Giants 10 at halftime. Eagles 31 Giants 20 final score. (We get a meaningless TD at the end of the game to make the score look closer than what it really was)
  10. Interesting but I like the little I saw of Peart, he needs at the very least to be put on the right side.
  11. As much as I hate to see this and it is very early, Peart looking pretty good so far.
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