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  1. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    I am not saying you can tell everything from a series or two, but you can see somethings. A little of something is whole lot better than nothing. It is not like he would be going against the Jacksonsivlle defense. Perhaps Spags might have had more of a chance of being the coach if he was able to give the owner one of the things he wanted which was to see Davis. If a GM believes with the #2 pick he has a franchise QB but that QB needs time to develop he is not going to pass on him to get another position that can make an impact. A franchise QB is the exception to any rule. I could almost see your thinking if this team was just one impact player a way from being a Superbowl team, but it is not. On defense we have the defensive line and Landon Collins everything else is a question mark (even more so if we switch to 3-4 defense). On offense the only players we have that are Probowl caliber is Odell and maybe Evan Engram.
  2. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Whoa one second there. If I am not mistaken aren't you the person that said if our 1st round pick is not starting it is pretty much a waste? If you are then no you can't use the Aaron Rodgers defense. Because if you feel it is a legitimate defense then the same needs to apply now if the Giants take a QB with the first pick and let him sit a year under Eli. Now as for it not being an indictment against him, why not? I am not say he should have been starting the last 3 three games of the season. But couldn't he have a played at least a series or two? I would have been happy if he was given the last series before the half then the first series in the 3rd quarter. I can accept he is a project but come on, he had all of training camp, preseason, most of the NFL season and he was supposed to be watching Eli like a hawk. Is it asking too much for him to know just 3-5 plays that we could have seen for just a series or two? I don't think it is. The fact that this did not happen is another reason why Reese, Mcadoo and Spagnuolo had to go and a new brain trust put in.
  3. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    For me the same people that spent a 3rd round pick for Davis Webb were the same that traded up to get Ryan Nassib in the 4th round. While I am not going to say Davis Webb is the next Ryan Nassib there is no way Dave Gettleman should depend on Davis to be the future of the Giants. I also feel if there was anything special about Davis Webb he would have saw some playing time at some point. Mara even told his GM and Coach that he wanted to see what the other QB can do at some point, I am sure he was more talking about Davis than Geno. The fact that even after Eli was benched the coaching staff still could not find a way to get Davis some playing time gives me a lot of doubt about him.
  4. Vikings OC Pat Shurmer hired to be HC

    I think Spags is a good guy and got a bad break being with Mcadoo. However I would prefer if he was not our defensive coordinator. The defense was bad last year even before the injuries. Plus the way the tight end lit us up game after at a record pace wad embarrassing. What ever defensive system he used in the past it is not working any more. We could use a change.
  5. Vikings OC Pat Shurmer hired to be HC

    I think one of the reasons why the Giants wanted their next coach to have been an experience head coach is to make sure that the coach would have experience in leading a locker room. He no doubt learned from his experience as Cleveland head coach and also learned when he was the assistant coach and offensive coordinator of other teams. I think he will do just fine.
  6. Vikings OC Pat Shurmer hired to be HC

    I was not into either Patriot assistant, given what was left out there this is a good hire.
  7. Crazy Wild Not Gonna Happen- Bill Belichick

    He has a lot of respect for the Giants, would prefer him over his assistants
  8. Predict The Pick: 2, Giants

    I believe there is no way a new GM can say to himself, "I am going to place my job security on a 37 year old QB who is on the decline," when he can draft a possible franchise QB. I have to believe Dave Gettlemen will take Sam Darnold with the #2 pick in the draft.
  9. Sounds like no one is bothered that the Patriots are notorious cheaters and that either coach would bring their cheating ways here.
  10. RT Bobby Hart waived

    Care to be more specific.
  11. RT Bobby Hart waived

    Not only am I the one that believes that. I believe I was the person that first said it. There is no position other than QB that can't be upgraded the next year after or the year after. Being in the right situation to draft a franchise QB does not come around often unless your the Cleveland Browns. I see no drawback to getting the QB of the future now, sit him down for a year then the year after when the team is built up a bit then play him. The drawback to doing things your way, building up the team then getting a QB is as I and others have said, you will be putting us in QB purgatory for the next decade or so.
  12. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Can't believe how hard this organization tried to screw themselves over by trying not to get the #2 pick. The football gods just would not allow them to. Hopefully the Giants will not try to screw themselves any more and use the #2 pick to get the future franchise QB.
  13. RT Bobby Hart waived

    Good tackles are not easy to come by and they are not going to be cheap. Even if Flowers is just a swing tackle 4.5 million is not horrible. I think the Giants will wise up and make him the starting RT next season, his true position.
  14. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    The Cowboys and Eagles are fine examples. The Cowboys got extremely lucky they found a QB that fits their system that they can win with. Is Dak a franchise QB, we seen with out Ezekiel he is not. For the Eagles they paid a high price to get Wentz and more importantly they found a franchise in the Cleveland browns that was dumb enough to trade with them. The Giants are not the Cleveland Browns so hopefully we will not do what they did. There is no harm in drafting your franchise QB now, sit him down a year and build the team up for him to win with in 2019. The harm in building the team up now is the better the team is the harder it will be to get a franchise QB.
  15. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    If you are going by 'We can only draft a QB a can't miss QB' then we are never going to draft one. Can't miss QB's only come once every 10 to 20 years. The last one everyone knew was can't miss was Luck, the other can't miss before him was Peyton Manning. So am I sure that the QB we pick will be a franchise QB of course not. What I am pretty sure of is we are not going to be in a better position to get one in the near or even mid future. While none of the QB's in this draft are can't miss, the top 2 QB are going #1 and #2 in this draft so both of them are very highly rated. Wentz is a top 7 QB, Dak in the Cowboys offensive system is a top 10 QB, both the Eagles and the Cowboys are good now and are only going to get better over the years. Will you be happy battling the Redskins for 3rd place in the NFC East from 2020-2030 just to give Eli Manning a chance to go 10-6 make the playoffs and most likely get bounced out in the 2nd round over the next the two years?