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  1. With Belichick, we know about Spy gate, we know about Deflate gate and now the situations with the Browns. If this is the cheating we know about, how much more cheating do they do that we don't know about.
  2. I thought this was cute and it is less than 30 seconds. It makes a lot more sense if you saw or heard of the netflix's Tiger King Bah link does not seem to be working, this is the original article I got it from hopefully this link will work. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/eli-manning-pokes-fun-tom-145112478.html
  3. Yeah but they were always focused on their opponents sideline.
  4. This team is not playoff bound any way. Lets use this season to see if any of our other young corners can step up and be our #2 CB.
  5. So Deandre is either innocent or his lawyer knowing what to do told Deandre he has a six million signing bonus, if you need to spend 1 million to pay your victims off so they will tell the cops you are innocent, do so. Either way him getting the best lawyer he could is probably the smartest thing he has done in a while.
  6. Even though we play our first game Sept 14 against the Steelers. To me our season does not truly start till Oct 11th. We get the Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, Bucs, Redskins, Eagles, our bye then the Bengals. We need to get 6 wins out of that 7 game stretch, and I see 3 out of our last 5 games as winnable, Cardinals, Browns, Cowboys. I am really looking forward to this season now.
  7. I was wanting either a tough schedule at the start and we get better as the season goes along, or an easy schedule at the start with the hope we get some early wins and build confidence to take on the better teams. This schedule looks closer to the first situation. That first month I can easily see us going 1-3 or even 0-4. But the next 3 month, I can see us going 2-2 to even 3-1 for each of those months. I think we have a chance to have a decent season with this schedule, just can't lose hope early if we got off to an 0-4 start.
  8. I said -we- as in the Giants, I don't recall them using this before. At the time I was wondering why we did not put this tag on DJ Fluker who was also with us just for one year. However I know the answer now, you can only use it if a player is not signed after a certain time, I am guessing DJ Fluker was signed before we could use that tag.
  9. Love this move. The only thing I do not understand is why we have not done this in the past for other players that signed one year deals with us.
  10. When just about everybody here was cheering that we drafted Saquon Barkley, I was not and let it known on draft night I was not. Love the player, but there is no need to draft a rb that high when you don't have a good offensive line. Last year early on when the o-line was playing well and people here said it was good, I said it was just decent. I think the o-line is good now because the average quality of the players puts it at good. For someone being paid as much as he is it might feel like Solder sucks, but does not suck. Solder is just an average Tackle I feel he is better than Remmers, so in a way we upgraded at RT. Zeitler is good. Hernandez had a step back last year, however he is young and we have a better coaching staff, he can improve, so I have faith he will be good this year. Thomas he is going to have some struggles when it comes to the pass at times, but when it comes to run blocking, for him that is not going to be that hard, move the man in front of you out of the way. I think at the very worst Thomas is a very good player. As for Center, who knows how good Lemieux may or may not be, the Giants might also bring in a new center. What can't be denied is Thomas by himself has upgraded the o-line and we have a very talented running back that will be running behind it. As for the Linebackers, just on the law of averages I believe one if not two should step up. I also believe with all the linebackers we have now competition can force them to step up. And as I have said before, I believe in this coaching staff unlike last year's staff. I believe they will get the most out of our players during the season. We seem to agree about the Wideouts and Tight Ends so no need to talk about them. I believe this is a 6-10 team for two reasons, first as I mentioned in my last post. We are not going to have a normal off season. New coaches to a team get extra time in the off season with their players to help them adjust to the new system. We are not going to have that extra time which means the Giants are going to be a step behind most teams. The second reason why I think this is a 6-10 team even if everything breaks right with our talent is because we have a very hard schedule. Outside of our division I only see 3-4 winnable games, Bengals, Browns, Cardinals, Bears. I can see us going 3-3 in our division and winning three out of the four of those winnable games, which makes us a 6-10 team. I agree about X-factors so we could win as many as 8 or we could only win 4. Till I see the final schedule 6-10 for the Giants feels right to me.
  11. Other than your win total I disagree with most of what you have to say. Fleming is the swing tackle, we don't need him to completely surprise, in fact we don't even need him. If Feling sucks, Peart can be the new swing tackle. The only question we have on the o-line is at center, other than that we have an above average offensive line that will be good next year and great in two years. As for Wideout are they great, no, but are they good enough, yes. Golden Tate is getting up in years but he is still a good player, Darius Slayton is a good player, who knows perhaps he could make the jump to very good this season. At Tight End if Engram is healthy he is easily a top 10 TE maybe a top 5. If he is not healthy I like what Kaden Smith showed as last year, I think we are fine at Tight End. Daniel Jones has two issue, one the turnovers and two learning a new system. Sadly because of this virus situation the coaching staff is not going to be able to work hands on with him to improve him in those areas. However the offensive line is improved which will lead to a better running game with Barkley which in turn will help out Daniel Jones. On defense we have our Linebackers from past draft that are still developing that could break out this season, we have all the linebackers we just drafted, and we have our free agent linebackers. I refuse to believe all of them are going to suck. Odds are one will be very good, one will be good and one will just be average. Same thing for our secondary.
  12. There is a fair chance that Bettcher might not be that great a DC, all he was doing was running Todd Bowles system. From what I heard of Patrick Graham, last year Giants team had more talent on defense than the Dolphins defense. I am thinking he can do a thing or two with what has to work with now. I am not saying we are a top 10 defense or even above average. As I been saying if we can be a bend but don't break defense that will be enough for next season.
  13. Our secondary is pretty loaded now, going to be some fierce competition to see who will be on the field in Nickel and Dime situations.
  14. I thought we might have used the 4th rounder for the developmental tackle, I have no problem using our late 3rd and hopefully drafting our Center tomorrow.
  15. When you are picking as low as he is you better be killing it.
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