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  1. The GM made this a win now team, instead of building for the future. I believe your question is what is going to stop this team for winning now. I'll give you the list. 1. The Eagles, we are not as good as they are so we are not winning the division. Given how good the NFC is overall, it is going to take at least 10 wins to get a wildcard, I don't see us winning 10 games. 2. New defensive and new offensive system. It usually takes a couple of games for a defense to get a real feel for a new system, it takes longer for an offense. This adjustment period is going to cost us games. 3. Killer schedule, we can very easily go 1-5 in our first 6 games and if we do there is no way are getting enough wins to make the playoffs. 4. The offensive line, it is better but it is not complete. Right Tackle and Center are big concerns. And lets not fool ourselves Nate Solder is being paid like a top LT but he is not a top of the line LT. 5. Lack of depth, we still have no idea who our starting Free Safety is, who is going to be third and fourth Corner Back. The lack of quality we will have if we suffer injury at those positions and Linebacker and either Right or Light Tackle should be a great concern. Even if everything break right and we sneak into the playoffs, winning one or two games playoff games is not enough. To me when you build yourself to be a win now team while you have a franchise QB then anything less than a Superbowl appearance is a disappointment. I don't believe anyone here believes this is a Superbowl caliber team. We should have bitten the bullet for this year, get rid of all the high priced contracts and not taken on any (like Ogletree). Then to start the 2019 season with a ton of cap space, plus quality draft picks and a Qb in only year 2 of his rookie deal. We would have been setup to be one of the top teams in the NFC and a legit Superbowl contending team for the next decade. And outside of Odell what other weapons do we have at receiver? The only thing Sterling is considered great at is route running, he is okay but I would not call him a weapon.
  2. That is the exact same thing people thought about Ryan Nassib. The GM put us in a win now mode and we are not ready to win now. We would have been setup perfectly for the future with Sam Darnold and the GM blew it even worst now the Jets have our franchise QB for next 15 years. If we are lucky we will only be in QB purgatory for a decade after Eli retires.
  3. I don't remember too many people saying this the day Barkley was drafted.
  4. Different defensive coordinator different defense and we still can't cover the Tight End.
  5. Training Camp Thread

    As bad as Flowers is he is still an upgrade over Hart. Outside of Depth at CB and Offensive Tackle I am wondering if we have decent backup for B.J. Goodson ,as injury prone as he is he can't be counted upon. I know many people wanted Josh McDaniels as our coach, Pat Shurmur was the one I wanted after learning about him. I am hearing that he is having the Giants practice in pads more then both Mcadoo and Coughlin and having Eli throw the ball downfield more. Sadly I think we are a season away from being playoff team. It is going to take games for both the offense and defense to adjust to the new schemes and we also have a very hard schedule. The only way I see us being a playoff team is if the offense line has improved enough for us to be good at running the ball and execute the four minute offense when we have a lead, if we do that then I think we can steal a few games.
  6. If he makes an immediate impact then he would be worth it. I will always be in love with our future picks from the first three round because those are the rounds you are supposed to draft your best players.
  7. Don't know much about him but would have liked to have held on to our third round pick. He better play major minutes.
  8. James Bettcher

    It is nothing major just used to the 4-3 and like the thought of 4 linemen attacking the the O-Line instead of 3. I am sure i'll get used to the 3-4.
  9. James Bettcher

    I am not a fan of the 3-4 defense, but from what I heard about him I like.
  10. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    To be more precise I believe the Giants are more following the 1998 and 1999 Denver Bronco teams more than they are following Dallas example. Just not sure such an outdated philosophy will work in today NFL.
  11. Ereck Shun: Giants' OT No-Show Day 1

    He is a dominant physical specimen, not sure how to measure insanely. His problem has always been having horrible technique do to playing poorly it has effected his attitude. I really wish Flowers would go to an offensive lineman camp where they would fix his technique. Who knows perhaps having a professional agent for the first time might give him a person that will give him good advice and put his career back on track.
  12. Drafts over.. Dez maybe now??

    He been so good the Dallas Cowboys felt the need to have a manager with him all the time. And one of the reason why he was let go was because his sidelines outburst was seen as a negative given his level of production of late. Maybe you want the guy whom his own mother said tried to kill her mentoring Odell. I highly doubt the Giants agree with you.
  13. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    What do you consider selling the farm? The RG3 draft deal and again what happens when another team in a better draft position offers the same deal. And this is not about having the perfect draft, it is about how hard it is to get a franchise QB. There are teams out there that have gone decades with out a franchise QB, Bills, Jets, Browns, Dolphins just to name a few.
  14. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    And just how are we going to get him? We are not going to have the 2nd pick in the draft again for a while. And if he is as good as you think he is then other teams in better draft position will also be trying to get him. We had our chance at a franchise QB and we blew it. If we win one more Superbowl with Eli I can see it being worth it. If not and Sam Darnold becomes the franchise QB that he most likely will be, then getting Barkley to me would have been a mistake.
  15. Drafts over.. Dez maybe now??

    Oh hell no. Odell can be enough of a headcase all by himself. The last thing we need is a hot headed Dez making Odell even worst.