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  1. Says the team that we were ahead of record wise last year.
  2. Season is far from over for the Giants, laugh while you can.
  3. Clearly he did, now lets see what the Giants will do about it.
  4. He has every right to be pissed off about his lack of use. Just like every Giants fan should be. We need to see why they felt he was worthy of a first round pick, can't do that if they are not playing him or not throwing him the ball.
  5. The season is not over, it is too early for that. Lets see what the Eagles do against 49ers and what the Cowboys can do against the Chargers before we say the season is over. Clearly the Falcons game is a must win game, I am so pissed off at this team I am not going to watch it. It is going to take a while to get over this gut punch of a lost. We could have been in such a great position being 1-1 and then playing Atlanta to get to 2-1 and most likely tied for first. Instead bone headed mistake after bone headed mistake makes us 0-2, now we have to dig ourselves out of the hole we put our
  6. The defense is playing like garbage again and terrible defensive play calling, a soft zone allowing the WFT to dink and dump up the field.
  7. Whew, seems like WFT likes shooting themselves in the foot just like the Giants.
  8. The momentum of the game is starting to go against us, the defense has step up and also give Bradberry some help. He sucked last week seems like he is sucking again tonight.
  9. Sigh... they did it again, they are in field goal range, then after two plays they get themselves out of it.
  10. Throwing on first down often using DJ's ability to run, everything we did not do to start the game against the Broncos we are finally doing against the WFT.
  11. As much as I would have liked to have kept Nick Gates at center, this is the move that can finally improve the offense line to a degree so I support it.
  12. Split?! The Giants swept Washington last season, just like they did the season before or any time Daniel Jones play them.
  13. Of course, I believe it is no way over for Daniel Jones, all our new key offensive weapons (Golladay, Rudolph, Toney) missed a ton of time due to injuries, they are not fully integrated into the offense. If we beat the WFT this Thursday then go on to beat the Falcons at home, after that this the offense should be prepared for the tough stretch coming at us. They would have had a month of practices under them, Barkley should have more confidence in his recovery and should run more like himself, also we should have our Pro-Bowl Tight End back. After the offense gets to the state it should be, th
  14. No I am saying if our QB does what he always does, beat your team that could be enough to turn the whole season around. The Giants have two very winnable games coming up. I don't believe others in the NFC East can say that.
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