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  1. 2020 NFL Offseason

    Do you think Gettleman can survive a two year rebuild?
  2. Think this is my first post. I don't see this info any where else on the Giants board. https://www.sny.tv/giants/news/giants-sign-tackle-cam-fleming-to-one-year-deal/313085456 Hopefully he is just our swing tackle for goal line and fourth and short situations. If so I really like this signing, this must be Judge's influence on the Giants. First getting a true blocking Tight End, now adding Flemings. Gettleman, Mr 'Hog Mollies' should have made signings like this in his first or second year. We would have won more games having a big unit out there. Better later than never as they say.
  3. Draft to go on as scheduled. Televised only.

    Having an NFL draft in this manner is the only way Goodell can avoid being booed. Probably been a while sense he has been this excited for a draft.
  4. Looks like we have our blocking tight end for goal line and 4th down running situation. I hope this is the first step in getting us a real beefed up goal line unit.
  5. LB Blake Martinez signs with Giants

    Don't know much about him, I have read he is against the run not so good in coverage. Given our lack of Linebackers I guess it is an okay signing?
  6. 2020 NFL draft thread

    We need a Tackle, seeing how this is a good Tackle draft I hope we can get our future LT and RT from this draft.
  7. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

    Don't think anyone answered this question. For the Giants the owners decide on who the head coach will be. Reese did not want Mcadoo as the coach.
  8. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    I was all in on Rhule, but if he was going to the highest bidder guess I can't blame the Giants too much for passing on him. Though this hire I am unsure of, I don't believe there been many from the Patriots coaching tree that have had success and we are just getting the Special Teams coach on top of that?
  9. Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants

    I'll give you Prince and Flowers but that is it. Engram is contract is not up yet so can't count him. Not counting David Wilson cause no one saw that injury coming (unlike with Sam Bael). Gettlemen did not want to resign Pugh and he got rid of Apple and Odell.
  10. Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants

    I'll have to disagree with you, when you bring in quality players that make the All-Pro team, I don't see it as a waste. Mcadoo was not the person to lead the team. I do blame Reese for not getting our offensive line fix. As for the job he has done, I believed he should have done far better. What do you consider significant strides, going 8-8?
  11. Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants

    He decided what little talent we did have he was going to get rid of it. Plus he brags about loving the hogmollies, if this was the case the offensive line would have been fixed by now. I am confused by the direction he goes in, if you are going to get rid of JPP and his contract why take on Ogletree contract. Gettleman is going to have a good draft (probably would have had a great draft is we kept our 3rd pick), it is hard not have a good draft when you are constantly picking in the top 6. I just don't trust his free agent decisions. The big spending that Reese did worked, we got to the playoffs if our wideouts would have stepped up their games and caught the balls Eli was throwing we would have had a nice playoff run. In the end Mcadoo was not head coaching material and Mcadoo was not Reese's pick to be coach, the owners wanted Mcadoo.
  12. Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants

    When your always picking in the top 6, I think would be hard to have a bad draft for the first three rounds. I would prefer if Gettleman was fired just for that trade with the Jets alone. However he did provide us our QB of the future so can't kill the owners for keeping him. I just hope if next season is a failure he then gets fired, three seasons is plenty of time to turn a team into a winner.
  13. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    No Barkley was not the right pick, I said it on the Giants board at the time. I was very big on us drafting Sam Darnold However as much as I dislike how Gettleman is rebuilding this team, I have to give him full credit for Daniel Jones. I do believe Daniel Jones is the Quarterback of the future for the Giants. Daniel Jones problem has the exact same problem Barkley does, our offensive line. So while I don't agree with us getting Barkley I don't mind it now that we have Daniel Jones, we just need to get a GM in place that will finally fix our offensive line so both of these talented players can lead the Giants to the playoffs.
  14. Week 14: Giants vs. Eagles 12/9/2019 @ 8:15pm est

    While the offense has nothing to be proud of in the second half, it did give the defense a lead to work with. The defense was an embarrassment. It is clear for the last two drives the defense still has no idea what it is doing or where it should be. How can you have no one even near Zach Ertz for the winning td catch when just minutes ago he caught the game tying touchdown catch. Some winning teams might even double Zach Ertz, no not Bettcher defense lets just not cover their best and due to injuries their only offensive weapon.
  15. Week 14: Giants vs. Eagles 12/9/2019 @ 8:15pm est

    If I am the owner or the coach James Bettcher is done with the team after this game. He is not even allowed on the team bus to get back home.