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  1. It would great if he was special but if he is not, that fine. I know what ever he is that his offense is going to be a huge upgrade over Jason Garrett's offense.
  2. I agree completely, fix the offensive line and get a tight end and keep the wide out healthy and the Giants could compete for the playoffs. Question is how much is Joe Schoen into competing next season. He knows he has a free year, he could use that year to get rid of some of our quality but high priced players like, Martinez and Bradberry.
  3. This is great news, I would have been disappointed if Daboll went to Miami. We need an offensive minded coach to fix our train wreck of an offensive. I am confident Joe Schoen can bring in the right players and I am confident that Daboll can come up with a scheme to make best use of those players on offense. Now we just need to see who our defensive coordinator is. I want to keep Patrick Graham if he does not stay I am confident the Giants will get the right defensive coach. They been doing things right so far this time around.
  4. If the Mara's and the Rooney's were not so close to each other, I would want the Giant's to deny the Steelers the interview same for any other team that just wants Graham as a defensive coordinator. Graham has a connections to two coaches that seem high on the Giants list, Brain Flores and Brian Daboll, they might want to keep Graham as the defensive coordinator if either one of them becomes the coach of the Giants.
  5. I would be verry disappointed if Adam Peters does not get a second interview. Wish list GM wise for me he is my #1 with Schoen being my #2.
  6. I feel Gettleman's poor drafting is what got us in this mess, outside of Thomas in last year draft, Gettleman picked the wrong player or went with the wrong strategy every time. Our defense was solid with out Martinez, and the secondary did okay when Adoree and Holmes were too hurt to play. I think it could do okay with out Bradberry if Adoree can stay healthy. Clearly we are much better with those players, I just think this defense could keep us in games with out them. There is no getting out Galladay's contract, so if healthy him Toney are above average wideouts. Barkley might not
  7. I disagree, if the new GM does not get rid of everyone we should be able to compete right away. We just need an offensive line and a tight end a with head coach and/or offensive coordinator that knows what they are doing on offense.
  8. Joe Judge had nothing to do with the Giants giving Nate the big money contract. Judge was not a Giant back then.
  9. For Jim just have to look at his track record in particular what he did with the 49ers.
  10. I want Jim Harbough but my money is on Brian Daboll who I think will be an an excellent coach as well.
  11. I do too but he also hurt himself badly with the 11 minute rant and the QB sneak wishbone on 3rd and 9.
  12. https://www.nfl.com/news/giants-fire-head-coach-joe-judge-after-two-seasons Looks like the Giants are not going to wait for the next GM To decide his fate.
  13. That is something I have mentioned on the Giants board and would have no problems if the Giants went OL with the first pick and traded the second first round pick for a first next year.
  14. And if I am wrong, 2023 is the year to blow everything up, the contracts we have now will be easier to get out of, and the QB class is supposed to be better than this current one.
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