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  1. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Because you did not answer the question at all.
  2. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Nice job in avoiding the question.
  3. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    The Cleveland Browns thought similar things about Wentz and Goff and have been laughed at for passing on them. Unlike the Cleveland Browns we are not going to be 0-16, 1-15 or 2-14, most of the time to have a chance to get a franchise QB. I have not watched a second of college football, so I have no idea who the top QB are. I have heard that this is is suppose to be a deep QB draft. I also see that PFF mock draft has four QB's taken with the first 6 picks. I have complete faith the Giants scouting department is not bad enough to screw this up. In case you have not noticed, both the Cowboys and the Eagles have franchise QB's. The way you win Championships for the most part in this league is with a franchise QB. So unless you are going to be happy being the Miami Dolphins of the NFC East for the next 15 years, we should get a franchise QB in a deep QB draft while we have a top 3 pick to get one. Other wise our future is going to be 8-8 give or take a game every year never to be considered a serious Super Bowl contender.
  4. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Eli is not the problem but with all the bad throws of open wide receivers, for me he is no longer the answer. I went through the Kent Graham/Danny Kannel era and felt we got lucky to get Kerry Collins. I don't feel like going through that era again. I would feel a lot better getting the QB of the future right now rather than risking the future on another failed Reese 3rd round draft pick.
  5. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Reese and Mcadoo have to go. If we get a top 3 pick and a franchise QB is out there we have to draft him. 'Will you draft a franchise QB with our top 3 pick' should be the first question Mara ask when interviewing the next GM. If the person says no then Mara should tell them he has no further questions and there will not be a second interview. I like Pugh, I do not like Richburg, either way I do not want to sign either of them. You typically can get a good guard in the 2nd round and a good center in the 3rd round. We save money by not signing either player and we upgrade the center position. As for Flowers I have no idea why he has not gone to an offensive lineman camp during the off season. His number #1 problem is technique, you would think at the camp they would specifically work on his technique. The next GM should strongly suggest Flowers attend one of those camps. Given how much tackles cost you have to keep Flowers around. If there is a good free agent LT out there I think that should be our number one priority. We put Flowers at RT. draft center and a guard that are maulers. Then just have only one guard spot to worry about. Speaking of that guard spot, Bobby Hart is not a Tackle. Have him put the ten pounds he lost back on and have him compete for the the other guard spot. I like DRC but given his game and his age it is time we let him go. I actually think we should keep Brandon Marshall, 5 mill is not that bad. No fourth round pick is going to beat him out. None of the other wideouts, King or Lewis have looked that good to me and are showing me they can be better than him. Hopefully the next coach will use Brandon Marshall right.
  6. We won the battle for the draft pick. I say keep Mcadoo as coach till the end of the season to make sure we keep on losing so we can have a top 3 draft pick.
  7. Not sure about shortly but if Mcadoo loses to an 0-9 team and has another ummm.... moment. That an awfully long flight back to New York for Mara to have to be on the same plane with his losing coach. Anything might be possible.
  8. I don't remember this stuff happening when Coughlin went 0-6. Maybe the players respect Mcadoo just as much as most of us do.
  9. Giants' GM Jerry Reese: 'I'm the reason we're 1-6'

    Yes it has been bad for the last 5 years, look at Coughlin last year when the Giants lost five very close games in the last minutes. One of the reason is because the defense could not close out games, but the other just as important if not more so is the lack of an ability to run the ball to execute a four minute game ending offense. The Giants couldn't do it then with the running game, they can't do it now. And as someone else pointed out just because you have some draft picks invested, does not mean they are good players. Last year the the tackles were the weakest link to the offensive line, Reese's solution, let do nothing.
  10. Giants' GM Jerry Reese: 'I'm the reason we're 1-6'

    Blaming Reese is the right choice. The offensive lines has been horrible for five years if not longer. As the GM he needed to bring in the right players to fix it and he has not. He deserves the blame and he deserves to be fired, the only question is if Mara clean house and fires Mcadoo as well.
  11. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Giants did everything it took to lose in the end. Shank on the punt, layout your own teammate and letting the wideout get out of bounds. Bad teams find ways to lose.
  12. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    D is tired and battered.
  13. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Oh boy does the defense have one more stop in it.
  14. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    What type of defense is that?
  15. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Perhaps we have advance to the throw it to Odell and pray offense.