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  1. And what has come out about the hazing incident that has been verified as a definite fact? All I have heard is rumors.
  2. I could be wrong but I believe last year they said he was light and had the body of a tight end when he was drafted. He was going to need an off season to add more weight. If so it is good to see he put on that weight and looks like our next starting RT.
  3. I have heard that he is a generational player and the best edge in this draft. It is only because of that hazing incident that he will be able to drop to us (or past us). If we draft Parsons then get a guard in the 2nd round, for me it is game set match this division is ours (minus injuries of course).
  4. Maybe one of the guard positions? Lemieux was horrible at pass protection and Hernandez was pretty much benched for Lemieux. With out Zeitler I would say there are big questions at both guard positions. Which is why we need to spend an early round pick on a guard.
  5. I have gone back and fourth as well, I am all in for Parsons. From what I been hearing he is the best pass rusher in this draft. We have a good defensive line, we have a great secondary, outside of Blake Martinez we have nothing at linebacker. Add Parsons to this defense and we are easily going to be a top 3 defense. As for his off the field issues, we have two coaches on this staff that was with Penn St, also I believe Saquan was on the team with Parsons for a season so the Giants should know who Parsons really is. I don't see Gettleman taking a project with out first round pick, Mara s
  6. I am torn between rooting for Micah Parsons or one of the talented Tackles who can also play guard. I do have some concerns about the right side of the line.
  7. I would like to limit our question marks, we need to bring in another guard, or if possible use an early pick on an lineman that can play either guard or tackle. Lemieux was dreadful at passing blocking I don't have much trust in him. Peart I want to believe in, but he has never taken all the snaps for a full game, and Solder was horrible the last time he played, now he is playing a different position with a year off, that not quality insurance. I think the o-line can be okay with one question mark, not two.
  8. Ah okay was thinking with a trade the dead money hit would be a lot less.
  9. Shepard is great route runner, other than that what is he great at. He does not have great speed he does not have great hands and he is costing us 9 mill and is just another concussion away from being out of the NFL. We can find better and cheaper in the 2nd round and we can get the extra draft capitol to do so by trading Engram and Shepard. Again I highly doubt other teams are interested in Shepard, to me he is just a some what above average wideout.
  10. Thanks for the info, I find it hard to believe any time is interested in Shepard he is not a special player and is making a lot of money. I would no problems moving Engram or Shepard.
  11. Guard is also as big a priority.
  12. Seeing how the Giants have someone that was recently coaching at Penn state, I am rooting for Micah Parson if Sean Spencer approves of him.
  13. Hearing 4 years 72 million. This is the #1 wideout we needed, now we can do BPA in the draft.
  14. Should throw Engram on the trading block. We have too many Tight Ends and at 6 million he is not costing another team a lot of money off their cap if he is traded to them. I would not put running back depth as a need, we already have several and it is the easiest position in the NFL to replace.
  15. Believe I saw some where Kenny is wanting 18.5 mill a year which to me is several million more than he is worth.
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