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  1. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - Are we good?

    You used to be a thoughtful poster, and now you've got some weird vendetta against Klentak that clouds any critical thinking. It's honestly a shame.
  2. Those aren't analytics. Those are two stats, which represent a small sample size.
  3. It's not a small part. It's a massive part of the front offices that build these teams.
  4. Also, you know the best teams in the league (well, every team in the league) heavily use analytics, right?
  5. So you think James Harden is a better three-point shooter than Steph, KD, Klay, PG, and Kyrie? That's four off the top of my head. Not to mention guys like Redick, Hield, Danny Green, and Kyle Korver.
  6. Lol. Harden isn't a top three 3-point shooter. Crazy that "stats freaks that love little analytics stats" are the ones who are running most teams and make up a large portion of NBA FOs.
  7. And I'm telling you, this year, he's making them at a good clip. Catch-and-shoot threes are usually the most open looks, and he's hitting them. Period. Your eyes are wrong.
  8. He's shooting 38.3 percent on catch-and-shoot 3s.
  9. 36 percent is league average. So yes. Solid.
  10. I'm in if @Malfatron will be my partner
  11. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    I'd like my full vote to be read.
  12. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Go **** yourself, Ted.
  13. Just like someone named SimonWayne can turn into MVPatrickMahomes15.