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  1. Fairly certain nobody put it out there except some random dude suggesting it.
  2. He had a 52.9 TS% against the Raptors. I will give credit where it's due, though. Donovan Mitchell was lights-out with a 42.3 TS% in the playoffs this year.
  3. I'm not. I don't get paid to help them find and evaluate talent.
  4. Listen, Bo. Everybody knows you're a troll, it's okay. I'm not overly concerned with your opinion on, well, anything. Especially not a sport you know nothing about.
  5. Yes, I grew up rooting for the Sixers. Congratulations.
  6. Another example of you not knowing what you're talking about. I sure as **** hope the Sixers lose in the second round.
  7. We get it, Bo. You love counting stats. Sure, he was basically as efficient as Donovan Mitchell in the series, but that doesn't change the impact he had because of his elite defense.
  8. And the Sixers still outscored the Raptors when he was on the court.
  9. The Sixers were better than the Raptors when Embiid was on the court. By a lot.
  10. They lost because he couldn't play 48 minutes. Again, they were 89 points better than Toronto over the course of seven games when Embiid was on the court. They outscored the Raptors in six of the seven games when he was on the court. How on earth is it his fault the Sixers lost?
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