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  1. It's a damn bloodbath today, if the rate of injuries from today continue we're gonna see teams made up of street FAs by week 15
  2. 100% on that last point. I get where you are coming from on this, we need him fresh in the 4th to be getting those key sacks to close out games. We can probably settle for him losing contain or getting pushed around a bit in the first half if he is getting pressure late in games when we're up by a TD and need a stop on 3rd/4th down.
  3. Really good offensive performance tonight, that was exactly what I was expecting this season schematically. Heavy doses of chubb and hunt with some baker PA and deep shots peppered in. Defense was a sieve but we knew it was going to be a problem. Ward the only real bright spot other than some up and down DL play. All I can really say at this point is the ravens are a fantastic team, the Bengals are still bad and I'm not sure what the browns are yet but at least that looked like a game that can be built upon.
  4. i figure after a 5 year hiatus a name change but same avvy the way to go 😃 Also: wE ShOuld tRade oDelL BeCkHam
  5. These days?? 😂 dude has always been a clown
  6. I think the Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL and we bounce back this week, 35-17 Browns
  7. Throw was worse, didn't matter if he rounded the route if the ball isn't out in front where it should have been. Bad route worse throw that should have been a first down if they both executed.
  8. Agreed with most of the stuff here but I'll add a few: UPs: - While I disagree with some of the calls the new coaching staff at least doesn't look like a complete dumpster fire like last year. We were getting to the line early, had some penalties but not an egregious amount like week 1 last year and even in a game where we got blown out still committed to the run. - That was the toughest game on our schedule and it is behind us. DOWNs: - Baker's accuracy is really concerning especially when he feels pressure. I know a lot of it was driven by last year's scheme being a complete me
  9. OBJ was getting open yesterday though against one of the best secondaries in the league, yes Baker was forcing the ball to him but he should have given what he was seeing. Baker missed some throws and OBJ had some huge drops. They both need to step up. I'm happy to see this forum is just as reactionary as it always has been 😃
  10. Any word yet on what kind of formations we are running offensively? Pretty excited to see how they handle the mix we have between WR, RB, FB & TE. Obvioulsy top heavy at WR but Higgins is solid and DPJ obviously has some great physical tools. TE room is loaded on paper going 3 deep assuming Bryant is as advertised. We traded for Janovich so he'll see some significant playtime. Hunt and Chubb together last year was so fun to watch when they were on the field together (Hunt at FB was one of the few things Kitchens nailed). Going to be very interesting to see how they split reps between
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