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  1. He's so slippery and I love how he jumps over dudes all the time, he always looks out of control but its so effective
  2. Glad to see them stick to the run even after some early struggles with it early in the half, that TD drive was huge. Lots of 3 TE sets again like last week
  3. We had zero pressure on the interior, both Taylor & Mills were able to step up and avoid the outside rush with ease today
  4. Ugly but a win, sign of a good team that even though they didn't play great can recover and put away a game like that
  5. I love watching Hunt & Chubb back to back because their styles are so different. Chubb is all about suddenness and his burst of speed and Hunt is gliding around with such good balance. Don't know how teams prep for the 2 of them
  6. I remember last year there being a ton of injuries week 2, can't be coincidence at this point
  7. We gotta tackle better but on the replay you can see Malcom Smith went down way early on the play and that screen went right to his zone
  8. This Texans staff reminds me a lot of the coaches of our recent past, so many mechanical mistakes and just completely disorganized
  9. These taunting calls are dumb, let them celebrate a big play
  10. Hunt can make that a TD, reminded me a bit of the one he got against Pitt in the playoffs
  11. Stefanksi trying to give us all heart attacks with Felton dropping that punt 😂
  12. No fear from Baker, looked ready to take a hit at the goaline. Definitely needed that and a stop here to turn this around in the 2nd half
  13. that looks really bad, wasn't using his left arm at all
  14. I thought they were gonna take the gain and then go for it, of course they punt it for a touchback. Terrible decision
  15. That formation for the Bryant catch was cool with all 3 TEs split left gonna be interesting to see how teams counter that
  16. Tough loss but I think we see the Chiefs again this season and we can clearly beat them. Chubb fumble and Gillian drop really hurt but maybe next time those kinda fluky plays go our way. We're gonna be super fun to watch this year and this team is gonna have a chip on its shoulder next week for dropping a winnable game. Go browns!
  17. It's crazy to me the Chubb is one of the best RBs in the NFL and yet in short yardage situations we go to Hunt and he's even better, like wtf how did we get this good?
  18. heads up play by DPJ thats a free ball after it's been touched
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