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  1. Does your workstation have an external monitor? If so get a KVM switch, this would allow you to connect all the laptops at once and direct which one is connected to the screen & mouse with a single button.
  2. STC Brant Boyer (NYJ) OT Isaiah Wilson (TEN)
  3. WR Brandon Aiyuk RB Duke Johnson @SirA1 OTC
  4. I think there's a bit more nuance in that he had one great season and one terrible season which when combined is average but his rookie year gives me more hope than if he had just been pretty meh for 2 years. Lots of pressure for him to produce this year but luckily he seems to embrace that
  5. Barwell is a fantastic writer. He's able to distill an entire narrative about a season that was so tough to watch as a fan into a brilliant article that captures just how frustrating last season was. Love the gifs highlighting our terrible playcalls that happened all too often. Felt the tone overall in the article was good in that it out called out kitchens but also put a lot of blame on the players for not executing, I expect a huge improvement this year though because stafanski seems perfect for the offensive talent we have.
  6. CB Jonathan Jones OG Larry Warford @SirA1 OTC
  7. 2020 Name Change Requests

  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Spam is actually pretty tasty, used to eat it all the time when camping. Slice it like a 1/2 inch thick and then pan fry it. It's super salty but is an easy replacement for bacon at breakfast.