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  1. I know that I was excited. I never expected this team to lay an egg.
  2. There were 3 poor passes by DAK on that drive. That’s exactly why ppl complain about him. I’m not a hater I just point out his flaws.
  3. Thank goodness Lamb was that wide open cuz that pass was horribly under thrown
  4. Chop block on the first Browns offensive play. Should have been called
  5. Wow, DAK throwing 3-5 passes. And missing wide open Wrs
  6. It’s like taking candy from a baby. It’s like playing Madden on rookie
  7. Doh, I’m watching on delay and as I type this Cowboys score.
  8. They look utterly atrocious. Throw. 5 yd pass with under a minute left in the half. Now throw a 2 yd pass on 3rd and 10
  9. I really like this guys work ethic. Reminds me of the hard play that the Boys got out of their DL in the 90's
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