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  1. Wow, DAK throwing 3-5 passes. And missing wide open Wrs
  2. It’s like taking candy from a baby. It’s like playing Madden on rookie
  3. Has Poe done anything other than kneel for the flag?
  4. Doh, I’m watching on delay and as I type this Cowboys score.
  5. They look utterly atrocious. Throw. 5 yd pass with under a minute left in the half. Now throw a 2 yd pass on 3rd and 10
  6. I really like this guys work ethic. Reminds me of the hard play that the Boys got out of their DL in the 90's
  7. I really like the QB. I think he is a huge upgrade over Rush.
  8. funny, i was just saying that to my wife. is it JJ getting better, Stephen showing more dominance, or the McCarthy influence?
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