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  1. 2020 Draft / Prospect talk

    Thoughts on going after XFLs QB PJ Walker as a back up possibility?
  2. 2020 Draft / Prospect talk

    Who are some guys that you like that could also be on the Rams radar?
  3. General Season Talk

    Can he cover though?
  4. Week 16 - Rams @ 49ers

    Ramsey and Donald are two of the most dominate players in the NFL. Both are one of the best at their position. I think it's $ well spent
  5. Rams New Coordinators?

    Maybe....we'll see
  6. Rams New Coordinators?

    Besides giving up 40+ every other game
  7. Rams New Coordinators?

    I bet Ron Rivera will be our next DC
  8. LA Rams Mock Draft 2020

    Key losses: C. Matthews R. Havenstein D. Fowler C. Littleton M. Christian M. Thomas Trade: T. Gurley to Miami for 2020 2nd and 5th Rd picks FA Additions: Joe Schobert - LB Kyler Fackerell - LB Michael Pierce - DT Chris Harris - CB Brandon Scherf - G Draft 2. Chuba Hubbard -RB/Oklahoma St 3. Calvin Throckmorton - OT/Oregon 3. Alton Robinson - DE/Syracuse 4. Rashard Lawrence -DT/LSU 4. Anthony Gordon - QB/Wash St 5. Ezra Cleveland - OL/Boise St. 6. Kj Hill - WR/Ohio St. 7. John Houston - LB/USC
  9. Rams @ Cowboys Thread

    Christian is clueless. Why is he in there?!
  10. General Season Talk

    More salary cap room. Looks like 8-12 million more if I'm not mistaken? Enough to pay for Ramsey 🤣
  11. Rams @ Cowboys Thread

    If we can't beat the sorry *** Cowboys then we didn't deserve a shot at the playoffs anyways
  12. General Season Talk

    Cowboys? They're garbage. We've never had a problem with them.. we'll blow them out
  13. General Season Talk

    Stafford is much tougher and can move and feels pressure a lot better than Goff. Jared Goff is more like a modern day Jim Everett. Closer to Kurt Cousins than Stafford even
  14. Week 12 - Rams vs Ravens - MNF

    Yea, and he also threw two picks and missed on several other throws....during garbage time at that. When Baltimore was playing off the ball and not even bringing pressure. They didn't need to. Had they brought pressure Goff would have folded as usual.
  15. Week 12 - Rams vs Ravens - MNF

    Dude...Goff is wayyyyy too predictable and one dimensional. I know being a Bears fan he may look elite compared to who they've had throughout their history.......but Goff's literally a statue back there and can only perform good under perfect conditions. He's not worthy of being a franchise QB and he certainly not worthy of that heafty contract we just gave him. We need a back up who's capable of being a franchise QB. Keep him on a super short leash from here on out.