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  1. Jrry32's Post-FA Mock Draft

    I'd be pumped if we got Stick in round 5
  2. Blake Bortles signs w/ Rams

    I like this move! We needed another QB..one that could even give Goff a run for his $. At this point I don't have much confidence in Goff going forward. At least Bortles has mental toughness and doesn't crumble under pressure. Goff is strictly a system guy, IMO.
  3. LBC's First Take at a 2019 Mock Draft

    Good draft! Id be okay with it. Snell is a steal at that spot.
  4. RamPackFan 2019 Mock Draft 1.0

    Who's Unlikely? Yeah....you said Tim Settle wouldn't see past mid 2nd last year remember that? You tend to to over rate guys
  5. Key Re-signings (Starters): Dante Fowler Jr, Corey Littleton, CJ Anderson Key FA signings: Blake Bortles -QB ( I like this idea from previous posts) Bryce Callahan - CB, Bennie Logan - DT *Trade out of 1st into early 2nd with NYG - Rams get #36 & 109 for #31 & 251 *2/36 - Zach Allen - DL/Boston College (Very versitile, powerful, smart, instinctive and has a motor to get after it) 3/94 - Darnell Savage - S/Maryland (heavy hitter with speed who can cover very well) 3/99 - TJ Edwards - LB/Wisconsin (Very smart and instinctive LB who can stop the run and is known to have good coverage skills/Barron's replacement) *4/109 - Max Scharpring - OT/N. Illinois (future replacement for Whitworth) 4/133 - Danny Isabella - WR/UMass (backup to Kupp - we suffered not having Kupp and Isabella could compliment Kupp along with his return ability - Natson is not the answer) 5/169 - Conner McGovern - OL/Penn State (replacement for Saffold) 6/203 - Ben Burr-Kirvin - LB/Washington (smaller in size but very instinctive and can flat out ball, probably won't see the 6th round but could fall due to his size)
  6. Report: Todd Gurley has arthritis in knee

    Yea...I don't think Gurley's career will be very lengthy and having a lighter workload from here on out will probably be the only way to preserve his career. I think it would be very smart to resign CJ if possible if not look to find another workhorse to compliment Gurley in the draft.
  7. Jrry32's Pre-Combine Mock Off-Season

    Please no on Taylor Rapp. Dude is from my area and is absolute garbage. Very overrated. So many others I'd pick before him
  8. General Season Talk

    Is he though? He crapped himself when we needed him most. Running Backs are easy to replace........and for his $ amount and what he brought to the table the last half of the season...I'd look to replace him or trade him
  9. Overreaction on Goff

    I feel like it's a lot more than just "one game."
  10. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    we need early season Todd...if we get late season Todd, I'd prefer CJ honestly. Go with the hot hand....
  11. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    https://www.therams.com/video/i-hit-him-right-on-the-ball-fowler-talks-his-crucial-hit-on-brees-to-advance-to- "george" LMAO
  12. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    whoa whoa whoa...wait a minute, Mr. Salty! Let's all not forget and overlook the fact that the Saints blew a 13-0 lead and choked yet ONCE again. The Rams wanted it more and it showed. They got outplayed and outmatched and let's face it. The Rams match up WAY better vs NE than the Aints.
  13. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    I know we'll hear about that "no-call" PI and the media has already started in on it.......I'd like to see how many "no-call" holds there were on our Defensive line (AD in particular)
  14. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Greg the leg was clutch today. That game winner was a bomb!
  15. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    yessssssssssssssssssssss!! let's gooooo! Congrats, fellas!