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  1. Rams pre-season thread

    matched up all day long vs Peters and Talib, especially
  2. Draft Discussion Thread

    last year about this time I remember seeing Kelly's name as a potential 1st round talent on some "way too early mocks"....He's a stud and will compliment Gurley nicely!
  3. Draft Discussion Thread

    I like how the coaches brought in a ton of talent for LBs and DEs to have em' battle it out and compete this coming preseason. Our defense is gonna look so nice this year
  4. Draft Discussion Thread

    Are we set up on auto-pick or what?
  5. Draft Discussion Thread

    Horrible pick..barf
  6. With the 27th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft...

    horrible pick and not even a priority....Carroll won't finish .500 and will be fired by 2019 - bet!
  7. Draft Discussion Thread

    agreed...which is why I don't think he'll be an option for us. I think he goes 2nd round...but I could be wrong
  8. Draft Discussion Thread

    I like O'neill
  9. Draft Discussion Thread

    I've said all along Landry wouldn't be a 1st rounder
  10. Draft Discussion Thread

    how far will Harold Landry, Lorenzo Carter and Sam Hubbard fall? Could one of them be available for us? Would you trade up for anyone?
  11. Rams 2018 offseason

    I still think Larry Fitz is STILL better than half those on that list...Id also take Devonte Adams over D. Thomas too
  12. Rams 2018 offseason

    are there certain guidelines of how our attitude NEEDS to be around here? lol....I see negativity in MANY aspects around here...and negativity breeds all kinds of "toxicity" so, don't let's not be hypocrites here
  13. Rams 2018 offseason

    Dude!! YOU made it political, lol...NOBODY cares(d) about your stupid post (which was 'political in itself'). There's 'politics' being discussed EVERY day in this forum, or are we just making it football politics only? If so, doesn't this fall into the football "politics" category????? Also, it's a PROVEN fact in today's world that there's gender neutral locker rooms/ bathrooms so I wasn't saying anything out of line there. You say you're an English teacher? High school or middle? which one? I really hope you aren't "on the clock" while you're arguing posting LONG WINDED responses and arguments all day long ???
  14. Rams 2018 offseason

    Where EXACTLY am I doing this? My "act" for not having the same opinions as YOU? Me, for making BOLd predictions and claims? You're waaaaaay to sensitive and read into things too far. I said it was a smart move by the dude. Take it however you want ....its not breaking rules. You just have a bias
  15. Rams 2018 offseason

    Holy flame balls, Batman! .....that or this "dude" is a smart man now that guys can go in girls locker rooms as long as they identify as such. Lol