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  1. ..................and It's probably going to be postponed due to field being unsafe and trashed I took PTO for this game, dammit!! lol
  2. I'm so pumped for this game.....I really do think this will be the Super Bowl match up this year. Can the Rams stop Mahomes and that offense?
  3. Week 10 - Rams vs Seahawks

    DUDE! I KNOW! I was yelling at my tv pretty much all game! I feel like this happens every game, even more so with versus Seattle.......or could just be me just paying more attention to it? Aaron Donald pretty much gets held every other play and they don't call it....it's almost as if they realize how dominate our front line is so they're giving the other teams an advantage by letting the get away with holding.....I don't what else to think other than that.
  4. Week 10 - Rams vs Seahawks

    yea, that's exactly what I was thinking the way he was rolling on the ground in pain not wanting to be touched...I'm just trying to stay on the optimistic side before the official MRI results...but it's not looking good. Sucks because I really wanted Kupp to play in the SB this year. If it's MCL there's a small chance (depending on how bad) but if it's ACL there's zero chance.
  5. Week 10 - Rams vs Seahawks

    not sure yet....didn't look good though. I would be surprised if he's not done for the year to be honest. AT least hoping for a playoff return but I'm sure he tore his knee up and will require surgery, just a feeling I have. Super bummed
  6. Week 10 - Rams vs Seahawks

  7. Week 10 - Rams vs Seahawks

  8. Week 10 - Rams vs Seahawks

    They're molesting our Defensive line and we aren't getting the calls/flags....it's so frustrating to see this EVERY time we play the Seahawks
  9. General Season Talk

    OMEGALUL!!! Is this guy for real?!? Bruh, calm down/relax....it's just a sports talk forum
  10. General Season Talk

    Welcome to America in 2018....where everyone is literally offended by everyone and everything
  11. Week 9 - Rams @ Saints

    There's NO WAY they beat us a 2nd time with Talib back. Talib was the difference maker in that game.....and it was a shocker to not see more sacks from our defense. Next time it'll be a different story. Rams are still the best team in the NFL
  12. Trade deadline - Rams trade for Fowler

    I absolutely agree. Peters has been a disappointment and since Talib has been hurt our corners have been exposed. Harris would've been a great pick up
  13. Trade deadline - Rams trade for Fowler

    Littleton is the future...he's a game changer and his stock is rising
  14. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    Skip Bayless' is paid to be a moron...it's his job
  15. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    what about my fantasy pts, Mr. Gurley?!! common', bruh!! lol