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  1. 49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested on marijuana charge

    sad how the majority of ya'll are bashing the dude and shaming him versus trying to defend him and push for the legalization of how an individual wants to medicate themselves. The talk is always about the players versus trying to change a stupid (long outdated) rule.
  2. Jrry32 First Mock Off-Season

    I really like everything except for the draft. Not a very exciting draft but it does address needs.
  3. NFC Wild Card - Rams vs Falcons PLAYOFFS!!!

    I'm so pumped up for this game! I can't wait....I don't think Atlanta will be able to hang. I'm hoping AD goes wild!
  4. Your #1 need is QB, you have NOBODY back there. Your team is trash without one and he's the best QB available. suck it up buttercup *says the guys who probably got all gitty with Geno Smith?
  5. 1. Cleveland: Sam Darnold – QB/USC 2. New York Giants: Josh Rosen – QB/UCLA 3. *Trade* Buffalo (via Ind): Lamar Jackson – QB/Louisville * Indy gets Buffalo 2018 1st, 3rd and 5th round pick & 2019 1st round pick 4. *Trade* Denver (via Cle/via Hou): Baker Mayfield – QB/Oklahoma * Cleveland gets Denver 2018 1st and 3th round pick & 2019 2nd round pick 5. Tampa Bay: Saquan Barkley – RB/Penn State 6. *Cleveland (via Den): Bradley Chubb - DE/NC State 7. New York Jets: Josh Allen – QB/Wyoming 8. San Francisco: Quentin Nelson – OL/Norte Dame 9. Chicago: Courtland Sutton – WR/SMU 10. Cincinnati: Connor Williams – OT/Texas 11. Oakland: Roquan Smith – LB/Georgia 12. Miami: Joshua Jackson – CB/Iowa + *sign Tyrod Taylor 13. Arizona: Mike McGlinchey – OT/Norte Dame + *sign AJ McCarron 14. Washington: Minkah Fitzpatrick – DB/Alabama +* resign Kirk Cousins 15. Green Bay: De’Ron Payne – DT/Alabama 16. Los Angeles Chargers: Mason Rudolph – QB/Oklahoma State 17. *Indianapolis (via Buf): Orlando Brown – OT/Oklahoma 18. Detroit: Maurice Hurst – DT/Michigan 19. Dallas: James Washington – WR/Oklahoma State 20. Seattle: Denzel Ward – CB/Ohio State 21. Tennessee: Harold Landry – OLB/Boston College 22. Baltimore: Calvin Ridley – WR/Alabama 23. Atlanta: Isiah Oliver – CB/Colorado 24. Carolina: Arden Key – DE/LSU 25. Buffalo (via KC): Christian Wilkins – DL/Clemson 26. Jacksonville: Chukwuma Okorafor – OT/Western Michigan +*signs Eli Manning 27. Philadelphia: Kolton Miller OT/UCLA 28. New Orleans: Malik Jefferson – LB/Texas 29. Pittsburgh: Rashaan Evans – LB/Alabama 30. Minnesota: Billy Price – OG/Ohio State 31. New England: Vita Vae – DT/Washington 32. Los Angeles Rams: Sam Hubbard – DE/Ohio State
  6. RamPackFan 2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    Thanks for your insights here...good analysis on the cap space stuff, where I clearly suck at. Because of everything I've read I didn't see us realistically re-signing most of our starters. I was unaware of how well we looked going into next season. On the draft, I originally had Joshua Jackson but realistically I don't think he'll be there late 1...I see him as a 15-20 range guy. We'll see how the processes play out though...I do like him much better than Jaire, I'm with you there. I like your other prospects as well.
  7. RamPackFan 2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    I left out key signings until later on not a big deal and wan't my main focus as it's more about the draft. I just wanted to note key losses bascially. So, why do I need to draft a NT? Beacause of Easly? Where has he been all year and can we make due without? Many of you have already stated you don't see many or some of the same players listed above. How do you expect to sign Donald on a long term deal this offseason as well as keep Brockers, Barron, Barwin, Sullivan, Quinn, Watkins? Can't keep em' all. Ebukam and LIttleton have both proven to be quality players who can fill those gaps you mentioned. Trumaine Johnson won't be back and costs way too much....Kayvon Webster isn't all that great and won't be missed if we don't resign. Like it or not, we will draft a rookie CB who will probably be our starter.
  8. RamPackFan 2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    yea, I just don't see us signing a lot of these guys especially if we win the SB. I don't think Webster was all that great to keep him PLUS he tore his achillies so who knows how well he'll do. Quinn has had a decent year but not worth the $ we have been giving him.
  9. 2017 Super Bowl Champions! *Signs Aaron Donald to big time contract Key FA losses: Trumaine Johnson/Dominique Easley/Lance Dunbar/Cody Davis/John Sullivan Waived/Cut/traded: Tavon Austin/Robert Quinn/Kayvon Webster/Rodger Saffold Re-sign LaMarcus Joyner/Nickell Robey-Coleman/Sammy Watkins/Connor Barwin Round 1 1. Jaire Alexander (5'11"/205) Round 3 3. Porter Gustin - LB/USC (6'5"/255) Round 4 4. Jerry Tillery - DE/Norte Dame (6'6"/305) Round 5 5. Quenton Meeks – CB/Stanford (6'2"/197) Round 6 6a. Austin Corbett - OT/C, Nevada (6'4"/300) 6b. Jack Cichy - LB/Wisconsin (6'2"/235) 6c. Alex Cappa - OT/Humboldt State (6'7"/305) Round 7 7. Nick Wilson - RB/Arizona (5'10"/208)
  10. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    Gurley is the MVP hands down
  11. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    GZ is the difference in this game. We would still have a lead even after that fumble. We won't last without someone who can kick a FG.
  12. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    This kicker situation is not good
  13. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    That Quinn holding call was BS! ...however, Littleton is legit!
  14. Greg Zuerlein placed on IR

    sounds WAY too close to "Ray Finkle"
  15. General Season Talk

    Patriots sign Kenny Britt to a 2 yr deal lmao - he's such a bum http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000892226/article/patriots-signing-wr-kenny-britt-to-twoyear-deal