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  1. Goof couldn't even get the ball to the check down last night. Horrible performance. That's the Goff we get when it really comes down to it. He can't grow out of that
  2. These guys will remain optimistic vs realistic about any draft pick we make. We blew it, IMO..I won't be expecting much from this team for a while... we're regressing.
  3. What the heck are we doing??! We're doomed
  4. We need to compete in the trenches. Our trenches are pathetic for the most part on offense. The key is to have absolute hogs on the online so you don't have to waste 1-2nd round picks on a running back. Kinda like the 49ers, ya know? Who are their running backs? We did nothing to make our oline better this off season. We're gonna struggle next year I can already see it.
  5. Did we forget what our needs were? Our online killed us last year and we have no linebackers. We seem to be regressing while the rest of division is looking better. Just my opinion
  6. 2. Tee Higgins - WR/Clemson 2. Ezra Cleveland - OL/Boise St 3. Tyler Biadaz - OL/Wisconsin 3. Willie Gay Jr - LB/Miss St 4. Zach Moss - RB/Utah 6. Anthony Gordon - QB/Wash St. 7. BPA
  7. Yep...I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully next of season we make it happen. This will be the year Goff shows he's still trash and it will be perfect timing to move on and maybe draft a QB to learn behind Aarod
  8. Doesn't Moss already have knee issues? No thanks
  9. I live in Boise and watched a few games this year and John Hightower really got my attention. He had a great day at the combine. I think he could be of value if we can get him to replace Thomas and/or Cooks. He's got great speed for stretching the field and pretty decent hands. Plus, I think he has a better upside in the return game than what we already have.
  10. Thoughts on going after XFLs QB PJ Walker as a back up possibility?
  11. Who are some guys that you like that could also be on the Rams radar?
  12. Ramsey and Donald are two of the most dominate players in the NFL. Both are one of the best at their position. I think it's $ well spent
  13. Besides giving up 40+ every other game
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