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  1. For sure ....many don't come back as they did before the injury. I don't know of any to he honest
  2. What about Trading Robert Woods and a pickfor Julio Jones?
  3. There goes werner too. Who would've been MUCH better. I'm done watching this mess
  4. Yeah we prob could have gotten him in the 4th tho lol
  5. Blazing fast? He's the size of my 9 yr old son. His legs are tooth picks. Terrible pick.
  6. I didn't think Marshall would be here to be honest. I'd love that pick
  7. Mac Jones will have a much better career in NE than Trey Lance in SF
  8. Not a chance. He's trash. You'll see
  9. Lance is garbage. What are you people thinking? This is great news
  10. Hahahahah! LoL...49ers are trash. Trey Lance is doo doo.
  11. He's different..you can see it in his game.
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