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  1. Cowboys @ Rams

    Having both of them out there at the same time even...Gurley as a "receiver" etc.
  2. Cowboys @ Rams

    Wade's active this week? Now it's on! Shutout here we come
  3. Cowboys @ Rams

    There it is! - Thank you
  4. Cowboys @ Rams

    I think Talib will be matched up with Cooper, yes!
  5. Cowboys @ Rams

    Yea, I'm not too worried about Cooper. I don't think he'll be much of a factor to be honest. I'm more worried about Zeke. If we stop him we win...it's that easy
  6. Cowboys @ Rams

    No, I'm actually looking for them right now. Someone on social media had those exact stats. Talib vs Cooper and Peters vs Cooper all time stats. Cooper has had a couple great games vs Peters....I think even a 200 yd one ? But Talib has basically shut him down every time they've met. I'll try and find it again
  7. Cowboys @ Rams

    Here's a fun stat for you two to look up regarding Amari Cooper. Check out his stats vs Talib (All-Time) Spoiler: Talib basically makes Cooper irrelevant
  8. General Season Talk

    It'll be a heckava lot easier of a win than it would be vs Seattle or Chicago. I'd take Dallas over those 2 all day long. Just me though...I have a good feeling we make a statement saturday
  9. General Season Talk

    Should be an easy win....Dak is absolute trash and is a wreck out there. Our DLine will eat him alive and he'll be turning the ball over. Cowboys are who I was hoping for to get the momentum we need for the NFC Championship game
  10. General Season Talk

    I really like CJs running style. He's a bruiser and always moves the chains. How do you suppose we use him going forward into the playoffs? We should def keep him involved..he's too productive not to.
  11. Week 16 - Rams at Cardinals

    Our running game though..........wow!!
  12. Week 16 - Rams at Cardinals

    I was thinking the exact same thing
  13. Week 16 - Rams at Cardinals

    CJ looking good out there....nice change of pace. Dude is bruiser
  14. General Season Talk

    I imagine Gurley rests until playoffs - where he'll be fresh and needed most. We'll get a quality rotation from Kelly and CJ is what I'm guessing. I'm kinda excited to see Kelly get some more carries actually.
  15. Week 15 - Rams vs Eagles - SNF

    Cuz his time is done and he's overrated now......"let the tape be the resume" - S. McVay