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  1. Expectations for Jared Goff

    Given the coaching staff, WR/Weapons core, and him naturally maturing a bit from last year I expect to see 24 Tds and about 3,500 passing yards from him....I expect at least an 85 passer rating from him and no more than 12 interceptions.
  2. Rams Forum Welcome & Introduce Yourself

    Nice! What's up, dude!! haha.. I am ALSO originally from Long Beach, California! I was born at Long Beach Memorial in 1979! ha...lived there for a few years then moved up to Northern California (Mount Shasta) a few years later ( home of Jason Sehorn ). Most of all my family still lives in the area (Anaheim/Orange County) and Whittier/La Habra area.
  3. 2018 Draft Order

    ..."With the #1 Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, The New York Jets Select....Sam Darnold QB/USC Trojans
  4. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    So, he may not play week 1? that would hurt
  5. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    when it's cold everything hurts..lol.
  6. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    when do you see Donald getting a deal?
  7. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    He was in Buffalo....its super frigid and cold there? LA could revitalize him!!?
  8. G.1 Pre-season/Post-Game Analysis vs Cowboys

    If you had to pick who will make the team who would you say? Just trying to get a feel of what the staff is thinking or ??? I mean, Tavon has to be on his way out, no? Maybe looking to deal him once he's back from injury status? Not sure all the logistics in all this stuff....some of you are waaaaay smarter and advanced in that dept than I am...as far as salary cap hit, contracts, etc. Would it be smart to deal him for maybe some OL depth? With Woods, Kupp, and Watkins out there as most likely starters, I don't really see Tavon fitting in too well...esp since its Tavon, Kupp, and Cooper all going competing for the same spot essentially...Spruce if you wanna throw him in as well?
  9. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Won't we have a ton of space after this year?
  10. Just wanted to hear some thoughts and comments about last nights game. What did you all take away from it? What player impressed you the most? Areas of improvement or areas where you saw improvement? It's early and it's still pre-season but our defense was looking pretty sweet overall. I have really high-expectations going into the year with our defense and I expect them to be an easy top 5 defense in the league. We were constantly bringing pressure to the QB and our DB's were playing pretty well, much improved from last year (so far). Marqui Christian #41 impressed me a bit. Played very well...he was flying all over the place. Our defense didn't need too much improvement from last year....the interesting part is how we would transition into this 3-4 scheme. So far so good! Offensively I was pretty impressed by how much more comfortable and confident Goff looked during the first 2 drives...I wish we could've gotten to see more out of him, not sure why they didn't work him more? Mannion played smart and moved the ball down the field well....I like his chemistry with Spruce. Spruce needs to be on this team, IMO. The guy is so darn reliable and in all honesty, as much as I like Tavon, I'd roll with Spruce. I have a feeling Tavon could be on his way out sooner than later due to this crowded WR lineup we now have....could he be dealt to another team before season ends? Maybe to add more OL depth? I don't think Cooper is going anywhere either, I think the coaches really like his physicality and toughness. I'm a big fan of Todd Gurley but he's still not hitting that hole with the explosiveness I'd expect? Justin Davis really showed some potential (minus the fumbles)....I liked what I saw out of our backfield minus Gurley, which is a disappointment for me. Cooper Kupp is going to be amazing - you can just see it. He plays a lot like Jordy Nelson, IMO.....can't wait to see our offense fire on all cylinders.
  11. Rams Forum Welcome & Introduce Yourself

    Posted July 17 Who is your favorite Rams player? Past or Present?: Past: As a kid growing up I really like Jim Everett, Flipper Anderson, Kevin Greene and Eric Dickerson. Middle years I was a big fan of Kurt Warner, Marhsall Faulk and Torry Holt. Today, it's Todd Gurley, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald.What do you do?: Radiologic Technologist What other teams are you a fan of?: Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers mainly) Do you play sports? If you've hung up the cleats, inform us of your glory days when you used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.: Played Football (QB) and Baseball (SS/2nd) all through High School . Played Junior College Football at Shasta College in Northern California 2001-2003 as a WR/TE.Who is your dream girl? (those that are married, go ahead and say your wife! That way she doesn't beat you senseless when she browses through you history): WifeWhat do you like to eat?: Mexican Food What other hobbies do you have?: Hiking, Camping, Fitness and FamilyWhy did you choose your username?: Name one really cool event in your life.: My marriage and the birth of my 3 kids
  12. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Sweet move! I like it! this is a good year for Sammy to break out to.... I'm really digging our WR depth at the moment.....the question is how many WR in total will we most likely keep going into the first game? Watkins, Austin, Kupp, Woods, Reynolds, Spruce, Cooper, Cannon, Thomas.........not to mention Higbee and Everett! If Goff can't do it I'm sure Mannion will...lots of talent to support our QB's. Who do ya'll see us keeping/cutting? Rooting to keep Spruce on the team