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  1. Wow!! I wish lol 57. Jaelan Phillips EDGE Miami (FL) LAR 88. Dylan Moses LB Alabama LAR 108. Ambry Thomas CB Michigan trade icon LAR 141. Anthony Schwartz WR Auburn LAR 148. Jaylen Twyman DT Pittsburgh trade icon LAR 252. Chris Evans RB Michigan
  2. Dude.. The season just got longer in case you missed that. We need depth now
  3. 49ers going Mac Jones. Told y'all....again.
  4. Not trade out of 2nd completely. I'd be okay with moving down 10 spots or so.
  5. Maybe the Jets don't like their options at 12 and wanta the beast OT from Oregon? Idk. I think NYJ drafting a QB when you already have a decent one and still have many other needs is a terrible move. I do think Wilson is special ...but I also think we haven't seen the best of Darnold either. Idk..
  6. Feilds is HIGHLY overrated. Not impressed and doesn't scare me one bit. Has the iQ of a goldfish. I wouldn't sleep on Jones tho. What if Selah gave Shanny the hint he was sticking with Darnold and they're actually after Wilson? Wilson would be the only guy that scares me to be honest. Other than him and TLaw I don't think the others are going to be much more of an upgrade than Jimmy G.
  7. Been messing around with the mock draft simulator. Pretty fun to do if you're bored at work. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/ Here was my lastest (with trades): 58. Terrace Marshall Jr. - WR LSU 92. Quinn Meinerz - OC Wisconsin-Whitewater 103. Chazz Surratt - LB North Carolina 131. Demetric Felton - RB/WRUCLA 142. Jaylen Twyman - DT Pittsburgh 149. Jaylon Moore - OTWestern Michigan 190. Darren Hall - CB/San Diego State
  8. I think obtaining Corn Elder is more realistic than Deshawn Cosby, wouldn't you think? Lol
  9. Apparently on Twitter Jalen Ramsey is begging for Corn Elder to sign with Rams....says he's slot like T.Hill and can play slot/outside. I wanted to draft him years ago
  10. Why this kid? He's waaay too small...5'9" 165??!! Lmao... Not even that fast (4.51 ...non laser at that). Why not Nico Collins? Dude is 6'4" 4.4 speed..big strong fast target for Stafford? No brainer
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