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  1. Back to back steals were beyond infuriating
  2. Way to close the game out Boston
  3. You really trying to assert that LeBron doesn't come out ahead overall when it comes to refs?
  4. So you get upset about me calling LeBron a boob for congratulating himself on Twitter for something that hadn't happened yet. But you thinks it's no big deal to accuse me of being a racist without ever having met me. Seems logical
  5. So is that like your go to when you don't have an actual response? Just accuse them of being a racist lol
  6. Lol To be fair he did make up for it like 2 plays later with a great rebound and put back IIRC
  7. Calling me a racist because I think LeBron does some wacky/annoying stuff on the court and favored the refs? Yea....good one
  8. Starting to think your one of them to be honest
  9. lol.....LeBron.....doesn't get a call....hahahahaha
  10. I wouldn't argue that point....LeBron just brings it to a whole new level sometimes, like his congratulating of himself on Twitter for 30,000 points before he actually got it lol
  11. Hell no, especially after Hayward went down. This teams all about the years ahead.
  12. Lebron is the best player on the planet, he just so happens to alsp be a complete tool. Really nice guy, great romodel, never been in trouble off the court, but he's a boob when it comes to his on court demeanor and personality. I forgot I forgot.....we're not allowed to point out flaws or annoying things about your god....My bad.
  13. I have zero concern because the East is a joke compared to the West and I knew the Celts weren't winning anything this year. This season has been a pleasant surprise with Hayward going down and how young the Celts are. Sorry if facts hurt your feelings....everyone knows LeBron is most likely gone next season or the Cavs are gonna do whatever LeBron asks and he'll move teammates like pawns once again, as he has every right to do. Stop being so sensitive
  14. I'd be willing to bet LeBron isn't playing with a lot of these guys next year. He's either going to jump ship or force a big trade for another all star to stay.
  15. LeBron loving his new rentals.... Until he gets sick of them