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  1. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    I refuse to vote because there is no "why is this a thread?" Option
  2. Alvin Kamara vs. Dion Lewis

    Accidentally voted for Lewis...its Kamara
  3. Does Defense Win Championships?

    Thread should be over at this point, but he will either avoid your proof that he's wrong, or move the parameters of his argument once again to try and make these inconvenient truths irrelevant.
  4. Does Defense Win Championships?

    No defense has single handidly won a championship
  5. Does Defense Win Championships?

    Repeating something over and over again doesn't make it true unfortunately. But please, continue.
  6. Does Defense Win Championships?

    Yea, that doesn't mean they were even close to one of the best defenses in the league. You conveniently "not believing" in DVOA or any other advanced analytics says it all
  7. Does Defense Win Championships?

    Yea, this is wrong.
  8. Does Defense Win Championships?

    And if New England wins you'll move the goalposts once again to fit your narrative. You turned yourself into a pretzel earlier this season trying to defend this when people showed how your criteria for a defense playing great also fit offensive performance as well for SB champions.
  9. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    I do agree that I think the big matchup will be Lewis, Burkehead, and now White put of the backfield, both running at this stout defensive line and catching passes when they get favorable matchup. As for Cooks and Hogan, I'm honestly not expecting much. Hogan is just coming back and Cooks has been underwhelming lately tracking the ball, and this Jags secondary has the man power to keep those two check one v one. I think the Jags focusing on Gronk will hopefully open up some passing lanes over the middle for Amendola.
  10. #6 for Brady & Bill

    This week is going to be unbearable
  11. Having said all of that... I think the Pats come from behind again after a slow start and win 24-21
  12. They let up a lot of points off of huge plays that I dont think the Patriots playmakers could make. I don't see Lewis/White making that Bell TD catch, and I don't see any NE wr making either AB td catch. I think New England will get theirs, my biggest worry is everyone relying on Bortles crapping his pants when he showed today he doesn't need to be spectacular to win and he is more than capable of making the necessary plays to win.
  13. People weren't expecting Bortles and the offense to do much against the Steelers, a defense one could very well say is better than the Pats, and they went up and down the field on them. Again, I'm not saying Jags win...I just don't think saying "Brady vs Bortles" is accurate in this matchup, because Brady has a MUCH bigger challenge facing the Jags defense than Bortles does facing ours
  14. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    Reverse jinx thread?
  15. Come on....the Pats PPG ranking is highly misleading as far how good/bad they really are. Their DVOA is near bottom of the league