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  1. It’s always funny when fans talk about any pro athlete being a “bum” but it’s especially funny with fighting. like dude, he could legitimately end your life in under 2 minutes.
  2. Connors career nowadays is about 5% inside the octagon….
  3. I think he’s in a unique situation where he only expects to fight the top of the division because of his draw/popularity. Could he hand around and tune up more journeymen like Cerrone, absolutely, but I don’t think he wants to do that. And that’s why I think he’s closer to done than anything else. Because he won’t continuously take the Cerrone type opponent even after losses.
  4. That’s not saying much lol and 95% of the roster doesn’t command 1/100th of what he does both up front and on the back end.
  5. I agree with this to an extent. I think he is realizing the hard way what humping up two weight classes actually means. He connects plenty still because his striking is elite, but he’s not sleeping ppl like he was at lighter weights. Now his grappling and gas tank are more important than ever and no matter how hard he trains neither of those will ever be elite.
  6. For how many more fights though? Yes his trash talking helped, but it was his amazing performances that truly got ppl to tune in. If he loses his next fight I don’t think he’ll be a guaranteed slam dunk anymore for the UFC with what he commands in PPV share and up front payment.
  7. It’s not just about age, it’s about tread left on the tires and also how much time is being devoted to fighting. When McGregor was running through people all he did was fight and train to fight. Now he’s got clothing brands, merchandise sales, advertisements, etc all taking up time in his daily routine. He also no longer has the devastating power advantage that he did compared to his opponents now like he did at lighter weights. I thinks it’s VERY safe to say he’s on the back nine of his career, and close to the 18th.
  8. Yea, Poirer controlled the round on the ground but never rocked Connor or anything, just got some good shots in. It was a good fight, pretty evenly matched IMO. I do think Poirer only gets better as the fight goes on though and Connor would have had 1 more round to put him away.
  9. I’ve been a huge McGregor fan, but I’m able to realize when he goes too far. It was obvious in the Khabib build up and I thought it was too much this time around with bringing in Poiriers wife and stuff. Then again with the wife crap in his post fight interview. I don’t hold it against him for being upset, I’m saying he is usually funny/quick with his talk, this time around it was just dumb/gross.
  10. He won’t, he could easily ride off into the sunset but he’s the type that just doesn’t know when it’s time to hang it up. He’s gonna go out on his shield.
  11. Yea I thought he tore his ACL on the punch he threw. what a crappy way to end it
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