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  1. Is it just me or is Woodley milking the crap out of this
  2. I think he and the receivers looked on different wavelengths most of the game. He can still make all the throws, he showed that in spurts today.
  3. Not like TB12 played lights out....the pick 6 was 100% him
  4. Against a really tough matchup I don’t think this game should be extremely upsetting. It was obvious a lack of preseason games/reps on top of Brady being new has led to some really big communication mishaps. That and stupid penalties really hurt today. Its obvious Brady can still make all the throws, just about putting it all together now. You guys will be fine.
  5. I think he's shown signs of being very good, but he seems to crumble under the spot light or earliest signs of hardship, just turtles up and sort of gives up on trying to win.
  6. Oh no doubt Magny was working for stuff, just wasn’t anything actually technical or chess match type grappling going on that I tend to find entertaining. Just one guy completely overpowering and holding down another guy.
  7. Smith is just one of those unfortunate cases of never being able to fully perform when the brightest lights are on him.
  8. I can’t fault Magny in any way because it was a dominating fight and he wasn’t really stalling or anything....but man was that a boring fight
  9. 99% of guys talk trash prefight to bump up intrigue and sales....UFC promotions have pretty much taken the WWE route for hyping fights and creating animosity. I could completely understand the guy celebrating within reason...but hopping on the cage, nonstop talking about himself and how he proved everyone wrong, with the way it ended, just makes him seem like he was surprised he won tbh, and can't hold in his excitement, doesn't know how to deal with it, so he's coming off like huge d-bag. I am in no way saying his win doesn't count btw....it's a legitimate win, and good for him.
  10. Just watched the post right press conference and my god is Chito Vera just so easy to dislike. You won the fight, that’s great, but don’t act like it was some dominant performance and worked out exactly like you thought it would, and your kick caused the injury. Like come on, just say you’re happy with the win and looking forward to your next fight. I just can’t get in that mindset of openly celebrating like that when deep down you know an injury played such a huge roll.
  11. I feel like they were opportunities for DC to swarm at times that Stipe was a little hurt, but he never swarmed because of how cautious he was of Stipe's power. DC's punches LOOKed more powerful, but Stipe's hands are just cinderblocks.
  12. Not sure how anyone can call him overrated...his only losses were to the two GOATs of their respective weight classes.
  13. He wasn't too bad...I mean I get it, that was a REALLY bad poke, and his emotions are obviously running extremely high after fights. Miocic just seems like the kind of guy who would be great to have a beer with. Easily one of the most likeable champions of memory.
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