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  1. You'd think Tom Brady is the only quarterback affected by consistent pressure if you watched ESPN lol
  2. I honestly have zero confidence in the Bucs performing consistently at any point for the remainder of the season....it's the opposite of what we were used to in NE where the teams was never really flashy but extremely consistent. This Bucs team will show flashed of greatness 20% of the time, but the other 80% they look like a .500 team.
  3. Contender? They'll be lucky to make the playoffs at this rate
  4. I honestly don't think the Bucs make the playoffs at this point....their schedule isn't easy moving forward IIRC and they've just looked awful
  5. wow....1000% on Brady....the decline really is showing, damn this sucks.
  6. The ball hit him in the hands....
  7. I don't care if he was falling down....Godwin has to catch that, went right through his hands.
  9. Every time Gronk catches and turns up field I just keep thinking that ball is begging to get punched out
  10. I agree. I said it earlier, where the hell are the quick slants that Brady has feasted on his entire career? The OL has been getting worked consistently this season and yet they continue to call these long developing pass plays, it's pathetic.
  11. Fumble, down 2 TDs soon. Bucs you're supposed to be my escape after watching the Pats....but you're impressively more depressing then they are.
  12. More long developing pass plays when the OL has been struggling....brilliant!
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