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  1. Idk, I enjoyed watching him finally appear mortal and let loose. What else could he have said that he hasn’t already six times before.
  2. Idk, but if it does happen, I can’t wait to hear the multitude of excuses that time around.
  3. As focused and driven as Brady is, he’s still human probably realizes how everything he is doing is really just icing on the cake at this point, and he’s going to enjoy the crap out of it as long as it doesn’t hinder his performance. And it’s honestly awesome to watch
  4. I mean don’t get wrong, Patriots Tom Brady is always gonna be my Brady.....but damn I’d be lying if I said Tampa Tom didnt look like the absolute man lol
  5. It’s definitely shifted over time....still not any less painful though lol
  6. If you can’t remember people calling the Pats and Brady especially chokers after that game, idk man....it was everywhere they way I remember. And I don’t remember anyone outside of some Pats fans talking about the OL getting dominated and Brady’s high ankle sprain as an excuse for the loss.
  7. Completely agree with the bolded. I think what I and most others are sort of driving home here is the difference in response that other QBs have gotten when this exact situation happened to them. Brady and Belichick had to live with the epic choker title for years after 2007 because the offense dealt with the same challenges Mahomes and Reid did last night. They even made it a much more competitive game than this one. Yet this time around, it seams everyone is circling the wagons around Mahomes to deflect any blame. I think that’s why there’s so much push back here.
  8. Golf sucks.....my swing can confirm
  9. I engage purely for entertainment. Watching people try to legitimatize their insane takes trying to take away from Brady is an excellent way to pass the time.
  10. Stefi Graf is still a very popular choice for women’s GOAT.
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