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  1. Honestly, why wasn’t Max v Volk the true main? not sure why unpopular Usman v journeyman Jorge was the top billing
  2. I honesty think is exactly what Jorge wanted....in a no lose situation with taking the fight in such short notice, the perfect excuse. he looks like he couldn’t care less right now
  3. Honestly if this goes the distance it says a lot more about Usman than Jorge
  4. Is it just me or does Usman look a lot slower than he was against Covington?
  5. Bisping is acting like Usman is just trying to survive and fight his way back into it lol
  6. Yea, I think he’s got bursts left but definitely slowing down
  7. Usman isn’t moving his head nearly enough, dropping his head and projecting it quite a bit
  8. Bisping is just the worst
  9. I just don’t see where Jorge is better than Usman....I expect a dominant win from Usman. with that said Jorge will probably crush him lol
  10. I’m also clearly drunk, so that may explain things a bit lol
  11. I feel like Max threw Volk for a loop with his gameplan changed but he eventually figured it out in the later rounds and started to pull ahead.
  12. I feel like Dana wants Max to be the champ over Volk, more marketable...ish
  13. I felt like 3 was all Volk pushing the pace and moving forward, I think that’s what did it for him that round. They both had some good strikes but Max was moving back most of the time. 4 was closer for me but I feel like the TD may have did it for Volk 5 was definitely Volk
  14. Here comes the trilogy....that fight was razor thin
  15. What a fight, hell of a turnaround by Volk after the first 2. if it wasn’t against the past champ, I would say the challenger didn’t do enough, but with it being Max, I’d say it’s 50/50.
  16. Bisping is openly rooting for Max....someone mute him lol
  17. 1 and 2 easily Holloway 3 easily Volk 4 is a toss up, maybe slight edge to Max
  18. Does Bisping have money on Holloway? lol
  19. Volk definitely won that one.....2-1
  20. Holloway took that round at the end...Volk is getting his rhythm a bit but Max is landing cleaner
  21. Great first for Holloway....Max needs to keep chopping the leg to slow Holloway down
  22. He’s been fighting for so long his body quite obviously isn’t the same...he’s not nearly as fast/powerful/explosive as he was in his prime.
  23. I know I’m wrong for thinking it, but Aldos neck is wide open and Yan could easily take it and end the fight more mercifully if he wanted to, kind of a **** move.