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  1. His first INT was him rolling out to the right IIRC, something he does quite a bit, and made an awful INT. His second INT was in the pocket as well and I don’t believe he was getting hit. He was having a Pretty bad game up until the final drive. He wasn’t single handedly beating or doing anything special against the 49ers the first 3.5 quarters, and he wasn’t helping his receivers. He ended strong, that’s great, he’s great. He still didn’t have some really good game. I don’t see why this is so offensive to some people. He’s the best QB in football who just didn’t have a very good night for an elite QB, under pressure or not.
  2. Hyperbole is on point tonight
  3. This is a bad argument to begin with, and even worse when you realize he didn’t deserve it lol
  4. And you are still arguing against a point I wasn’t making. That last drive from Mahomes, I’ll say sure that put him as a better overall performance for the night. when we were discussing this an hour ago though...up to that point, JG was 110% having a better game than Mahomes.
  5. Obviously it’s not a given....but Andy must be licking his chops after winning his first SB against a very good team when his QB didn’t even play up to his potential.
  6. No way in hell.....Andy can win multiple with Mahomes.
  7. Happy for Andy Reid....he deserves this
  8. Still pissed.....just not as pissed as he was before.
  9. lol....is it really that hard to say Mahomes wasn’t that good outside of two drives tonight? I mean it’s okay to admit it
  10. You gotta love how the commentators gotta try and sell that the game isn’t over lol
  11. Entertaining game all around....really enjoyable
  12. I don’t have to think that....I watched it with my own eyes. I really don’t see the problem in saying Mahomes had a bad game up to that last drive. Two bad throws (one awful) that lead to interceptions, and a bunch of inaccurate passes. I think Mahomes is the best QB in the game....I just don’t think he’s had a particularly good game tonight.
  13. No way they overturn that
  14. Dude, he has ditched the pocket early quite a bit tonight, And he has done his receivers no favors at all either, how can you blame them for not catching every low or bad pass he’s thrown? I think he’s better than JG....just not tonight
  15. Chiefs score a FG, JG drives down into FG range and the kicker wins the game. JG falls into the “he’s just lucky his kicker is good” curse that Brady got labeled with.....and the Twilight Zone portal opens.
  16. Man, people are really sensitive at the slightest hint that Mahomes isn’t a real life video game character in a single game.
  17. I’m not arguing JG is a better player than Mahomes....I’m saying the argument being used to downplay JG performance tonight can be used to downplay Mahomes entire career up to this point. its a stupid argument both times
  18. Are you talking about the bad pass that was behind the receiver?
  19. And you accused me of being high?
  20. He’s not exactly helping his receivers tonight
  21. The people saying JG hasn’t outplayed Mahomes or hasn’t been very good tonight because he only hits wide open receivers.....um, Mahomes receivers are wide open most of the time. That criticism hurts Mahomes more than any other QB in the league.
  22. I think you’re setting the bar far too high
  23. You’re arguing against a point I’m not trying to make.....Jimmy has outplayed Mahomes tonight. It’s just a fact at this point.
  24. Yea, 99.99999% of fans would trade their QBs for him in a heartbeat.