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  1. It is just impossible to like Adesanya.
  2. I don’t expect anything special, but if Jones can turn into a good/decent QB (which I do think he’s capable of), that paired with BB as a head coach, makes for some exciting seasons ahead.
  3. Yup, you could sense this was coming though. Stipe just seemed different tonight, but hey, that maybe just what happens when you face Ngannu I look forward to the rematch and hope Stipe doesn’t just sit back and wait to get hit
  4. An overpay but meh, I’ll take it. I’ve been dying to see the two TE set offense again. BB is the GOAT coach, and while he gets a little more crap than warranted for his drafting, he’s pretty middle of the road, but down right awful with WRs. It’s crazy how much his coaching ability and Brady were able to make up for that over the years.
  5. I’m as big a McGregor fan as there is, but there’s no denying he became the cocky d-bag he was portraying to hype fights. Throwing the dolly, punching the old dude in the bar, smashing that persona cell phone....it just all eventually took over, which isn’t surprising at all, he’s only human. He even acknowledged it before the Cerrone fight.
  6. That’s kinda what I mean. These guys try and mimic the persona and end up just becoming the persona, which is unlike able. Hell it even happened to McGregor eventually, he did become a huge ****. He was just able to balance it and keep his ego in check when not promoting a fight a lot longer than most.
  7. This! Nunes became a grappler real quick in that fight lol
  8. After McGregor every champion that wants to make the big bucks (relative to other elite athletes/champions of their sport) are going to try and mimic the McGregor style. Unfortunately, it’s VERY hard to play the cocky bastard and be like able all at the same time.
  9. This is one of those times where these fights are so lopsided they almost hurt Nunes legacy because people who look back will think she just faced scrubs the whole time.
  10. Make sure that you sprint for 15 minutes first too so you’re exhausted before taking the hit.
  11. Really is an unfortunate case of someone being so dominant they have no one else to send her way so she has to face these fighters that really don’t belong in the octagon with them.
  12. Even if he was fluffing it up a bit....who cares tbh. This wasn’t some grazing knee, it was a hard direct shot to the temple. Yan should have been immediately DQ, the result of it shouldn’t have even mattered.
  13. Yan was absolutely dominating....what an idiot
  14. Idk, I enjoyed watching him finally appear mortal and let loose. What else could he have said that he hasn’t already six times before.
  15. Idk, but if it does happen, I can’t wait to hear the multitude of excuses that time around.
  16. As focused and driven as Brady is, he’s still human probably realizes how everything he is doing is really just icing on the cake at this point, and he’s going to enjoy the crap out of it as long as it doesn’t hinder his performance. And it’s honestly awesome to watch
  17. I mean don’t get wrong, Patriots Tom Brady is always gonna be my Brady.....but damn I’d be lying if I said Tampa Tom didnt look like the absolute man lol
  18. It’s definitely shifted over time....still not any less painful though lol
  19. If you can’t remember people calling the Pats and Brady especially chokers after that game, idk man....it was everywhere they way I remember. And I don’t remember anyone outside of some Pats fans talking about the OL getting dominated and Brady’s high ankle sprain as an excuse for the loss.
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