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  1. It obviously sucks losing like that, but I think overall there’s things that got me excited. I was watching bits and pieces today, but from what I saw: Good Mac Jones - Calm, cool, collected. Made some fantastic throws (that wheel route to White was a dime). I’m really excited to see home progress throughout the season. Harris - I thought he looked good, made some great moves, but didn’t try to dance too much. Yes, his fumble all but sealed the loss, and that type of crap can’t happen, I thought he showed some great skills. Bad Penalties - multiple pe
  2. All in All, Brady, Gronk, Brown, and the OL looked great, everyone else on offense tried to lose the game. The defense outside of a few good pass rushes was sloppy as hell as well.
  3. To confirm we are on the same page, you stated that athletes of that level don’t flop/throw themselves on the ground. That is an absolutely laughably false statement that I was making fun of. Neither of our posts have anything to do with body mechanics lol
  4. Yup if people are gonna whine about no OPI, then it should of been offsetting with DPI since we are calling every little thing
  5. Ohhhh boy do I have some news for you
  6. But it isn’t. The refs don’t call every extension of the arm, just like they don’t call holding on the OL every play even though by letter of the law, they do hold. You saying that was an obvious call in real time just isn’t realistic.
  7. This 100% Are we going to start reviewing every call in slow motion zoomed in? Because it’s already making some games unbearable
  8. Barely….And the defender had a piece of his Jersey collar….if we are going to start calling penalties under a microscope, good luck producing an enjoyable game
  9. He didn’t even fully extend his arm….you see push offs 10x worse than that.
  10. That was about as minor as it gets lol
  11. You start calling that a push off good luck getting through an NFL game quicker than 4 hours
  12. Watching this game does make me remember some REALLY sloppy games by the Bucs lag season
  13. Accepting that penalty cost them 6 seconds and a timeout.
  14. it’s gonna really blow that a bunch of guys got hurt on top of losing in an absolutely awful effort
  15. Statistically he should make it by now lol
  16. We all know how this is going to end right?
  17. lol….Bucs refuse to put this game away
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