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  1. Cool by me. Lets see how he does
  2. Keep Sam, trade down from #2 and take the best pass rusher available. Take Etienne with the seahawks picks. Draft interior lineman in round 2-4. Bring in Daboll. Become a power running team and let Daboll fix Sam aka turn Sam into Baker Mayfield
  3. We're literally the most cursed franchise on earth and I dont understand it. I think Joe Namath sold his soul to the devil to make us win in SBIII.
  4. Im so conflicted. ..... Can the Jaguars just win one more game? For hells sake ....
  5. Maybe Gregg hates Adam so much that he made that call to spite him and give it an 0-16 season
  6. It was truly brutal watching Ty Johnson and Josh Adams run the football with authority while we let EIGHTY YEAR OLD FRANK GORE HAVE ALL OF THE SNAPS if deemed healthy. I get it, Ty and Josh cant pass protect....but the offense runs a lot better through those two than not.
  7. I wanna be bad too man, but not ALL TIME 0-16 BAD Yeah lets keep the guy who couldnt teach Sam Darnold how to read a defense in two years 🥴
  8. Before Adam Gase? Why? I mean one bad playcall .... but the defense has been one of the only positive parts of the team lol
  9. Darnold on the two point conversion literally threw it to the offensive lineman. LOL, I cant with this dude. Nevermind thats Ryan Griffin
  10. I wouldnt even give him this much credit. I think hes just a moron and cant read a defense.
  11. I honestly dont understand what Sam is seeing downfield. The amount of times this guy just throws things into coverage is astounding. He never makes the right reads. The kid has the brain of a peanut.
  12. Darnolds a bum. Put Flacco back in. Give us a chance to win one game this year.
  13. Agreed Becton cant stay in the game for a full game and thats scary.
  14. Not only does their secondary suck, but Herbert basically balls out every week and the defense coughs up the game in the fourth quarter every game.... But our idiot coaching staff couldnt figure this out with 14 days to prepare. What is going on?
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