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  1. 2020 Schedule (TNF v Denver, MNF v NE)

    Wouldve liked to see BB and the Pats early. Would be a lot easier than playing them late like we have the past few years
  2. Jets sign RB Frank Gore

    he was top ten in broken tackles and the jets tied the steelers in having the lowest yards before contact to their RBs. Bell will be fine.
  3. Jets sign RB Frank Gore

    This is such a Gase move. If i have to watch Gore touch the rock 100-150 times this season on early downs over Lev Bell im going to vomit.
  4. 2.59: WR Denzel Mims

    Theres a history of big 12 receivers going high in recent years and whiffing. Kendall wright, corey coleman, DGB, Kevin White, Josh Doctson. Doctson and Mims in particular won the same way in the big 12. Wide open offenses vs phantom defenses. Similar builds. Excellent at high pointing the ball. Suspect route tree. I think Mims ceiling is sky high, but the floor is not very good lol. Also you can be upset about the floor/ceiling thing if you want, but as far as ive ever seen a floor is the worst likely outcome and ceiling is the best likely outcome.
  5. 2.59: WR Denzel Mims

    Hahahaha yeah a-rob as the floor is just funny The floor is Moncrief or Josh Doctson. Especially Doctson. Same conference. Similar profile.
  6. State Of The Roster

    I definitely can see Becton being on either side depending on how he looks in camp and how Fant performs.
  7. Jets 2020 Draft Grade

    My favorite pick is still Mims. Considering where we got him and the high end of where he could end up. I think hes going to be the prospect i watch closest. Definitely remember you from the pre updated version of FF. Welcome back. Its a good time to return (draft time is usually when i do too 😂)
  8. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    No sleep till round 7 is done
  9. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    I think you nailed the key -- its bigger for us because we dont have proven depth. Its Crowder and four games from the Bucs third (4th???) receiver last year. And Crowder is crazy injury prone Also im.a big Mims fan, but he can be anywhere from Chris Godwin to Donte Moncrief to Josh Doctson.
  10. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Its a deep receiving class. Two bodies > one body to contribute immediately. Obviously not holding my breath that a rookie will be great from the get-go, but you have a better chance of someone contributing if you have more guys to compete. This isnt rocket science to connect. For what its worth, i also said theres little to criticize in the way JD handled the draft.
  11. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    obviously its not a one year fix. Doesnt mean there arent clear holes. Unless someone disagrees and thinks if Crowder goes down Sam will have a plethora of options to throw to.
  12. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Another body from the 3rd-4th round wouldn't have been worse than nobody
  13. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Who??? I seriously doubt he makes it to the opening day roster which is really unfortunate
  14. 2020 Draft Day Thread

  15. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    If crowder gets hurt (likely) sam is throwing to herndon and ryan griffin. Im not betting on a rookie and two busts to lead the receivers haha.