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  1. Breshad has been injury prone his entire career. Jamison Crowder has been hurt his entire career. These are JD and Gase's guys. You can't pick up injury prone guys then be surprised when theyre injured. Robby looks like the guy with the improved route tree we saw on tape last season, but we have a bad coach who doesnt know how to utilize him and pigeonholed him as a go route king. You can say the Robby thing falls on Gase, and I'd agree to an extent, but Gase doesnt have final say of the roster...JD does. JD hand-picked 4/5 of the starters on this OL. JD replaced Robby with an injury prone lesser version of Robby. Then drafted one WR in a WR rich draft. For comparisons sake, the Raiders took two WRs (Ruggs, B. Edwards) then took Lynn Bowden as a weapon for Carr to utilize. The Cowboys took Ceedee Lamb even when they had a proven OL, two proven WRs and a proven RB. The Broncos took two WRs (Hamler, Jeudy), signed an elite talent at RB even when they had two capable backs. Teams that want to help their QB overload on talent. They tell their QB I'm giving you every reason to succeed -- if you can't, we'll find someone who will. JD didnt give Sam that chance this offseason. We don't have much reason for confidence going forward unless JD figures it out. Thats with Sam, Lawrence, or whoever at QB.
  2. I know we're all calling for Gases head, but the Johnsons have never fired a coach midseason iirc. Were stuck with this buffoon for another 11 weeks. And theres nothing to watch and nothing to get excited about for these games. Gase literally called a change in playcalling step ten and said we are at step two right now at the presser. If 0-6 and throwing for two passing yards in the second and third quarter is step two i dont want to see step ten.
  3. Better question: i wonder if zimmer would consider coming here for next season? If i were Mike Zimmer i wouldn't dare
  4. Pretty sure he got hurt mid game, but dont quote me on that
  5. Yeah I take back my good will from a week ago. This OL is still atrocious and needs 2-4 new starters ASAP.
  6. Does anyone else still think JD has a plan? His "plan" is looking very Idzik like and I cant say his 2020 draft has created much confidence in that approach. This dude isnt playing four dimensional chess and he doesnt have a plan at all IMO. He's clueless just like our old GMs
  7. Dude were 100% going to get a second rounder for him. Its the Leonard Williams deal all over again. Another wasted interior defensive lineman draft pick in the first round. Mo Wilk, Sheldon Richardson, Quinton Coples, Leonard Williams, Q Williams...
  8. Its really unbelievable isnt it lol This is the Miami Dolphins all over again. Full stop
  9. Leveon was by far the best offensive player on the field on Sunday Im happy for him. He didn't deserve the crap this team put him through.
  10. When we get the #1 pick I hope we flip it to Jacksonville for a haul and have three 1sts in the draft ..... As long as we have a legitimate team around Sam going into 2021....otherwise flip Sam for an early 2nd. TBH I know the line hasn't been amazing, but I think they look competent and Im grateful for that. Ill credit JD for that.
  11. We're at a point where Rex Ryan is probably (likely) a better offensive mind than Adam Gase.
  12. tbh I think the run blocking was fine today. I dont even think the pass blocking is as wretched as it appears. I think the receivers just arent open.
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