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  1. 2019/2020 Offseason

    We ran four wide. Crowder and bell in the slot and dare the defense to put a safety or linebacker on either. A quick slant gets either in space and doesnt compromise the line. Any formation you do will create glaring weaknesses. Gase played it conservative with some of our weapons, outside of Crowder who was regularly featured.
  2. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Powell isnt capable of being the lone set back? Split bell in the slot hes one of our best receivers and make the defense choose to cover him or Jamison. Jag footballsforum users shouldnt be coming up with first grade ways to use our best player when our coach canr figure it out. Its absurd.
  3. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    I mean the Kitchens hire was really really bad. with a second year QB on his third head coach (fourth if you include interim coach G. Williams) idk if I'm trusting Dorsey to make the right call on HC. I can at least see the logic in the #SaveBakerMayfield thought process.
  4. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Gases job is to put players in a position to succeed. Gase needs to do his job first.

    I feel like Gase cant scheme up anything after the first quarter. Its super brutal.
  6. Week 15: TNF Jets vs Ravens

    Did our line learn how to block or are the ravens bad on run D?
  7. Week 15: TNF Jets vs Ravens

    Jets patriots primetime game where we lost like 45-3 in 2010. That's what this game could be. Let's hope it's not.
  8. Week 15: TNF Jets vs Ravens

    This assumes Gase is capable of getting the most out of the personnel (hint: hes not).
  9. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    GW was scheming basically how he has since the corners went down and the Cincy line was picking it up. Idk what you would suggest there...bring more pressure or more guys in zone. Its not like we have anyone who can actually get to the QB anyways lol.
  10. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    If anything is on the defense its the really shoddy tackling. Woof.
  11. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Not really much GW can do with the personnel we have. Dalton took advantage of our undertalented secondary and the front four didn't get pressure. Dalton was playing pitch and catch, but at least the DBs were generally in a position to make a play *and didn't*. That's not on GW.
  12. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Balls gotta come out either way. Throw it away. Or tell Gase to stop having these long winded playcalls when the line cant handle the LOS. Theyre both working under the impression that we have NFL talent on the OL. We don't.
  13. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Darnold and Gase have no internal clock. Thinks we're working with an all pro OL
  14. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Gase really loving those interior runs eh
  15. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Idk why, but somehow our offense completely collapses once the line is below average.