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  1. BS. He does this all the time. Tips balls up so the defender can get a pick. Misses an assignment so the defense can make a play. I hate this dude. Then makes an unreal 40 yard catch.
  2. Corey Davis is the biggest bone head. So talented. So capable. And for every big play he makes he makes two bad ones. Kid lacks any consistency or football IQ.
  3. Idk if the play calling is significantly improved so much as I think Mike White can run the offense and Zach is so raw and can't run the offense The offense night and day without Zach
  4. Some interesting tidbits about Zach Wilsons deep ball this year :
  5. Great team win on both ends of the field. This defense is young and fast and versatile. I love watching them. I think Davis is just such an enigma and IIRC this was the issue in Tennessee. He looks amazing and incredibly talented at times. And then he just disappears or has a mental error. Even though he has the athleticism of a #1, I can't see him being reliable enough to be a #1.
  6. They have overperformed and the secondary has been good all year considering the talent level.
  7. The arrogance is just nasty tbh LaFleur is in way over his head. I don't even think this offense lacks in talent...i think theyre poorly coached and the best players arent playing. No way should berrios be leading the team in targets. Corey Davis is too talented to not get open at will
  8. I look forward to all of this
  9. I can't be crazy to think Moore and Davis arent better than Mims. Moore hasn't made a play in 3 weeks playing nearly every snap. Davis is talented, but hes lazy and takes plays off. Too many balls hit his hands or are catchable and be misses them. Mims probably still has our longest catch of the year. Imagine.
  10. To my knowledge this is the last drive where we scored a touchdown. The ghost of Denzel Mims shohld haunt this team until he gets snaps
  11. Jets might score a touchdown if they played their best receiver. Just a thought.
  12. Today he looked like the QB for a community college I know its all gloom and doom today but the line played well and the defense looked great. Franklin-Myers is the real deal. Rankins had a big sack. Secondary is young and didnt look overmatched.
  13. lmfao. Same though. On the real, yall gave WIlson too much of a pass last week. I was kind of shocked he 'got a pass.' Even when the line protected him last week he held the ball too long. Maybe that's play design or maybe no ones open, but it didn't look great then. He's a rookie though. Hopefully he figures it out. Today it was just clear he wasn't reading the defense well (especially on the last two INTs -- the first two were deflections.)
  14. This should have been obvious before and idk why JD is playing hard ball ... Maye is worth it. The good news is the defense looks very good and the OL looks fantastic. The run game as well. The bad news is, yall were simp'ing for Wilson a little too quick last week. Tbh he looks lost out there lol.
  15. Assuming Lafleur adjusts to quick throws...that didn't happen early enough vs Carolina and their defense made us pay.
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