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  1. Todd Bowles

    We havent gone in a differemt route in upwards of two decades. The last non hot coordinator was who? Parcells?
  2. Todd Bowles

    Mangini was definitely a program builder. The draft picks in the mangini years were pretty fantastic. Id take him as GM if he was interested in it. Too toilet bowles to be HC imo
  3. Todd Bowles

    If long has issues snapping the ball in the formation a majority of our plays are coming from he shouldnt be playing center. Swap him to guard. Or bench him. It imploded this week and its been a sore subject for a while now
  4. Todd Bowles

    Bowles and Bates are kind of a joke. Bowles didnt think about benching Spencer Long according to his press conference. excuse me...long has been snapping the ball out of shotguh poorly all season. Now he is associating it with a real injury and Bates doesnt have the mental fortitude to take Darnold out of shotgun. What the hell is wrong with these people...
  5. GDT: Week 7 Jets vs Bears

    Im down for cleaning house including mac. Bowles should have stuck w our old offensive coordinator. Macc csnt draft to save his life.
  6. GDT: Week 7 Jets vs Bears

    Not at all. In season trade. The same one the cowboys just made a few days ago
  7. GDT: Week 7 Jets vs Bears

    Theyve played much worse.
  8. GDT: Week 7 Jets vs Bears

    In hindsight i would have taken amari cooper for a first. Draft a pass rusher in round two. Lineman the rest or the way. No one's open.
  9. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    Hes also got four sacks. He and Williamson have complimented each other perfectly. Hes been fantastic.
  10. Offseason news/rumours

    Lmfao this guy
  11. Jets Release Bryce Petty

    I swear he always knew exactly where to go with the ball, but always threw an inaccurate pass. The kid is just so so so bad.
  12. Jets trade up to 3

    I wouldnt say polar opposites but there are distinct differences. I wouldnt consider myself -- going to be 29 this year -- as much different than someone who is 36 or 23. Perhaps as a result of being distinctly in the middle, closer to the older generation. Regardless I think it's good that Rosen is curious and interested in the why. Concepts are more abstract and will drive better play than just doing things because coach said to.
  13. Predict The Pick v.2 - 6 - Colts

    Lol I see I was tagged in this and for good reason considering my username. Unfortunately, I've been a jets fan since birth lol.
  14. Felony charges against Robby Anderson have been dropped

    Evaded police, endangered a minor and had weed on him...driving 100 mph evading cops w a kid in the car. Pretty sure he got 4 games for that and one for something else.
  15. Felony charges against Robby Anderson have been dropped

    After he single handedly dropped back to back touchdown receptions on the Panthers and was the only reason we were in the game. Let him live, jesus.