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  1. Offseason news/rumours

    Lmfao this guy
  2. Jets Release Bryce Petty

    I swear he always knew exactly where to go with the ball, but always threw an inaccurate pass. The kid is just so so so bad.
  3. Jets trade up to 3

    I wouldnt say polar opposites but there are distinct differences. I wouldnt consider myself -- going to be 29 this year -- as much different than someone who is 36 or 23. Perhaps as a result of being distinctly in the middle, closer to the older generation. Regardless I think it's good that Rosen is curious and interested in the why. Concepts are more abstract and will drive better play than just doing things because coach said to.
  4. Predict The Pick v.2 - 6 - Colts

    Lol I see I was tagged in this and for good reason considering my username. Unfortunately, I've been a jets fan since birth lol.
  5. Felony charges against Robby Anderson have been dropped

    Evaded police, endangered a minor and had weed on him...driving 100 mph evading cops w a kid in the car. Pretty sure he got 4 games for that and one for something else.
  6. Felony charges against Robby Anderson have been dropped

    After he single handedly dropped back to back touchdown receptions on the Panthers and was the only reason we were in the game. Let him live, jesus.
  7. FA Thread 2018

    Has he? Mauldin I guess...Jenkins I wouldnt really consider him that
  8. Felony charges against Robby Anderson have been dropped

    Legit. It was the most egregious sack of crap I've laid my eyes on. Jets fans have chewed into our best offensive player worse than his mother probably did.
  9. Felony charges against Robby Anderson have been dropped

    Couldn't agree more. Let the man live.
  10. FA Thread 2018

    Yall have been requesting an edge taken early in the draft since 2007 and it still hasn't happened lol (well besides Gholston) I'm going to hope mac keeps it boring and brings in some more OL help. That would be ideal. Draft is loaded with RB talent. Perhaps he can snag someone in the fourth.
  11. FA Thread 2018

    On fifty catches at that. ASJ is overrated. Good riddance.
  12. FA Thread 2018

    Agreed. It's silly. Would rather draft a guy
  13. FA Thread 2018

    That's my hope. He's young, but I'd rather hold bilal for another year and draft a replacement next year. (Realizing it's a strong RB class this year but I don't know if we can afford to not grab lineman in the third and fourth rounds)
  14. FA Thread 2018

    Here to post this. Trash signing, esp if it means they want bilal gone.
  15. How would you rate Macc's 2018 off-season to date?

    My thing w the contracts (And it's not just you, I've seen a lot of people mention this) is that I have a hard time giving him props for doing things he's supposed to do. Structuring a contract well is what a GM is supposed to do. You don't just give out a contract and not protect long term finances. This is why I can't cite this to add points to his off-season. Albeit, I agree. He's generally protected our long term finances