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  1. Why aren't the Steelers interested in resigning Hargrave?
  2. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    This is a serious question: Do you all regret this trade? I am not trying to gloat-for all we know it can still blow up in the Steelers face but I want to you know all your opinions.
  3. And we could have had George Kittle in lieu of Dobbs.
  4. Has Rudolph improved his game so much that he could be the caliber of a starter?
  5. Kevin Colbert on Artie Burns: “He did his work in the spring, and he competed and we think he did show signs of improvement. Of course, he has to continue that, and it’s encouraging for us.”
  6. Here is my top five: 5. Benny Snell vs Jaylen Samuels for Backup Running back 4. LB - Mark Barron vs Devin Bush for ILB 3. Artie Burns vs Joe Haden for #1 CB 2. Mason Rudolph vs Joshua Dobbs for backup QB 1. Matt Feiler vs Chuks Okorafor vs Jerald Hawkins For starting RG
  7. Trade Ideas

    Myles Jack has had a good career thus far, hasn't he?
  8. Trade Ideas

    I meant Myles Jack was the top one on the list at #20. He was the best of the rest when we took Burns.
  9. Trade Ideas

    I remember you said the top guy on your list was Miles Jack.
  10. Trade Ideas

    Take an asprin
  11. Trade Ideas

    I agree. It's hilarious how true it is.
  12. Trade Ideas

    I was talking this over with a fellow Steelers fan. He also agreed with you all. I bet him a second mortgage on my house for a $25 gift card to Walmart as I am that sure about he will get at least 7 INTs.
  13. Trade Ideas

    No need to smoke, when you're high on truth.
  14. Trade Ideas

    Nope. In the upcoming NFL season, Artie Burns will be a #1 CB, lead the league in INTs, shutdown guys like DeAndre Hopkins, and have a PFF ranking of 100.