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  1. I dont know where else to place this quesiton and I dont want to start a whole new thread but I read that the salary cap could go down next year? Could that be true?
  2. 3-0! Amortize that over the course of the season and we'd be 19-0!
  3. Here is my just on time mock draft: 1. Walker Little Stanford OT 2. Marco Wilson Florida CB 3. Alec Lindstrom Boston College OC 4a.Ifeanyi Maijeh Temple NT 4b.Luke Farrell Ohio State TE 6. Elijah Moore Ole Miss WR 7a. Blake Hayes Illinois P 7b. Brendon Radley-Hiles Oklahoma CB
  4. I LOVED the pick in 2014. He was getting tippled teamed at times at Tennessee. Too bad his success was never replicated in the NFL.
  5. Stefan Wisniewski and Zach Banner out for the year. We're already in trouble on the OL.
  6. Panthers signed him. I dont know if his hands are his worst traits but were underwhelming in camp.
  7. What is a legit concern for Nelson?
  8. Surprised Hakeem Butler is still available. I guess he really disappointed in AZ. With the expanded practice squads, he must really have terrible hands.
  9. Yup, I'm very surprised nobody picked him up. I thought he was a huge steal in last year's draft. Maybe he was a massive reach?
  10. Why was Hakeem Butler released? Seems a bit premature to me.
  11. If we were to sign Hakeem Butler, who would get cut to make room?
  12. Will James Pierre make the team?
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