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  1. Trade Ideas

    Myles Jack has had a good career thus far, hasn't he?
  2. Trade Ideas

    I meant Myles Jack was the top one on the list at #20. He was the best of the rest when we took Burns.
  3. Trade Ideas

    I remember you said the top guy on your list was Miles Jack.
  4. Trade Ideas

    Take an asprin
  5. Trade Ideas

    I agree. It's hilarious how true it is.
  6. Trade Ideas

    I was talking this over with a fellow Steelers fan. He also agreed with you all. I bet him a second mortgage on my house for a $25 gift card to Walmart as I am that sure about he will get at least 7 INTs.
  7. Trade Ideas

    No need to smoke, when you're high on truth.
  8. Trade Ideas

    Nope. In the upcoming NFL season, Artie Burns will be a #1 CB, lead the league in INTs, shutdown guys like DeAndre Hopkins, and have a PFF ranking of 100.
  9. Trade Ideas

    Burns is going to start all 16 games and obtain 7 interceptions.
  10. Trade Ideas

    Jags Trade: Josh Allen, Jaylen Ramsey, Myles Jack, and Marquise Lee Steelers trade: BJ Finney This way the Steelers solidify ILB, EDGE, WR, and CB. Meanwhile, the Jaguars will bring in competition to right guard A.J. Cann. I was considering adding someone like Cam Sutton to add to the loss of CB for Jacksonville but then it would be lopsided.
  11. Patrick Peterson

    That's not very nice.
  12. Patrick Peterson

    I have been to Cleveland countless of occasions. Many time I'm wearing my Steelers clothing. I only get stopped by my fellow Steelers fan. Nobody ever says anything derogatory to say.
  13. Patrick Peterson

    We agree on lots of things. I am a big fan of the city of Cleveland.
  14. Patrick Peterson

    Isnt that a bit harsh?
  15. Patrick Peterson

    I dont think you're serious but I'll bite anyways. If we deal JuJu away we'll have a massive hole on offense. The drop off from JuJu to the next man up is MUCH more significant than PP over Steven Nelson. Our time to win is now. We're not going to come anywhere close to the SB if we deal away Juju.