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  1. kurgan mock offseason v.1

    I dont know...We haven't had much success with linebackers from Wisconsin that goes by T.J.
  2. Russell Wilson

    Would you feel we would keep him if they were not offered at least a 2nd?
  3. Russell Wilson

    I am standing firm that we will only get a third and a fourth, in two different years for AB.
  4. Congrats on yet another super bowl from a Steelers fan. Since your team has more super bowl appearances, you all get the tie breaker. They set a mark that will never be duplicated. Good luck next year!
  5. Out on a limb? what are you talking about? The rams were getting beat all day... Oh, that wasn't sarcasm, was it?
  6. Patriots will win this! Rams offense is TERRIBLE this evening. Goff is shaking. Under too much pressure. Pats will eventually break through. Belichick will make adjustments.
  7. Let me give an early welcome to the #6 super bowl club to the New England Patriots! My Steelers will no longer be the sole member come this evening.
  8. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Get ready for some company in the 6 super bowl club this evening!
  9. Mack Wilson

    I read that he is more of a second round selection. What round grade would you all give him?
  10. General Season Talk

    Sorry I misread what you said.
  11. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    I'm surprised you feel this way. I always thought Harbaugh was one of the top five coaches in the league.
  12. General Season Talk

    I SWEAR I am not a troll. Why do you think I am? Because I think the Patriots will win the SB?
  13. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    As a Steelers fan, I dont like this one bit.
  14. General Season Talk

    2015? Do you mean 2017? They put up 26 points in 2017. I dont see how the Rams pull this one off.