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  1. Washington gave up on him awfully fast. What caused them to part ways beyond the whole note wearing a mask thing?
  2. Keith Butler is coming back! The report is that he got a one year extension.
  3. Tough loss. Your team is certainly on the up and up. If I was going to makeup a power rankings, the Browns would no doubt be in my top five.
  4. I thought the concussion protocol enailed missing the following week's game.
  5. Would you rather play a Maholm-less KC in KC or the Browns in Buffalo?
  6. Here is my updated mock draft: 1. Samuel Cosmi OT Texas 2. Trey Sermon RB Ohio State 3a. Deonte Brown OG Alabama 3b. Josh Jobe CB Alabama 4. Charles Snowden OLB Viriginia 6a. T.J. Carter CB Memphis 6b. Max Duffy P Kentucky 7. Amari Rodgers WR Clemson
  7. Jags by far. We knew we werent winning the SB this year but that year we had a good chance.
  8. I would keep Sutton and Hilton. Budd Dupree is not coming back unfortunately. I thought Highsmith was more than adequate in his absence anyways. Plus, he wont start the season anyways. I would keep 1 or 2 of Villanueva, Feiller, or Banner. Certainly would not overpay for any. Vance is as good as gone. We would most likely have to restructure at least a couple guys. Draft would almost certainly consist of OT, RB, and depth on OLine.
  9. This certainly looks like the turning point of both franchises.
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