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  1. Geeze what happened to Cam, I mean I know he hasn't been playing well, but he is absolutely terrible tonight.
  2. Kamara is wearing a gold chain with a huge charm on it.
  3. Did he say JuJu is living with Brady too? LOL
  4. I had a feeling Chargers are going to have a down year, I should have stuck with that feeling.
  5. Chargers are terrible they costed me a bet last year too.
  6. Stupid Rivers, wtf man I bet on you and you do that?
  7. It's a TD, but with the rules who knows what they will call it.
  8. Colts have better pass rush than the Chargers.
  9. Chargers need some tackling lessons.
  10. Charger D looks really bad to start the 2cd half, getting gashed by the Colts.
  11. Chargers defense, what are they doing letting them get in FG range so easily?
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