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  1. 2017 Season Thread

    This game is depressing
  2. How are those Rookies Doing? Mid-Season Edition

    The saints had one hell of a draft class. Nailed it with Lattimore, Ramcyzk, and Kamara.
  3. Marlins trade Dee Gordon to the Mariners

    Jeter just sent Stanton a message. Accept the Giants or Cardinals or watch me gut the team around you and keep you around. Jeter is not bluffing with that move
  4. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    Who do you have the Browns getting that win against curiously. Also, seeing as you posted that, why don't you post some playoff predictions, That's what I intended the thread to be, but patriot fans trying to hijack this thread, but I am not letting them
  5. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    Patriots fans have intelligence?
  6. ChargerBuckeyes December Mock

    The last time I mocked a Guard in the Top 10, It was LaEl Collins to the Niners and yeah what happened to him was unfortunate, the more I think about it, I don't think they would have taken a guard that early.
  7. ChargerBuckeyes December Mock

    The Value is too good to pass up and though NE Desperately needs a cb, If Kirk fell to NE, They'd run with his name on their card to the podium, so not only is it a player that can help get atlantas offense moving again better than ever, it's also a good defensive pick if you think a little bit harder about it.
  8. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    GTFOH. If Hundley could beat the Bucs, he can beat the browns
  9. ChargerBuckeyes December Mock

    If Nelson goes top 10, it'd be at 10
  10. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    Browns suck too much to beat GB.
  11. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    I'm the biggest brady hater on planet earth, and he owes his nfl career to Walt Coleman
  12. ChargerBuckeyes December Mock

    No guard will go as early as you want him to and Staley is gonna retire, i'm sure of it
  13. ChargerBuckeyes December Mock

    http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine/_/results/400951557~1~400951560~1~400951561~1~400951564~1~400951647~2~400951649~2~400951654~1~400951660~2~400951692~2~400951662~1~400951665~1~400951687~1~400951652~1~400951689~2~400951694~1~400951696~2~400951705~2~400951768~1~400951772~2~400951774~1~400951777~2~400951778~2~400951781~1~400951784~1~400951806~1~400951808~2~400951809~1~400951811~1~400951812~1~400951813~1~400951814~2~400951816~2~400951596~1~400951602~1~400951613~1~400951617~1~400951621~2~400951625~1~400951631~1~400951637~1~400951642~2~400951667~2~400951671~1~400951675~2~400951682~1~400951709~2~400951714~2~400951719~1~400951734~1~400951739~1~400951741~2~400951745~2~400951748~2~400951750~1~400951756~1~400951757~2~400951759~1~400951762~2~400951764~2~400951788~2~400951789~2~400951791~1~400951792~2~400951793~1 see if that changes it
  14. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    Not the GOAT QB. Still Montana. Until Brady acknowledges himself as the GOAT, No sense in calling him that, and he rejected the GOAT Title in the offseason.
  15. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    1-3. This was my prediction with the playoff machine for the Rams. I have them beating the Titans, and losing to everyone else