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  1. Bell just said the jets would need to pay him 100 mil. HE IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH 100 MILLION, AND YOU GUYS NEED TO PAY HIM THAT.
  2. You guys should be calling Harbaugh, He just had the worst recruiting class ever. If not, Go get Jim Bob Cooter.
  3. What do you not like about this. For all we know, you guys may address the O-Line in Free Agency. My next mock though may reflect you guys possibly getting BIG D*** NICK aka Nick Foles, In that case, I'd have you either trade back but not that far, or if you stay at that spot, I'd slot a RT, Brian O'Niell to u guys in that next scenario. I just see denver moving back because that 5th pick is going to be a hot commodity for teams looking to move up and I'm sure Elway likes thinking ahead and having multiple first rd picks.
  4. He lost to a Backup QB. He's Not the GOAT. He Lost To BIG D*** NICK
  5. I made a trade though. Buffalo trades Tyrod and their 2 1sts to denver for the 5th pick. Denver takes Vea at 21. But Denver might go after BIG D*** NICK from Philly.
  6. He's Average tbh. Whats the deal with him being ranked so high
  7. Foles is gone. Trust me. Wentz will be ready week 1.
  8. Same outcome though. Only one who could get away with it is Brady. Belichick traded Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins. He is a no nonsense kinda guy
  9. Give Baltimore a WR, And give us Daron Payne. Send guice to somewhere he is needed and give the team that you currently have picking guice a CB, Because their secondary is PATHETIC. The Browns won't take Manziel 2.0 #1
  10. Cousins going to get 140 mil from the Jets
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