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  1. We're talking 6 seasons. Not 12 like Aikman. And only 3 Pro Bowls. I also suspect in a scenario where Brady goes away in 2007 and Matt Cassell comes in, Belichick gets more credit for shaping the team than Brady. Jim Plunkett is still waiting. Joe Theisman got 0 consideration. Could Brady somehow sneak in? Sure but definitely not 1st ballot.
  2. Steve Young's 49ers. Yes the NFC was loaded but only 1 Super Bowl always gets to me. Vikings 98-00. Chiefs 95-97 & 02-04. Saints 87-92.
  3. Ward is going in at some point.
  4. Whatever you want to believe there bud. No league MVPs means no HoF in such a short stint. Young and Warner both had 2.
  5. He tore his ACL and that cost him returning for his age 38 season. He was active at age 39 and 40 but didn't get any calls. So whether it's political or not that answers the question. He's still active though at 45 now!!!
  6. And what I mean by played I mean stayed on a roster. Obviously most players retire because they have some semblance of savings (even if for a few years) or ego. 43 year old Jerry Rice had a roster spot on the 2005 Broncos, who were a great team that year (losing in AFC title game) but he saw that he'd be relegated to 3rd on the depth chart and that wasn't good enough for Jerry. Could have played that year and been a 40-50 receptions guy as 04 was a downswing not necessarily the defacto and it was dysfunctional. Darrell Green wasn't starting many games his last few seasons but he was still playing all of them his last two and the INT totals were never huge so not having any wasn't enough for him to be jobless. He had spent 20 years with one team so playing on another was just in bad taste but he physically could have held a roster spot for 3 more seasons considering he still had his speed and durability. Charles Woodson looked to be near finished after his age 36 season and appeared hovering the following year but finished his age 39 season as a Pro Bowler again and frankly I wouldn't have been surprised if he played another 6, yes 6 seasons even if a bench warmer he was still good physically with the rep. Ray Brown was primarily a guard who in 20 seasons got his one and only Pro Bowl nod at age 39 and would be one of the oldest players to start a playoff game at age 43 which turned out to be his last. Earl Morrall didn't have to do much to equal Blanda's exploits in his later season. He was his only start at age 40 and 41 before retiring after his age 42 season. I don't think it's much of a stretch the former MVP could have found a roster spot on a lesser team than the 77 Dolphins which as far as I know he could have come back to had he wanted instead of retiring. Doug Flutie made a roster spot as a 3rd stringer on the 2005 Patriots. Not at all a bad team to be on and after his age 43 season he supposedly would have been back on the Pats had he wanted. It's fairly clear from his Charger days that he was at least on par with Testaverde in being a serviceable emergency back-up for 2 more seasons. Testaverde, Moon & DeBerg. All three were 44 when they last suited up and I certainly lean towards Testaverde who started 6 games and actually won 2 but Moon who albeit had a pretty bad game in his one start for the Chiefs could have made a roster off name. Meanwhile DeBerg was overall pretty decent in relief after 4 years out and I think if he wanted to he had less miles. NO KICKERS or PUNTERS
  7. I always find it really intriguing how the Vikings had 3 different starting QBs for the majority of the season from 98-00 when the team was stacked elsewhere. Now Marino didn't seriously consider any team in 2000 thinking his legs couldn't take it but he has stated the Vikings offer was the closest he got. This was the year Culpepper took over and the team lost to the Giants in a blow-out in the Conference Final. First off, this would have been the most talented team Marino ever had BY FAR so his accuracy and awareness is an upgrade over Jeff George. Now I'm not sure how the Vikings do in tiebreak if they win 1 of the 2 Packers games they lost but if they host the NFC title it's likely they don't lose to the Giants.
  8. If he doesn't have the neck issue he's still a Colt. I think they get a lot for Luck so 2011-2013 should be contending seasons. His career numbers would be looking good so he's unlikely to be concerned with Brees or Brady catching him. 2014-2016 is a mystery but I think 2016 is the most as you're already looking at him taking 2 more years of damage as he did in real life.
  9. There's something to be said about watchable games. I assure you no NFL owner is ok with 5 sub 6 win seasons in a row for a title run. Sure, some fan bases are more loyal than others but most aren't willing to pay good money for crap. As a Cards fan I say 7 seasons but if you're offering 7 playoff years with a Super Bowl trip I might take that instead. I have 2 kids so 7 years of unwatchable games sucks. Plus the OP isn't telling what comes later. A 20 year stretch with 2 winning seasons is garbage even if you got 1 title out of it. Think Tampa Bucs.
  10. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Well I mean, it's quite obviously Bo Jackson and Sterling Sharpe. But Priest Holmes finishes off his 4th all-pro season and has another after those 5 ridiculous seasons would've gotten him HoF and legend status.
  11. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Flacco is borderline HoF with his playoff performances. Yes he's better than Keenum. I expect big things.
  12. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Yes but after 4-6 years of eligibility. He'll be in a glut with Brady-Ben-Rodgers maybe even Eli so won't get in those years plus other positions. Warren Moon and Dan Fouts are the precedent for him.
  13. Can Pats challenge Bills?

    Kelly, Thomas, Smith, Lofton, Reed, Levy? I can't remember any others. Pats will have Law, Brady, Gronk, Belichick, Vinatieiri for sure but probably Seymour and then possibly Gostkowski.
  14. 0-7. 2 of those should have been wins, I know players went beyond his control but still. Then 2 more that were about 55-45 in favor. Only 2 his team had little chance.
  15. Matthew Slater, HoFer?

    All good points, just keep in mind I didn't start this thread but I like to play the other side. There's a lot going against Slater and the Pats will have a decent amount of guys in anyway. However on the Russ Grimm question, he really did only have 4 outstanding seasons, which for a guard isn't much. I mean John Hannah had way more as a contemporary. And fair or not, Grimm was often painted in the media as one of the few parts of all 3 champion Skins teams. Despite of course the fact he didn't start in 2 of those Super Bowls. He also waited a while so a guy like Dwight Stephenson for example who got in sooner with 1 additional stand-out season is not exactly apt. It could boil down to just opinion but I don't think Grimm is in the Hall of he say left Washington in 1987 and played out his career elsewhere with 1 ring. I really don't. Because Bill Fralic ain't in and neither is Wisniewski.