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  1. Bitcoin

    I'm in Canada.
  2. I have a 1 bedroom trailer in the middle of nowhere that I enjoy for several days at a time. Wife and kids not so much. If I didn't have kids I'd have 5 tiny houses spread out across Canada.
  3. Men's fashion

    Leather jackets and jeans. Yes they'll always look good.
  4. Bitcoin

    Between cannabis stocks and crypto I think it's pretty safe to say which was the far better play. Also, anyone here who invested in crypto actually take out substantial amounts? I knew a guy who had 70k and was only able to take out fractions using the ATMs. That was the thing to me. You can sell a stock far easier if volume permits. How exactly were any big players cashing out? But hey some made money I guess. Put me on the train who think this will be the biggest joke of the 21st until the next one.
  5. The Travel Thread

    Australia-New Zealand to line-up with tennis in January. 4-5 weeks. Have yet to hit Asia or Africa. Want to spend a couple months in Argentina.
  6. Small Business Thread

    I ran a landscaping company in the summer before I retired. Good money and mostly cash. It was all legitimate on paper. Running a business on the up is brutal and frankly I think contributes greatly to bankruptcies. I had 2 guys that knew what they were doing, both on welfare for most of the year. Sometimes I hired 2-3 students and paid them minimum wage (but no tax loss). I had 22-28 clients which were almost exclusively cottagers. Biggest property was like 2 football fields. And so many hedges on most.
  7. Buying a House

    OP seemed keen on having a home. I was suggesting not buying one overpriced by the market. In terms of land being hard to sell. Must be an American problem. Canada is more problematic anywhere near cities. Developers buy up a lot and hold for decades developing subdivisions. Plus depending on the land you buy there can be virtually no net loss. A buddy bought 25 acres for 18,000 and was selling lumber to pay off most of that. Lumber he needed out of the way in the first place. Just gotta do research.
  8. Watches

    I own 12 Fossil watches. I got a great one for my 14th birthday and I guess I saw the brand grow and liked the aesthetics of them.
  9. Stock Investing

    1. You decide if you want to go long or short before buying. You can do both but decide on the type of investing you want. Is it worth losing everything to make 1000% or you want 10-15% through dividends and growth? 2. It's a cliche but information and timing is 90% of success. Lucking out on a future isn't sustainable. 3. Do you have any experience in gambling? Get some. If you struggle losing $100 in a minute you might not be ready for this. Maybe buy a mutual fund. 4. ETFs are a nice stepping stone.
  10. Buying a House

    Buy land. If possible. Obviously way outside cities. Get a construction loan for a prefab home. You can put a trailer on it in the meantime. P.S. Next big recession coming sooner than later.
  11. Kevin Durant's Legacy?

    Kawhi. I say that having Raptors Seasons though. But I genuinely think when you factor in two way play, I mean Kawhi was handling Durant and the stacked Warriors before Zaza let's not forget. Absolutely better value. But I'd also take Giannis yes. And healthy LeBron.
  12. Kevin Durant's Legacy?

    I hear this a lot and I don't see it. I mean he won 1 MVP and was 2nd in 3 other times although all 3 times I don't think it was clear cut he was just behind 1 guy. He's 30 right now which isn't too old but past physical prime for sure. Harden is clearly more valuable despite his playoff output and then you have Giannis & Kawhi who aren't just valuable but don't disappear in playoffs. And then you have the Curry vs. Durant question which I think is fair to ask. This all after LeBron was pretty damn good statistically on a tin can team this year before his injury. His time in Oklahoma should not be forgotten. He's elevated his PPG in the playoffs last 2 seasons (with last season his field goal percentage dropped) but prior to that he under-performed in 12-14 runs and missed when he needed to make the shot. And of course the choke in 16 (FG% going from .505 to .430 and dropping 2 less APG).
  13. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    I think there's really only 3 situations it's "acceptable" to root for multiple teams. Of course it's a free country but when I think it's fair. 1. Geographic changes. Many people move for different reasons and it's often easier to go to local games than back to where you moved from. That doesn't mean you have to throw everything away. And it's not specific amount of time, like if you cheered for 1 team for 10 years and then moved, you could have just cheered for that team for 2 years if you happened to have gone to a lot of games (maybe corporate benefits, etc). I do think it stretches out thin when you have 5+ teams like I know some people. But that's the biggest reason. A lot of people also own multiple houses or visit friends/family so that's another reason. My situation is I live in Toronto but I grew up in around Phoenix. I didn't like the Toronto sports scene much for a long time and went to school near Buffalo so while I've never actively followed the Bills I have gone to more of their games than any other team because of proximity. I usually go for the atmosphere but obviously I don't mind cheering for them when they face a team I hate. Then I got into the Wings for a time because it was the only hockey winner close by so I ended up going to some Lions games. Now I went to Cleveland a bunch of times to watch the Cavs with James and the Indians because they're right there so now I'm partial to the Browns. I still cheer for the Cards primarily but the Lions, Bills and Browns are a soft spot for me. Now a friend of mine has been a life-long Bills fan but he got a great job in Minnesota and got into the Vikings fandom because of the new stadium and atmosphere. They are difference conference so it's not a big deal either. Other people I know have places in Florida including all 3 NFL cities so they cheer for those teams when they're down there which given Canadian weather is obviously quite a bit during NFL season but they might be Packers, Lions or Bills fans when back home. 2. Betting lines. A lot of people watch sports for the betting lines, myself included. Now this doesn't mean I'm all that cheerful of other teams despite having money on them, it's more logistics however a lot of people really get into runs where they follow multiple teams intently to make consistent return. This is less about real fanhood and yet it is the way it goes. I even know a guy who specifically went to an Eagles game because he won big on the Super Bowl 2 years back. 3. Family. Whether they live in different places, play the sport or just cheer for different teams. You might get into it as a result. A friend of mine comes from a family of 6 with 3 brothers and his parents. His dad cheers for the Cards, his younger but 2nd oldest cheers for the Pack, the 3rd youngest cheers for the Falcons and the youngest cheers for the Pats and he cheers for the Vikings. When it's one of those 5 teams that is playing and not against another, there is a family aspect to it or picking alliances. For the Pats vs. Falcons Super Bowl for example, my friend the oldest went for the Falcons while the dad and Packer's fan went for the Pats.
  14. Rivers has had the worse teams by a good margin. Like overall if you're ranking Top 10 season by team support, Roethlisberger is arguably Top 3 teams. The 2006 Chargers were great don't get me wrong but they were very offensive minded and because of Schotty not built for the playoffs. There's a lot of high powered offensive teams in the regular season we don't think too much of but because of LT that team might stand out for a while. Aside from that? I do think Eli carried a largely mediocre squad in 2011, perhaps the worst overall team to ever win it, maybe. The 2007 version however just under-performed in the regular season but showed up in the playoffs and was a very good defense. So I think Rivers has more low-end contending teams but it can be argued the 07 Giants were better than the 06 Chargers. Now, the stats also point to Rivers being more efficient and I think that's fair. Roethlisberger's numbers started to explode when he got Bell and Brown. That isn't a coincidence. Rivers after LT has not really had an amazing back and his receivers outside Gates have been largely inconsistent.
  15. Kevin Durant's Legacy?

    Colin Cowherd is an acquired taste and he is a bit zany but he's been lately pushing Durant as an all-time player, talking about the modern NBA, etc, etc. Today I heard him talk about Durant approaching LeBron with Doug Gottlieb and Doug himself again, is a bit zany but he was totally rolling with it. I'm at a loss for words, obviously analysts, particularly in the NBA are typically pushing present day for views. I get that. But let's have a discussion on this because to me Durant isn't even Top 20 right now. I look at him like any great player in the late 80s, early 90s joining the Bulls. I cannot give him much of anything with what he's done with the Warriors so far. I know some will bring up showtime Lakers and how stacked they were but no. Kareem started rolling with Magic in his later years and James Worthy as a 3rd option. Warriors are best starting 5 ever and while Durant might be slightly ahead of Curry, having no weak spots means for easier shots. That's just fact. He got 1 Finals on the Thunder and blew a 3-1 lead against the team he joined. Pathetic. And for reference on me putting 20 guys ahead of him, observe: Kareem, Wilt, Magic, Bird, Jordan LeBron, Hakeem, Shaq, Bryant, Oscar Robinson, Moses, Erving, Barry, Russell Curry, Duncan, Malone, Nowitzki, Isiah I actually don't see much difference between Durant and Dominique Wilkins. Both prolific scorers but imagine if Wilkins goes to the Bulls in 91 or 92? He was still great in those years remember, although older since entering the league at 23. Durant was MVP once with three runner-up finishes, Wilkins was 2nd, 5th, 5th and 6th in what could be argued tougher seasons competing directly with Jordan, Magic, Malone, Hakeem and Barkley. Now there might be true argument of him above guys like IT, Malone and Nowitzki but that's about it. And yes, Curry is well ahead because of his position.