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  1. new and improved INTRO thread

    I did. We got out here in October. So far it's been good! It's a lot of fun living near the city and seeing all the purple. I am excited for spring and summer so that we can do a little more exploring with the kids. I work up at Abbott Northwestern Hospital every Thursday and about every other week I drive by the stadium just for kicks and giggles.
  2. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    This is hilarious
  3. 2020 Draft Talk

    Watching Lawrence, Burrow, Watson, and Mahomes this weekend has made me want a mobile QB even more. Not that I need Lamar Jackson or Mike Vick, but man the ability to move in the pocket and escape and run for 10-15 yards is huge.
  4. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    This year feels like it has potential to be a lot like Seattle's 2018 season. That was kind of the end of the road for most of the veteran defensive players. They each had a pretty long run together and both were pretty dominant. I think this defense might've been remembered differently if Bridgewater hadn't gotten hurt. But hopefully they can do something similar to the Seahawks with a soft rebuild on the fly. One big difference though is obviously Wilson vs. Cousins.
  5. 2020 Free Agent Thread

    I still think they should've picked him ahead of Bradburry. Having him and O'Neill as bookend tackles for potentially the next 10 years would've been huge. Now they still have that question mark at LT.
  6. 2020 Free Agent Thread

    Makes you wonder what the drop off would be if he started full time instead if Barr and they had that money to use on offensive line or on a 3 tech. I think there will be a ton of moves made and money freed up. I'll be anxious to see how it turns out. I don't know that I am fully onboard with extending Cousins. It might free up money short term but then they are locked into him for more than this year.
  7. You're probably right. Either way I don't like seeing him leave
  8. I wonder if this is more his call or if it's Zimmer's call
  9. To me this is why each playoff loss hurts more and more. You just never know when you'll be back and I just want one.
  10. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I have no problems with Griffen or Joseph if they take pay cuts. Rhodes on the other hand...I'm done with him
  11. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    So with the Ravens losing, the Vikings will be picking 25th correct?
  12. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I disagree here. 3 playoff appearances in 5 years and two Division championships. That does just happen by chance and without leadership and grit
  13. Appreciate it man. It sucks seeing your team lose in the playoffs but I have no ill will against the 49ers. Hopefully y'all smack whoever you play next week and get a nice matchup with the Chiefs in the super bowl.
  14. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I agree. I just think it needs to be more complimentary to the passing game.
  15. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    The offense is somewhat set pending on what they do with Reiff. I'd like to see them draft a true WR3 and another interior offensive lineman.