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  1. I remember that random Dovonte Edwards pick 6 on the Monday night game against the Packers. I actually had a buddy meet him in North Carolina and I actually got an autographed picture of him.
  2. He's not that either. He is still a free agent. I just thought it was odd
  3. Chavous was fun to watch but I always felt like his facemask only covered half his face
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dre_Kirkpatrick So here's a thing. Kirkpatrick's wiki page says he plays for the Vikings
  5. That 07 team is still one of my favorites. They really had no expectations and that run they went on at the end of the year was a ton of fun.
  6. The only thing I remember about Paul Edinger is the game winning 56 yard kick he made against the Packers in 2005.
  7. It'd definitely not Apple to Apples, but John Sullivan didn't play very much in 2008 as a 6th round pick but filled in for a Pro Bowl Matt Birk just fine in 2009. They see these players a lot more than we do throughout the week. More often than not, teams are only dressing 7 maybe 8 lineman each week and most of the time last year that was Dozier and Hill. Hill was the swing tackle and Dozier was pretty much the back up everywhere else.
  8. They didn't want him signed away this year, but they have to be thinking that they won't be able to resign him next year meaning he will more likely than not be starting. My main point in cutting Gedeon was that I thought it would save a good chunk more than cutting Cam Smith and according to OTC it's only 200,000 more so that doesn't make a ton of sense. But if they value Smith more long term, it would make sense to cut Gedeon this year. I don't know that they will need more than 5 linebackers and with Barr, Kendricks, Wilson, and Dye there is really only one spot left.
  9. I did not realize there were still so many quality free agents out there
  10. Jared Allen is about the only exception. Haha I remember when Robert Blanton got caught on an onside kick return against the Giants in 2015 by a guy wearing 66 and Brian Robison just roasted him. It's on a mic'd up and it hilarious
  11. Light years is definitely an exaggeration. What is one thing the Stephen does above average? As a starting 3 tech he had 6 pressures the entire year. Not 6 QB hits. Not 6 sacks. Just six pressures.
  12. If Lynch and Willekes make it they will definitely need to change those up. Woof
  13. I'm kind of surprised at the number of people that are cutting Jaleel Johnson
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