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  1. There goes my hope for Bushman...No idea who this guy is though
  2. Not many tight ends left. Bushman, Yeboah?
  3. Same. I almost would rather just sign Geno Atkins for a season and revisit it next year
  4. Bynum will play Safety from what everyone has said
  5. What do we want now? TE? CB?
  6. If the Vikings pick a Kicker over a WR today...
  7. Hunter Wonnum Weatherly Jones Robinson Bye Holmes
  8. Haha I know. That's why it's silly
  9. The PR was atrocious last year but I feel like having a reliable WR3 is so much more valuable
  10. I get more antsy about Day 3 picks when you have players you really like and think fills a need and the team doesn't draft them
  11. No team drafts more specialists than the Vikings. Works out well every time
  12. Man what the heck? We will take a 3rd RB before we take a 3rd WR. I don't get it
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