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  1. 20 is a runningback number, Barry Sanders. I think it will look awesome with ward at 21 and Newsome at 20. Delpit in the middle with 22 iirc I like harrison at 33 and jj3 at 43.
  2. No doubt he is kicking himself not getting in on this action.
  3. Some games he would make great throws- and others he missed by huge margins. Got payed though.
  4. Greg newsome B+ very good player at 26 JOK, A. Excellent player and an excellent fit. Austin schwartz, B. Awesome speed, boom or bust type prospect, he will either be good or nothing imo, probably doesnt have a lot to offer if his speed wears out due to injury. James Hudson, B. High upside tackle in the 4th with a lot of work to do. Tommy t. B, berry called him a nose, seems like a high effort, low ceiling type. Tony fileds, B, Sinclair to JOK, just not as strong. Richard Levounte, B+, another high upside player. Demeteic felton, B, will fight for a rost
  5. Even if Daniel jones isnt thebguy it doesnt mean they cant catch fire or find a guy.
  6. I was keen on Westbrook's a couple of years ago, he wouldn't come here based on competition.
  7. Baker looks in great shape, strong and lean.
  8. The buccs keeping everyone is massive. The chiefs getting Orlando brown is also a great trade imo. They both seem like they could push for another superbowl. Homer pick. The browns getting jj3. He should be an awesome fit, as a player, leader and in the scheme. Another defensive play caller on a team that needed them
  9. Mikeceptin. Get this man a gold jacket.
  10. 1. Duke Johnson- decent reciever- terrible running back goes down really easily. And he got us a 3rd from the texans. 2. Porter Gustin, effort, heart, cant rush the passer.
  11. I like the effort not the production. I dont think me makes the roster unless he has learned to disengage with blockers. I can only remember one good rush from him. And that was due to myles Garrett being right next to him on a stunt
  12. Even if he doesnt turn out, it's a good move by berry. We likely get more out of the bottom of the 53 with the likes of gustin, from the competition.
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