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  1. It seems that the teams that have a fullback make good use of them at least.
  2. 1. Chris hubbard played well, last year he was terrible. He has taken to coaching st least, with him out there I thought he could screw up the game. 2. Stephanski getting his first win. It was an awesome game plan, it was executed and we seemed organized. I didn't like going for it on 4th down on the goal line, I'd prefer to take the points. 3. Chubb and Hunt were unreal over 200 yards between them. Chubb had 5.7 ypc with 4 less than 1 yarders on the goalie. 4. OBJ played nearly as good as he should of that cheque. 5. Porter Gustin, made some big plays and knocked Burrow to next week. Hm Baker Down 1. Leaked too many yards. Cant cover a tight end. 2. Needed to target hoop and bryant more. 3. The int to Jackson was pretty poor. 4. We missed some tackles. 5. Unless we get better we will get kr taken to the house.
  3. Baker likely has another td if it isn't for a missed pass interference on OBJ.
  4. The pass to Beckham for a td was special, he didn't plant his feet properly but still hit him in stride for a td that was over 40 yards in the air. By the far the best throw of the game by either qb.
  5. Trade OBJ and hunt to another team for two 1sts and a 2and and a 3rd.
  6. Trade hunt for a 1st. For Week 9 if we are out of the playoffs
  7. gustin nearly hit him to next week, burrow is a tough nut
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