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  1. Crowell is grumpy.

    One step above, but the smell is a lot worse.
  2. Crowell is grumpy.

    I understand it, I just don't agree with it. This is in the world of NFL economics. If I thought about my pay v an NFL players pay vs a sweat shop workers pay I would probably get upset. So I won't, I have things to do today.
  3. Crowell is grumpy.

    I won't make that in my career, but it is 10 % of a starting QB.
  4. Crowell is grumpy.

    He is one of a number of players performing below expectation. Crowell Ogbah Collins and Kirkby are playing below their pay grade Zeitler, he doesn't look like a $750,000 per game guard Kessler, I thought he could of been our starter 1 year ago. Kenny 'these hands are for pushing no catching' Britt. these dudes need to step up.
  5. Crowell is grumpy.

    If i was a RB, I would want to get paid as well. huge workload, huge beating and bad money.
  6. Where will Drew Brees play next year?

    How bad will the saints be without Brees? 1-2-3 wins max?
  7. Broken Hand Feared for Corey Coleman

    I think if it is recurrence, good on him of getting the op. If it is a new injury it is worrying.
  8. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    I still love Deshonne. love him. His arm talent is silly good. I want to see our whole team play well, hopefully get after the Colts.
  9. Week 2 GDT - In the land of Crab Cakes

    Just watched the rest of the game, from the 2nd quarter. We look like we are getting ready to win some games, Baltimore looks like they are getting ready to win a championship. i saw Kizers stats they were pretty bad, and some of his tape is terrible, but I also liked some of this game. His arm is still excellent, he is making some good reads. I think that he is trying too hard to make plays. He needs to chill just a little. Crowell looks much worse than last year. at this rate he aint getting that shiny new contract, unless he starts playing better he won't be in the NFL for more than another 2 years. Hue Jacksons play calling was better for Hogan than Kizer, he needs to make things simpler, the Ravens ran a pretty simple offense and it worked. Thats what we need to do also, we have enough speed across the board to do this, also there doesn't seem to be enough outlet plays to RB's or TE's, we need more of that. Higgins well done my child. McCourty, you old dog you, I thought you were going to be **** up, but you have played well. I like a lot of our defense, but our 100 million dollars of linebackers haven't done too much good really, they seem to be there to clean up mess too much for highly paid guys, we need to put them in position to make plays. Jabrill got out of position too much. We need all hands on deck, we need, Garrett, Gordon, Coleman and we will win games.
  10. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Im on the train of take two QB's until you have one. If we can get Darnold or Rosen or whoever teickles your fancy I say take them. If one is better than the other keep them. If they are both very and very young you maybe sitting on 6 1st of draft capital.
  11. An honest debate about the salary cap

    The players don't go for that, they want more money all the time, that is their chief point in negotiating. They should put in rules like all unspent cap upto 90% is redistributed on a per snap basis among the team.
  12. Roster move; higgins for holmes

    I was actually translating your post for the common good. Have a reread.
  13. Roster move; higgins for holmes

    That would be dope. I am excited for tomorrows game, I hope Luck is out for week 3.
  14. Roster move; higgins for holmes

    At this point, i think your evaluation is precise. I loved us getting Holmes from the Jaguars, not so much my boi BBC. I was wrong. I love me some BBC.
  15. Roster move; higgins for holmes

    Webby likes threads. @buno67?