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  1. 2020 Chiavertinis

    You aiming for a posthumous induction? Bold move.
  2. 2020 Chiavertinis

    I want an award that is decided after the vote.
  3. Realistic Trent Williams Trade Plus Trade Down Mock

    Star studded wr corps rarely put teams over the edge for superbowls. The cheifs did, watkins, hill and kelce, but they had an offense that is very rare, and caried by mahomes, more than the wrs. Baker can be a point guard qb, distribution is his best strength.
  4. Maybe you got lucky and are just havig a heart attack.
  5. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    32 applications for trevor lawrence no doubt. If the bengals get him, what do you do with lawrence and burrow.
  6. The most distinguishing symptom is usually shortness of breath.
  7. Colts sign CB TJ Carrie

    Had a few decent games. Sometimes a wr catches the ball and he isnt in the screen because he got beat so bad. He can tackle well.
  8. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Our 2nd 3rd would take us to 8 or 9 at best wouldn't it? They dont go far at thebtop of the draft
  9. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Or jedrick willis or whoever is the best or 2nd best lt?
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    He gets there. Id still take okuda if he is bpa. Ward at nickel, with greedy and okuda on the outside shuts a lot down.
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    He played well enough imo
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    Id take both at this stage.
  13. Free Agency Discussion

    We can set up our offense this year if we draft a tackle. My thought are to postpone our defensive deficiencies this year til next year, presumably next year will be better for de in the draft. We need money to retain pur core. Myles, Baker, Ward, ?Larry, Linemen, Greddy.
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    I only want griffin for a year
  15. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Man i hope so.