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  1. I hope steph and crew can figure out ways to get him doing that vs safety's and linebackers.
  2. Pat's front office strength inn the last decade has been pro personnel scouting and that is what he did
  3. If he did not personal from the Patriots I'd love to glean some insight from him, the Pat's really know how to get their pro personnel right.
  4. What i dont understand is why you yanks are so big on free speech, a part from when someone actually uses it. Why do people get so offended by differing opinions? My parents in law are anti vax, pro trump, believe every conspiracy theory in existence, dont believe in covid, but they get very off put when I challenge them on things.
  5. Doesnt sound good. For such a strong team I thought they should have made a stronger move at quarterback than Wentz, he would be ok if you were rebuilding and had something on offense.
  6. He really helped us in that baltimore game a couple years back, I liked his potential as a big body guy too.
  7. Stephanski has improved in his pressers to say nothing and to shut grossing down. He is becoming belichickian. We are going to win the sueprbowl
  8. Qb kizer Rb peyton hillis the bad year, weak gave up on the team. FB owen Marcic, weak. Tight end. We have never been terrible. Wr- Corey Coleman, ball bag, had a drop that sealed 0-16. Oline cam erving at lg, rg, c. The guy who replaced Joe thomas had a sack a game. Rt chris hubbard, an ok player, but terrible in Freddie's scheme. DE l. No one stands out Dt. Danny Shelton 1 5 sacks in three years, our team couldnt top the run. Lb christian kirksey once he got payed, always injured and under productive. Cb Justin gilbe
  9. I really liked him as a prospect I thought he could be a lesser ed reed type player, injuries have ruined his potential. Start small work his way up, dallas doesnt have a great secondary so it could be hard.
  10. I'm super high on dpj, I think he will be a star. He is going to push out one of obj or landry as a starter, or push us to 3 we sets
  11. Hunt becoming Kyle J is an interesting comb. Hunt can really block and has better movement skills. A better way of getting hunt and chubb on fiend at the same time than a two back set
  12. Demetric felton could be a better pro than scwartz, the dude has excellent movement skills, I think he could make the roster fulfilling a number of roles, 3rd down back, slot reciever, PR, KR. If he iis good enough he makes our roster more flexible.
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