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  1. Obviously he is. He might not hit 10k yards the way runningback age and the way the league treats them.
  2. If henry complete this year with 2k rushing yards foes that guarantee his spot in the hof?
  3. I look forward to the day obj is another teams problem. I'm hoping it is monday
  4. if we cant trade him and if his money is gtd in 22
  5. I think OBJ has enough name that he will get something fro ma struggling team or a team that eitheer wants a boost for SB push or a push for attendance
  6. Team didnt mention the fracture in his humerus. He did to rapport
  7. I think we need to move on from OBJ now if his 22 money is guaranteed for injury. He aint staying healthy for another 10 games or whatever
  8. 1. Everything that has been said 2. Jed Wils, he looked great played a great pro game as a LT. praying for his ankles. down. Joe woods Injuries OBJ feet for falling over OBJ hands for being like feet.
  9. OBJ gets highly rated only when he doesnt get thrown the ball. If we throw the ball at him he either drops it, or he gets hurt. Lets trade him to NEw England for a 5th.
  10. OBJ is proving to be the worst reciver on the Browns this year. He has like 5 drops.
  11. anyone got theories why Baker is leaking more than the team about his injury?
  12. Its great for our team if D'Ernest (3million+) gets paid in the off season, it will make us more attractive for fringe roster guys to sign with us. If he does leave I hope he goes somewhere with good run blocking.
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