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  1. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    I watched some cowboys games and he didnt seem to suck, average olinmen are an important thing to have, I wonder if there are personality issues with him.
  2. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    He was ok for the browns a few seasons ago.
  3. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I did consider it, but trusting people with reliability/drug issues doesnt usually work. Dorsey a head of the curve on des, good to see. Feel for des and the lady in this situation, his career is likely done of guilty, and that would be an hideous thing to go through for that poor woman, she probably thought she was guna die
  4. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    For a dt I k ow he could get to the qb, if he plays both the run and pass nearly equally well, this sure is, relatively speaking a barging for ththe falcons.
  5. 49ers agree to terms with K Robbie Gould on 2-year pact ($10.5M)

    JC tretter 5-6 per year Jason Kelsey Duke johnson Telvin coleman Mark Ingram Thomas davis lb panthers Terrence mitchell CB browns 3/12 Heaps of dudes.
  6. 49ers agree to terms with K Robbie Gould on 2-year pact ($10.5M)

    I know, still low end starter money
  7. 49ers agree to terms with K Robbie Gould on 2-year pact ($10.5M)

    Damn. 10 mill to kick the ball. That is average starter money for a bunch of positions.
  8. He states early on kamara could be a no.1 wr. If it is as he says, kamara is a moron for not converting to wr. It will save his body, prolong his career, and make him more money. Is there any basis to the claim? The same for mccaffery, who could probably be a slot which would be bette rlong term for him.
  9. browns franchise leaders

    comepting with the top 5 is where it is at though, esp qb
  10. browns franchise leaders

    I dont know what you are talking about.
  11. browns franchise leaders

    Baker being the 15th for passing yards is a testament to two decades of incompetence.
  12. browns franchise leaders

    Passing https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/cle/career-passing.htm Baker is 15th for yards If he throws for 4200 he will be 8th all time. He is already 11th for tds and is 13 away from 10th all time if he throws 40 tds he will move to 6th and 44 will move him to 5th all time. Single season 4200 yards for 1st place and 31 tds for 1st place. BI had a quick look through our offensive career leaders here are some career stats. Rushing chubb is 35th with 997 yards and duke is 24th at 1.2k yards. for 10th place is jamal Lewis at 2.8k yards Tds for 10th place is Dub johnson with 10 Chubb has 8 and is 29th place. receving 10th place is 4.2 k yards so no one is challenging that 27 tds for 10th place unlss Njoku gets 20 no one is challening that. Single season receptions are at 89 Yards 1646 by JG Tds 16 by Braylon
  13. Duke fires his agent

    I dont even know what hat word means anymore, literally.
  14. Wouldnt that be tampering?
  15. Generally not considered a top 5 back, so he won't be getting 10 million per year plus