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  1. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    If we did do a show together I would be the main guy and you would be my lacky.
  2. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    Watched 10 minutes no laughs.
  3. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    It would be better than Joey tho
  4. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    Yeah that is what I was doing to man. We could start up a comedy show.
  5. Texans to release Brian Cushing

    He was great when juiced, meh otherwise.
  6. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    the Pats demonstrated you need a long snapper. I just think your reserve dime back can be average.
  7. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    All you need to win a Super Bowl is a Quarterback and 40 other great football players.
  8. AJ McCarron Wins Grievence, Will Be a FA

    We will get more than he deserves from whoever gives it. Glennon gets a big contract. Osweiler does too Grappollo is the highest paid ever. it doesn't make sense. My guess is 3 yeas 49 million with some good get out clauses for the team. 27 guaranteed.
  9. OL a bigger need than you think

    Part of our problem is that we seemed to run power concepts last year. Our guys seem more like zone to me. Alex mack ws versatile in that he could maul and play with fines. Trotter looks like he could be a finesse type of guy but he isn't consistently going to beat strong NFL DT's. Next year I want the same group in a zone scheme or we need to change the oline IMO. Assuming we stay in a power scheme. Tretter has played tackle and I wonder if he could be an effective tackle in the NFL. He would be better suited to taking on DE's and OLB from a pier perspective and he seems to move ok. Especially if joe retires. We need another power centre. I wonder if there is one in the draft? the FA group is apparently crap. Our back centre had one good game and blew out his knee in 2016, apparently it was against some old as hell DT. Also if Joe Retires and we do not improve the group then I would be happyy with Drango playing LT he didn't get beat that bad last year I remember him letting in two sacks. One was on the goalie and Kizer fumbled it for a TD. it was the worst play calling.
  10. Danny Shelton

    Ever since they put clothes on I haven’t watched the Olympics. I don’t mean the Americans that try hard, I mean regular Americans. I assume they all are round and don’t know where the other countries are.

    who are the possible suitors for AJ He are the front runner and this is a year where there are actually a few guys around or available. AJ Josh Mc Cousins ?tyrod Taylor the 4 guys in the draft. all three minn guys could be an option. chase daniels Foles might be able to be pried away from the Eagles.
  12. Danny Shelton

    Don't..... stop...... Im having fun boo.
  13. Danny Shelton

    If you do sprints you will be faster than me, unless you are retarded. It hurts me at the core that there are americans that are faster than me. its just a prejudice i guess.
  14. Duke Johnson: How To Get Him More Rushes?

    What we should do is give him the ball more. And 3 years 30 million 15g.
  15. Calvin Johnson vs Antonio Brown vs Julio Jones

    Julio is an interesting player who has had the most dominant games. Calvin probably the best highlights and hardest to defend. Brown the best games and best seasons.