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  1. Browns lose mega star linebacker to covid...
  2. Big oline and strong rb. They will get some runs against us.
  3. Have you actually seen some have a fever that high from infection? I have like 1 or two a year that really need aggressive treatment for fever. The worst fever I have seen was from an od on venlafaxine.
  4. Probably 14 of the 17 goes over his head for a td. My goal for Andy is that he doesnt put a browns player on ir
  5. Hopefully he recovers, o thought he played reasonably well last year. Nerve damage is a dog though.
  6. Cleveland would be better set hosting the draft imo. That said a superbowl in the thick of a cleveland winter could be a disaster. Imagine drew brees or brady at 42 having to pass into the bog and **** storm of a weather that can from.the north.
  7. If it is his calf it is more likely a strain. A lot the fast twitch guys gets strains easily.
  8. Protocol. I think it is based on symptoms, if you are symptomatic x days form the game you are out.
  9. Didnt realize Carsons knee exploded that badly. I hope that Joe makes a full recovery. Ever since couch and carr got wrecked by their nursery lines I have hated it when teams dont prepare properly for rookie qbs.
  10. He spent a lot to get next to nothing.
  11. Yeah. Having 300 pound men land on you a few times is never going to be good for your health.
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