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  1. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    And congrats.
  2. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    For a lot of women the first 12 weeks are the worst for nausea. Morning sickness can happen at any point of the day. Some women have crap pregnancy’s. Boobs get bigger. Hers not yours. Sex changes during pregnancy as well.... At the early stages you want your wife to take folate 0.8 mg per day to prevent neural tube defects. Also some other vitamins. Stop vit A if she is taking it. That can cause eye issues. But really speak with your dr or mod wife for the best info. In nz they say do t eat salads prepped by others or soft cheeses. During labor you are kind of like a groomsmen. Stand round and don’t do much that is useful, obligated to be there. Labor can be over fast 2-4 hours , or it can take days. There are benefits and risks for c-sections. Some people recommend taking a vaginal swab and putting it in the mouth of the new born baby if it comes by c section, this maybe shown to prevent diseases in the future like type 1 diabetes. During labor you will be your wife’s advocate. During labor a chemical is released that is similar to heron ina women’s brain, a low dose of course. She won’t have her usual capability’s. So learn what she wants during labor. Pain relief or no pain relief. C-section vs natural. Who does she want to know when she is labor? What music does she want? Also a tens (so) machine is an awesome form of pain relief, it provides small amounts of pain relief by giving eletric shocks. This will help to avoid using drugs as pain relief during labor, which can be better for the baby. My 2 cents. We had an emergency c section after 30 hours of labor. Took it right out of me.
  3. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    no. but that would be extreme.
  4. WR Preview

    I totally agree. Higgins is light and plays lighter than he is. His hands aren't good enough for someone who isn't super fast. I think our 4 receiver sets could be lethal, not many teams have 4 cover corners, Galloway or Coleman vs a nickel or dime DB is a good match up for us. Janis I think is a great 6th receiver/gunner. ratley is interesting. a great 6th round pick. Also @Bonanza23 I see you taking advantage of the multi choice system, well done.
  5. WR Preview

    Check out DBN for a decent write up on our WR group. We have just paid 75 million to Jarvis Landry and excellent slot/possession WR. We have the Freak of nature Flash Gordon. Corey Coleman and antonio Galloway round out our top 4 WR's, both of which have 1st round talent but have a lot to prove. We have NFL vets, Janis, Higgins and SPARQ legend Louis fighting for there nfl lives. We have a bunch interesting guys at the bottom of the roster, size and speed freaks Ratley, Willies. Evan Berry is a brother of Eric Berry was a college DB but is a savage in the open field. How you all be feeling? there are a of character issues in the group, JG and weed, Landry and DV, Coleman and people getting beat up, Galloway and weed. Ricardo Louis and suckage. does this concern you? Check out this Tom follery
  6. DeMarco Murray announced his retirement

    He seems like a good dude, I enjoyed watching him play.
  7. I’d cut him at this point. I can’t handle the will he won’t he tension.
  8. I hope this is bs. I’ll be mighty pissed if not. And I will blame you forever @buno67
  9. Jarvis Landry ranked #52 in top 100 countdown

    He was 2nd on our team with 4 sacks behind Myles Garrett and equal to Ogbah. I think Kirksey and Joe had more opportunity. The least I think we will get from him is a great special teamer. He has similar combine numbers to a rb. So he is an explosive lb.
  10. Jarvis Landry ranked #52 in top 100 countdown

    I do. 4 sacks and some massive tackles.
  11. Jarvis Landry ranked #52 in top 100 countdown

    Statistically he is similar to Kirksey. I like Kirksey as a tackler better. I think Joe is better in coverage. I think James Burgess could be better than both.
  12. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    never passed for less than 3k preseason. .