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  1. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    More likely imo he see an extraneous 50-100 million than less than that.
  2. Offseason Discussion

    I like win win contract negotiations, works for vernon and us.
  3. Offseason Discussion

    among the coaches you have had, and the voice of reason is Gregg Williams, you know that things haven't been too good.
  4. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    How much value does this add to the value of the chiefs? If you wanted to sell the team now I bet it adds $200-400 million in value.
  5. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Good deal for KC
  6. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Basically any contract for a QB screws a team. To be honest this is a team friendly deal in a lot of ways, deferred payments etc the chiefs know what they are doing at qb the next decade.
  7. Offseason Discussion

    How many years running is this? 21? All of my adult life.
  8. Offseason Discussion

    He has played like a solid 2nd te at best. I agree with LGB, his best football is a head of him, he just has a very long road a head before he is consistent enough to that. Heck learning off Hooper, who is a far superior player with half the talent might be the best thing he can do for a year. If we are going to trade him it needs to be for a 2nd next year not a 5th this year
  9. Offseason Discussion

    They can use on reasonable grounds.
  10. Offseason Discussion

    I'd only be interested in trading to the texans.
  11. Offseason Discussion

    I wouldnt do that. Two holes 1 now and 1 later. We have a rg on the roster, somewhere.
  12. Offseason Discussion

    I mean everyone is interested if he comes for cheap. He is more valuable to is than a 5th or a 4th, and he is more valuable to us than a street free agent.
  13. Offseason Discussion

    If I'm AB "No."
  14. I forgot Americans choke when a thin piece of fabric covers there mouth.
  15. There better be football. Wear ya damn mask you filthy animal.