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  1. His position was QB- what would have been interesting os if he could have fixed his throwing motion. He seemed to hesitate a lot- I think that was because he couldn't make the pass not because he was mentally slow.
  2. Houston is rebuilding with or without watson. They might as well cash out what they can get for him.
  3. Which is fair enough, its brutal, huge amount of scrutiny. Idiots like us on your back.
  4. This is not an nfl franchise, it is a casino.
  5. With safety's I like our group if we keep Joesph and redwine, and play harrison and delphit. Joesph is probably our best tackler.
  6. One way to do it, rather than build the pass rush is to build the secondary. With denzel and greedy and delphit, draft the best coverage player in the 1st and lock teams down. Find one more pass rusher a couple of fattys to stop the run.
  7. At corner we really need 4 more guys. I dont want Johnson back. If greedy comes back even then I doubt he plays 16 games, same for ward. If we resign mitchell, he is a solid number 4 corner. At lienabckse I'd sooner bring smith than Goodson back. I dont like goodson he is the quintessential player browns linebacker that doesnt mack plays but racks up tackles. I'd look at trading for the linebacker from the New York jets that used to play for the ravens.
  8. Gurley was 2-3more seasons away from a hall of fame lock imo. His knee injury ruined his career. Henry is two year away from being on the cusp of the hall of fame. If mccaffery stays healthy he makes the hall of fame. He will also be able to play on when his effectiveness as a runner drops off as a 3rd down back. Kamara is a hall of fame level off offensive weapon. Chub has some hall of fame numbers 5.0 ypc and over a 1k average with his 1st three years. If Barkley avoids injuries he will do enough to get into the hall of fame.
  9. 188 saves a player or two's contract for some teams in the red. I was kind of hoping for a lower cap because it would he a hell of a blood bath to watch.
  10. What we want is for him to be above average to good. If he is top 8 or so the colts will be the best team in the nfl.
  11. To be honest from the browns perspective I like the trade, we ain't beating the colts if they have a top 5 qb. Wentz aside from one season hasn't been top 20.
  12. There is nuance to each situation imo. Pete Carroll has lost his edge (knowing college football really well) and is reliant on Russ to keep his job. Watson is in an organization that has gone from mediocre to full implosion. I cant blame him for wanting out.
  13. That sucks. It still gives us options I suppose I hope our offense is great, but we need to improve on defense for a superbowl. We are 3 defenders away from an average defense. A DE, LB and good corner. It will be interesting to see how berry approaches it.
  14. This could be the most interesting free agent period in a long time. Could be a lot of guys available in trade or playing on one year deals. Getting rid of obj opens up a world of opportunity for us, it could lead to higgins, a linebacker and a good sub dlineman. Or even higgins and teller.
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