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  1. Couldn't trade out of the top of the draft. Deion and Ziggy had gone, mingo wasnt the worst pick, he at least had physical upside on paper. Warmack, cooper, austin, Milner, wouldn't of been better picks, didnt get a shot at lane johnson, the only stud on the top 10. There want even a decent rb to over draft.
  2. Random Thing I Noticed

    Another reason not to have a football team there, it is a cold weather sport.
  3. Random Thing I Noticed

    Do they have any more public hospitals to sell?
  4. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    I will not forfeit my right to complain.
  5. Random Thing I Noticed

    La isnt a football town and ot ha two teams, Cali and florida are over represented for teams. They might be populous, but I think a better geographic representation could occur. On a map the northwest is hardly represented, along with a lot of the middle of your map. This is based on my very limited knowledge of you lot.
  6. Random Thing I Noticed

    The distribution of nfl teams is quite strange rwally It is Sad too, though,the cards dont have a strong history despite being one of the oldest teams.
  7. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    Usually we get one or two players max per draft, it seems like we are going to be hitting on 3-5 each year, it is so freaking awesome.
  8. 2013 was a bit of an asterisk year, not many players worked out in the top 15 and of the ones that did they are pretty solid at best. Fisher, Ziggy...
  9. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    I think they have drafted him as an fa, do you think that will work out?
  10. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    When I referred to his numbers it was not to make a strong conclusion, just say what it was I understand that a secondary player may not get many pds or ints and still have a hell of a year. He sure as heck seems like a natural.
  11. Keller got his knee wrecked, I find that hard to hold against him. Winslow got his knee wrecked too but that was all on him.
  12. Browns beat the raiders 4 to 3, but russel probably counts for 2, so it is pretty even.
  13. I Disagree Winslow cost the browns a top 10 pick and a 2nd rounder to move up one spot. He is basically a double bust. A top 10 pick is worth 3 2nd rounder at minimum in percieved value at least and maybe the same in actual value.
  14. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    As a senior he only made 5 plays on the ball. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/sheldrick-redwine-1.html A strong safety class proba lt helped us get him in the 4th as well him being less versatile than randall, being more of a pure safety rather than a legit safety as well as a solid corner. If he can replace randall and randall can garner us say a 3rd or a 4th it will be a 3d chess/sachi brown wet dream.
  15. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    Iirc contract demands and attitude.