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  1. Around the league discussion

    Is he better than bryan cox 2. F knows but probably
  2. I see all 3 of pur good lbs playing some edge
  3. Ww only have 6 dlinemen on the roster for this week.
  4. They wi be able to takenit to court like the sints players did.
  5. Around the league discussion

    Jackson should have a spy on him, id change it up brtween carrie, randall and takitaki depensing on down and distance.
  6. Never been more indifferent to a reply than right now.
  7. Encouraging Developments

    Lets notbpretend like 20 years doesnt make a difference.
  8. If tua comes out for the draft

    It ended his career because he had late diagnosis. Didnt preist holmes have same injury and comeback? Or was it someone else? If you were going to be any postion to refover from this it is qb.
  9. Encouraging Developments

    Austin needs to learn to kick in Cleveland, his misses were judgement errors. I dont know crap about kicking though could be wrong. Very encouraging though. Gillan, he looks like an all pro punter, and might replace burnett at safety.
  10. David Njoku expects to be back soon

    If he comes back strong our top 5 skill players are lights out. Njoku in the seams, obj outside, landry boundary and slot, hunt near the los and chubb as an rb. If we organise well arpund that. Awesome.
  11. David Njoku expects to be back soon

    Yeah if he could catch and block like he could jump he would be a hofer.
  12. Around the league discussion

    They arent easy to find for one thing, peiple dont beckme fullbacks any more. Our fullback search has failed Since vickers pretty much, malcom johnson sucked, marecic was the worst.
  13. Around the league discussion

    We have the best Hback in the NFL apart from Kyle jswuscheck, Kareem Hunt.