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    We have a better chance this week. this is a pretty bad team. the keys to winning begins with two people kizer and Hue. kizer has to not suck. Hue has to help kizer with play calling and plaing to our own strengths, which he probably won't do. there running game is super turd. 3.0 ypc. We need to stop it and make them have the worst game of the year running the ball. I hope we cush joe mixon and make him beg for sweet mercy. We need to out muscles there offensive line and thump there TE's and RB's. Andy Dalton has been playing decent. The red rocket often suffers under pressure, there OT's are pretty bad. his is a week for MG to show us he was worth no. 1 overall. We need him to have a von miller type game, creating turnovers and hitting the big red D. there run defense has been pretty good less than 4YPC. I have no doubt crowell will suck this week, give the ball to Duke or Dayew or someone else. sign someone off the street (not a street worker, rather a FA). We need mcCourty to stop AJ green, who needs to be doubles as soon as he goes deep, he can take over a game. there corners are pretty decent there linebackers not so much. This would be a great week to target the TE's on our offense, but we won't cos Hue. lets go get the W.
  2. Could he have been the greatest?

    this definetly something that i do not want to argue over. in terms of raw alent he was amazing, super mobile for his size and his arm is the stronget ever in the history of the NFL. I think his accuracy was pretty decent and would ofbeen good if he worked it. I am happy for you to disagree. and Im not going to valitate my position further and I don't care. Rathe I was using him as a caricature as much as anything.
  3. GDT week 11 Browns vs. Jaguars

    I think i would keep Hue for the sake of continuity. If our offense is MCCarron, Danrold, Kizer new RB/Barkley, Duke, dayes vitale Gordon, coleman, FA WR, Britt/Pryor Njoku, devalve, thomas Bitonio JC Zeitler coleman And we do not preform then i think it is time fo Hue to get he axe. last year ou offense played well and our defense was putrid. This year it has been the opposite. for the first 8 games ofthe year we have consistently had the worst WR, QB, RB in he league, that is sure as hell hard to work with. If Crow was as good as last year we migth have a different story, if JG was palying it might be a different story, if JT was hurt we might f had a win by now. In saying that Hue is not helping himself, he should of taylored the offense to Kessler and let him start th year and maybe move to kizer at the bye week.
  4. Josh Gordon is back

    If he is a true addict in that his brain is wired to addiction then he has the one of the biggest fights a head of him that defeats many people. hopefully he just has poor coping mechanisms and has developed a lot as a human and adult.
  5. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    Browns have the most consistent QB in he league.
  6. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    I live by a simple rule. When a man on the internet asked to show you a pic always say yes.
  7. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    But is it a regular duck or a paradise duck? cos they is pretty.
  8. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    currently the order is Wentz goff Mariota Winston.
  9. Texans RB D'Onta Foreman tears Achilles

    It has been a bad year for achilles rupture this year.
  10. Texans RB D'Onta Foreman tears Achilles

    That is a nasty injury that can have a poor prognosis for NFL athletes. Freeman is young so hopefully he makes a good recovery.
  11. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    I would like us to keep Kizer for the duration of his contract. I think in year 4 he could be very good, like a mobile joe Flacco, he is only 21. In saying that we can't go into the season with him as QB1
  12. Post-Jags 5 UP:5 Down, Happy Holidays, & Adieu

    I couldn't decide between an overhand right to her ugly face or an upper cut to left the tired old troll offer her feet. Hesitation failed me and Deshone Kizer today.
  13. Post-Jags 5 UP:5 Down, Happy Holidays, & Adieu

    internet bullies thread out. At work last night some old nurse was bullying me in the drug room. so i punched her in the face. in my mind.
  14. Josh Gordon is back

    @hornbybrown I don't doubt his intent or intelligence. you can only play with fire for so long and then you get burnt. an addict in a bar may last a week, two or a year. But the guys that successfully stay clean are the ones that know they are an addict and can't go back there. Josh gordon is an addict to the day he dies, whether he is sober or high or drunk is up to him. (i know his bigger issue is weed not alcohol, but he has failed with alohol before, DUI).
  15. Josh Gordon is back

    I agree, but a late night out on the town for someone with substance abuse isn't a good look either.