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  1. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    I wanted a linebacker just like that. Said in jest only beautiful.
  2. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    Good pick, Jack ***
  3. Your favorite all-time journeymen QBs.

    The fact no said Josh McCownnis a sin. Played with the heart of a warrior A+ dude Had some great highlights and played wr in a game.
  4. Nursing, police, med, ambulance workers all see **** that people shouldn't see.
  5. 2020/2021 - The 55: Roster Talk & Team-Building Analysis

    If baker performs he has to stay Same with Garrett. The others are I'd like to keep them, but they are not essential.
  6. I hate futile CPR. No good for anyone.
  7. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

  8. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    War dingos select Jamal Adam's
  9. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    The war dingos select Baker mayefieild qb cleveland browns 2020 nfl mvp.
  10. Man he went over the line. I have been warned against less than that
  11. Politics is the closest thing we have to sports right now.
  12. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    Sorry all on nights brain is wasted
  13. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    George kittle TE
  14. Is the US still first world? Genuinely curious.
  15. BFMD Roster/Team Threads

    Team: war dingo. Qb Baker MVP mayefieild HB Christian Mccaffery Wr Te george kittle SS Jamal Adams
  16. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    Can I trade up?
  17. Mistakey is an awesome member of the forum. He is my boy.
  18. Effect of Closure on 2021 Class

    Is it possible to have a few games at the end of the year to improve stock. Senior bowl best of 3 and a 3 year player bowl best of 3? If the cf doesn't go a head
  19. AFC North Game Plans: STEELERS

    I want to see siebert in at tailback, for science.
  20. AFC North Game Plans: STEELERS

    Put Ward on island vs Juju on 1st and 2nd down and get exotic up front. Isolate obj vs Haden.
  21. If it doesn't work the first time, try, try, try, try, try again. Hue Jackson school for coaches who can't coach good.