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  1. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    with him, Garet, Ogbah Ogunjobi I think it is dumb to blitz, cover hard and well.
  2. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I am in. Business class will be delux lo g trio from New Zealand. I'd be about 15k
  3. It seems like these guys are guna go mono el mono one of em lasts the week, who ya got surviving, the inept Oc or the bumbling HC
  4. The 53: Player, Roster, & Acquisitions Talk

    Ties, screw your chances of the play offs, and make your draft pick worse. Thanks Hue.
  5. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Sachi at the helm. Some of their picks will be decent, Boys, 10-15th maybe Bears 13-20 Raiders, 1-2
  6. Week 8 GDT: Browns @ Steelers

    I hope we beat their *****.
  7. The 53: Player, Roster, & Acquisitions Talk

    tie = 0 Browns to go 5-5-6.
  8. Patrick Peterson ask to be traded.

    I'd be soon keen to send a 3rd for pp.
  9. The 53: Player, Roster, & Acquisitions Talk

    A lack of wr isn Dak problem. Its dak
  10. Hie counting his dollars, not getting an nfl cheque from some point soon.
  11. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    7-9 wins minimum this team is talented. Coaching to make them better. That is what coaching does. All teams get injuries, put first QB injury caused an upgrade. Our injuries are not that bad. If you are tied a lot good coaching takes you to the w. Hayley has been a detriment to the team. He can't call plays well in the 1st quarter or in ot. When we got the ball near the 40 in it, he should of run it, and if that worked, run it again. Running was working at around 4-5 ypc. If we hit two it is on josephs leg to win the game. Instead he does a dumb f screen that gets blown up, like every screen we have done this year. Hue needs to own these situations.
  12. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    Hayley has been worse than Hue, but that shows it isn't hues team it is compartmentalized Greg's d and hayley's o. The Pat's have bill b's finger prints on everything, hue is clueless running the browns.
  13. Credit to Williams

    Greg Williams is defense is having a stellar year, they are leading the league in turnovers, we already have more than last year. also this week he made some good adjustments to the line up. firstly putting Randall at Cb against the threatening duo of Jackson and Evans was a clever move, they did move the ball against us, but it wasn't as bad as it could of been. then putting kirko into middle linebacker has worked as well, he haven't missed a beat without scho, infact our LB group had one of their better outings this week. these are the first major adjustments i have seen from a Browns coach this year that worked. Unlike the offense Dorsey didn't have t trade anyone to get to make it happen. Critiques, Myles nee an inside move, nearly every QB can run for 50 yards vs us, too much tampa 2.
  14. Credit to Williams

    I agree he is far from perfect. Just doing well.
  15. he is like Callaway, has hardly played football recently, needs to put his whole life together, calling it quits after less than half a season is short sighted.
  16. yes. hubbard sucks, can't finish a block. Coleman was better, at least when he whiffed, he whiffed hard.
  17. Id give him more time, he played poorly against a premier rusher today, and had a bad snap vs Carl Nassib.
  18. Greg Williams defense plays well at least once every two weeks. While Todd Haleys offense has probably only had one great game, vs Oakland. Even then he was bailed out somewhat by Chubb taking two runs to the house. I see two issues incorrect utilization of our players based on their skill sets. playing the wrong guys. here is a great example CAR YDS AVG TD LONG Duke Johnson Jr. 2 36 18.0 0 23 Carlos Hyde 14 34 2.4 0 9 Nick Chubb 3 25 8.3 0 19 both chubb and Duke had more than half the yards of Hyde on a singe carry. Duke has been grossly under utilized this year he is proving to be a more effective runner and receiver than Hyde, and as good a blocker as Hyde. duke got targeted today and produced as a receiver Duke Johnson Jr. 4 73 18.3 0 32 It looks like Duke got 100+ APY inspite of Haley, not because of him. In his post game press conference Hue stated that they decided to attack the chargers on the outside, they have a strong secondary and a weak linebacking core. How to make a dumb game plan 101. Their game plan avoided all f our best defenders, M, Lary O, and Denzel Ward, they played away from those guys. why not use the TE's and pas over the middle more, which Baker is capable of doing? Landry and Njoku have been utilized oncorrect, Jarvis is running too many out and veetical routes and is not doing enough work over the middle. Njoku looked great going long today. H is looked pretty bad whne he gets the ball behind the lien of scrmmage, I don' know why we throw the ball so much to stationary TE's, these guys that take a few steps to build up speed. It would be more beneficial t have RB's going out o the back field and giving them the ball before the blitz gets home, or throwing it to a WR. Others have mentioned we aren't using slants and other short routes that a high completion % and get the ball in people hands. I am so frustrated by this stupid offense. How is everyone else doing?
  19. the Berea Bash: Huey vs Hayley

    not a bad idea. we should never of got rid of him after Pettine 2.
  20. Adam Thielen

    i have him a head of Brown and Julio.
  21. Nick Chubb = Studd

    You wouldn't understand todd hayley's genius.
  22. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Imo when need to fix the schematics of the offense first. Haley was terrible today.
  23. Coaching targets

    g. williams to hc my guess.