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    I think he is terrible with money. He has earned over 1 million net and is broke.
  2. Dez off to meet with the Browns

    Or he could run up the locker room in the wrong way. Discount TO
  3. Baker thread 3.0 Hee Hee. I will admit i am gutted. No matter what happens, this pick will be talked about for a decade or more.
  5. Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to the Bills

    All I want from a car is for it to get my family safely around the country. and for corey coleman to buy it for me.
  6. Hard Knocks Discussion

    I have spent all my likes, this would of garnered one.
  7. Hard Knocks Discussion

    If this team wins anything, division, conference or the bowl, the real hero is sachi.
  8. Hankins coming in for a workout

    quiet possible Greg like penetrators rather than pure NT ie Shelton, though he played well last year was not a G Williams type of guy. I think you still want a couple of whales though.
  9. Hard Knocks Discussion

    With caution, we have a top 5 skill group in the league. RB's good. Duke excellent third down back/playmaker within 20 yards of the LOS. WR's two top 5-10 payers and some hefty change. TE's, good.
  10. Hard Knocks Discussion

    I love it when LGB gets all hot under the collar.
  11. What Do You Need To See For Tyrod to Be Re-Signed?

    I want mor than a 3rd from tt. If he plays at the value of 1st we need to make it happen.
  12. The official training camp thread

    oh. If Ratley is a legit Wr in 1-2 years, this will be the goat draft class for the Browns. even if he is a 30 catches for 550 yards and 3-4 TD's it would be freaking off the chain. I watched the superbowl again last night. both those teams were built with a great oline, great QB's, DB's, Eagles had the Dline and then wise spending on skill players.
  13. Hankins coming in for a workout

    I didn't like his previous work out video either. Though I want sure what the hell I was meant to be looking at with a giant fat guy moving side to side.
  14. What Do You Need To See For Tyrod to Be Re-Signed?

    If he rocks it we could trade him for 1st and a 3rd at least. Then the problem becomes who backs up Baker. Selling tyrod high could be dorsey's sachi move that keeps the cupboards full for another draft or two. Having an extra 1st in 2018 and a 2nd in 2019 or something like that will be great for 2020-21's Cleveland browns.
  15. Hankins coming in for a workout

    I don't think his production, roe and character point to multi year investment.
  16. Hankins coming in for a workout

    Id give him 9-10 for one, Donatari Poe got 8 from Atlanta for one year. He is one of the top fat guys on the DL. As @Fatgerman there is an ever decreasing role and value for those behemoths.
  17. Hard Knocks Discussion

    that has mental problems or shouldn't be playing yet. the exception to that rue would be Kessler, who played some decent games in 2016.
  18. What Do You Need To See For Tyrod to Be Re-Signed?

    What if magic happens, ike the AFCC or the Superbowl?
  19. The official training camp thread

    I don't mind Hue the coach. Some of his schemes and formations have worked. I like Hue the motivator. I don't like Hue the back stabber... RIP Sachi, miss you Kessler, I don't like hue the blame shifter... Horton, Pep, Sachi, the whole roster from 2017. I don't like the QB elevator, Kessler, RG3, Kizer.... I don't like hue the fundamentalist deep ball guy. (has the man heard of the west coast offense... shesh). I admire the guys ability to be the worst coach in the NFL based on results, keep his job, get paid millions and have a positive vibe about himself and what is going on.
  20. Hard Knocks Discussion

    yeah a comma would of worked. Ain't getting a Phd with them ellipses.
  21. What Do You Need To See For Tyrod to Be Re-Signed?

    Franchise tag could be just south of 30 million or half our free cap space for next year. As other have mentioned , he would have to play extremely well to get that kind of pay. for me it would have to be 4.5k yards 30 TDs and AFCC game.
  22. Englishing wrong.

    This thread is about the use and misuse of the English Language. There once was a lady that I worked with. She was considerably closer to the shape of a globe to the power of infinity than to what men find conventionally attractive. We shall call her PorkChop. I was work with this rotund wonder on an occasional basis. Her circumference is the first impression that you get from her, but it is not the lasting one. Her lack of command of the English language is really what does it for me. PorkChop uses the wrong words with the wrong volume. And there shouldn't be any excuses she comes from one of the former Colonies of the Her Majesty the Queen. Example Dr Smart Guy charts half a wants to give half a bag of IVF fluids correctly, PC reads it doesn't understand it. Standing near 5 patients she tilts her head back, turns her volume up to 50 and shouts "THIS IS CHARTED ILLEGALLY". The Dr who charted it is a Dr of medicine. He seems like he is in the top 5% of Dr's. He is a legit dude as well. His charting is seldom wrong and has never been illegal. Heck the only charting that would be illegal is if the person isn't registered too chart medicine. Later that very same day PC asked me to do a Venous Blood Gas, it is a blood test on a patient. I couldn't do it i was going to dinner and lady was covering me who was about to go off shift. My response, "Ask Mary to do it" I said. PC "MAAAAARRRY" she didn't ask her, she didn't find her, it was as if she was trying to summon her like we are in Lord of the Rings or something. Shesh. Ill continue. We have a meeting between shifts that has brief report on all the patients. One of the pieces of information that is passed is when some doesn't speak English. It is an important piece of information in the health care setting. It is often reported to us as "She doesn't speak no English" Why the double negative? Don't you know to not use no double negatives? Wouldn't the correct formulation of the sentence be "Mrs X doesn't speak English" Or "Mr X speaks very limited English" Rant here my FF brethern.