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  1. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    ~75% playoffs conversion this millennia in an average(for AFC) division, that's pretty enviable their offence is probably 2nd or 3rd in the division going back that far getting bumped down on Manning years probably overrated if comparing production against HOF QBs who have less around them, like Brees/Rodgers they're very good; and have players at individual positions who are the best
  2. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    I thing Arodg is a consummate professional. He'd say there was nothing to the rumors; while simultaneously role modeling behaviors that demonstrate yet again just how valuable he is.
  3. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    the dog park jokes died on their way back to their own planet
  4. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    I think there's ATV'ing and then there's ATV'ing what are the odds that your draft pick will choose the wrong one between you picking them and before they get their first snap yet somehow, have not chosen the wrong one in all those years of college it's not like they were one play from another superbowl trophy if this guy started last year
  5. Staubach is one of the primary investors that founded/funded Vicis
  6. Would Brett Favre Be a Good Broadcaster?

    he probably brought the locker room talk up to the booth
  7. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    I'm not going to look; but I'll just assume every year someone from the East got in, they were paired against another American Division, and the years they didn't they played the good conference
  8. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    Atlanta/Saints might be a tie for 4th but there's very little Jimmy G in this thread; this has me worried
  9. Seahawks Have Been Very Quiet

    as long as the QB is great, miracles could happen. GB hasn't had much for a decade but they always have a chance do miss the run game/double threat though
  10. blackout drunk is .20 BAC the kids that come into hospital with alcohol poisoning always have less than .20 I don't understand how people can walk with that going on
  11. a little less inspiring and a little less courageous must have been told 'players careers are short', and that you gotta 'do what you can, in the time you are given' must take roids or will get injured by roided player. it was either him or me...
  12. Trade propsal from The Land

    maybe a different trade can be worked out part-way into the season I'd like to see more from him; having a bad ending to a season can get into your head while you sit with it for months, 'specially for a young player who has had more than their share of misfortunes.
  13. Mock Drafts

    guess we could add another QB prospect
  14. McDowell doesn't seem to be making a miraculous recovery guess Johnson & Naz
  15. Superbowl Or Bust For 2018

    I would say Minny, after they jettisoned their best performing QB in a decade or so. it seemed a bold and controversial decision it's a little frowny that all these teams have to fight each other to come out on top of the same conference