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  1. Week 6 GDT

    Rams are not the answer. Cmon Mahomes you're our only hope
  2. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    if they could have gotten Baker Mayfield that would have been a pretty solid gamble. Heisman winning QBs have a much higher translation rate to franchise QB than non-winners (sub-50%)
  3. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    none of this years QB draftees are blowing up the place the one with the most success is riding a Browns team with 3 takeaways every game I know everyone wants their pick to be the people that turn into Watson & Mahomes are now. or Wentz & Goff were I'm sure there's a stats guy somewhere that can plot the likelihood of a high pick draft QB becoming a franchise QB 10-15%? going back 10 years, looks like 2~ make it every year. most years 2, some years none, others 4
  4. people are excited for Barkley. I don't think that was a mistake. maybe they can get a retread that's languishing as a backup somewhere @ cheap, and they'll have a Case Keenum year
  5. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    when every game is a shootout because your teams gives up 30+ every time how does his arm not fall off...? I'm sure if the context was different he'd pad COMP, PCT, SACKS, TDs given the chance
  6. Chiefs at Rams week11

    get in your 'Chiefs will win in week 11' before they beat the Pats
  7. Week 5 Gameday thread

    lot of good games today, officiating isn't any better; consider me pleased
  8. Who’s the worst team in football?

    it changes from week to week it's whichever team has lost to the Bills
  9. if it ruins your draft order by not being exposed(round 1 exit in playoffs to real team) ... did you really win?
  10. Will the QB market crash eventually?

    speculating on unproven or up & down QBs with 'modest' contracts feels bad when they don't pan out that does bad things to your team going forward
  11. Chiefs-Jaguars Predictions

    Bortles will...?
  12. would be a huge morale boost if the miracle happens
  13. Seahawks sign Mychal Kendricks

    I think he was cut today, after suspension
  14. Earl Thomas Situation (Leg Fracture)

    trying to fleece Dallas, which was his trade-destination of choice probably soured him with impatience. All our best-laid plans ruined by crazy Jerry showing restraint. Seahawks don't have a pretty team right now, but it was a great backdrop to showcase his talent for 'the big contract' coming up. he was gonna put up career numbers it's a terrible loss.
  15. Bucs name Winston the starter over FITZMAGIC

    I don't know many mediocre journeyman who can wow 3 games in a row. or how many mediocres still find suitors after playing for TEN years I would have thought 'journeyman' would suffice. I don't think it's a bad word at all