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  1. he should get to SF or TB if Brady retires
  2. get some coaches who don't FG when everything is on the line
  3. Russel Wilson had this. will Mahomes take that last crucial step and will he still be in mvp conversations for years to come as the team he's on gets depleted
  4. all they need is teams that hire off each other quid pro quo N4L has the right answer; but I'm sure they'll have to make more rules for it going forward to prevent exploitation
  5. Hall of Family Building 1st ballot
  6. Bosa's got some good numbers, but the Niners were missing a lot of quality pieces; when present would contribute to a prime Watt level of dominance. Watt's prime had 10 probowlers, Bosa's current is 3
  7. don't forget the 2017 & 2018 threads Josh Allen [QB; Wyoming] - NFL Draft - FootballsFuture.com Josh Allen - NFL Draft - FootballsFuture.com I'd be pumped if I was a Bills fan, 13-3 and beat a bunch of good teams looking real good JA
  8. Baltimore defense falters early then Lamar loses his confidence 35-17 Buffalo
  9. losing that wild card to the Cowboys with our ineffective run game and no attempts to cook
  10. I miss getting those football speeches 5min before kickoff
  11. is it a prediction that a game will be close until the last ~10min than QB X who is slightly behind tries 'to make something happen' and throws 2 picks that destroys the final score
  12. im sure half the stuff that happens for a famous sports figure is only vaguely understood or passed along by business managers and business managers can make mistakes and/or not do due diligence before hitching their wagon to shady companies asking the celeb to do a 30sec spot team loyalty is a nice thing; not chasing a ring when teams are putting up 30-40 points on you week after week im a pretty casual fan being in a position that he worked hard to attain, I'm glad he used it to raise awareness and speak to the issues he felt strongly about; even if the only result w
  13. do QBs get a valuation on 'intangibles'? or just their on-field stat sheet leadership, mentoring, or contributing to the perception of a winning culture that attracts motivated players to the team
  14. wonder what the highest points differential for a non qualifying playoff team is in the last 20~ years feels bad because there's even an extra spot this year and you won't make it with +100
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