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  1. Pro Bowl accolades for QB become less a mark of distinction when the first 4-5 candidates opt out to rest for the post season
  2. save'em for the leagues midseason QB injuries can get more than a 11-20 pick then
  3. Russ would have had more playoff wins if we didn't handoff for loss against Dallas for three quarters
  4. I thought people were pretty pumped to get Stafford on a non-Lions team I can't predict what we'll get, but there's been plenty of QBs that had their 2nd job be their career highlights; even if it's only for 2-3 more yrs
  5. I thought entourages were specifically supposed to have a guy to take possession charges
  6. that was a really great SB. wish we won it
  7. Ponder & Hackenberg turned them down
  8. what kind of agent negotiates this deal for an injury-history guy like CC maybe he really wanted to be with Seattle
  9. 7-9 is a comfortable division title. good on ya Fitz
  10. how do teams get 'not terrible' QBs for 10M!?!?
  11. you can make a lot of endorsement money WINNING
  12. Which is holding the clipboard??
  13. would think Dallas is further away from the SB than just 1 'very good QB' as they've had that same QB for 4~yrs just haven't had a lot of success in those years came in hot in 2016, beat the Chiefs in 2017, then... the list of 'good teams beaten' gets really thin wish him the best
  14. I don't get the hate for Seahawks fans being gifted a presumed HOFer (with a personality that may or may not grow on you) and then 7 years of success many of those seasons were accumulated on multiple games with less than 1 score wins, being inches away from 6-10 seasons consecutively I don't know what we've done in less than 50 years for the hate; I don't really see us as sitting on a porch and asking passerbyers "what's it like losing??" is it the peds? The coach's baggage?? can we not celebrate doing very well considering the circumstances, and being in a really com
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