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  1. I read that he was traded to the Yankees earlier this month and that he'll be gladhanding a lot of people at training camp in a couple weeks Baseball wasn't his 'first love' or anything like that, was it
  2. Will Kirk get more money than Jimmy?

    you reach those expectations(for future production) by reviewing their past accomplishments that is how draft seeding works I don't think anyone is paying Kirk for getting TD's for Washington
  3. Burkhead's name has to be in here for maximum finger pointing
  4. need to fleece a desperate team for multiple picks and/or players
  5. More likely to play in Superbowl 53

    I was impressed by some of the Pats run defense but the pass defense for both teams was something you'd see in the pro bowl
  6. Which team wins a Super Bowl first?

    when I wake up tomorrow it's going to be a beautiful day
  7. Malcolm Butler situation

    other team playing great cost them the game.
  8. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    great game Jags, thank you look forward to more next year
  9. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    nobody has a Brady poster in their rooms Jordan, Ali, Gretzky, Bruce Lee all have their places adorning the bedrooms of half the continent I'd take Shaq over Brady, just because he has more posters up posters that inspire the hearts of future generations
  10. I don't want to get too much into Mahomes when it's a coach thread, but one of the other ways rookie phenoms sneak into the lineup for reps is that a game is sooooo far put away that they can sit/rest their starter and kick the tires on their backup(s). for all the talk about how great the stats on KC's QB(how great he was playing for being Alex Smith...), their running game, their receiving corps; they never blew anyone out all season. none of the teams quit against KC; this phenomena tends to water down the 'clutch' QB accolade that gets bandied about because Alex never puts his team to a safe enough place and he always has to work under pressure in the 4th quarter it's not all Alex of course, but if your best blowout is to put up 1 TD and 4 FGs before the other team is in garbage time...I dunno. So much talk of the last year was spent on how many garbage teams there were and how the eagles & rams were blowing everyone up, another team dropped 50 points on buffalo etc etc where's KC's path of scorched & salted destruction? this KC thing is a mystery but something doesn't feel right
  11. Week 18: Panthers @ Sain'ts

    Brees will put in work towards that career passing yards thing and some other nice stuff will happen
  12. don't let a middling run squad put up all star numbers on you in the playoffs I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he told them to stop the run
  13. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    it's a fun toy I like bilet's; : panthers, rams, and the teasing Rogers return Packers are out and the Lions are in
  14. won't Case walk at the end of the season anyways? in the likely event that he doesn't stink up the place teams will pay the going rate; they won't even be desperate teams, a year of solid play by a 'rejuvenated' veteran QB is a better gamble than some random from the draft or an untested backup forgive my cynicism for not entertaining that he'll want to stay on at a discount for a non-zero shot at the Super Bowl, a guy who has been around 5 years and has only scraped together 6mill must be looking to get paid and how!
  15. Cousins value and the next wave of big contracts

    he's worth more than he's given credit for; the longevity of his production, him being 'top 10' (when those players keeping him out of the top 5 are the greatest players in 20 years) the Wentz' and Goff's of today could look like Carr, Newton or any other sophomore slump after riding high for 1 year, surviving this trend is a Herculean effort we had a 50 page thread just last year full of polite disbelief for any 5000 yard season ambitions you really need to be on a great team to have better production from a QB; and I think it is a credit to the man for being able to play like he has with all the distractions and nonsense.