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  1. Titans Jeffery Simmons activated

    John Conner can rest easy now
  2. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    he asked for a second opinion... rimshot
  3. Patrick Mahomes exits game with knee injury

    Foles could use another ring
  4. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Rams can still make the playoffs. as the 3rd from the West it'll be a battle; but not as bad as it might appear the Panthers schedule looks like it will get them murdered, the Vikes QB is as bad as Goff, just don't lose to Dallas and 10-6 could be the last WC not the worst acquisition; though they need that O sorted out if they don't want an embarrassing early exit
  5. Is the NFL rigged?

    players know how to embellish contact and draw fouls he's tugging my shoulder pad: full neck hyperextension!!!!!!
  6. MNF: Lions at Packers

    it stopped being a close game when the Lions took 3
  7. MNF: Lions at Packers

    those early bye-week teams can sneak up on ya look at the Niners
  8. Seahawks TE Will Dissly tears Achilles

    epic rap battles is running out of ideas
  9. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    Niners defense numbers be getting swole
  10. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    maybe you can hold someone's arm without touching it if you create a cage around their trunk(with your arms) and their attempt to raise their arm is foiled by your positioning this might prevent either player from making a play
  11. Urban Meyer on the evolution of tackling.

    so... what is the strategy to stop a freight train.?? (without intent to injure) assuming you're in the path of it; rather than coming up on the side and doing a stagecoach robbery do you grab the cloth to try and tip them one way to forgo a contested drive-back completely since you're going to lose that 99% of the time is there a strategy that works if you have a second player to assist your plan
  12. Is Dan Quinn on the hot seat?

    turns out the NFC south was pretty good during those Julio-less Falcon years so that 33-11 looks even better
  13. the Browns gave out as many turnovers and blown coverages/missed blocks as a team possibly could and Niners only got 30~ pts Niners missed 3 easy-medium field goals I think we can rest easier
  14. exceeds early season expectations for an interesting and competitive division
  15. lot of sweating that last 2 1/2 minutes