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  1. NFL Names 2010s All-Decade Teams

    really hard to pick that # 2 Coach Reid, Carroll, Tomlin have virtually the same averages for regular season records and very close # of post season visits in the 10's one(*)of them didn't have a HOF QB
  2. COVID-19: NFL tells employees to work from home

    please also consider the option where she is not at work(if positive), and you are not at home. pandemics sometimes require the ultimate sacrifice
  3. please no more bold predictions for probowlers going to the Pats for 4th round picks
  4. good for player safety. with lucrative alternatives to 'playing 1 more year' after injury
  5. and that's just what we do while waiting for the preseason to start
  6. What does the term 'a number 1 wr' mean?

    6'3" 220lbs can run
  7. What does the term 'a number 1 wr' mean?

    elite WR draws double/triple coverage = off-the-street TE without stone hands averages 12 yards a play
  8. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    losing in a shootout to 'insert HOFer/presumed HOFer' in a conference championship would help he's been pretty absent from playoff success
  9. The new CBA brings a huge opportunity

    ties aren't losses losses are losses lol that 15-0-1 team got eliminated grinding OT in the regular season when your bye week is 5 weeks away and you're hurtin is not a win
  10. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    I didn't know state taxation was so different. Dak staying in Texas instead of getting moved to NY or Cali is worth 10% more just on income taxes can't believe he turned down 33M
  11. Is Big Ben done?

    does Ben wear a toque more than other QBs? Pittsburgh isn't exactly Green Bay climate-wise that's the Yukon Cornelius
  12. Antonio Brown back to Steelers?

    No Mr Simpson it's a bad siren; that's the computer in case I went blind saying sell the vehicle to this fella, and you're out of business.
  13. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    I thought he was supposed to be pretty good when he was a Viking. rookie QBs don't usually come out the other side after getting sacked 3 times every game for the whole season. I thought he'd be even more impressive with a Dallas oline
  14. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    how low is 'too low' to try and get Bridgewater? 25m w/incentives?