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  1. CTE is only diagnosed after death with many invasive tests that involve slicing and chemical baths for your grey matter they are working on it though; a definitive test for living candidates
  2. Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

    maybe there's more demands for charity auction donations in NYC than most other cities see well-heeled self congratulators probably donate the items to a Goodwill store after they win them I'd want to know more before passing judgment; maybe Skiba is some friend from back in the old neighbourhood and Eli was helping him pay the bills
  3. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    Luck tanked for new team personnel love it
  4. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    getting an indictment is better than not getting an indictment legal processes in general are impersonal and not for people 'with more pressing things' going on in their lives this thread is awful
  5. he said 'too soon'. it might also be indelicate to point out what performance enhancing supplement has 'blood clots' as a super relevant side effect
  6. yes I think an expansion team would beat the Browns on their first game. it doesn't even have to be like the Vegas Knights
  7. Post Draft Roster : Current Thoughts?

    are there any players that can pass rush left out there ...somewhere?, that we can get. can quem-Grif do it? everywhere I read says he's fast I don't want to give Jimmy all day to throw
  8. I'd trade him for that #1 pick that got Luck I think my trade request would be denied
  9. 49ers Trent Brown traded to Patriots

    Jimmy is going to get traded after every regular season game to a different team more trades will flow to NE because...
  10. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    I really don't know. I had a silly idea that a football forum could be a gathering place for people to share the love they have for their team & players with other fans I don't know anything about the Steelers other than that they're perennial favorites coming out of the AFC for most of two decades. I said as much two pages back. I clicked on a Steelers coaching page just now and had 17 different faces pop up. Being the casual that I am; I had no idea an NFL team had 17 coaches on it, my HS team had 2. Do they have bad coaching and Ben succeeds despite that? Coaching seems to be harder quality to watch and evaluate than just in a season of games; and is probably impossible for a casual like me anything I've read here has a handful of coaches at the top, with a handful at the bottom, and then 25~ in the middle indistinguishable from one another.
  11. Andrew Luck Injury Update 2018

    if Jimmy G can get love for 7 games, I can give Luck a proportional amount for 4 seasons
  12. Andrew Luck Injury Update 2018

    I still remember that Deadspin article from '15 with ARodg and his supposed receiver someone named Flarney Bonewood, cracks me up whenever I think about it
  13. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    is Pittsburgh's coaching better than average? so much better than what Romo & Rivers had that it can be a detriment for him in narrow, off-season, just-to-pass-the-time comparisons involving Ben? there was some great coaching and playing by the recent Super Bowl winners how much of Ben is Ben and how much is coaching.
  14. seems fine if he posts some ridiculous BA count; less good bonehead move to get yourself bounced from such a good team
  15. Andrew Luck Injury Update 2018

    have some heart man this is an injury thread, we have a century of players whose careers were cut short don't be tossing that label around for players that were elevating their teams while they were healthy but couldn't help it bust is for those bums that can't learn the game a new way or have a work ethic Luck's tweets are magic and continue to inspire in grim times.
  16. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    ~75% playoffs conversion this millennia in an average(for AFC) division, that's pretty enviable their offence is probably 2nd or 3rd in the division going back that far getting bumped down on Manning years probably overrated if comparing production against HOF QBs who have less around them, like Brees/Rodgers they're very good; and have players at individual positions who are the best
  17. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    I thing Arodg is a consummate professional. He'd say there was nothing to the rumors; while simultaneously role modeling behaviors that demonstrate yet again just how valuable he is.
  18. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    the dog park jokes died on their way back to their own planet
  19. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    I think there's ATV'ing and then there's ATV'ing what are the odds that your draft pick will choose the wrong one between you picking them and before they get their first snap yet somehow, have not chosen the wrong one in all those years of college it's not like they were one play from another superbowl trophy if this guy started last year
  20. Staubach is one of the primary investors that founded/funded Vicis
  21. Would Brett Favre Be a Good Broadcaster?

    he probably brought the locker room talk up to the booth
  22. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    I'm not going to look; but I'll just assume every year someone from the East got in, they were paired against another American Division, and the years they didn't they played the good conference
  23. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    Atlanta/Saints might be a tie for 4th but there's very little Jimmy G in this thread; this has me worried
  24. Seahawks Have Been Very Quiet

    as long as the QB is great, miracles could happen. GB hasn't had much for a decade but they always have a chance do miss the run game/double threat though
  25. blackout drunk is .20 BAC the kids that come into hospital with alcohol poisoning always have less than .20 I don't understand how people can walk with that going on