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  1. once the Browns got over them in the standings this thread was inevitable
  2. every high school logo ever
  3. I don't know if QBs are plug & play when there is a certain coach to consider 'specially if they put more work into their wardrobe than those other less flashy QB preparations
  4. I believe Dallas is starting that guy who drives the zamboni at QB
  5. don't know anyone that would say no to that. <----lives in Van
  6. I'd be alright with taking him back I think we have players/staff that actually like him despite the bonehead
  7. when you feel bad that your team has a BoB manager just know there was a team managed by someone that traded away Gretzky
  8. does Baker have a confidence problem? down by 20 at halftime? why bother
  9. the Cardinals, Bills, Saints, Bears, Rams are the most interesting for me Bucs are going up up up
  10. I think Raider QB performance would be less disgraceful against non-Bucs teams
  11. it's for players that never recover from multiple INT games 1:1 coverage count me out, no way Jose throw the ball to any place other than an empty chest target??? NO THX nobody is calling TB12 that. they call him other things;
  12. I always thought it was a decent play. ball security on a run > on a pass yes, but... it's not the best security if everyone on the other team is 99% certain who is going to get handed the ball I was a little disappointed that RW didn't sneak it in, but a goalline defense has sooo many bodies around, a bang-bang play is probably better fabulous game tho
  13. if Teddy has a good year. NFC South has a shot if the Fins can beat the Rams maybe AFC East
  14. that division game with Baltimore was a murder; I didn't think there could be any nonbelievers after that one
  15. I don't know if that's a historically strong test for the Raiders in 7 games; a strong test for sure. at week 5; so far 12 teams have 1 win or less, so playing a 4-1 team that got all it's wins from 1> win teams; how strong are they? week 7 (or 8 when Bucs plays NO) will be a good time to revisit. The Bucs have a similarly tough early schedule like the Raiders. lets see who's on top from the current 3-2 leaders - Raiders, Bucs or Saints in 2-3 weeks.
  16. with no more Brady-Pats I suppose they can now
  17. Seattle fans pay to fund conference rival stadiums w/domes
  18. welcome back ASmith here's your 6 sacks in half a game
  19. players/coaches should get big fines
  20. whenever I see Andy Reid I'm reminded what a glorious thing it is to love doing something, and get rewarded after doing it your whole life his picture can cure all the previous pages of this thread
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