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  1. Colin Kaepernick

    I really liked the 2012 Divisional game with him vs the Packers. 45 is a lot of points
  2. Defense Wins Championships. Exclamation Mark.

    I agree with the users of colored text
  3. Seahawks extend Duane Brown OT

    he was at 9$ mil/yr before and with the raise he's still only around top 10 paid at position part of me wants him to be paid less because their QB isn't a statue and can get by with less but the other half feels the QB given enough time can put the ball in the hands of any no-name that eventually gets open
  4. that sort of thing works for people who had a great year and were prematurely crowned #1 and got a contract where people lost their minds, but for people who are legit #1's I think the lure of football immortality takes over and the dollar signs are a distant second. that's the agent's job to shout SHOW ME THE MONEY the #1 is like... I just want to play football.
  5. Eagles LB Nigel Bradham Suspended One Game

    6 drunks arguing over the time it takes to get an umbrella out, smh prolly unaware that miminum wageslaves don't have any reason to be motivated I see it whenever I go into businesses; 'have' people have no patience and they pick fights with 'have not' people, professional codes of conduct are licenses to make doormats sometimes
  6. Philadelphia Eagles: Dynasty In The Making?

    I think Buffalo had a dynasty team with 0 rings I hope Philly can make a dynasty
  7. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    9 or 10 wins missing playoffs
  8. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    so, who's roster will Fitzpatrick end up on after his 2-1 stand?
  9. their schedule looks tough and it might look even tougher once it's midseason and we know if some of those teams are the real deal( or are missing half their team from injuries) 10-11 wins imo
  10. Reggie Bush awarded 12.5 million from St louis

    I think it's nice. I don't know how much of the event could be prevented by Reggie himself; this isn't exactly hot coffee on your crotch he's at an away game and you have to exit the field quickly
  11. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    everyone 'wants to play' while their teammates are on rookie contracts I'd trade for him for something with upside; too much noise from him, let him sit. we'd pay if our last 2-3 years of drafts picks had panned out, but our needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Earl
  12. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    if you shake hands with him, you'll test positive.
  13. Chiefs OL Becomes a Doctor

    10 year residency problem solved
  14. Eagles LB Worrilow tore ACL

    I guess tryout camps are 'any given Sunday' an offseason can make or break an athlete, making 'the lock' for starting spots not a sure thing
  15. I'm pretty happy he was able to be brought in for evaluation. Huge/Jacked guys aren't given a lot of leeway when it comes to law enforcement compliance requests. Kudos to those involved and the public that reported their concerns.
  16. CTE is only diagnosed after death with many invasive tests that involve slicing and chemical baths for your grey matter they are working on it though; a definitive test for living candidates
  17. Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

    maybe there's more demands for charity auction donations in NYC than most other cities see well-heeled self congratulators probably donate the items to a Goodwill store after they win them I'd want to know more before passing judgment; maybe Skiba is some friend from back in the old neighbourhood and Eli was helping him pay the bills
  18. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    Luck tanked for new team personnel love it
  19. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    getting an indictment is better than not getting an indictment legal processes in general are impersonal and not for people 'with more pressing things' going on in their lives this thread is awful
  20. he said 'too soon'. it might also be indelicate to point out what performance enhancing supplement has 'blood clots' as a super relevant side effect
  21. yes I think an expansion team would beat the Browns on their first game. it doesn't even have to be like the Vegas Knights
  22. Post Draft Roster : Current Thoughts?

    are there any players that can pass rush left out there ...somewhere?, that we can get. can quem-Grif do it? everywhere I read says he's fast I don't want to give Jimmy all day to throw
  23. I'd trade him for that #1 pick that got Luck I think my trade request would be denied
  24. 49ers Trent Brown traded to Patriots

    Jimmy is going to get traded after every regular season game to a different team more trades will flow to NE because...
  25. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    I really don't know. I had a silly idea that a football forum could be a gathering place for people to share the love they have for their team & players with other fans I don't know anything about the Steelers other than that they're perennial favorites coming out of the AFC for most of two decades. I said as much two pages back. I clicked on a Steelers coaching page just now and had 17 different faces pop up. Being the casual that I am; I had no idea an NFL team had 17 coaches on it, my HS team had 2. Do they have bad coaching and Ben succeeds despite that? Coaching seems to be harder quality to watch and evaluate than just in a season of games; and is probably impossible for a casual like me anything I've read here has a handful of coaches at the top, with a handful at the bottom, and then 25~ in the middle indistinguishable from one another.