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  1. Is NE/KC a rivalry now?

    NE/league is
  2. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    I'm more disturbed by the use of math in this thread than the referee conspiracies
  3. Future NFL Expansion?

    Vancouver doesn't like sports we like hot yoga
  4. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    some good options to beat NE I'd feel more at ease if the remaining QBs could actually put together a great game rather than notching their win after having the other teams QB put up a lame duck; don't think #12 will spot you that one. hopefully it's a big day for Reid & Mahomes. it'd be really special
  5. Divisional round

    foles retires with that 2nd ring
  6. An Indepth Look At The Playoffs

    the KC/Indy & NO/Eagles games are gonna be a lot of points where every team and fanbase is happy Rams/Dallas will be fun for one team and I have no clue what is going to happen in the last game
  7. Packers to Hire Titans OC Matt LaFleur as Head Coach

    maybe he's a clapper and ARod vetted
  8. a lot of seahawks playing very well today. my sentiments to them
  9. could have run out of bounds and had another throw before the 2mins
  10. twice burned on a Dak throw? that's gotta be a record for 1 player
  11. yes Dak, that's it, just a little more
  12. not sure if announcing 'number 1 rushing attack' seemed appropriate
  13. finally he remembers he has legs
  14. maybe a contestant from a case of discounted domestic beer contest
  15. tells the folks at home about Tyler Lockett...
  16. well there won't be any passing TDs(Dak) or rushing TDs(can't find the super obvious) so why not a miracle FG
  17. everyone loves friendly chitchat with the refs with the home team
  18. please have Dak keep throwing