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  1. Who Wins the NFC North?

    of the 4 teams, Detroit has the impressive wins. and they're 2-3 while losing equally impressive games to poor teams but at least they have a division win it's definitely Minny & the Bears division to lose; even it's to 1 guy and some scrubs still very early to predict with half the teams w/bye weeks. not much discussion what Arizona is 7 games in...
  2. Inter-conference; more balanced now?

    Rams aren't allowed in tier one until they win by more than a score. looks like just Pats/Chiefs Skins are a dark horse, with the other mentioned
  3. Week 6 GDT

    Rams are not the answer. Cmon Mahomes you're our only hope
  4. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    if they could have gotten Baker Mayfield that would have been a pretty solid gamble. Heisman winning QBs have a much higher translation rate to franchise QB than non-winners (sub-50%)
  5. Will Eli be benched again this season?

    none of this years QB draftees are blowing up the place the one with the most success is riding a Browns team with 3 takeaways every game I know everyone wants their pick to be the people that turn into Watson & Mahomes are now. or Wentz & Goff were I'm sure there's a stats guy somewhere that can plot the likelihood of a high pick draft QB becoming a franchise QB 10-15%? going back 10 years, looks like 2~ make it every year. most years 2, some years none, others 4
  6. people are excited for Barkley. I don't think that was a mistake. maybe they can get a retread that's languishing as a backup somewhere @ cheap, and they'll have a Case Keenum year
  7. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    when every game is a shootout because your teams gives up 30+ every time how does his arm not fall off...? I'm sure if the context was different he'd pad COMP, PCT, SACKS, TDs given the chance
  8. Chiefs at Rams week11

    get in your 'Chiefs will win in week 11' before they beat the Pats
  9. Week 5 Gameday thread

    lot of good games today, officiating isn't any better; consider me pleased
  10. Who’s the worst team in football?

    it changes from week to week it's whichever team has lost to the Bills
  11. if it ruins your draft order by not being exposed(round 1 exit in playoffs to real team) ... did you really win?
  12. Will the QB market crash eventually?

    speculating on unproven or up & down QBs with 'modest' contracts feels bad when they don't pan out that does bad things to your team going forward
  13. Chiefs-Jaguars Predictions

    Bortles will...?
  14. would be a huge morale boost if the miracle happens
  15. Seahawks sign Mychal Kendricks

    I think he was cut today, after suspension
  16. Earl Thomas Situation (Leg Fracture)

    trying to fleece Dallas, which was his trade-destination of choice probably soured him with impatience. All our best-laid plans ruined by crazy Jerry showing restraint. Seahawks don't have a pretty team right now, but it was a great backdrop to showcase his talent for 'the big contract' coming up. he was gonna put up career numbers it's a terrible loss.
  17. Bucs name Winston the starter over FITZMAGIC

    I don't know many mediocre journeyman who can wow 3 games in a row. or how many mediocres still find suitors after playing for TEN years I would have thought 'journeyman' would suffice. I don't think it's a bad word at all
  18. really think they could have worked something out if only he didn't get injured. whatever they do work out now won't be nothing; but it won't be anything to write home about
  19. Dark horses through the first quarter

    Tennessee has a nice soft schedule. Wild Card baby
  20. Will the new sack rule be exposed by Qbs?

    hopefully QB's will take the new rules to heart and stand in the pocket with impunity from pass rushers and continue to get strip sacked in the last 2 minutes of a close game.
  21. I think if you hit with your O or D coach it pays like a slot machine. if your HC can do both, see above in terms of stamina; if your O marches down the field and puts 7 points up every 3minutes your D could be on the field a looooooong time
  22. Silly Rules in Football

    it's been a good week for that happy for all involved
  23. Something Is Wrong With Everson Griffen

    science is a hard thing. it's not all smoking = lung cancer a lot of people who get X injury and aren't helped sufficiently by their prescribed treatment, and they self medicate with other stuff and mess up all the science numbers for correlation. not sleeping does a lot of bad things when I'm tired,I snap at my kids; that can't be too far removed from psychosis.
  24. Will the new sack rule be exposed by Qbs?

  25. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    I can't imagine a team not building around a top 5 QB. 5+ years still left at least, he's a pro slider and takes care of himself yeah what animal said; looks like the front office was impatient(win sooner rather than later) and when we didn't have luck with our picks we took too many retreads instead of continuing to draft and accumulate picks. that didn't pan out; but there's no guarantee the picks would have worked either, but they did try something. to their credit I don't think we have any albatross-long term contracts and our cap is nice next year our division is spotting us a bunch of free wins, we might wild card every year(even is nothing changes) going forward for quite some time if TB can keep the South teams from sending 2 uncontested