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  1. Quarantined Off-Season Wrap

    Thanks for the heads up, happened right around posting. Edited now. I like Snacks too.
  2. Believe we look to solidify the roster via FA in the secondary and DL, this can come before or after the draft but believe they want Tramon back and are looking for a DL piece. Draft board the closer we get the less it falls in our favor vs strong area of need, so we trade down a few picks to get 5 picks in the first 115 using some of our late rounders to move around accordingly. This team will focus on winning in the trenches this year with new talent so we spend some high picks to prove it. Current Cap @ $11m (with allocation for draft pool already taken out) Cut Taylor +$4m ($15) Trade Josh Jackson + 2021 5th to Giants for Evan Ingram Sign Tramon 1yr $4m ($11m) Snacks 1yr $4m ($7m) Draft 2(35) - Jeremy Chinn - S - Illinois St Why: Defensive chess piece, makes our back end elite, solidifies future state for Pettine scheme. 2(62) - Davon Hamilton - DL - Ohio St Why: Run stuffer, 1 full year of results, arrow trending way up on potential with coaching. Finally a running mate worthy to play along side Clark. 3(85) - Ben Bartch - OL - St Johns Why: RT of future beyond Wagner for 1yr, mobile piece that fits MLF offense, talent/attitude/nasty combo needed. 3(94) - Van Jefferson - WR - Florida Why: Elite route runner, has mastered back shoulder Arod values, will bring a great red zone presence from WR slot position. 4(115) - Lynn Bowden - WR - Kentucky Why: Move piece on offense, next level return skills and speed/agility combo from the slot to give defenses nightmares in spots. 5(164) - Tanner Muse - LB/S - Clemson Why: Will play alongside Kirksey by mid season and replace Burks, move LB that can cover and fill the lane, comes from good elite collegiate pedigree of winning 7(231) - Bronson Rechsteiner - FB - Kennesaw St Why: Jacked mirror like version of Vitale, worse dresser but better athlete, tremendous option on passing downs, may take some time to ramp up pass pro but run game blocking is top notch Draft Trades 1 - 30, 208, 209 & 242 to Lions for 35 and 85 2 - 136 & 235 to Brown for 115 3 - 175 & 192 to Cowboys for 164 & 231 UDFA Elijah Riley - DB - Army Why: I like his size, blitzing and ball skills 53 Man Roster Arod, Boyle Jones, Williams, Ervin Rechsteiner Jace, Ingram, Lewis, Tonyon Tae, Fuchs, EQ, Jefferson, Bowden, Lazard Bahk, Linsley, Turner, Jenkins, Wagner, Bartch, Patrick, Madison, Light (25) Clark, Hamilton, Snacks, Keke, Lowry, Lancaster Z, Preston, Gary, Ramsey Kirksey, Summers, Burks, Jaire, King, Tramon, Sullivan, Hollman, Riley Amos, Savage, Chinn, Muse, Redmon (25) Crosby, Bradley, Scott Go Pack Go!!
  3. 2020 Mock Draft

    Mims is mid round 1 to very early 2nd Chin will go by pick 50-55 he’s the fastest rising safety Bowden will be a late 3rd to mid 4th selection I like the selections, just not the range taken in. I’m becoming more of a fans of Mims by the day, as I do two things happen. He creeps up draftboards and doesn’t fit the need for the Packers, not that signing Fuchs will keep them from drafting him. I believe we trade back and pick DL / LB / RB with the early second we pick up.
  4. Pro Bowl Mock Offseason v1

    Well since everyone is adamant Moore is untouchable, for conversation I’ll go along with it. Then who is a target with Jackson and a pick to trade? That was more the conversation to be had, not the this won’t happen because of fill in the blank. What depth can we let go of to trade for WR snaps, my only two thoughts are Josh Jackson and Jamal Williams. I’m however a JWill fan so I’d prefer he stays.
  5. Pro Bowl Mock Offseason v1

    As the disclaimer said after it, whatever it takes to make it happen, little more juice. Make it a 1st if need be I could care less. It was done as a conversation starter, Jackson isn’t a bust he’s depth behind two sudo 1st rnd picks. Reason, new coach, #22 the focus, holes on defense DJs first real season just hit. Trading potential in the making.
  6. AG20 Mock Offseason V2

    Playing time without injuries to get him there/Plays made/Stupid penalties avoided Those three should be just fine for starters
  7. AG20 Mock Offseason V2

    Not sure we bid on Jones, I’d love to see them make a run. I believe Gute will play the high end secondary market like last year and get a few 1B players at a fair rate and bolster the collective roster instead of a splash, even though we’d all love it. Like Kwiatkoski just not sure he brings the run flavor we need. Pretty sure Sully has lined himself up nicely for future slot reps and taking the lead there with Hollman right behind him. They aren’t elite but are successful in the system so a DB early concerns me with other talent gaps. Love me some Tyler Johnson however, good work putting up names most need to know.
  8. Packer’s 2020 offseason v1 Offseason focus is fill playmaker gaps at WR. Depth at TE & Oline. Fix run D first in trenches then LB. Holes to fill WR - Trade for NFL ready + Draft Early MLB - Sign FA + Draft depth RT - Sign Conklin + Draft Early DL - Sign Leonard Williams + Develop Keke TE - Resign Lewis + Draft mid CB - Draft mid S - Draft mid Edge - Draft Late RB - Draft late K - Sign Crosby Cut Graham (+$8m) Lane Taylor (+6m) Linsley (+8m) Draft Names WR - Brandon Aiyuk | Jalen Reagor | Quintez Cehpus | James Proche | KJ Hamler | KJ Hill | Tyler Johnson | Austin Mack | Van Jefferson TE - Adam Trautman | Jared Pinkney | Brycen Hopkins DB - Kyle Dugger | Chase Lucas | Antoine Winnefield Jr | Kindle Vildor OL - Daryl Williams | Matthew Peart | Ben Bartch | Matt Hennessy LB - Logan Wilson | Justin Strnad | Patrick Queen | Troy Dye | Akeem Davis-Gaither RB - Antonio Gibson | Anthony McFarland | Patrick Taylor Jr DL - Javon Kinlaw | Davon Hamilton | Tyler Clark Edge - Jonathan Greenard | La’Darious Hamilton | Jonathan Garvin Cap space $52m Extend Clark 5/72/12.5 ($48) Resign Crosby 3/10/3 ($45) [why wouldn’t we] Lewis 1/1/1 ($44) [keeps young guys in line, great in MLF scheme, leadership must] Veldheer 1/2/1 ($43) [stop gap guy until draft picks are ready, decent backup play] Campbell 1/2/1 ($42) [not sure this will happen but played well enough to earn it] Ervin 1/1/1 ($41) [because he is needed on Special teams and a gadget guy] Tramon - 1/2/2 ($39) [vet to keep the wheels on and meeting room tight] ERFA - 3.5m ($36m) - Tonyon/Lancaster/Lazard/Sullivan Sign Leonard Williams - DL - 4/42/8 (28) [piece needed on Dline to fix run game problems and let Clark get his even more, Pack had interest in trading for him] Jack Conklin - OL - 4/48/9 (19) [New Bulaga with ties to MLF will be RT for next 5-6 years] Joe Schoebert - LB - 4/33/6 (13) [Pro Bowl LB that brings leadership and consistency to a defense that needs it in the middle and the ability to make plays Blake just didn’t] Trade Josh Jackson + 2021 2nd Rnd Pick for DJ Moore (12) **if a little more juice is needed to get it done they need to do it, then we extend him after 2020 season** Packers 1st + 2nd + 6th to Indy for (34) + (44) + Early 5th (middle of draft has depth and WR is the priority early and Pack have always nailed 2nd round WRs especially when they trade back) After Rookie class ($7m) Draft 2 - Brandon Aiyuk - WR - ASU [Juice needed from slot to take the top off, ball skills MVS lacks, can rotate boundary with Moore as needed per set, nice add to offense] 2 - Ben Bartch - OL - St Johns [develops into backup needed to flip between both tackles, will take over for Bahk once he moves on in 2-3yrs] 3 - Jared Pinkney - TE - Vandy [Physical specimen, moves well, hands catch everything, needed side kick for Jace to form a good combo for years to come] 3 - Kyle Dugger - S - Lenoir-Rhyne [Man is a missile, small school prospect might not be here any more, crazy range and can take over as the rover with Greene on the defense] 4 - Chase Lucas - DB - ASU [Toolsy young guy than can take a year to stack on weight and learn from Tramon to build our bench with Sully, Hollman & Lucas] 5 - Daryl Williams - OL - Miss St [Built like Jenkins, come from similar system, not as good of tool set but takes a year or so and can fill in once somebody moves to center or moves on like Turner] 5 - Antonio Gibson - RB - Memphis [Multi use back that won’t get much time but will learn the system and take over once we part ways with Williams] 6 - Logan Wilson - LB - Wyoming [Great depth add, him and Summers will battle for the next up guy as I don’t trust Burks to win the role, both are great in coverage and instinctive] 7 - Jonathan Garvin - Edge - Miami [Big edge dude to fit GB mold, won’t have much production early but a year or two of molding behind Smiths will get him some reps in time] Roster Arod/Boyle Jones/Williams/Gibson/Ervin Vitale Tae/Moore/Aiyuk/Lazard/EQS/Bagelton Sternberger/Lewis/Pinkney/Tonyon Bahk/Jenkins/Turner/Conklin/Patrick/Williams/Bartch/Veldheer Clark/Williams/Lowry/Lancaster/Keke/Adams Z/Smith/Gary/Garvin Schobert/Summers/Burks/Wilson Jaire/King/Tramon/Sullivan/Lucas Savage/Amos/Campbell/Greene/Dugger Scott/Bradley/Crosby PS Manny Wilkins - QB Cody Conway - OL Cole Madison - OL John Leglue - OL Darius Sheppard - WR Curtis Bolton - LB Randy Ramsey - Edge Ka’Dar Hollman - DB
  9. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    Yup called him Ertz awhile back.... love the pick
  10. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    Dig this pick, ya’ll need to relax and let these boys play to prove themselves I’d like to thank Gettlemen and the Giants for saving us from taking Daniel Jones @ 12 this year
  11. Don’t we have our version of Butler in MVS? TE time stock is still great there
  12. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    This has been my thought for some time now, Taylor will be coming off the bench or cut this season. Guy can’t move and is marginal at best. This is a solid pick. Bahk - Jenkins - Linsley - Turner - Bulaga has gotta make 12 feel more secure
  13. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

    This FTW 👌🏻
  14. This is my hope for the 3rd too. Trade back in the 2nd to net a 4th and pick Mercole Hardman with our 2nd rounder. Infuse the offense with the same speed the defense is getting has to be on Gute’s radar. 12 salivates.....
  15. Take a look at Mercole Hardman, I like his fit a lot better and you’re getting like for like speed and better open field YAC. We could also net him by moving down in the 2nd and picking up a 4th instead of trading up.