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  1. If our flavor is DB which I’m ok with, give me a trade back to early 2nd and Fulton allllll day long. However if it’s defense with the first pick and we stay put I’m leaning Baun.
  2. Joe I’m with you on the day two look. I just struggle to see how if we aren’t trading up we land a player that doesn’t have some minor details to tweak. Before I say this I get each guy is different with how they take in the pros but i’m optimistic that Aiyuk will latch on. He won’t have a ton a pressure, Tae will have it. He will learn the boundary when needed, and I believe the same points you made could’ve been made for Tae, Jordy and Jennings coming into the league. I don’t see OROY potential in him but I see the ability to give our offense another wave an wrinkle it needs. The other two Dlineman I have my eyes on are Davon Hamilton from OSU and Broderick Washington Jr from Texas Tech. Both major reaches here, but a trade to the back of the 2nd would get us Hamilton and another pick. Appreciate the comments guys!
  3. Final Mock OffSeason before 2020 Packers Draft, hope you enjoy it: Trade Back: Colts 30 + 62 + Future 3rd & 209 for 34 & 44 {sorry boys no fun to be had tonight, but we celebrate twice tomorrow} Trade up: Chargers 136 + 175 + L Taylor for 112 & 151 {Chargers need Oline depth, this exchange helps that} Giants: J Jackson + Future Cond 5/6th in 2021 for E Ingram {Giants need DB help, Ingram has worn out his welcome in NY, MLF wants another toy for Arod} (34) Brandon Aiyuk - WR - ASU: Why, I see Greg Jennings, I want that and so will Arod. Tae and coaches will fine tune pieces to make him a steal in this deep WR draft. (44) Ross Blacklock - DL - TCU: Why, Dline needs a jolt and Clark needs some help. Blacklock holds up against the run but generates some good gap pressure. (94) Ben Bartch - OL - St Johns: Why, Has the movement we need in a RT, heavy hands and a year to grow behind Wagner, get stronger and process that much better. (112) Reggie Robinson - DB - Tulsa: Why, Insurance with King next offseason getting overpaid. Dude has great tools, football sense and balls skills. Yes please! (151) Derek Tuszka - Edge - N Dakota St: Why, Hot motor, playmaker and development edge guy to get some spot snaps and kill it on special teams. (192) Shaq Quarterman - LB - Miami: Why, roll based run filler for sub packages. Upgrade over Goodson the way I see it. (208) Tanner Muse - S - Clemson: Why, fits the mold of our nickle package needs, toy to see if he fits the Pettine mold. (23/6) Joe Reed - WR - Virginia: Why, Special teams return monster, toy from slot like a poor poor mans Deebo. MLF will find a way to have fun with him. (242) Bronson Rechsteiner - FB - Kennesaw St: Why, Vitale 2.0 with speed, hands and could be a great special teams ace/captain. Post Draft Signings: Tramon - Leadership, guy still has it and gets Robinson ready to start next year. Love me Tramon in the slot. Snacks - Why, run downs. We limit his snaps and use him against run heavy teams to save face best we can and keep our LBs free to make plays Failed Physical: Fuchs, don’t believe he will pass it so taking him off the roster. Why - it’s taken too long already and opens our cap for below signings. Arod/Boyle Rechsteiner Jones/Williams/Ervin Tae/Aiyuk/Lazard/EQ/Bagelton/Reed Jace/BigGuy/Ingram/Tonyon Bahk/Jenkins/Linsley/Turner/Wagner/Patrick/Bartch/Madison/Light Clark/Blacklock/Snacks/Keke/Willis/Lowry Z/Preston/Gary/Tuszka Kirk/Shaq/Summers/Burks Jaire/King/Tramon/Robinson/Sullivan/Hollman Amos/Savage/Greene/Muse/Redmon Crosby/Bradley/Scott GO PACK GO!
  4. Why wouldn’t we be entertaining the option to trade up to 20/21 with either the Jags or Philly? It could be the desired landed spot to land one of the last “Top 4” WR. I know the mantra don’t get hopes up for that based on history, however Gute has shown his like for trading up recently and this range wouldn’t mean giving up the farm in this draft or future ones either. Eagles and Jags need DBs even floating J Jackson in the package couldn’t hurt.
  5. Mobile to me means and ability to get to the next level for blocks, to your point cutting, running etc Technique for me catergorizes foot quickness, hand/foot work coordination. With these I’d expect Bulaga to win, he’s a seasoned vet. These are growth pieces for any new tackle and luckily coachable. I just think as a RT he has all the tools we need end of round one.
  6. So we are calling Bulaga mobile now? Maybe when he came in, but not now especially given his injuries. Love me some Bulaga but pretty sure Wilson would do just fine holding his own in the mobility category next to BB.
  7. I might not agree with your skill assessment on Wilson, he has a great amount of movement in his game especially given his size. Might want to revisit the film and numbers on him. At a minimum he’s got the movement of Bulaga who he’d be replacing. Not sure your thought holds water.
  8. Has this thread discussed Isaiah Wilson OT from Georgia yet? I think he’s a good bet to be there at 30 and would be a bookend with Bahk for awhile. Reminds me some of Becton, but actually think he’s a better pick... Would love him Rnd 1 and Davon Hamilton Rnd 2 to start winning in the trenches.
  9. Well in the long term here is what you’re missing: Chinn isn’t just a rover, he’s the option that allows us to move on from Amos whenever that happens (Savage & Chinn futures duo) Hamilton being referred to as a run stuffer only is a short sighted argument for somebody arguing long term investments Not sure how either of these WRs match what we’ve drafted recently? So their skill set is what our current roster lacks, mainly guys that can get open and catch the ball outside of Tae. Do we need to que MVS clips? Or Allison? Only gadget player drafted could be Muse because he’ll play two roles but as others called out we function most of the time with more safeties on the field that LBs. This draft is a solid investment in future development with initial impact in niche areas needed. Picks 30 & 62 aren’t netting you quality I hate to break it to you. That’s found inside top 15-20 picks
  10. I’m a super fan so glad there’s another one out there, dude put up 35 reps @ 225 and ran a 4.48. Not sure he lasts that long but he’d be fun to watch if he can put on another 10lbs and keep the speed in the 4.5 range.
  11. So are you in favor or trading up then? With how teams have moved players this off season there are no 1st rnd or early 2nd grade WRs that will be there for us at 30, a run will be made on them due to the class depth. There are plenty of articles supporting the Packers interest in Muse, I wasn’t in favor of it until I started watching tape on him. If we select a DL prospect that can stuff the run it A) keeps them free to make plays B) Allows our edge guys to do their damage. Not sure why we’d be opposed to Hamilton, he’s known as a run stuffer now, with NFL coaching and more playing time he’d be a wrecking ball with Clark the pass rush is coming. Who’s more talented in the late 2nd on the dline? Or even early 2nd for that matter, only one I’ll give time to is Blacklock. Who do you propose over Barth? In the middle rounds its a cr@pshoot on talent, I didn’t draft due to story I drafted on skill set that will translate, mobility, heavy hands and a nasty kid that wants to be coached up (pretty sure the staff can do that) WR: Tae will have his island, we just signed Fuchs to go with Lazard opposite him in a rotation. We will be drafting WRs to play a slot or specific skill set roll now which is the smart play because after Mims there isn’t anything I want to touch until late 3rd. Pittman is nice but a duplicate of Lazard so not sure why they’d do that. Appreciate the conversation
  12. Lets keep in mind too that the staff loved Greene but he was unfortunately hurt most of the season, so these numbers would also more than likely SKU given he’s healthy. With the way Pettine likes to staff the field a 3rd premier safety would cause QBs fits with our scheme.
  13. Thanks for the heads up, happened right around posting. Edited now. I like Snacks too.
  14. Believe we look to solidify the roster via FA in the secondary and DL, this can come before or after the draft but believe they want Tramon back and are looking for a DL piece. Draft board the closer we get the less it falls in our favor vs strong area of need, so we trade down a few picks to get 5 picks in the first 115 using some of our late rounders to move around accordingly. This team will focus on winning in the trenches this year with new talent so we spend some high picks to prove it. Current Cap @ $11m (with allocation for draft pool already taken out) Cut Taylor +$4m ($15) Trade Josh Jackson + 2021 5th to Giants for Evan Ingram Sign Tramon 1yr $4m ($11m) Snacks 1yr $4m ($7m) Draft 2(35) - Jeremy Chinn - S - Illinois St Why: Defensive chess piece, makes our back end elite, solidifies future state for Pettine scheme. 2(62) - Davon Hamilton - DL - Ohio St Why: Run stuffer, 1 full year of results, arrow trending way up on potential with coaching. Finally a running mate worthy to play along side Clark. 3(85) - Ben Bartch - OL - St Johns Why: RT of future beyond Wagner for 1yr, mobile piece that fits MLF offense, talent/attitude/nasty combo needed. 3(94) - Van Jefferson - WR - Florida Why: Elite route runner, has mastered back shoulder Arod values, will bring a great red zone presence from WR slot position. 4(115) - Lynn Bowden - WR - Kentucky Why: Move piece on offense, next level return skills and speed/agility combo from the slot to give defenses nightmares in spots. 5(164) - Tanner Muse - LB/S - Clemson Why: Will play alongside Kirksey by mid season and replace Burks, move LB that can cover and fill the lane, comes from good elite collegiate pedigree of winning 7(231) - Bronson Rechsteiner - FB - Kennesaw St Why: Jacked mirror like version of Vitale, worse dresser but better athlete, tremendous option on passing downs, may take some time to ramp up pass pro but run game blocking is top notch Draft Trades 1 - 30, 208, 209 & 242 to Lions for 35 and 85 2 - 136 & 235 to Brown for 115 3 - 175 & 192 to Cowboys for 164 & 231 UDFA Elijah Riley - DB - Army Why: I like his size, blitzing and ball skills 53 Man Roster Arod, Boyle Jones, Williams, Ervin Rechsteiner Jace, Ingram, Lewis, Tonyon Tae, Fuchs, EQ, Jefferson, Bowden, Lazard Bahk, Linsley, Turner, Jenkins, Wagner, Bartch, Patrick, Madison, Light (25) Clark, Hamilton, Snacks, Keke, Lowry, Lancaster Z, Preston, Gary, Ramsey Kirksey, Summers, Burks, Jaire, King, Tramon, Sullivan, Hollman, Riley Amos, Savage, Chinn, Muse, Redmon (25) Crosby, Bradley, Scott Go Pack Go!!
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