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  1. 3 round mock QB’s in demand - few trades thrown in

    Three trades, you had them Trade up in the first, back in the second and up in the third, just twice was a move up, but yes great value for 198
  2. 3 round mock QB’s in demand - few trades thrown in

    First No way in hell Bengals trade three times, they barely trade once and almost never up, second the Bengals traded 198 twice in this draft
  3. Bored at work Draft ideas

    I'm sitting here at work thinking of dream draft scenarios and I thought of a crazy one that'd I thought would be perfect. Kyler goes to Az White goes to Cincy at 11 Hakeem Butler goes to Cincy at 42 - AJ Green like, can go up and get the ball, I want AJ to finish his career in Cincy and I have no wants for him to go anytime soon but he could be a good successor but drops, AJ has the best hands to be a mentor, man will teach him to juggle Trade the 3rd, John Ross and two 6ths for Josh Rosen who can backup Dalton for a year to perfect the offense and firm up the line for him. I am completely behind Dalton for one more year, we have the weapons for him to be serviceable if the line can hold. The D was the biggest issue next to the injuries, If the D held up they'd be 6-0 to begin the year I feel as they were putting points on the board. He can play while Rosen learns, take us deep into the playoffs on a wild dream? Only increases later trade value with a very team friendly contract. Butler and Green features as the outside deep threats, they become a nightmare on the perimeter, with Green having a career year and Butler going Chris Henry rookie year getting around 4-5 TD and having a solid enough performance to free Green up more. Mixon keeps the D honest, having another 1,000 yards due to Green and Butlers threat if they bite the play action and also has a good amount of receptions showing off his dual threat skills. Boyd thrives in the slot and Eifert in the seam, the O takes a hit again if Eifert falls just like it did last year, he is a key threat. If he does go down I think there's still enough fire power but Eifert is an absolute key as a top receiving TE is an absolute nightmare to D coordinators. I think it's plausible.... ish. Anyway, White shores up a horrible line backer core to be playable against the run and our D coordinator learns our DBs play better playing man with Shawn Williams being a run support S and Bates a free range safety, I have no questions about my Dline other then age. Hubbard could be a star in the making and Lawson still has potential as a premier sack artist. Atkins is Atkins and same goes for Dunlap, but time is short for them. It's crazy dreaming but it would be nice
  4. *Free Agency + Mock Draft* (V-Day Mock)

    I'd cry, pure joy, Nelson dropping to #12 is phenominal plus solid S pick up and Davis would probably come cheap but unneeded, still loving Nelson though, fingers crossed