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  1. But he had one of the worst combines ever. Who would trade for that?
  2. Every NFL OLineman finally said enough is enough and have filed suit against Aaron Donald, collectively deciding this is the only way they can stop him.
  3. The biggest knocks on him going into the draft were consistency and motor. Any chance after he gets the GTD money he just falls off a cliff?
  4. Start placing bets on who gets arrested tomorrow?
  5. Are you sure they are real people? Maybe the Bears got catfished.
  6. Do viewers really want to know about all the dead relatives of every prospect?
  7. Does trading Trent hurt Guice's chances of rushing for 2000?
  8. The Redskins sure showed him, trading him to a super bowl contender.
  9. I guess im in the minority but iv liked all of the Jaguars picks so far.
  10. well that one is worse than the Austin Jackson one.
  11. and when we need CBs next year CeeDee can switch to defense.
  12. Word is after this trade HC BoB and OC BoB are going to revolt against GM BoB. Im sure he will be commited soon.
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