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  1. Trubisky vs Watson vs Mullins

    One of these is not like the others.
  2. Another Important Vote!

    Toilet paper.
  3. Is NE/KC a rivalry now?

  4. 40 yard dash vs "football speed"

    Think a big limitation of the 40 time is players spend a lot of time training to run the 40 in just the perfect way to shave a little time off and when they play on the field they dont run in that perfect 40 time form.
  5. Idea for offensive lines

    A lot of teams barely have passable starters. NFL justs needs a bunch more talented O-Lineman before considering this.
  6. phew.....just really dont like the steelers
  7. Damn it Ravens no one wants to see the Steelers make the playoffs.
  8. Josh Allen has turned out to be quite the running back
  9. As long as Bruce Allen gets to stay then everything will be fine.
  10. Week 16 GDT

  11. Week 16 GDT

    Tough day for Mullegends. Bears must of cheated.