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  1. as a michigan fan i can tell you no one, and i mean no one is sad pep is gone. He was terrible. In fact so terrible that when he was gently pushed out no one in college football was really that interested in him. The one that got away that hurt was jedd fisch. Gattis was pretty decent for his 1st time calling plays, we shall see how he develops.
  2. supposedly he sucked in interviews, even went as far to blame harbaugh for his struggles which clearly isn't a good look. His struggles were 2 fold, #1 patterson was not accurate or on time very often. 2) DPJ struggled with concentration/drops. All the talent is there to be successful. Also i see people questioning how serious he is about football which to me is just an easy "shot" since he was in pre med and wants to be a Dr. If he were in general studies im sure they wouldn't be bringing up his desire.
  3. as a michigan fan i can tell you DPJ can be frustrating at times, but honestly i put most of his "struggles" on shea patterson. Patterson was consistently late with the ball or flat out didn't throw it when guys were open. also he rarely put it on the wr in stride so the wr group as a whole seemed dejected most games. DPJ has some solid potential though thats for sure.
  4. im hoping we trade down for a later 6th and pick up a 7th. Grab a wr and another defensive piece
  5. im on board with an interior OL, then may the best man win the RG spot
  6. im cool with robertson, Albert O, or an interior OL like biadasz/brederson
  7. any interest in epenesa if he makes it to us?
  8. whats the story with kelvin harmon? limited times i have seen him he has impressed me
  9. mack wilson still out there, at this point maybe dorsey wasn't crazy to pass on him in favor of takitaki. Seems like no one is too interested in wilson
  10. i dont understand the people saying no because we already have chubb and don't want to take carries from him. if i asked you 1 week ago if you would rather have hunt or chubb it would have been a landslide in favor of hunt. I would gladly add him and have a stud rb for free basically, chubb can be his backup.
  11. i would grab him so others don't get him. No he isn't a he need for us but he makes next to nothing and is a stud so i would grab him in a heartbeat. Im sure someone will be grabbing him, might as well be us.
  12. i would grab him in a heart beat, headlines were he pushed and kicked a women. video showed him pushing a guy who fell into the women and then the "kick" was basically him pushing her enough to lose her balance while squatted down. Im not condoning any of his actions but i bet this world is full of guys who pushed another guy at a bar who then fell into a women, are they too now in the assaulting women crowd? Also without audio who knows what she said to him, he never should have touched her but thats a 2 way street, she never should have smacked/hit him either.
  13. As a michigan fan i think he tenure has been great, a lot of people don't really understand how down the program was after rich rod and hoke eras. Last yr he had the youngest team in college football in like the last 40 yrs and almost beat OSU with his 3rd string QB(who was terrible). Im not going to debate if barrett had the 1st down or not but literally he was inches away from making playoffs that yr. this yr he has them in playoff hunt. Last yr anyone who looked at that team knew it would be a "reload" yr.
  14. what makes harbaugh a nut case besides he does things his way and doesn't care to look "good" to outsiders? Also he took stanford from nothing to something, turned SF into a super bowl contender right away, then took over a fading michigan program and brought them back to upper tier team. And yes im a michigan fan but my fandom has no weight on my opinion of him. He is a great coach, not sure how any other thing could be said based on the results he has gotten at his last few stops. I think a lot of browns fans have a clouded view of him based on them being OSU fans.
  15. he is/was my favorite player but at some point enough is enough and i think we have reached that point. Trade him for whatever we can get and move on with callaway in his spot
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